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Sheriff Staly, FHP’s Pete Young and 2 Lesser Lights Compete For Fastest Lawman On The Draw

| April 6, 2018

Florida Highway Patrol Cpl. Pete Young, left, and Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly will face off, with two other, lesser-known contestants, at a competition to determine who the fastest lawman in the region is, (© FlaglerLive)

Florida Highway Patrol Cpl. Pete Young, left, and Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly will face off, with two other, lesser-known contestants, at a competition to determine who the fastest lawman in the region is, on April 15 at the Florida Agricultural Museum. (© FlaglerLive)

High noon. Sunday, April 15. The Florida Agricultural Museum on Old Kings Road.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly, the reigning champion. Florida Highway Patrol Cpl. Pete Young, the surliest man east of the Pecos. Volusia County Sheriff Mike Get-Me-Some-Scumbags Chitwood. And Putnam County Sheriff Homer Deloach, who brackets his name with “Gator” on one side and “The Third” on the other.

The four men will face off for the title of fastest lawman in the… well, here and there. Staly is intent on defending his 2017 title, when he bested Bunnell Police Chief Tom Foster and the Sheriff’s own Randy Doyle. This time Staly faces more competition and more attitude. Young, a long-time Bunnell lawman, is a traffic-homicide investigator who’s had his eyes on the sheriff’s badge from time to time and who’s been doing his share of smack-talking, readying his gear and his outfit for the occasion. Chitwood is certain to come armed with his usual arsenal of ego, bluster and Philly argot.

The event, part of the Agricultural Museum’s two-day Farm Days event, is a production of the Cowboy Fast Draw Association, and is designed to raise money: each lawman raises money for the charity of his choice. Last year the Sheriff’s Office raised over $9,000for the Sheriff’s charity, the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches. Staly serves on the organization’s board of directors, and has supported the charity for his entire career.

The Law Enforcement Shootout is a timed event using single action revolvers with wax bullets, shooting at metal targets, using western style cowboy gun belts and holsters. The men, who once again lucked out and are not facing competition from women, compete in elimination rounds. The target is 15 feet away and is almost 18 inches round, which is a bit smaller than last year but also closer, presumably in deference to the contestants’ proportional proximity to Medicare.

The single action .45 caliber guns and holsters are provided to the lawmen along with the wax ammunition unless the shooter has his own qualifying gun and holster. That’s the case with Staly, who last year acquired and began wearing a stetson hat and riding the occasional horse, but nowhere near sunsets. The shooters’ speed is measured electronically: a miss of course doesn’t register at all, a hit is measured by a timer and a lighting system built into the metal target. A light comes on, starting the timer, the timer stops the moment a vibration is sensed from a “bullet” strike. The winner is determined by the fastest time to a successful hit of course. Time is calculated to within 1,000th of a second.

We asked if the losers will be tarred and feathered. Staly’s office, alas, replied that no, they won’t. Losers “just don’t have bragging rights,” a spokesperson said. “This is a fun event for charity and we want the shooters to come back next year!”

If you’d like to make a donation, go here, select Campaign: “Where most needed” and under Additional Comments, add “Flagler Sheriff Fastest Gun Competition.” If you prefer a check, it can be made payable to the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches and dropped off or mailed to the Sheriff’s Operations Center at 901 E Moody Blvd, Bunnell. More information can be found here. This event coincides with the Eastern Territorial Championship being held at the Agricultural Museum that weekend.

23 Responses for “Sheriff Staly, FHP’s Pete Young and 2 Lesser Lights Compete For Fastest Lawman On The Draw”

  1. Dave says:

    Isn’t it great that police refer to the people they are sworn to protect as scumbags? Doesn’t that concern anyone else? What kind of attitude is that for a person in that position.

  2. PCer says:

    Good stuff!

  3. Really says:

    Quick draw Mcgraw

  4. Fredrick says:

    Unfortunately Dave, some of those people he is sworn to protect are “scumbags” who the rest of the people need protecting from.

  5. Freddy says:

    Sheriff Chitwood uses the term “scumbags” when referring to criminals. You should not be offended unless you are one.

  6. john Dolan says:

    Trooper Pete is really a great guy.

  7. Trailer Bob says:

    HE was referring to actual scumbags dude.

  8. robert j tarter says:

    Sadly there are some scumbags in Volusia and Flagler counties. Thank goodness we are not a santuary state.

  9. KathieLee4 says:

    Chitwood all the way ….

  10. Dave says:

    I guess I don’t see it that way, I see us all as equals, some in need of help and correction and guidance more than others. Scumbag is name calling and negative and not a good role model for the younger ones or anyone for that matter. I guess I just expect more from our leaders.

  11. Shoot first says:

    I wonder…given the history of law enforcement shooting first and ask questions later; is the the best example coming from our leaders??. Seriously, do they just not get that the public is concerned about needless police shootings? Why don’t we have a scalping competition next? I guess I am just thinking maybe we should CHANGE the culture not celebrate previous bad traditions. Knowledge of history takes all the fun from this story.

  12. An Interested sportsman says:

    Lets take the guns away for a day, and provide all with boxing gloves and have a good old fashioned gentleman’s boxing match… Now THAT would raise some coin for the Charities. Hell Trump went in the ring… Just Saying, These guys have balls, mass confidense and a sense of humor, let them kick it up a notch in the ring.. My moneys on Staly, But Chitwood once had his finger almost eaten by some scumbag, so I may have to hedge my bet, too close to call…

  13. Fredrick says:

    Well Dave, those in need of “Correction and Guidance” sounds like you are referring to those truly “in need” of help. Rapists, murders, pedophiles, robbers are “scumbags” and don’t deserve a participation trophy.

  14. hawkeye says:

    Staly is a good shot ,he will win, and to all the naysayers , this is fun event , using wax bullets to raise money for charity

  15. Shoot first...who do u recommend they scalp? says:

    Stuffed animals….? LOL!!! I would pay to see that.

  16. Shoregal says:

    If you didn’t do anything wrong then there isn’t anything to worry about…

  17. woodchuck says:

    Don’t be offended,unless you are one.

  18. Outsider says:

    Murderers, child rapists, wife beaters and their ilk have certainly earned the title of “scumbag.” Unfortunately, with the mindset of some bleeding hearts, particularly those in the judicial system, the title is the worst consequence they may suffer. But hey, in the spirit of getting along, I say we stop using the term “scumbag” to describe scumbags; let’s go ahead and call them “douchebags.” Problem solved.

  19. Concerned says:

    Chitwood sets the level for all law enforcement to attempt to reach in every aspect of the job.

  20. Concerned Citizen says:

    Perhaps the Sheriff’s time could be used more wisely in fixing the issues he has with his agency. 3 major issues in less than 3 months and still no statement from the Sheriff on how he plans to fix the Sheriff’s Office.

    I guess that’s what happens when you’re too busy playing fugitive bingo and Wyatt Earp.

  21. Dave says:

    we are all human, it takes understanding and compassion for even the most disturbed.

  22. lea marshall says:

    yep, scumbag is fine, they are out there, and if they violate they will have to pay/
    Chitwood my bet.

  23. Dave says:

    People are Innocent until proven guilty, so if a cop is out looking for “scumbags” then his point of view is twisted and the streets are less safe with someone like that on patrol.

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