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Flagler Beach Reloads As 3 Candidates Are Re-Interviewed for City Manager

| September 29, 2010

Hometown candidate Bruce Campbell gets set for his second go at the manager's job.

“I’m glad for your second interview because you did not impress me the first time around,” Flagler Beach City Manager Joy McGrew told Bruce Campbell, one of three city manager candidates re-interviewed this afternoon, before she asked him her first question.

Mayor Alice Baker–who does not take part in the vote to hire a manager but is given the courtesy to ask questions–had just finished pitching Campbell, her top pick, a series of softballs (“Do you consider yourself a strong leader”?). McGrew is more of a fastball pitcher: she’s not interested in polite subtleties when the issue in play is beyond the ceremonial. She made that clear the last time out, when she let a large audience know that she did not appreciate the public campaign on Campbell’s behalf looking like his candidacy for manager was “being rammed down my throat.”

One of McGrew’s issues with Campbell, who works for Flagler Beach as a maintenance worker but has a long history as an executive in the private sector, is the dearth of government experience in his background. Campbell says that won’t hamper his ability to run a public organization. McGrew isn’t so sure. “I didn’t come here as a maintenance man,” Campbell told her. “You’ve seen my credentials’ I’ve done it. I can still do it.” McGrew’s questions probed at those abilities, but it wasn’t clear whether she was satisfied with the answers.

Campbell came not ready for an interview as he was ready to set his own agenda. He tried. He handed the commissioners a packet with an outline of his approach broken down into three sections: one addressing the issue of his background in the private sector (what he considers his principal strength, because he sees government as a business); another laying out his strategies and objectives for 2010-11; and a third, portentously, entitled “First 100 Days in Office.”

But commissioners had their own questions to ask, and little time to do it in, until Commissioner Steve Settle’s turn came: Settle, like a defense attorney who’s coached his client well, fed him the question that would enable Campbell to get into his “packet” when Settle said: “Educate me.” So Campbell delved into his experience “by subject area” in order to show how he knew about labor relations, agency reporting, employer relations, and so on. County Commission Chairman John Feind, who gets exasperated at the sight and sound of laundry lists, whoever their author, briefly massaged his forehead, reclined, waited. “I’ve served multiple gods, ok? I’ve served multiple agendas,” Campbell said.

Then he brought Jim Landon, the Palm Coast city manager, into it, citing a meeting with Landon, who told him during an hour-and-a-half conversation that he believes “he can go private just as I can go public.” Landon’s best advice: Campbell needs to learn to “tell a good story” to his commissioners, in the sense that translating complex issues into good narratives would win him points.

Each interview was scheduled for about 45 minutes. So they didn’t quite take the bait. Still, it was obvious that Campbell, already assertive in his first interview, wanted to project a more comfortable, more in-control persona: he swiveled his chair to face the commissioners (as opposed to sitting flush against the desk, twisting his head, as he had in his first interview, and as every candidate has), leaned back, and set his right hand on the desk, a copious binder in front of him.

The chamber was a third full–about 30 people–, a reflection of the degree to which the commission’s process has mixed populism, politics and, when the commission whittled down the candidates to these three in mid-September, something of a circus atmosphere. That popularity contest (again on display in smatters, this afternoon, as a few people in the chamber applauded a few times when they liked something Campbell was saying) is what some commissioners have been resisted.

Settle asked Campbell to clarify two rumors–that he attempted to unionize some Flagler Beach employees, and that he covered up a problem he had knowledge of at the maintenance department. The question was meant as an easy way for Campbell to explain and bat down rumors (which he did). It also underscored the very thing that made some commissioners queasy at his candidacy: his immersion in personnel issues and beyond, before his first day on the job as a chief executive. After his interview McGrew compared the way a mass of people have latched on to his candidacy to the sort of liability Scott Janke, the former front-runner for the job, ended up with when he couldn’t get past issues involving his wife, who’s in the porn industry. Nevertheless, McGrew said she was more impressed by Campbell’s second round.

Campbell was preceded by Edward Sealover, the details-oriented older candidate who last worked as county coordinator in Nassau, and he was followed by Gary Word, who’s leaving as city manager in Surfside.

“Are we strong, are we weak, are we moving forward?” McGrew asked Word, who’s clearly, on paper, the strongest candidate in the field if long public experience and clarity of purpose are the criteria. Word handled the question with subtlety: the city is progressing, he said, though without going into detail. McGrew’s question was prefaced with the sort of direct points she’s known for: given the city’s issues, why would Word want to return for more? (Word also had applied for the job four years ago.) That question wasn’t answered beyond the standard one: Word wants the job. One of the reasons he does is his situation in Surfside: he announced he’d leave the city in spring, when he felt the commission there was no longer supporting him–when the entire panel turned over in the March election. In other words, those who hired him are no longer there. “I’m leaving Surfside on good terms,” he said.

Word also confirmed that Surfside is under investigation by the FBI and the IRS over corruption charges of long date. He’s not involved, he said, beyond cooperating with the two agencies in their investigations.

The most revealing question of the afternoon wasn’t asked by a commissioner. It was asked by Word, who put commissioners on the spot when he asked them at the end of his interview, now that they’d heard him for the second time, why they had asked him back, and where he stood in their eyes. “You weren’t my first choice,” Feind told him, though he was his second. “Some people don’t like to blow their own horn,” Feind told Word. “That’s my impression of who you are.” The comment subtly contrasted Word’s interview with Campbell’s, when horn sections, both in the audience and on the interview seat, were seldom quiet.

McGrew said the same thing: Word hadn’t been her first choice. “I like you a whole lot better this time,” Jane Mealy–still not a rousing endorsement. Settle was blunt: the city has a chance to hire in-house, he said. “I firmly believe that’s an opportunity we should seize upon.” Any doubt that Settle’s mind was open to candidates outside the city at any point in the interviewing process, which involved 140 applicants, was dispelled with that comment. So, most likely, were Word’s chances.

For the Flagler Beach City Commission, the choice would have normally come down to two strong personalities–Word and Campbell–and a more earnest one in Sealover. Judging from the commissioners’ leanings, it looked like a battle between Word and Campbell, if not Word and Campbell’s large constituency–large enough to carry him to a commission seat, should he run.

Essentially, two commissioners’ minds are already made up: Settle and Commissioner Ron Vath are pushing for Campbell regardless. The remaining three commissioners have done more to push back, against Campbell, than for a particular candidate, though Word and Janke were their former top picks. McGrew sounded as if she was laying the groundwork for accepting Campbell when she referred to the “outcry” from the community wanting its man. “There seems to be a desire and a hope that we can select someone from our town,” she said–much more deferential words toward that movement than she’d had for it two weeks ago. Still, the next manager will have to be hired with at least four commissioners’ votes.

Vath was not part of the interviewing process, and he’s missed every meeting of the commission, including the interviews, going back to mid-August, though he took part by phone in the earlier decision to cut the candidates down to the last three. He said he’d be back in early October.

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32 Responses for “Flagler Beach Reloads As 3 Candidates Are Re-Interviewed for City Manager”

  1. John Smith says:

    It will be a SAD DAY in Flagler Beach if they let the public choose who is the manager. Come on Commissioners do your job and stand up and pick anyone but Campbell. It shows just how smooth a tal

    ker Campbell is by him talking his way out of the unionization move of the city. He was given vote cards personally to turn in to the PEA. Yes he is typical business man and can make false statements to be the truth as he sees it.

  2. mrs. jones says:

    you must be a goof john smith because you have NO idea what you’re talking about. i feel sorry for you. the commissioners will make the best decision for us no matter who it is. bruce included, because HE IS THE BEST QUALIFIED! ! ! ! IN EVERY AREA! ! ! !

  3. Charlie says:

    I sat through all 3 of the interviews, and it seemed like many of the Commissioners, knew very little about what a city manager does. Their questions, sometimes ,included the type of candidate response, that they would like to hear. Question: Are you a hands on, or delegator style manager, as I like the hands on ones?? They did very few followup questions of the candidates…Give me an example of how you got improved results,? was never asked. One candidate, the local favorite, started answering the questions prior to the question be finished. He ran his interview, and ran at the mouth, to clarify or try to prove his point. The 3rd candidate, was professional, and pointed in his responses. He made sure, that he understood the question, although this confused some Council members, and they really didn’t know how to answer, or clarify what they wanted. This is a problem with people , who don’t really know what is needed, in a position, making decisions on who to hire. Clearly, the council must decide, on one, or better yet. Call it a day, and start all over again. Which is what anyone would do, if you don’t know just what you want and have a council member absent and not interested in getting back home to live up to his committment. I’d start over

  4. Dick Ricardi says:

    I hate to waste time responding to stupid remarks from John Smith because it is obviouse he is only trying to discredit Bruce Campbell and doesnt express one reasonable explanation for doing so. He is afraid to identify himself or his agenda. Either come out of the closet or shut up, you are wasting people’s time.

  5. Ralph Belcher says:

    It seems every candidate brings something to the table.

    It makes me VERY curious why a group is pressuring the Commissioners to vote for him. Could it be for reasons beyond the obvious?

    It makes me more curious if I am going to be publicly ridiculed if I didn’t feel motivated to support their candidate. Agree with us or you’re an obnoxious bastard. Just makes me curious. I wish all the candidates the best and of course, our elected City Commissioners. We voted for them for a reason, and I’ll stand aside and let them do their jobs.

  6. John Smith says:

    Well Ricardi The only thing stupid is the concerned citizens trying to get back into power. I am out of the closet and tired of you people trying to push Campbell down the cities throat. He is a threat to the city by having all of you people backing him. All the city employees will be at risk because you all want to get rid of everyone and live here free of charge. Well RICARDI you and your wife need to shut up along with Art and get over yourselfs. We need someone not known by the city people that can do the job without agendas form his backers and hurt the city. Ill be here Ricardi as long as you all exist. By for now.

  7. John Smith says:

    RB for your info its the same group that wants back in power. The concerned citizens group of FB. they are trouble as I said. Thats all they know how to do is ridicule if you are not with them. Campbell has their backing so what else is there to say. HE IS UNFIT FOR THE JOB WITH THAT KIND OF SUPPORT.

  8. Dick Ricardi says:

    Who ever you are and whatever is your problem,, get over it

  9. John Smith says:

    Did you notice how touchy they are also. Because they don’t like being put out there. Did your wife OK that tough talk DICK.

  10. John Smith says:

    MY AGENDA, well I guess you would say it would be to defend my city, that has been my city of choice since the 70s. I have seen the good and the bad come and go. The worst was BATES, BUSCH, and MISH, and what do you know its that favorite group of CCFB that was the worse time that this city had experienced. And well like Ron Vath they liked the city being in constant turmoil and all the infighting in city departments. Since this group of Bates Busch and Mish got disbanded and out of the city its been on the good again. Well now here we are 2010 and now we have Ron Vath and Steve Settles once again doing their bidding in the commission. Vath has turned 180 degrees on his way of thinking and is untrustworthy in is duties to the city. Steve Settles says he has nothing to do with this group which I FEEL is a LIE. Now all of a sudden he is the vote that is standing behind Campbell with NO other choice to be considered on his part. The CCFB had their other web site that they could pick on everyone and did not like it on there when people stood up to them so they got rid of it also. Well I guess you could say my AGENDA is to be THE WATCH DOG OF THIS GROUP which is good at being disrespectful if you do not agree with them. The people that are supporting Campbell are made up of this group and people they have lied too to get them to be with them. Lets see what kind of story they come up with OK dick ask your wife first please before you comment.

  11. Phil Berchen says:

    A large number of Flagler Beach residents are extremely angry about the physical and emotional discomfort they are experiencing due to the inability of their City Commissioners’ to properly address their concerns. The comments of John Smith don’t help either.

  12. John Smith says:

    The truth hurts and thats the way they like the city to be run. That Sounds like law suits in the future for the city with that kind of experienced feelings. All Settles had to do is pick a pro and it would be over with. Campbell is not a pro.

  13. Bigfoot says:

    The town has gone thru about $ 8,500,000. in the last 4 yrs under our well planned spending and now that is gone its time to TAX MORE and keep SPENDING.Never enough spending even with our share of the stimulus and at least $ 2,500,000 borrowed not counting the water works loans. If we had cut down on the last 3 yrs the tax money could have stayed in our pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Arthur Woosley says:

    John, Calm down, you appear to be expressing a great deal of pent up anger, and now you have even resorted to threats in your response to Mr.Ricardi (“I know where you all live” ), let us hope, that you have no intention of acting on such threats.

  15. It was a sad commentary to sit through 3 repeat interviews for City Manager, recognizing the occasion was nothing more than a prepared farce by the Cit y Commissioners. The strongest and most qualified candidate was easily recognized as Bruce Campbell, a local tax paying resident, who is well-
    Before we go to tonight’s meeting we must be aware that rumors are that the final decision will be post- poned and that an interim city manager will be selected…is this another deal like the almost 5 yrs that Mr. Murphy held as interim city manager living in Ormond Beach?”
    Isn’t it interesting also that the public records show that in the past election after about 6 months of politicking, Joy McGrew got 500 votes and Jane Mealy got 503. In comparison in only 4 days of petitioning, 2 of which were in heavy rain, 485 signatures of Flagler Beach residents were acquired requesting that the City Commissioners select Bruce Campbell as City Manager.

  16. Jay says:

    There are a lot of folks who are puzzled over the degrading comments in some of these posts.

    One of the major problems with the political side of the City equation is the fact that there are no younger or middle aged folks who will step forward and get in the mix. Perhaps it is because we are a beach town and a magnet for tourists.

    Complaints and accusations without substance will not convince people or win the argument. So let’s have a few examples that are verifiable to back up the comments.Conservatives are for conservatives, and liberals are for liberals.

    If the City population has not increased or perhaps minimally in the last couple of years, how does anyone justify the large increase in City staff without the accompanying service to the residents?

    Just as water seeks its own level, there will be a forced levelling off of payroll expenses and related costs, due to a big decrease in City revenues. There will be no choice, and whomever is in office had better have their wits about them because it won’t be fun in the next nine months or so. Home foreclosures will intensify, the income level will drop, which will affect tax revenues, and unemployment will increase.

    Flagler Beach will need the brightest and best and strongest to survive, especially in the City Manager position..

  17. preacher says:

    What was the selling statement to get those 458 signatures???? And can it be done like they said ???

  18. John Smith says:

    well Art ole buddy guess Dicky must have called you and let you know that the mean old bully was back picking on you guys. Hey it was not a threat I just said I know where you all live, do not believe I said I was going to do anything but be your watchdog.( must have a guilty feeling HUH). Hey Art ole buddy the one thing you do have right in your response is I have a great deal of anger at you and your group for what they have caused this city to go through in the past years. So Art if you are going to comment on somethiing I said you might try and get it right instead of turning it all around like all your other statements about someone who does not agree with you all. Bye for now Art.

  19. John Smith says:

    And good job tonight for the Commissioners picking Caryn Miller better choice than CCFB Campbell.

  20. John Smith says:

    Hey Barbara you might want to know that as typical the petition was flawed. There was double names on some of signatures. Some of the names did not live in Flagler Bch. So It was as fake as the people doing the collection. So your statement has no merit about the petition.

  21. Concerned says:

    I think the City Commissioners did the right thing and put Caryn Miller in as an acting manager until they can decide on a final City Manager. This has nothing to do with Caryn, I hope they don’t get complacent in finding a permanent City Manager. However, I have a BIG concern now about Settle’s and Vath vying for Mr. Campbell. I did get to attend the interviews, but I almost feel Mr. Campbell has made a political backing for himself. He stated that he was encouraged to talk to a group in the beginning. Who was the group? I don’t like it because it is not a political seat. What is wrong with starting over and looking again?
    I can’t help but feel someone with no political connections or agendas would be a best choice. I am great at research. I would be willing to get grants for the city for free. This is opportunities that shouldn’t be pasted up.

    A blogger said previously they don’t want events in town. May I ask why? We have young people that have only one event put on a year. Tommy Tant surf competition that’s it. I think we need to bring more events into our town. We do have families here. Put on events for families too. You would bring in revenue for the businesses here that pay taxes. It is not just the elderly peoples town you know. I am not asking for events that help just the bars here in town either. We need to start thinking outside the box? The police in town have very little opportunities to make extra money by working “off duty jobs”. This is how many police officers in other counties make extra money. This is just a few of my concerns. What I am mainly concerned about we have nothing here to keep our children here after college or high school for that matter. We have a wonderful resource, but we are not using it to its potential. We need to start thinking younger. Oh, and a previous blogger said, “the young and middle aged people aren’t concerned about what is going on in our city”. Well you just heard from a middle aged person. So, what will you do with it? Will I even get a response?

  22. John Liccardo says:

    This situation has gotten to be the most bazaar and absurd situation in the annals of small hometown politics. The City has been wasting time and money on attempting to find the most qualified person to take over the responsibility of City Manager, and then the Commission assigns the spot to a person that most of the community doesn’t know, and may have the least experience.

    So much for the importance of the City Manager.

  23. Concerned says:

    Mr. Liccardo I think it is great most people don’t know Caryn Miller. I don’t know her either; however, what do you suggest just put Mr. Campbell in for a trial run to let him get some experience like it was suggested by commissioner Settles? Give me a break! So, that he could not be voted in, he would just stay forever without a true vote as the selected person for the job. If they put him in for a trial run do they have to pay him or just try him out for free? Hey, I would like the chance to go in and try out the position too. Learn a few ropes etc. uncover the goings on. No one would want me there I would uncover too much.

  24. JoAnne Ricardi says:

    Mr Smith, if that is your name. Since you have made my husband and myself the target of your anger, ridicule and bad comments, I feel the need to reply.

    Obviously you do not know either my husband or myself or you would not have characterized either of us as needing “permission” from the other to speak. He doesn’t tell me nor do I tell him what he can and cannot do or say. This system has worked very well for 58 years. As far as your comment that “you know where we live”, so does anyone by checking the phone book. I am pleased that you did not mean it as a threat.

    What bothers me more, is your constant and ongoing attack on a person who has been choosen by our commission as a finalist for city manager, and that you could cost him and the city a great opportunity to hire an equally qualified person at a cost saving. He would need no monthly travel or car allowance. Maybe could even ride a bike to work. This is a public forum complete with reports, resumes and actual discussion about the city manager hunt, why do you have such a difficult time believing that 400+ people could arrive at the same conclusion?

    There is no “group” trying to regain something you refer to as “power”. If you sincerely believe “it” exists then we are not members. Our last group involvement was with the environment and gopher tortoises.

    Why are you so opposed to Mr Campbell? There must be some personal issue that is driving you and I hope it does not cost the commission, city and citizens this real opportunity.

    Incidently, I have met Mr Campbell only twice, he is not a friend and really not even an acquaintence, just someone I say, hello, like many people in town. It is his credentials and his desire to serve that are impressive. From what I have seen in interviews and on paper, no group would control Mr Campbell as city manager but the city commission. Your anger and fear is misplaced.

    I will continue to express my thoughts to our city representives as is my responsibility and right to do so. I expect you will do the same.

  25. John Smith says:

    Well well she speaks, You folks are not my target. Its your group that is my TARGET and most assuredly I will be the watch dog that I say I will. What really cracks me up is how You and the rest of the group can deny all you want, You all may not be there by name anymore because none of you want to be put with that stigma of what you all tried to do to the city. You all can deny all you want. You failed as a mayor vote getter so that showed the city does not want any of you in there. You all Can put on a good talk but it means nothing. You say I have a personal problem with having Campbell in there, well yes I do.They can hire anyone professional and he will have to live here with No travel or other expense tp be paid if they truely want the job. Your petition is just a joke also. What about the double names, the non FB residents well thats typical of what you try and do. Campbell is not qualified in government management, we should NOT have to train anyone to do the job. I personally know him and I do not trust his ties to all of his supporters. I do not care about him being a CEO thats NOT government. Contrary to what has been said about his union activity he did try to get the union in the city,I personally know this as fact. As long as your group whether it has a name or not wants to come to the city and try to do away with city services, or any other service I will be fighting with all my will to stop you all. Thats your agenda and it was you agenda years ago. So we can have faith in your words and now that with you all backing Campbell that you do not have a special agenda. I THINK NOT. I SUPPORT THEIR STAND AGAINST CAMPBELL AS WELL.

  26. Concerned says:

    I have to agree with Mr. Smith, something is up. I don’t know any of the CCFB people; however, I did find it rather weird when Mr. Campbell was being interviewed that former real estate company’s and mortgage brokerage owners were present for his interview and kept nudging one another and when he was done quite of few of them got up and left. This is when I became suspicous. The more I think about it the more I think the commissioners need to start looking again. Forget about Mr. Campbell, I don’t know him personally, but start over. I don’t like the agenda here and he has one.

  27. Carolyn says:

    I am not a member of the concerned citizens group, never have. I’d like to think I can make an intelligent decision on my own. I simply went to the “INTERVIEW” to make my decision.
    I personally am sick of City Managers coming to Flagler Beach as their “last” job, for the great income and retirements package.
    What is it that bothers all of you about Mr. Campbell? He has more credentials for running this City than Obama has for running this Country!!!!!
    People are behind Mr. Campbell, because he’s Intelligent, with a varied background necessary to run a city. He LIVES here, He WORKS here. He has the vitality and energy to give us more than 3-4 yrs. before
    retiring….or are some of the Commissioners worried he may make some staff actually PERFORM and meet the goals set forth by the Manager?????
    I have no real problem with the current Manager leaving but I do have a problem with a City Manager hired that NEVER took up residency in Flagler Beach. Isn’t that going against the Charter? Isn’t it a requirement of the City Mgr. position? Just asking~~~~~
    I don’t want to hear he couldn’t afford it…..that is a great paying job, that’s why there were so many applications people!
    I listened to the final applicants….and I don’t know Mr. Campbell at all….I felt he answered every question and concern … with professionalism. He’s much more than an Engineer.
    I feel he would be an asset to Flagler Beach, and New Fresh Face with great ideas, goals. Is that what you’re afraid of? That he will be the “face” of Flagler. He will make us look GREAT.
    Come on, you could do a lot worse, and we have in the past.
    By the way, why do you go out of your way to get people from Outside our community? We have smart, qualified candidates right in front of your face. Stop the attacks, blaming groups, or individual commissioners, and vote on the qualifications of a person right here in your town, who has shown he cares about his town enough to throw his hat in the ring and put up with numerous attacks.
    I don’t know you Mr. Campbell, but I hope you hang in there. This City Needs You! Good Luck!
    From A city resident for over 24 years.

  28. John Smith says:

    Its funny how things work. The people voted Obama into office of the presidency but now try and find someone who voted for him is pretty rare because they are afraid to admit it. NOW here we are in a big push by the same people of the past group CCFB and some new people to get Campbell into the seat of manager. NOW we see all kinds of people saying I have nothing to do with or know anything the CCFB, HUM I wonder. The group is small and its sad they have convinced the innocent others of the same agenda. This is why it is important that they go out of the city and get a Professional city manager as someone who has to live in the city and not get any other pay than Manager pay. The app. knows what the pay is when they are applying for the job so if they want it they know what it is all about and if not then they will not be considered. Leave it at that not just because he is a pretty boy who would look good on a flyer.

  29. Carolyn says:

    John Smith…..something is really really wrong with you. Do you really think everyone belongs to the Concerned Citizens group?
    Is it so hard for you to believe we listened to the interviews, have minds of our own, and actually think Mr. Campbell is qualified?
    I have no personal agendas. The man is simply well qualified on every level.
    I have no reason to lie sir, and you offend everyone who expresses an opinion different from yours.
    I was here in FB, and sat in on Commission meetings wearing my Busch, Bates, Mish Pin (cirlcle with a line through it). You DO remember those pins right? We sat in the front row at every meeting. I did all I could to get them OUT. You are NOT the only one in Flagler Beach who remembers.
    But why would I hold that against Mr. Campbell? He wasn’t even here then! He did not ask for anyone to write letters on his behalf.
    He did not ask the help of any group. He explained that at the interview, if you were listening. I believe him.
    Why are you so disrespectful? What did this man ever do to you?
    How dare you say things like: “He’s a pretty boy who would look good on a flyer” It appears you have way too much time on your hands and waste way too much of it on this site.
    I would never think of disrespecting any of the applicants for this job the way you have attacked Mr. Campbell.
    The commission will make their decision, not us, but it is unforgiveable for anyone to attack any of the applicants.
    He was chosen from many MANY applicants…..that speaks for itself. Chosing a man from out of the area does not insure a better candidate. It just costs the City more to get him back and forth to work. Whoever is chosen works for the Commission Mr. Smith….not YOU, not ME, not a GROUP…..the Commission!
    I say put your resume next to Mr. Campbells…..then maybe we’ll listen to you!
    Does this site do anything but try to destroy the character of people? It’s truly shocking.
    Write away John Smith, I’m off this site…I have a life, and I suggest you get one!
    Oh, and a note to “Concerned”……how far would his agenda get him…IF he had an agenda? He works for and answers to the COMMISSION! They set the goals, his job to make it happen so Stop the nonsense.
    Goodnight to the good people of Flagler Beach~~~~

  30. John Smith says:

    Well since I have some free time I am going to comment. You are right he does work for the commission, BUT he also takes phone calls from citizens with request to get things done for them. He is managing the city getting things done, so The problem is just that a phone call or come into city hall and remind Campbell who got him the job so I want my favor taken care of. That is why The commission needs to go out of the city to chose. Well you also need to read what he has said and that is HE HAS talked to some people and a group and thats what I have heard and what I have read. You also need to read your last quote in which you talk about him being the face of Flagler. I thank you for your degrading comments of me I will treasure them for sure. NOT

  31. Susie Smth says:

    Hey. J.S., it is being said that John Smith’s true name begins with an M_____, and that M______ will be running for a commissioner’s seat in the very near future. If this is true, it should certainly be advantageous to all of us if JS/M_____ would research before writing as a well-spring of misinformation. Perhaps even more of the immature whining could be reduced.

  32. John Smith says:

    Well SUSIE you are really wrong on this point as your are on many others for which you do not know. My last name is Smith as is yours HUM maybe its not SS like mine not being JS. I know of who you babble about but it is not me. The M of which you speak about will be an outstanding commissioner for the city. You do not need to put him on the same plate as me as to hurt his reputation for being associated with someone like me who is careless in his words but sadly SPEAKS the truth. love ya Sues.

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