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Accused of Threatening His Mother, Palm Coast Man Is Tased in His Bedroom, and Arrested

| June 13, 2018

richard flefil

Richard Flefil.

Richard Flefil’s mother had left the house at 10 Pickston Lane in palm Coast a week earlier because Flefil, 31, had been acting too erratically. She’d been staying with her own mother until an afternoon less than two weeks ago when Flefil had to be taken to the doctor. So she went home to take him.

But when she walked in through the garage, she noticed a note hanging on the wall, then a mess inside, as if the place had been ransacked. There were broken items everywhere. The door to her bedroom had a big hole in it. She had hidden all of her kitchen knives in the bedroom, out of fear that Flefil would use them to hurtful ends, and now she saw that he may have had access to them.

Before long, she told sheriff’s deputies–crying and shaking as she did so–her son came out of his bedroom “yelling and charging toward her,” according to his arrest report. He said to her “that he had something for her and he was going to finish what dad should [have] finished a long time ago.” He told her if she wanted to see what he had for her, she’d better call police.

Flefil’s mother told deputies that in the past his father had in fact allegedly tried to kill her. That’s what Flefil was referring to. When she saw her son bleeding from one of his hands, she fled the house.

Deputies tried to make contact with Flefil first through the garage. He did not respond. His mother gave permission to go in. They noticed knives thrown all around the master bedroom. They then went to his bedroom door, which was locked. He refused to open it. Given a key, deputies failed to open the door, which appeared barricaded from within. They kicked the door. It wouldn’t budge. Flefil yelled from inside. Deputies spoke with him a long time. He, too, wouldn’t budge. One deputy finally breached the door with a breaching ram, breaking the door in half.

Flefil had barricaded himself in the bedroom, and again refused commands to leave the room. He was told he was under arrest for aggravated assault, and again refused to come out. He then turned away from deputies, according to his arrest report, at which point one of the deputies took out a Taser and fired, bringing Flefil down: the fear was that he may have been reaching for a weapon. Flefil though again struggled as he was being taken out of the room and out to get medical treatment.

There were no apparent injuries to his hands. a sergeant removed the Taser prods. Flefil declined to be seen by Flagler County Fire Rescue paramedics. As he was escorted to a deputy’s patrol car, he hooked his leg around that of a deputy in an apparent attempt to keep from being placed inside.

The incident took place on May 30, and the arrest report dated then indicates that he was taken to the county jail on that day. But he was ordered conditionally released by Flagler County court on June 4, and the jail log released this morning indicates that he was booked at the jail on June 12 on a felony aggravated assault charge (not his first), and that he remained there today. His arraignment before Circuit Court Terence Perkins is scheduled for July 2.

His previous aggravated assault charge, in 2008, had been a domestic violence incident. The charge was dropped. He’s faced drug and alcohol charges, including a conviction for DUI in September 2016.

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13 Responses for “Accused of Threatening His Mother, Palm Coast Man Is Tased in His Bedroom, and Arrested”

  1. Really says:

    So reverse Oedipus complex its old news, but, please incarcerate him for an evaluation

  2. Anonymous says:

    Was mom telling the truth that he had blood on his hand? Police did not verify this do how could anything else mom said be believed? Sounds like mom may have mental issues and cops had a hard on for him. He never touched anyone. He said-she said.

  3. Lnzcha says:

    Past time for him to be locked up for life before he kills his mom

  4. Jolene Dehart says:

    Sad but facts certainly aren’t carved in stone, there’s always “mortar” the story. This happened in my extended family, but only because the young man finally snapped after an entire life of grief, misery, neglect and abuse by a horrible evil mother always on drugs.

  5. Hm says:

    Rich boy lost his mind

  6. Richard says:

    When a person who is being asked by law enforcement to comply BUT keeps resisting any questions, actions or demands by the LE officers then all bets are off. Anyone who has NOTHING to hide or be afraid of should easily comply with ANY law enforcement officer anytime anywhere. Obviously this dude is off his rocker or perhaps he is on drugs of some sort which is way TOO common these days. The LEO’s had every right to Taz him before something more serious occurred. They had to gain control of the situation and chose a less lethal avenue versus deadly guns even though it states that “he may have been reaching for a weapon”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    31 and he can’t get himself to the Dr? 31 and still living with mom? He needs a boot in his a$$! He needs to be institutionalized!

  8. Mark says:

    31 and he can’t get himself to the Dr? 31 and still living with mom? He needs a boot in his a$$! He needs to be institutionalized!

  9. Dave says:

    This family obviously has a history of mental illness if the dad has attempted murder on the mom in the past. Why did she not call for help the first time she left the house? This man needed mental help and instead he was ignored by his own mother. The mother is a victim and from what it seems she has been victimized before. But somebody must of known the issues and didn’t say anything.

  10. Vinny says:

    31 and he can’t get himself to the Dr? 31 and still living with mom? He needs a boot in his a$$! He needs to be institutionalized!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Get ready for more incidents of this kind if mental health and addiction funding gets cut.

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    What if there’s no mental health issues? We seem to play that card every time someone has an encounter with Law Enforcement and goes to jail.

    It could be that he’s just a lazy entitled ass-hat who was never properly motivated to get a job and move out and live on his own. Coupled with the fact that he might possibly be a bully just makes things unpleasant at home.

    On another note regardless of how wrong you think you might be at the moment it’s better to comply with Law Enforcement. When they decide you are going to jail you are going. You can either go easy or go hard.

    Better to fight it in court than on the street with tasers and guns.

  13. Dave says:

    Concerned I am trying to make sense of your comment, anyone who threatens their own mother with knives and violence needs mental help, there is no way around it

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