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Sheriff’s Detectives Investigating Suspicious Death on Point Pleasant Drive in Palm Coast

| January 11, 2018

Sheriff Rick Staly and Brittany Kershaw, the sheriff's public information officer, were at the scene of a death the sheriff was considering suspicious this morning on Point Pleasant Drive in Palm Coast. (© FlaglerLive)

Sheriff Rick Staly and Brittany Kershaw, the sheriff’s public information officer, were at the scene of a death the sheriff was considering suspicious this morning on Point Pleasant Drive in Palm Coast. (© FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: 5:19 p.m.

Around 8 this morning Flagler County’s 911 dispatch center got a call that a woman at 6 Point Pleasant Drive in Palm Coast had died after reportedly falling either in the shower or while stepping out of the shower. Her husband was at home at the time.

The victim was identified as Faith Cummings, 44, her husband as Michael Cummings, 46.

Sheriff’s Office deputies and paramedics arrived at the scene. The woman was pronounced dead. Soon after that, the sheriff’s office had the Palm Coast Fire Police close Point Pleasant Drive to traffic at the two ends of Point of Woods Drive, which loops from Point Pleasant. And later in the morning, both Sheriff Rick Staly and his public information officer, Brittany Kershaw, were at the scene, suggesting that the situation might be more serious than an accident.

“We’re working a death investigation, it’s in the very preliminary stages of this investigation, so not a whole lot I can tell you at this point other than that the community doesn’t need to be alarmed, this is not anybody running around in the community,” Staly said, speaking a few doors down from the house.

Asked how suspicious he would rate the death, the sheriff said: “On a scale of one to 10, probably a seven. But there’s a lot of extenuating circumstances that we’re still being told. This case could really go either way right now. We want to make sure that we do everything correctly, that if it does turn out to be a major crime, that we have all the evidence not contaminated.”

He added: “We handle all cases where there’s an unintended death as a major case until we prove otherwise, so once the ME gets here and an autopsy is done, then that will help us determine exactly what we have here.” The Medical Examiner in fact arrived at the scene as Staly was speaking, at 10:06 a.m.

Just two weeks ago–on Dec. 19–Faith Cummings had called 911: her dog had gotten stuck in a hole underground on the property, leading to the swale area, according to 911 notes. A sheriff’s deputy rescued the dog.

Faith Cummings’s body would not be removed until the Medical Examiner had surveyed the scene and examined the body, and a Crime Scene Investigation truck was still expected. It’s to be that of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement this time, not that of the Sheriff’s Office, but not because of the nature of this case: rather, the Sheriff’s former CSI, Laura Pazarena, just accepted a job teaching at Broward State College. “Our additional person in there is very good but on a potential major case I need two people here processing the scene and I don’t have that capability right now.” (Laney Weebling is the other CSI at the Sheriff’s Office.)

Michael Cummings was still in the house around 10 a.m., in a room with detectives or deputies. “He is talking, he is giving us his version of events,” Staly said. “It’s fluid, we’re still trying to compare evidence with statements at the scene and make sure everything matches.”

The house is just a few doors down from Point Pleasant’s intersection with Belle Terre Parkway, from where the crime scene and the FDLE truck will be visible to passing traffic.

6 Point Pleasant, a 1,300-square-foot house, has been owned for the past 12 years by Eliya Voldman, but it is not a homesteaded property, suggesting that it is a rental. The identity of the occupants has not yet been released. The Sheriff said the segment of Point Pleasant was closed to traffic because members of the woman’s family had started coming to the house, or trying to come to the house, and that closing the segment was a more effective way of keeping them from what is at the moment considered a crime scene.

“We would much rather err on the side of caution and find out that this was a medical issue and nothing else, that would be the perfect world,” Staly said. “But if it is more than that, then we want to make sure that we protect and collect all the evidence that could be there.”

Around noon today Staly, still at the scene, said the following in a video statement: “I’m more comfortable saying it’s a death investigation at this point than suspicious. We’re doing all the right steps that if a crime occurred here, we’ll be able to prosecute it and bring an offender to justice. If it’s not a crime, then it’s a training exercise.”

Point Pleasant Drive remained closed to traffic between the two intersections of Point of Woods.

And later observations seemed to contradict the Sheriff’s noon statement: Michael Cummings was reported being taken out of the house in handcuffs, and was taken to the Sheriff’s Operations Center. But the handcuffs were not an arrest over the death investigation, a sheriff’s spokesperson later explained: detectives and deputies had asked Cummings to leave the house. He refused. He was arrested on an obstruction of justice charge and was removed to the operations center–where he was still being interviewed after 4 p.m. The charge is a misdemeanor, but he was still due to be booked at the Flagler County jail.

One family member was allowed to retrieve the couple’s dog. The removal team for the body had been there twice by mid-afternoon but still not removed the body, and Point Pleasant remained closed past 4 p.m.

36 Responses for “Sheriff’s Detectives Investigating Suspicious Death on Point Pleasant Drive in Palm Coast”

  1. Three Decades says:

    I don’t even want to hear that death, suicides and murder happen everywhere and that PC/Flagler County is quieter than most places. This town is too small for all this continued mayhem. Moved here from a crack filled town in NY as a teen and now currently creeping up on my late forties I know how quiet this place used to be, Flagler County started going downhill in the early 2000’s and has kept nosediving. No its not the Bronx or Miami but it will be one day.

  2. lea marshall says:

    yes were are growing, we are NOTHING LIKE NEW YORK. Sorry to disappoint.

  3. jadobi says:

    @ Three Decades
    I work in a near by municipality, smaller than Palm Coast with a much higher crime rate, much higher rate of drug deaths and suicides. The difference now is more news/ information is disseminated than in years past. One caveat, drug related deaths are on the rise, but Palm Coast is no worse of then other areas.

    Certain things are inevitable. Prior to the early 2000’s, Palm Coast was not even a city and the population was a fraction of today’s. For the size it has become, Palm Coast is still way behind many other areas. A lot of the crime is random. All these people who get on here who are tired of “it,” need to do something about “it,” and not just vent on a website or Facebook.

  4. Barney Fife says:

    There was a murder on this same street in 1991 or 1992 so hard to say it’s gone downhill since the 2000s.

  5. woodchuck says:

    Stop out of state landlords.I believe this would have a 20% impact on crime in flagler county.

  6. Three Decades says:

    @jadobi. Sorry dude I’m well aware of when Palm Coast became a City. It’s not just about stats it’s also what we as citizens experience on a daily basis its called life experience. You don’t know me from a can of paint to say what I do my community. Further I don’t live in another municipality I live here and everyone I know that has lived here just as long or longer readily take note and admit Flagler county has nose dived. A place can grow, become crowded and populated all day long the fact is we have suicides, murder and robberies on a regular basis. I’m sorry that’s not the Flagler County I grew up in. Maybe people like you who’ve become desensitized looking at it as a cost of doing business need to find a new profession because your attitude of “things can be worse” makes the problem worse!

  7. Three Decades says:

    @Barney Fife Your the same as jadobi, part of the problem in denial. I dare anyone to prove serious crime, suicides , home invasions and robberies and whatever else I missed have decreased in Flagler County?

  8. Potomac Resident since 2000 says:

    I have lived in this neighborhood since 2000. We went through a rough time with teenagers from 2005-2010 but since then it has been such a PEACEFUL neighborhood. I love living there….

    If you think it is like NY…it is because you all have moved here.

  9. blondee says:

    @woodchuck What does out-of-state landlords have to do with what is likely an accident or a domestic violence situation.

  10. Shocked! says:

    According to Ch. 6 news at 5 pm the husband was taken from the house in handcuffs and taken to the green roof inn. The charge: obstruction of justice for not wanting to leave his house. So Sad

  11. woodchuck says:

    @blondee referring to to the absentee out of state rental overall.Especially when you hear police describe multiple residents in one house.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 20 years. Nothing has changed. The “P” section always gets a bad reputation. There are worse places to live. You can always move. So stop complaining.

  13. Concerned Citizen says:

    I hope that Flagler Live will clarify the husbands arrest and charges. And if there ends up not being any clarify that as well.

    Our Sheriff is a bit gun ho and eager to get into the paper. The way this article reads the poor guy is already guilty. If it’s true that he was arrested for obstruction and the death was accidental/medical related he more than likely was distraught over his wife’s death. The Sheriff and his spokeswoman seemed to keep hinting he was already a major suspect.

    If he was arrested frivolously and is found innocent of wrong doing I hope the media will also take the time to help clear him. Way too many times the media and public hold their own court and doesn’t care about innocence.

    At the same time I am sure the media and Sheriff’s Office will be more than happy to provide day by day details once it is proven that this was not an accidental death and we will know how it all ends up at sentencing.

    Lastly we seem to have a Sheriff that doesn’t have much confidence in his deputies and staff. Almost every event in this county seems to require his presence.

    We must have a lot of inept Commanders that can’t handle major events. If so might be time to rearrange the command staff??

  14. Born and Raised Here says:

    Palm Coast was never intended for young people with families to move here from the North, and try to raise a family on minimum wage. I have lived my whole life, had a very successful career in my professional profession. The city was built and developed for retiree.

  15. Yourstruly says:

    Palm Coast and Flagler County are Thrash!! Lol

  16. Anonymous says:

    That’s Bullshit!Remove the man from his house saying he was obstructing really?What if it was an accent dent ?His wife died and u kick him out?Get facts then take him to jail don’t do it because u say obstructing !

  17. Jenn says:

    How about it doesn’t matter if they rented from somebody who is not living in the state and life was lost today and a family is Mourning why doesn’t everybody take time to say a prayer for this family the husband apparently was very upset and did not want to leave his dead wife. Some of you make me really sick. Have a heart show compassion that’s what this world Lacks. Prayers going out to the family truly sorry for your loss.

  18. Four Decades says:

    Some will make accusations and assumptions, and some will research the facts. But most will usually just try to understand then move on with life. This is in the past, concern yourself with how to make it better in the future.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why the man would be ordered to leave his home as long as he did not interfere with police doing their job–what is the problem to allow the man to observe officers investigate when surely there would be many people in the home. This seems all a little to bullyish on FCSO part. I would be concerned that law enforcement may do something that could be used against the man and if I were him I would want to see what they were doing too since we do know that not all law enforcement people are honest and usually one will swear to something and the rest will back em up. This is even more of a concern since FCSO doesn’t even have the resources to investigate and had to call in FDLE and we all know of the reputation of FDLE . This seems unfair and uncalled for. The man was cooperating and should have the right to remain and protect what is in his own home. I too am concerned why this Sheriff hasn’t replaced the staff member who left the agency to go teach? Seems like there is a lot of fat in this agency that isn’t even capable of functioning. You don’t use something this serious as a training exercise! No wonder the man didn’t want to leave his home.

  20. VICTORIA says:

    If y’all are not going to be like I’m sorry for the family then don’t write a comment all y’all are talking is bout murder and suicides and wat ever else stop writing negative things on here and let my mom rest in peace man fr

  21. Will says:

    Just the fact that you’re all instantly bitching at each other shows how nasty of a place PC is. Everyone’s angry all the time. Sheesh.

  22. Richard says:

    Why would a husband NOT want to leave the residence where a suspicious death occurred to let officials conduct a through investigation? To me that stinks of even more suspicion! I am sure that the LEO’s are right on top of the situation so there will be MORE to the story.

  23. palmcoaster says:

    I moved to Palm Coast in 1991 and then was heaven comparison with now. Talking only about crime, suicide and robberies. Whoever keeps denying the current state of affairs is simply because they moved here from a much worse crime rate city than we have in Palm Coast. Everything is made worst by the drugs problems exacerbated in some cases by these many old wealthy perverts among us that arrived here from GA, NY etc. that now use the young drug addicts for “care taker private services” as restitution for bail money, housing and transportation.after the sheriff worked so hard to take them to jail! Seems that these old wealthy men (67 & 87 years old) addicted to young men and women on their 20’s drug addicts themselves utilized for sexual favors use their homes among as bordello’s in our community to bring in these felons after bailing them out from months in jail and then the illegal drug traffic starts to those residences. This is a new form of creative prostitution in home service…sadly praying in the young drug addicts and endangering our community families next door neighbors.These old men pretend to law enforcement that they only have guest and that they are totally unaware that “their care takers” are doing drugs and even when as the record shows they were caught in Bunnell with young addicts in his car with drugs and drug paraphernalia on them the young druggies were taken to jail and the enabler old guy was let go with his car, while playing the victim “because he didn’t know”. We need to reduce the drugs usage/trafficking and prostitution and our DA needs to start sending people to jail for forced rehab.That should include old wealthy men that provide heaven’s or bail money and drug activities pretending they don’t know! We have two of those at least I know one on the C section and one in Palm Harbor. No difference P or C section contamination is in the whole county! Staly is right when complaining about the release of the felons by the courts…can the DA and judge find out where these felons are release too, maybe currently to prostitution and who pays their bails and for what in exchange? Can the judges put a non trespass to these young addicts habitual residences, that are not his parents homes? When the safety of a good community will come first in our court system?

  24. Old Hammock says:

    @Three Decades – you are completely right. I came here in 1978 and over the past 10 years, Flagler County, specifically Palm Coast has turned to SH*T. Look at the traffic not just in Palm Coast (which I absolutely despise) but A1A in Flagler Beach. Opportunity knocked, the scum answered and the crime followed. The crimes, suspicious deaths, volume of calls for police services have all sky-rocketed over the past decade. As residents of the County, we are fortunate to have a pro-active Sheriff too. He is out of the office and involved in the seriousness of these crimes. You don’t find that too often.

    What was once paradise has been ruined forever.

  25. Sick of New Yorkers says:

    It has become New York south. I’ve never met such rude people. Yes, I’d move if I wouldn’t lose my butt on my house. Even the food here is New York Style. The town is even run by people who treat Palm Coast as New York. Now…….it’s even being considered the building of section 8 housing on Rt. 1 near Belle Terre. Guess these morons have never worked near one of these projects. Palm Coast won’t be the Bronx, it’ll be Harlem!

  26. Just the truth says:

    Born and Raised if PC was only for retired people then why did they build schools? The town is growing and those that came here for a retirement community need to go find just that.

  27. mark101 says:

    Fla used to be a nice state, i was born here 64 years ago but the migration of those with an attitude came from up north and its gone down hill ever sense. Crime, lets do it like we did up north, pretty much ruined it all. almost 15 million in this state now, and its going to get worst in every little city and cross road. Count on it. The worst is yet to come.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Richard-because law enforcement could frame the guy and a person shouldn’t be told to leave their own home. I imagine the man could have been upset–after all it was his wife!

  29. Jenn says:

    None of you have any compassion for this man or his wife or for their family. All you’re doing is bitching about Palm Coastno. Put yourself in their shoes how would you feel if this was your loved one? Stop at your negative remarks and I’m going to pray for all of you because you need it many prayers going out to the family.

  30. Born and Raised Here says:

    Just the truth – We only had 2 Schools FPC and Bunnell Elementary. It was Poor Young Northerners with kids who force us to build more schools

  31. Melissa says:

    faith was a very sweet lady I only knew her a for a short period of time but she was sweet

  32. NewYorker13 says:

    Why is everyone so fast to rush to conclusions. May that woman rest in peace and if the husband is involved in anyway its not for us to be the judge. Now when its said about this being Harlem should only know how expensive it is to live there . Why is everyone so hard on New Yorkers its not like they constantly put down Florida or the people that were born and raised here and by the way they don’t come close to as you say New York food.

  33. Eagle Eyes says:

    All this stuff about jumping to conclusions and not being sensitive to the family is not Flaglerlive or those commentings fault. Unfortunately people die in this community everyday. However when the person is younger and there is crime scene tape and cops everywhere, plus the spouse is arrested sorry but good or bad it will get the public’s attention.

  34. Jenn says:

    I am from New York and very proud of it I also like living in Palm Coast but this is not about where people came from this is about a family hurting and grieving right now all negative comments you should keep to yourself imagine this is your family member and you’re reading all this b*******enough is enough I’m very compassionate and my heart breaks for that family and yes again I’m from New York holy crap do you believe it and I have compassion wow

  35. Sirblaze says:

    This man just lost the woman he is in love with ,his wife ,in the home they shared together as a family. He is hurting tremendously. Prayers to him and his family .

  36. How do you know says:

    Sirblaze——- How do you know he was in love with his wife?

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