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Pit Bull Boxer Mix Attacks Pizza Delivery Man in Palm Coast’s P Section

| October 26, 2018

pit bull bite

A pit bull mix. (Plastic Alice)

John Iles is a 76-year-old Palm Coast resident who delivers for Napoli Pizza, the business at Belle Terre and Palm Coast Parkway. Iles was on a delivery run in the P-Section early Thursday evening, but ended up at Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach after being attacked in the face by a pit bull boxer mix at one of his delivery destinations.

Jennifer Pepe, the 39-year-old resident at 25 Perkins Lane, had placed the delivery order. A little before 6 p.m., Iles walked up to the front door. As Pepe opened the door, “her dog squeezed between her legs, and attacked John,” a Flagler County Sheriff’s report states. “She advised that her dog [Charlie] jumped onto John, and she is unsure if it was his paws or mouth that caused the damage.”

Sheriff’s deputies, Flagler County Fire Rescue and Palm Coast Fire Department personnel responded. Paramedics were “almost immediately advising that John was going to be transported to Halifax,” the report states, suggesting that the injuries were serious: lesser-injured patients are usually transported to Florida Hospital Flagler.

Iles was sitting on the front porch when deputies arrived, “with multiple lacerations to his face,” the report states, with Pepe “attempting to wipe up blood.” A Napoli Pizza employee responded to the scene to retrieve Iles’s vehicle.

Charlie is a five and a half year-old brown and white male, about 70 pounds, according to the owner. She told deputies that he’s only been publicly aggressive one prior time, about three years ago, when Charlie bit another dog. She showed proof of the dog being current on required shots.

Charlie would not have been registered as a dangerous dog after biting another dog: under Florida law, a dog would have to bit another animal twice, off its own property, to potentially be declared dangerous. But it takes only one aggressive, unprovoked attack of a human being to possibly lead to such a declaration. That’s up to Palm Coast Animal Control, which investigates animal bites. Various criteria must be met before a dog may be declared dangerous, an unprovoked attack being only one of them. Meanwhile, Charlie was placed on a 10-day quarantine, but not removed from the property. The dog may not go outside except to relieve itself, and must be on a leash to do so.

Even if the dog is declared dangerous, a first-time designation does not require the dog to be removed from a property, though it does entail strict restrictions on the dog’s freedom of movement and other requirements. Before animal control’s decision is formalized, a dog’s owner facing such a possibility may appeal the decision to a city hearing officer.

Dog bites and dangerous-dog issues are currently at the forefront of Palm Coast government issues because of the notorious case of another dog, “Cooper,” that has so far been declared dangerous three times, and has been condemned to death. Its owner has appealed the decision to circuit court and supporters are pleading with the city–which says has no authority in the matter at this point–and the court to spare the dog’s life and send Cooper to a refuge for dangerous dogs instead. The case goes before a circuit judge in less than two weeks.

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14 Responses for “Pit Bull Boxer Mix Attacks Pizza Delivery Man in Palm Coast’s P Section”

  1. KathieLee4 says:

    I hope John will be alright.. He’s a wonderful man and have known him for many years !!! John get well soon !!!

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Regardless of the breed you are responsible for controlling your animal 24/7. This man was just trying to earn some part time money and now has unexpected medical bills due to negligence.

    If you’re expecting a delivery and your dog acts aggressive act the door it takes just a few seconds to put them in the other room. Just until the transaction is done.

    I don’t know about most folks but I have had several occasions where I have been out and someone lets their dog jump all over me. They get furious when you push them away. I don’t own animals and am not unfriendly but your pets need to learn control and personal space. And it’s your responsibility!!

    I also laugh when I see dog owners walking these large dogs on 10 foot long leashes. That’s an incident waiting to happen right there.

  3. kathy roberts says:

    They should outlaw dangerous dog breeds……this is an example of how an attack can happen: he slipped out through her legs! Great for the pizza guy. You can’t even safely walk your neighborhoods because of all the pit bull mixes (for one example.) If you do… you take the risk of being attacked, because the owners don’t seem to be able to physically control these dogs when they decide to attack. It’s happened several times around here. So to you lovers, especially around any children, grand-children, etc. you are daily taking the risk with your beloved children! They’re such wonderful dogs you say. Tell me that after they attack or maul someone to death. That only takes one time and it happens more than people like to admit. I personally know someone that was mauled to death by what was once the lovie-dovie dog & a very well-loved pet he was.

  4. TheTruth says:

    Concerned Citizen, you are so correct with what you wrote. In most circumstances a dog biting someone is negligence of the owner or caretaker.
    Accidents happen but there are many ways they can be prevented. Wake up animal owners and be more responsible. Human error- the one that pays the price is the animal. And, to me that isn’t fair.

  5. Gary says:

    As a dog owner, I absolutely agree with you. When I walk my dog, my dog never pulls on the leash and stays directly by my side. This required thorough training. Training your pet is part of being a responsible pet owner. Especially if you love your pet.

    If you pretend you love your animal, then by all means be negligent in it’s upbringing. I’ll see through your tears when it has to be put down.

    Controlling your pet isn’t just for the good of others, it’s for your own pet’s good as well. Love your animal and raise it correctly.

  6. John Yankovich says:

    Any animal that attacks a human, causing injury, shud be put down. Animals are not rational, they don’t when they do wrong and will repeat behavior. No Apologies, John Yankovich

  7. The Truth says:

    I have had my pizza delivered many times by John and I wish him well and to get better soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Pet owners need to be more responsible, put your pet in another room when you know someone is coming to your door. Now a dog is paying the price for a careless owner.

  8. Richard says:

    The dog owner, Jennifer Pepe, is totally responsible for all medical bills, etc. I hope she has excellent home and liability insurance as she is going to need it. Otherwise she will have a medical lien on her salary at whatever company she is employed at for a LONG time.

  9. gmath55 says:

    For all dog owners. Think about this!
    Baby Girl Mauled to Death by Foster Family’s Pit Bull Mix — and Mom Says ‘I Want Answers’

  10. Again? says:

    The dog should’ve been put away. Certainly if a stranger is coming to the door. If you have a dog secure it!

    I hope the guy is ok and recovers quickly. Pitbulls cause major physical damage. Her house insurance allows her to have it with their record of attacks and maulings?

  11. Pit mix owner says:

    Its not the bread the owner should of put the dog out or in the bedroom that’s is what we do when someone is stopping by the owner failed the dog and the delivery man

  12. Fault says:

    This story is sad– however the sadder part is I wonder does the 76 year old man have to work to support himself or does he did it for retirement. Cause if he has to thats sad :(

    Says alot.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hope the city does not seek to put this dog down like they want to do with cooper who I heard from good sources that cooper is very very sick. I heard that the city seeks to put dogs down who are involved in a bite incident , even though it maybe be a first bite, because of insurance liability. I think Animal Control should be looking out for the well being have any door then to quickly thinking about putting the dog down .

  14. Mary Fusco says:

    Fault, I have 2 small dogs, a chihuahua and a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. I always confine them if I am expecting strangers in the house. Even the mildest mannered dog can get spooked and bite. As for the gentleman delivering pizza. Nothing sad about that. Alot of people, even though they are retired from their jobs, like to get out and about and essentially get out of the house. Nothing sad about that. I’ll go out on a limb and say that the money he is earning from delivering pizza is not paying the bills. LOL.

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