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Ex-Girlfriend Comes To Retrieve Belongings, He Answers Door With a Gun

| July 19, 2018

Peter Gura of Palm Coast.

Peter Gura of Palm Coast.

Peter Gura, 30, and Alyssa Lubliner, 22, had dated on and off for two years and had been close enough that they bought a car together: they co-signed for the loan. Lubliner, a resident of Daytona Beach, would occasionally stay at Gura’s house at 55 Whittington Drive in Palm Coast. They recently broke-up.

Gura spent the night at the Flagler County jail and was released this afternoon on $5,000 bond. He was charged with aggravated assault, a felony, after allegedly pointing a gun at Lubliner when she came to the Whittington Drive house Wednesday to retrieve belongings and her car.

According to her account to Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies, she knocked on the front door Wednesday night, Gura opened but held a silver gun that she says he “waved” at her as he told her to get off his property. She feared he was going to shoot her. She fled and called law enforcement.

Deputies went to Gura’s house, where he was instructed to come out, his hands in the air. (It was nighttime, he held a flashlight in his hand and was ordered to drop it.) He was patted down and found to have no gun on him: he later told deputies that he’d moved the Ruger SP101 revolver to a top shelf of an armoire in a bedroom.

Gura said Lubliner had come to re-claim custody of the vehicle they both own jointly as well as her belongings. Gura said he is the actual owner of the car since his name appears first on the loan document. In fact, both Gura and Lubliner are listed on the vehicle’s registration, according to sheriff’s deputies.

Earlier on Wednesday, he and a friend had traveled to Daytona Beach, taken the vehicle from Lubliner’s place of work and driven it to Palm Coast. Gura said “he was expecting trouble over the vehicle so he had a handgun on the table by the front door,” according to his arrest report. Asked if he’d grabbed the gun at any point, he was “tentative,” the report states, saying he was “pretty sure” it had remained on the table during the encounter with Lubliner. Asked why he felt he needed a gun when his ex came to the door, Gura said it “goes deeper than that,” and that he was unsure what to expect. He then told the deputies he “shouldn’t have done that,” meaning answering the door with a gun.

He was aware that Lubliner has a young child: there’s a play room inside his house for the child as well as for what the arrest report refers to as “his own grandchildren.” (It’s not clear how, at 30, Gura would be a grandfather.) The gun was seized and placed in evidence, and Gura was arrested, booked at the county jail, and following his first appearance before a judge ordered to have no contact with Lubliner pending the disposition of the case.

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16 Responses for “Ex-Girlfriend Comes To Retrieve Belongings, He Answers Door With a Gun”

  1. Really says:

    Sounds like someones livin in the 1950s. Welcome to the 21st Century sh_ts different

  2. Josh Davis says:

    Stand your ground motion. His residence (Castle Doctrine). Watch charges disappear.

  3. gmath55 says:

    If a couple is buying a car, they might apply for financing together, but may also want to have both of their names on the title. Not only would they both be responsible for making payments (and each of their credit scores would suffer if payments were missed), they would both have an ownership interest in the car. If the couple split up, property ownership would likely be decided in legal proceedings.

    Having a co-buyer works more in your favor in terms of financing because you get the full power of the co-buyer’s income and good credit. But the boost in borrowing power comes at a price, especially if the co-buyer is someone other than your spouse. The co-buyer’s rights to the vehicle allow the co-buyer to take possession of the car if you fail to pay — and even if you don’t, because you’re equal owners — and you’ll need the co-buyer’s permission to sell the car later.

  4. HonkeyDude says:

    Wow. I guess you dont have the right to protect your own property when a ex comes knocking. Sounds like a law suit! He might even get a badge to go with his gun.

  5. Born and Raised Here says:

    I had my first child at 18, and was a Granddaddy at 34 years old, so why can’t he be a Granddaddy.

  6. Born and raised here says:

    If he is protecting his property, house and car, he has a right to answer the door with a gun, I’m packin all the time, concealed that is. These damn liberals.

  7. Charlie says:

    Heck, if my ex was to come to my front door, I would need an RPG !

  8. Born and Raised Here says:

    She’s lucky she didn’t get shot. He’s protected by “Stand your Ground” Protecting life and property.

  9. Arlene says:

    See that’s the problem. She has the right to her property too. Instead of doing the rationale thing, and just let her take what belongs to her, he resorts to violence. He does not have the right to threaten her, wave a gun in her face. That’s why the he was arrested.

  10. Born and Raised Here says:

    Of course she has the right to her property. But she should have called first and set up a time to come over to get her stuff. Don’t show up uninvited.

  11. tulip says:

    Perhaps the woman should’ve gone to the police in the first place, explained the situatation and have them escort her to the home to get her things.

  12. Richard says:

    There are more civil ways to retrieve property from ex’s versus just showing up at a house uninvited or having setup an appointment previously. According to law the LEO had every right to arrest him and now he has to deal with the bail, felony, fines and possibly jail time over a domestic dispute. Maybe BOTH of them should have dealt with this problem differently. SMH

  13. Arlene says:

    I’m sure when the ex showed up with his friend [ probably muscle, and very intimidating, two against one] to take the car away from her at her work, he didn’t set up a time with her, and sure didn’t call first. Totally uninvited.

  14. Geezer says:

    The Gura Method of Manliness—pointing a gun at a woman.

    Why stop at just unarmed women?
    There are killer puppies out there, vicious kittens, and gun-toting palmetto bugs.
    Stand your ground always, except to go potty.

    But seriously:
    A few years back there was a pizza delivery guy from Orlando (Sanford?)
    who was shot by the cops. He was in his apartment and heard LOUD knocking
    and banging coming from his door (1:00 am).
    He answered the door—pistol in hand. He was summarily shot to death.
    The local police made a mistake that early morning—they were supposed to
    serve a warrant to his next-door neighbor.

    Think twice before displaying a gun when opening your front door.
    Never use a gun for leverage in an argument.


  15. Arlene says:

    Well said Geezer.

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