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Head-On Crash on Palm Coast’s Royal Palms Parkway Sends 2 Women to Hospital
In Trauma Alerts

| September 22, 2018

toyota extrication

Firefighters had to conduct an extrication of the woman entrapped in the Toyota Corolla. (© FlaglerLive)

A two-vehicle head-on crash on Royal Palms Parkway in Palm Coast sent two women to the hospital as trauma alerts this morning and shut down Royal Palms from Belle Terre Parkway to Town Center Boulevard.

Royal Palms isn’t foreign to vehicle crashes, but they typically happen at the intersections with Town Center or Belle Terre. This morning’s crash, at 7:17 a.m., took place between the two intersections, in the long straight-away of the 35 mph collector road that parallels the south end of the P Section.

Both crash victims are Palm Coast residents. There were no other occupants in their vehicles. A woman was driving a white Chevrolet Equinox west on Royal Palms, just after getting off work at Florida Hospital Flagler. The other woman was driving a burgundy Toyota Corolla, going east. Some 470 feet east of the intersection with Point Pleasant Drive, the two vehicles collided.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. The cause of the collision is unclear for now. “We’re still piecing that together. None of them were able to talk” at the scene, Sgt. Adam Biss said, referring to the drivers. “It doesn’t look like it’s a high-speed crash but when you get two cars doing 40 miles per hour, it becomes high-impact.”

The Palm Coast Fire Department’s Engine 25 and Battalion 20 were first at the scene and got to work on an extrication of the woman entrapped in the Toyota, said Palm Coast Fire Capt. Kyle Berryhill. “We did upgrade this to a severe crash,” he said. The victims could have been taken to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach by helicopter, but weather required ground transportation instead. Flagler County Fire Rescue’s Rescue 92 and Rescue 62 transported the patients. The county’s Engine 92 also responded from the county airport station.

The road was dry when the crash took place and the sun had just begun to rise (at 7:13 a.m.).

“It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise to me if there was some kind of distracted driving but I’m not trained in that kind of analysis at all,” Berryhill said.

The Palm Coast Fire Police regulated traffic around the crash, and John’s Towing, the Bunnell tower, was called in to remove the two vehicles.

chevy equinox

The Equinox. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)


Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

corolla crash

The Corolla. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

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39 Responses for “Head-On Crash on Palm Coast’s Royal Palms Parkway Sends 2 Women to Hospital
In Trauma Alerts”

  1. Agkistrodon says:

    Hope both involved make a full recovery. People, when you drive, put your phone down, if you listen to music, put it on and leave it, if you have to eat while driving, YOU left home too late, get up earlier and eat at home. Driving is a task that requires attention and active thinking. You don’t simply get in and let the car take over…….

  2. Mary Fusco says:

    This is just so unnecessary. Anyone ever think of looking at the road when driving? This not a major highway. How many cars other than these 2 could have been on this road at 7AM on a Saturday? Hopefully both drivers will be okay and will pay attention to the road ahead of them in the future.

  3. Military Mom says:

    I live in this area and I can tell you nobody does the speed limit. They go 50 mph or more on this road. Where are the deputies who are suppose to enforce the law? Rarely do you see them here. Come on Sheriff, make your road patrol do their jobs.

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    I’m more curious as to why “weather” played a factor in getting a trauma chopper this morning. If the roads were dry and the sun was coming up it obviously wasn’t storming.

    I know that Fire Flight doesn’t go on duty until 8am they only work 12 hour shifts due to budget cuts years ago. Something that should be fixed instead of squandering resources on rehiring “valuable” HR directors.

    Still there is Volusia and other counties we have an MOU with.

    Also we are being quick to judge on distracted driving. I have seen a lot of deer on this road and in the area in general. It’s quite possible one could have swerved to miss something.

  5. Kelsey says:

    So since you know everything, did you know my aunt….. one of the women driving, the car deactivates her Phone from texting or calls. Next time you want to be an asshole and make comments as if you know what happened

  6. Sally Vandergrift says:

    Too fast..too fast..too fast..Every day I am out on these roads..and every all areas..the cares are
    going TOO FAST..Need speed traps..Never any around..These accidents should not happen..Clear day..dry roads..NO SNOW/ICE..just too fast and inattention..I travel a lot of roads in the area..and cars/trucks are ALWAYS passing me..speeding through all of the Intersections..does not matter what road or where..Just sit on the Town Center roads..past the school..and cars fly by..35??? NO..about 50-60 most cars are going..Set up a cop on that Town Center road and we’d have enough tickets to pay some of their salaries..and a raise!!

  7. leslie says:

    Prayers to all families, may the injured be healed quickly and thoroughly.

  8. palmcoaster says:

    Dear Kelsey I know how upset you maybe and I hope your aunt very cautious lady with her cellphone, recovers soon.
    We don’t know about the other driver and the intention here is not to accuse anyone but instead point at past reasons of suspected texting for deadly crashes, among other preventable reasons.

    I also agree with Concerned Citizen above, County and City cut the services we pay in our taxes to give pretentious undeserved pays to themselves their followers, developers, corporations etc.
    Then of course our emergency helicopter is not available when needed over insufficient funds.

  9. Cybercrimes says:

    Hey military Mom, I wouldn’t blame road deputies for this crash or even say they aren’t doing their job. Traffic enforcement, believe it or not is very low on the law enforcement list. I would assume the zone this area is in consists of probably 2-3 deputies, who have to respond to calls of service before doing traffic enforcement. Unfortunately many of the calls law enforcement respond to are BS calls, however they are required to respond. I would further ask that you don’t give your two sense about a job you know nothing about. I don’t go bashing certain military branches because of some of the dirt I “hear”.

  10. Anonymous says:

    From the looks of the damage, it would appear that somebody was speeding. You think you’re safe on the low MPH roads but it goes to show how quickly there can be chaos if someone isn’t paying attention.

  11. Maiden says:

    Maybe they should move that piece of metal out of the road that everyone keeps swerving to avoid. It’s at the narrowest part of where the construction is.

  12. Stretchem says:

    Could be a visibility issue for the eastbound driver during a sunrise. Hope both recover well. I’m glad to see safety advances in the vehicles working to save lives.

  13. atilla says:

    The people complaining about the speeders are the drivers who go 10 to 15 or 20 mph below the posted speed limit and when passed think the other guy is speeding.

  14. Concerned Res says:

    Deputies are too busy responding to loud neighbors, dead animals and arguing exes to sit on a street corner and wait for something to happen. Next time people call the police for BS calls, think about what you’re taking them away from.
    Just because it wasnt raining on that street doesn’t mean conditions were safe for flying. It was raining on my block around that time and it was partly cloudy in same areas.

  15. Creulla De Vil says:

    Everyone always blames texting and driving right away whenever there is an accident, as if accidents never happened before cell phones. No one knows what happened here…for all we know, one of the drivers could have had a medical issue, such as a seizure, that caused them to cross the line. Everyone is always so quick to throw stones without even knowing anything. Regardless of the cause – texting or not – I wish them both full and speedy recoveries. I’m sure they would both appreciate our love and prayers at this time, and their families as well, whose lives has also been shaken. Prayers for you all!

  16. hawkeye says:

    hope both people make a full and speedy recovery

  17. woody says:

    As always to fix bad driving habits in Flagler County”need a traffic signal”hope the innocent drive ends up O.K.

  18. Well says:

    I just love all these people coming on here ASSuming both women were either speeding, texting, talking on their phones, changing the radio, etc. I am so tired of all these self-righteous people wanting to say someone did something wrong when sometimes shit happens. The only people that know what happened were the two women involved so instead of ASSuming things, why don’t you just say, no matter what happened, hope it all turns out for the best. Oh and for someone saying speed must have been a factor based on the vehicle damage…you do realize most modern cars are plastic and laws of physics says this damage will happen at speeds of 40 MPH.

  19. Concerned Citizen says:

    @ Concerned Res

    Being a licensed pilot myself “a little rain” and partly cloudy conditions shouldn’t prohibit a medivac mission. Although Helicopters are primarily VFR (Visual Flight Rules) pilots are pretty well trained to fly in all sorts of conditions and can even conduct Landing Zones at night. Unless there was heavy fog or Thunderstorms nearby then Fire Rescue should have gotten a helo in.

    We pay enough taxes in Flagler County that we deserve 24 hour air support. It takes time to mobilize air support from neighboring jurisdictions. This can mean life or death with a trauma alert on the side of the road.

    This is not the first instance we have seen a negative result of not having Fire Flight on duty and won’t be the last. Our County Commission also needs to pay attention and work to resolve this issue. Instead of squandering resources on over paid and under-qualified employees.

    For those not in the know Fire Flight also performs Law Enforcement and Fire Suppression. Both can be needed 24 hours a day and not just from 8am to 8pm.

    Lastly I travel this road frequently and can attest that people do in fact speed. Very rare are the drivers driving up to 20 miles an hour under the speed limit. I would say most do a steady 15 over.

  20. Debbie says:

    Pam is my family, I live in Wva, I don’t need to hear all of these bad comments on here,it’s bad enough that we can’t come to see her, she has been in surgery all morning, so people please stay in pray for these ladies, I got our church family in pray for them, so It would be a blessing if you would do the same for them, God Bless from WVA.

  21. gmath55 says:

    ”need a traffic signal” What! Are you kidding. There are way to many traffic signals in Palm Coast NOW! And, they are timed very bad! PERIOD!

  22. Patricia Alexander says:

    I am not going to assume why this accident happened, I just want to say that I hope that both ladies heal quickly from their injuries. To Kelsey your Aunt is obviously a safe driver and an unfortunate accident happened this morning. Again just praying that both drivers recover quickly and that their families help them through this tough time.

  23. John Kent says:

    Looks like hospital employee is at fault here. Almost all crash footprints are on east bound lane, she must have been tired after night shift and fell asleep. Hope both will be alright.

  24. Hunter G.K. says:

    *Atila Says– ” I was actually thinking the same thing as you. People sounding like *Sally Vandergrift (Above comment) cause just as many accidents, not to mention stress and road rage, when they feel they are going to police the world because they have nothing better to do then drive 30mph under the speed limit to get their free coffee and hang around, getting in the way of people trying to have a life. I see them all the time at the crack of dawn at my Publix, waiting for the coffee. If you have so much time and want to get in the way of others, go volunteer someplace. I have questioned 4 or 5 very elderly cashiers at my Publix (Under the guise of jovial curiosity) and EVERY SINGLE ONE said it’s to keep them active with one saying it’s her bridge (Cards) money. IF YOU DON’T NEED THE MONEY, VOLUNTEER SOMEWHERE!! and leave the job open for someone young, starting a family. Stop being so selfish. I know this has strayed from the subject at hand in this article, but a couple of these posts irked me about speed and sounded like, again, someone wanting to police the world now that they are trying to get into heaven. Ugh.. And I wonder why I like animals more than people. *One more thing, like one of the person commenting on… The fall and winter sun rising and setting, sits a little different and is much more blinding than in summer. It’s a fact and explained on any number of internet sites and media.

  25. capt says:

    People, all of those drives cars or trucks, motorcycles and have a responsibility to know how manage their vehicle on the road and to “pay attention” . Viewing these photos it appears the accident impacted both drivers sides which means someone was either distracted or sleepy. I sure hope both recover.

  26. atilla says:

    It was mentioned earlier about the sun playing a role in this and I think that was part of the problem. That time in the morning going east the sun is brutal.

  27. Peaches McGee says:

    High impact is what the article states, not high speed. Assuming that the oncoming car is the same mass as yours, colliding with an oncoming car at 45 MPH is equal to colliding with a immovable wall at 45 MPH.

  28. ANONYMOUS says:

    VERY TRUE WELLS, the only ones that know what really happen are the two drivers and maybe a witness if there were any people when it happen, I guess the people who are making comments like that are all traffic accidents investigators, I was and I would not comment until I had interview all involve

  29. Tom Davies says:

    just remember the people in Palm Coast have no idea how to drive, and lack the most basic skills

  30. Diane Hartnett says:

    My prayers are with all involved in this horrific accident. I have to agree that we deserve 24 hour emergency medivac services. Accidents are just that – accidents, and cannot be timed to occur between 8AM and 8PM. On October 30, 2016, my daughter and her fiance were involved in a fatal accident on US 1. Through the grace of God, my daughter survived. Jonathan Butler, who was like a son to me, did not. We were told that they “couldn’t get a helicopter due to fog”. ????? To this day I still wonder if Jonny could have survived had he gotten to Halifax Hospital sooner. In trauma cases, seconds count. To the families of both of the women here, my heart is with you, and so are my sincere prayers.

  31. Fefe says:

    I am a family member of one of the women in the car accident. Both women are critical and I will be praying for the other family as well as mine. Instead of all the negativity being posted please pray for both families. Please use your positive thoughts and prayers on this site. God is working for us so we need outside prayers as well.

  32. Mary Fusco says:

    Sorry Tom, but over 75% of the people living in Palm Coast are from other places, mostly up North.. I lived and drove in NYC where if you blink, you are dead. LOL. I have never seen such blatantly aggressive, ignorant drivers in all my life as I see in PC. I love all the 30 somethings stating that the old folks are driving too slow. You see, when you drive the speed limit, you don’t run off the road, if the sun is shining in your eyes, you slow down and concentrate. This way you don’t drift into another lane. The older drivers, for the most part, know the rules of the road and who has the right of way. The youngins have not a clue in hell who has the right of way at intersections which is why we have all the crosses and teddy bears and RIP signs. It always amazes me that so many people in PC are in such a rush. Where the hell are they going other than WM. Ridiculous.

  33. woody says:

    Doesn’t matter 100 mph on both sides pay attention and stay in your lane!!

  34. Meghan says:

    Prayers out to those involved in the crash. Can we be less judgemental about this all? We don’t know the full story and we have ALL made mistakes driving so can everyone stop acting like we’re perfect? It doesn’t matter, it happened unfortunately. We all need to be careful driving but posting nasty comments won’t change a thing. Be respectful of others instead of hateful!

  35. ... says:

    To those saying we cant speculate on how such happens WHY not. All that is being said is one or both were driving to fast and or not thatching the road. This should not would not have happend had one or both been paying attention to what THEY were doing. its on a LONG straight part of a road. Speeding IS a big problem here. go down any of our 45MPH roads and people are driving 55+. many are ziping in and out of lanes to get where??? Peole are constantly LOOKING down at their phones.

  36. gmath55 says:

    Mary Fusco – what is WM? Waste Management maybe?

  37. The Obvious says:

    It was 7:17 and the women just got off work. After reading the story I firmly believe she was dozing off behind the wheel. But then again I am no professional. Either way I hope both driver recover and both have my prayers along with their families!

  38. Rick H. says:

    This is to Debbie, Wva, I know dear Pam only by where she worked but feel so bad about what happened, no matter what happened. God bless both of them, this wasn’t nothing about speed, being a retired accident investigator, two vehicles traveling at equal speeds in opposite directions develops kinetic energy of impact of twice the speed of travel for a single object ( 40 mph x 2 = 80 mph ) hitting a solid object. A lot of previous comments I read is baseless yet others are with good merit, I throughly agree that accident prodical needs to addressed in trauma situations wether a vehicle accident or any other emergency incident. Come on everyone let’s give prayers to both and stop throwing stones.

  39. palmcoaster says:

    Pam Moreland one of this crash victims still in Flagler hospital and in financial distress explained next:
    Flagler Humane Society staff and the community is rallying around a FHS volunteer who was injured in a car crash about a month ago. Over 100 people shared the FB post that told about how Pam Moreland, the mother of shelter “dog whisperer” Jason Moreland, is still recovering from the crash. “We’re kind of a big family here,” Carotenuto said. The shelter is encouraging those interested in donating to either mail or drop-off a check with the memo of “Jason’s mom” at the shelter, located at 1 Shelter Drive, Palm Coast. To donate online, send a message to the shelter’s Facebook page at “Flagler Humane.” FHS staff has raised about $400 personally for the family, Carotenuto said. Pam Moreland was an essential volunteer at the shelter during Hurricane Irma. Carotenuto said the Moreland family of Pam, Jason and his brother working in St Augustine had shared the one car that was involved in the crash, meaning the brother lost his job. In the meantime, FHS staff is helping Jason Moreland get to and from work at the shelter. The donated money will be used for the family’s basic expenses, as the family went from three incomes to one after the crash. Call the humane society at 445-1814.

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