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Princess Williams, 21, Arrested in White Star Drive Shooting, a Drug Deal Turned Armed Robbery

| October 18, 2018

Princess Williams is in jail in Volusia County.

Princess Williams is in jail in Volusia County.

Princess Nioka Williams, a 21-year-old resident of 1025 South Beach Street in Daytona Beach, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the shooting a day earlier of 19-year-old Carl Saint-Felix on White Star Drive in Palm Coast, leaving Saint-Felix in critical condition.

According to her arrest report, Williams and Saint-Felix had agreed to meet around 50 White Star Drive for a drug deal. Williams was to buy marijuana from Saint-Felix. But she did not have the money. According to witnesses present at the time of the shooting, the report states, Williams had armed herself and planned to rob Saint-Felix.

Witnesses say Williams got into Saint-Felix’s car with a semi-automatic handgun and shot him in the back of the neck. The shooting took place early Tuesday morning, around 1:30 a.m. Sheriff’s deputies and detectives were soon at the scene, which was cordoned off for several hours as they investigated. Cash was reportedly left at the scene, and investigators established that Williams had shown up in a separate car with others.

The next day, Williams voluntarily went to the Daytona Beach Police Department and requested to speak with the Flagler sheriff’s Cpl. George Hristakopoulos. Hristakopoulos and detective Nicole Quintieri spoke with her. During a consensual interview she apparently confessed. She was booked at the Volusia Branch jail today on a Flagler warrant. She faces a charge of attempted first degree murder with a firearm, a life-in-prison felony, attempted robbery with a firearm, a second-degree felony, and armed burglary, a first-degree felony. She is to be extradited to Flagler.

“This shows again that where there is illegal drugs there are guns and violent crime,” Sheriff Rick Staly was quoted as saying in a release issued late this morning. “Our detectives, patrol, communications, CSI and Crime Analytics Unit did a great job following up on all leads in this case and did not rest until they identified and located the suspect and witnesses. The victim is expected to live but this case also underscores the hazards of being a drug dealer. Fortunately, in this case, no innocent persons were injured.”

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48 Responses for “Princess Williams, 21, Arrested in White Star Drive Shooting, a Drug Deal Turned Armed Robbery”

  1. PC Resident says:

    I HOPE FCSO will reach out to the gentlemen that was detained for over 8 hours over this incident and apologize!!!

  2. Veteran says:

    Not all princesses are royalty!

  3. NortonSmitty says:

    Even the sheriff agrees that if marijuana was legalized like they just did in Canada the crime rate would drop? How Progressive of him.

  4. PCer says:

    If weed were legal he probably would not be in critical condition and she possibly would not be facing prison.

  5. Dave says:

    Make marijuana legal! If this medicine was more readily available to the public you wouldn’t have people getting shot over it. Florida is dragging its feet on our constitutional rights ,this blood is on their hands! Make Marijuana legal and stop the senseless violence over a natural plant. This is what happens in a prohibition.

  6. Really says:

    Legalize Marijuana and the black mkt all but goes away. Thenthe Govt can waste more of our tax dollars on other things besides lockn up low end thugs

  7. Really says:

    Y apologize

  8. maryann hammon says:

    Why would the gentleman get an apology? It’s called investigating and due process. Give me a break

  9. bruce meyer says:

    says the law…“This shows again that where there is illegal drugs there are guns and violent crime,” Sheriff Rick Staly , so legalize it crime will go down..WTF

  10. woodchuck says:

    Princess?I don’t think this was what she was thinking when she named her.

  11. David S says:

    Typical for Palm Coast….

  12. Duke says:


    Are you serious? The addictive nature of this substance is the reason why people are killing each other over it. Mind altering substances have no business on our streets or in our stores, lest we end up with more situations like this one.

  13. Mark says:

    Maybe we should just decriminalize everything and hope for the best.

  14. Anon says:

    See here, go look at the arrest reports and jail bookings and look at how many you g lives are being ruing by under 20 grams charges its astronomical how many there are and yet they dont care something so innocent as a plant the god intended for us to use that has been proven to have hundredss of medicinal benefits

  15. Stanifer says:

    Duke, you are completely wrong about marijuana. Period

  16. Dave says:

    Money was the motive, not the addictive nature, marijuana doesnt have addictive properties

  17. PC Resident says:

    @ Steve and Mary Ann, BECAUSE the man who was detained looked NOTHING like the culprit. Actually, he did, he was Black!! This man lost wages from a legitimate job because of this!

  18. PC Resident says:

    I meant Steve and Mary Ann. I’m sure this would infuriate you too if you had been you or your relative and you’d already have contacted an attorney for false imprisonment..

  19. Born and Raised Here says:

    Whether marijuana is legalize or not, it’s still going to cost money between the buyer and the seller. The article states that the buyer did not have the money to make the purchase. So this was obviously attempted murder and armed robbery

  20. Veteran says:

    Drug deals, shootings, murders and suicides. What a great place to live!

  21. Thug life says:

    I don’t think the girl planned to rob somebody because marijuana is not available at any retail locations.

  22. Seminole36 says:

    …And the additive nature of alcohol is why drinkers are killing themselves on our streets and highways, not to mention the drunken arguments when the guns come out. If alcohol can be legal, why is it that marijuana is not also? At least these pot buying deals (at 1:30 A.M.) will go away and state revenue can make out on the deal.

  23. Susan E Sisk says:

    Even if marijuana is legalized the type of people selling it will move on to another illegal drug….obviously they do not want to make an honest living

  24. Paul says:

    It’s been legalized to great effect in multiple states and countries, studies have been done around it. It’s really not that serious of a thing, and if you feel upset about weed as a mind altering drug, go look into the effects of alcohol and prescription drugs like xanax.

    Hell, look what happens when you combine them, and it’s legal.

    The market for weed is huge, massive. I don’t smoke but in Flagler Beach it’s literally a fact of life that most people of all walks of life do.

  25. Alex says:

    Well apparently people don’t realize how the police treat a person when they suspect you of something they threaten you and treat you like a criminal so yes if they are wrong and spent 8 hours accusing you of attempted murder and were wrong all along yes they should not only apologize but do it publicly. Just cause they have a badge doesnt make them right they are wrong alot but you never hear about that. How many times have you ever heard a cop say he was mistaken about anything. So cops are never wrong? in there jobs they don’t make any mistakes? there always right? Come on, cops lie all the time. Not all,but there are a lot who do. We have some good officers in Flagler county. And bad ones. And if Staly wants to be known as the hard a$$ sheriff we’ll he needs to step it up. Princess turns her self in and its the great work of the sheriff’s department. Really?

  26. ASF says:

    How sadly predictable.

  27. rick stevens says:

    Am I the only person surprised by the pitiful syntax and grammar in this report? Seems like fewer and fewer folks can put together a sentence.

    • FlaglerLive says:

      Rick, while we appreciate the keen eye on our writing quality, which often reads like that of a stone-age simian banging on a cave wall, we could not detect Nuremberg-tribunal-worthy syntax or grammar in this case, aside from one required ing instead of an ed at the end of a word. Stories of this kind call for spare and declaratory language. The syntax can seem pitiful, but that’s intentional.

  28. Tom Davies says:

    Duke: “Marijuana has an addictive nature”, where did you get your misinformed facts. apparently, you have not tried it. you don’t know what you are talking about.

  29. ConstantlyAmazed says:

    It always amazes me with reader comments. Everybody always forgive the criminal and lays the blame on society and a political agenda. Leagalizing marijuana would not of stopped Princess from committing crimes or finally killing somebody let’s look at facts she shot another criminal over a pot deal, my go what would she of done if you cut her off on the road?

    Mandatory sentencing with medically induced comas for sentence durations.

  30. GT says:

    Duke, Spoken like someone who has never smoked weed!

  31. Richard says:

    A new study done by automobile insurance companies has proven that automobile accidents have increased by 6% in states that now have legalized marijuana versus other states.

  32. Your Neighbor says:

    Duke: I assume you’re fine with alcohol, tobacco and caffeine being sold in every store. Yet we can’t have any stores to legally buy a plant.

  33. thomas says:

    Where is all this trash coming from? We need a border patrol

  34. ASF says:

    Not everybody who uses Marijuana will become an addict or pose a danger to themselves or others. But that is true of alcohol or any other substance that is abused. Addiction is addiction. And there will always be those who are willing to make a buck off of addicts–because they are likewise addicts and/or just sociopaths who don’t really give much of a darn about themselves or anybody else. it’s the money, honey. I used to counsel both addicts and their suppliers. You’d be surprised how many of the dealers grew up in homes where one pr both parents were addicts. Addiction casts a very wide net.

  35. Dave says:

    Richard isnt that amazing!? , Only 6%!! Imagine the numbers on alchohol involved accidents. I’m also sure some other numbers went down as that number rises, Also there is no way to prove if someone is driving while high on marijuana so those numbers aren’t exactly accurate either. Also the sheriffs office owes a public applogy to the person whom they incarcerated falsely because he was black. Another one of the sheriffs office’s guilty before innocent dirtbag moments I’m sure!

  36. Dave says:

    Imagine if flagler live did a story on every single drug deal that went well with no problems. My point is ,the percentage of drug deals that end in tragedy are minuscule compared to the ones that everything goes just fine.

  37. Ty says:

    @ PC Resident 1) What are you even talking about? There is no mention of anyone being detained for 8 + hours. 2) Who’s to say that there weren’t other people involved…. it’s drugs and attempted murder we’re looking at here. Could even be gang related.

  38. Bill says:

    Making POT legal would NOT have stopped this crime. As was said Princess (LOL) was NOT going to pay for it she was going to kill another for some pot. So had it been a legal substance she would have went to a store to “buy” it and shoot the store clerk.

  39. Concerned Citizen says:

    Whether or not Pot is legalized you will continue to have crimes like this happen. Unless you’re buying from a licensed dispensary “drug deals” always set the stage for other possible crimes.

    Do you honestly think that everyone will rush to the local dispensary and buy over the counter? No!! There will be those who don’t want to go or pay the prices established.

    This individual chose to make contact with the victim who is also a criminal with the intent to rob and murder. The act of buying an illegal substance is a crime itself so neither were saints.

    I keep seeing people cry out for legalization of marijuana. What do you intend to do about people driving? Not sure I want to be on the road with folks high. There are enough drunks and distracted drivers out there already.

    And there will still be those that want to take it from you because they can’t afford it.

  40. Dave says:

    Bill that is highly unlikely, princess was out looking for a victim, if she was willing to rob a store for money she would have, instead she preyed on someone who works in the shadows. Unprotected by security. If everyone could just buy marijuana from the store what would be the point. When was the last time someone was shot over a 12 pack of beer?

  41. gmath55 says:

    Last time someone was shot over beer. Looks like 3 months ago and 8 months. One person was killed.

  42. Dave says:

    Gmath in that instance the store was at fault for attacking an unarmed civilian for petty theft

  43. jmb says:

    go to any city in america and u will be blessed if u live in palm coast wake up sheeple

  44. PC Resident says:

    @ TY, just because this detail of a man being detained was not published in this story does not mean it did not happen. I personally know the individual that was detained by FCSO because he “looked” like the culprit, he is my fiance. THAT’s what I”M talking ABOUT!!!

  45. duh says:

    It’s called an investigation for a reason. Get over it PC resident. People like you are exactly what is wrong with this country. Always feeling entitled. Anyone and everyone who was in the general vicinity should’ve been detained and questions. I guess you should be lucky it wasn’t you!

  46. Dave says:

    Concerned citizen, thousands of us marijuana users are already driving high every day with no issue. Regardless of what u consume, you shouldn’t drive if you are impaired. And Bill , if you look at the vid Gmath posted it’s more likely to happen the other way around where the store clerk shoots the unarmed civilian over a petty theft

  47. PC386 says:

    I’m fairly certain that this robbery wasn’t for a little bit of weed the guy that was shot is always posting on Snapchat him with thousands of dollars and showing off expensive items I’m sure that’s what she was looking for. Just a shame

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