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Putting His Palm Coast House Up For Sale, DeSantis Makes Run For Governor Official

| January 5, 2018

The DeSantis house he's owned at Lakeside b y the Sea since October 2016, from where, a neighbor said, a huge TV would reflect against the lake and stay on all night, though DeSantis appeared not to be in the house. The property went up for sale earlier this week. (© FlaglerLive)

The DeSantis house he’s owned at Lakeside b y the Sea since October 2016, from where, a neighbor said, a huge TV would reflect against the lake and stay on all night, though DeSantis appeared not to be in the house. The property went up for sale earlier this week. (© FlaglerLive)

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Rep. Ron DeSantis’s neighbors in the Lakeside By the Sea gated community on A1A knew something was up when they saw a few cosmetic changes at the residence he’d hardly used since buying it barely a year earlier—or maintained.

“It was all overgrown and never kept up, ever,” said one close neighbor, who asked not to be identified. “Then they did some trimming and some planting, and there was the moving truck two weeks ago.”

The neighbor was referring to the 1,500-square-foot house at 12 San Pablo Court DeSantis bought for $242,000 at the end of October 2016, just before winning his third term for Florida’s 6th congressional district, which includes all of Flagler, portions of Volusia and portions of St. Johns counties. He claimed a homestead exemption on the house for 2017, though neighbors said they rarely saw him there.

On Jan. 1 the property went up for sale with an asking price of $324,000, a further sign that DeSantis was divesting himself of district-related connections as he prepared for a run for governor.

donald trump ron desantis

Ron DeSantis in a rare appearance in Palm Coast last year. (© FlaglerLive)

This morning, he made it official: “I’m excited about taking this first step towards a campaign for governor,” DeSantis told Politico ahead of filing papers to run. “As a former prosecutor, Iraq veteran and conservative leader who’s endorsed by President Trump, I’ve got the experience needed to win this race and build on Gov. Scott’s strong legacy.” Gov. Rick Scott is expected to challenge Sen. Bill Nelson for his seat.

The congressman’s decision means that District 6 will be an open seat again for the second time in six years and the first time since it was redistricted, making it slightly more moderate than it had been, thus creating an opening for Democrats. No Democrat has represented any part of Flagler since the earlier part of the last decade, when Corrinne Brown’s district included a portion of the county. (Brown is headed for prison following a conviction on a fraud scheme.)

Two Democrats have declared for the congressional seat—Nancy Soderberg, a foreign policy expert and top aid in Bill Clinton’s administration who lives in St. Johns County, and Bob Coffman, a retired fighter pilot who’s lived in Palm Coast for a few years. Soderberg raised $336,000 in the third quarter of 2016. Coffman is not nearly as well-funded (if funded at all: he has not yet reported to the Federal Election Commission), and speaking to the Palm Coast Democrats Thursday night, he said he was still seeking a campaign manager.

Asked about DeSantis’s home sale and steps toward a run for governor earlier this week, Soderberg said she was more interested in discussing her own race. “I’m focused on the residents of the district not his residency right now. I think it’s clear he’s going to get out and run for governor very shortly,” she said. “Whoever is in this race I’m focused on winning this race, regardless of what Republicans put forth.”

Two Republicans have filed to run in the district so far—John Ward and Jeremy Kelly, though Fred Costello, the former state lawmaker who ran for the congressional seat previously, is kicking off his campaign for the seat Saturday at Rockefeller Park in Ormond Beach in the morning and at Heroes Park in Palm Coast around noon, with Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland, a former Democrat, at his side.

If District 6 had been a safe Republican bet for years, shifting tides under the Trump presidency are making it less so. “My chances are building every day with the groundswell of concern about what’s happening in Washington,” Soderberg said, going so far as to predict that the House of Representatives “will flip.” (Most analysis consider a flip of the Senate to Democratic control to be feasible but not likely, and a flip of the House to Democratic much less likely at this point.)

Nancy Soderberg in palm Coast in November. (© FlaglerLive)

Nancy Soderberg in Palm Coast in November.
(© FlaglerLive)

Just after noon, Soderberg issued a statement on the DeSantis decision. The statement anticipates an opposition not much different from the kind DeSantis represented: “Anyone, Republican or Democrat, who proposes throwing over a million Floridians off health care, making massive cuts to Medicaid, raising premiums on those over 50 and eliminating the protection of pre-existing conditions — can anticipate a vigorous debate from me,” Soderberg said in the statement.

On Dec. 22, President Trump endorsed DeSantis for governor in a tweet, calling him a “brilliant young lawyer” immediately after watching DeSantis on Fox News, where the congressman has made more appearances than public appearances in his district.

DeSantis, a Tea Party conservative, will face Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in the GOP primary, among many other candidates who have filed. Putnam, an establishment conservative, is considered the front-runner with a $15 million war chest ($13 million of it in his political committee, Florida Grown, and $2.5 million in his campaign account). DeSantis starts the year with $3.7 million between his own account and his political committee, Fund for Florida’s Future.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham issued a statement Friday that quickly made clear DeSantis’ ties to Trump will be an issue during the campaign, the News Service of Florida reports this morning.

“Ron DeSantis running as Trump’s hand-picked candidate with the backing of out-of-state billionaires may endear him to the most partisan primary voters, but he is too extreme for Florida,” Graham, a former congresswoman, said. “While DeSantis has dedicated his time in Congress to protecting Trump from Mueller and becoming a Fox News star, we look forward to a vigorous debate on the real issues that affect Florida families most. Ron DeSantis’s support for privatizing public schools, his denial of climate change and his votes to cut Medicare are just out of touch with Florida.”

Two DeSantis neighbors interviewed at Lakeside Thursday said they were glad to see him leave. “He used to jog, always kept his head down, he was very unfriendly,” one of the two neighbors said. “He didn’t even recognize the neighbors.” The neighbor said she saw him jog around the subdivision perhaps a half dozen times in the past 15 months. (A third neighbor who said he’d have “nothing of value to say about DeSantis” declined to be interviewed.)

They had kinder words to say about DeSantis’s father, who helped maintain the house on occasion. DeSantis himself, however, was observed on rare occasions driving in with his truck, parking in the front of the house, then turning on a large TV in the living room, leaving it on, then getting picked up by an aide in a different car.

“It was a huge TV that reflected in the lake,” a neighbor from a small distance across the lake said. “And I’d go, there’s that big-ass TV again. It was on all the time.”

Elizabeth Fusick, DeSantis’s communications director, did not respond to a call and an email since Wednesday.

42 Responses for “Putting His Palm Coast House Up For Sale, DeSantis Makes Run For Governor Official”

  1. Just the truth says:

    No thanks.

  2. Just me says:

    Rep. Ron DeSantis’s home is in the Lakeside By the Sea gated community on A1A. Is NOT within the City of limits of Palm Coast. That is on the east side of the Intercoastal waterway the City of palm coast is on the west side of it.

  3. Brian Riehle says:

    Just for the record, De Santis has never lived in Palm Coast, and his house isn’t in Palm Coast, it’s in unincorporated Flagler County.
    Remember when the people in the Hammock made a big issue about not wanting to be a part of Palm Coast and refused to be annexed ?
    Having an address of Palm Coast Fl. 32137 is simply because the US Post Office has included that area in the local zip code directory, which by the way includes everyone in the Hammock.

  4. Stephen Smith says:

    I can never vote for this man. He put himself and his donors ahead of the people of Florida. We do not need to let him cpntinue to do so as govenor.

  5. Concerned says:

    This man cannot even keep his own property in check. How can we expect him to run our great state.

  6. Edith Campins says:

    Another trump clone. Not only no, hell no!

  7. Rob Jr says:

    The Daytona News Journal published a story this morning.

    Draining the swamp…. man o man.

    Will these pinhead voters in Florida fall for that line once again?

  8. Kabey says:

    I for one will be glad to be rid of him. His head was so far up Trump’s posterior, it wasn’t even funny. Buh bye.

  9. USA Lover says:

    So a few neighbors don’t like him and he leaves his tv on all the time. So what? Did you talk to any neighbors that DID like him. Methinks not. Lot of left-wing slant to this story. It’s a moot issue. He will never beat Putnam anyway. Most politicians are assholes,unless they’re running for election.That goes with the territory.

  10. fredrick says:

    As long as Democrats continues to run on the same old party line that has lost them seats across the country any Republican is safe. It sounds as if Sodenberg has nothing new but the standard Democrat BS. Republicans are racist, republicans want to take what handouts you are being given away from you. Don’t you guys ever learn? Did you even pay attention to the last election? Get your crap together and put out a new message and try something new. If not, regardless of what you think and the cool aide you drink from the liberal media, 2018 elections are not going to be good for you especially if the economy continues to roar…. So far all is good for a republican replacement or for even DeSantis if he were to run again.

  11. Peter Wentworth says:

    If he does as horrible a job for the rest of Florida as he did for those of us who are in his district, then God help us all.
    This guy did absolutely nothing for us re. hurricane relief/repair. He has done nothing for us re. Vacation Rentals. – He is in the pockets of the corporations and does nothing for the benefit of his constituents.
    Seriously, what has this guy done to earn his paycheck? – A big fat nothing!

  12. palmcoaster says:

    Good riddance for his neighbors and us all in Palm Coast.
    I can foresee them “my party candidates” loosing to Graham! And hopefully Ron’s seat is taken here by Nancy!

  13. Patricia says:

    Ron DeSantis is not worth the space he takes up.

  14. knightwatch says:

    DeSantis represents the worst of “Republicanism” – predatory, untruthful, uncaring and hypocritical. He must not become governor.

  15. Lisa Moyer says:

    Seriously so far all I have heard is whining about how he leaves his TV on and let’s his grass grow long. Maybe his grass went long because he was busy. Everyone has a bitch but no one does anything about it. Must be Democraps. Next question are you whiners year round criers or snowbirds. You can throw Trump in the mix as much as you want but you can’t deny unemployment rates are down and finally USA is a country other countries are taking seriously again. If it isn’t out of respect let it be out of fear. Oblunnder had every intention of destroying this country. So suck it up butter cups the rest of us had to for the last 8 years of the previous administration. So far of all the Taxpayers dollars that have been spent trying to prove this President is corrupt has only been a big wasted. Say good night Irene.

  16. SaltySkipper says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. He’s a treasonous rat like Trump.
    Doesn’t give a hoot about Floridians. He’s an opportunistic hack. We need a governor who will fight for and protect our great state.

  17. SaltySkipper says:

    You’re obviously a Fox News groupie. Sad

  18. Katie Semore says:

    An endorsement by Trump is not a good thing. It will likely be the kiss of death to his campaign, as well as it should be.

  19. Sherry says:

    I know that actual facts stand in the way of the emotional prejudice so many in our community just love to expound on, with their childish “name calling, etc. BUT, let’s look at this Pew Research Data anyway. . . a mind is a terrible thing to waste. The “facts” show that trump is NOT creating a USA that “other countries are taking seriously” . . . take a good read::

  20. Robert Lewis says:

    This article is funny. I would move out of the neighborhood too if people were peaking in my windows and being all to concerned about how much TV I am watching. Nosey neighbors complaining about the TV being on. I bet it wasn’t on CNN.

    Now what I find most troubling that no one bothered to comment on is one of the people running to replace him. Is Fred Castello really kicking off his campaign at Heroes Park? That is tacky. Its like launching a campaign from Arlington.

  21. Pogo says:

    @Republicans lost in trump’s funhouse hall of mirrors

    desantis has used this district like a post office box – always. He has done less than nothing for the people of the district. He is an empty suit that makes any scarecrow look good in comparison. Now he has joined the dead-enders guarding trump’s bunker for the last stand.

    Good riddance.

  22. Frank Furter says:

    All that I know about Mr DeSantis is that he never did anything for his constituents. He voted against the Affordable Care Act and for this horrendous tax giveaway to the wealthy. In addition to his lack of concern for the welfare of the citizens of District 6, his Palm Coast staff reflected his disdain for ordinary people. They either made rude comments or hung up the phone if your opinion was different than theirs. He is not a man of the people.

  23. Laura Howell says:

    We never see or hear from the guy except when he’s doing something for President Trump. Are you sure he’s our Representative?

  24. Brandon Cross says:

    What I see is a lot of “progressive “ crying.
    It’s been a year now… How long can you grieve😎😎

  25. K says:

    Lisa Moyer that’s hysterical. “USA is a country other countries are taking seriously again” They are abandoning us in droves. We are on the cusp of nuclear war with NK. Keep drinking the kool aid. You are exactly what they have grown to build their plutocracy.

  26. Lisa Dawson-Andrzejczyk says:

    Ron DeSantis has done nothing for this community

  27. Trumpster says:

    DeSantis is a criminal with his hands in the pockets of billionaires.

  28. Anonymous says:

    He is trying to get his win of Governor by linking himself to Trump. Sadly though he has shown the people he has a personal agenda and he is not a man that represents those who he needs support to even hold office. He doesn’t even give the respect of showing up locally for scheduled events, he sends his aids. He doesn’t schedule events where working people can attend, he does it during the day and at the government building. He must certainly be holding hands with local government and that sticks because this is one of the most corrupt counties in the state! He has shown he is not real and only goes through the motions to move to the top….buys a house in Flagler County and doesn’t even live there….that was a front. We don’t need a man who puts up fronts to be our next Governor! We need a real man, a man that is a man of his word, a man who will work for the people and listen to the people. A man that sees, understands, and will do something about the reputation this state has earned of being one of the most corrupt states in the nation. Yes, it is at the local level and state level! Time for a change, but this is not the change we need…..this is a phony!!!

  29. David.S says:

    Who the hell cares another stupid Rep.

  30. Marlee says:


  31. Carol says:

    Regardless of politics, this does not sound like a responsible person. Leaving a tv on while out of the house is not only wasteful, it seems like a deliberate attempt to fool people into thinking you are home. We leave lights on when not home, but never a tv. Seems just weird to me. Especially since he didn’t concerned about the house being obviously empty before. And if he doesn’t have the time — or the inclination — to cut his grass, there are plenty of local companies which will do it for less than $100 a month. Again, it just seems strange and, frankly, irresponsible. I’ve heard Mr. DeSantis speak and give him credit for having town halls when others didn’t. But these actions seem very irresponsible to me and make me question my support.

  32. Percy's mother says:

    So because the grass isn’t cut and he leaves his TV on, you would question your support????????

    The mentality of the average voter.

  33. Bc. says:

    With his views on home rule he don’t stand a chance of winning

  34. just me says:

    @ Sherry says:
    January 5, 2018 at 6:53 pm
    I know that actual facts stand in the way of the emotional prejudice so many in our community just love to expound on, with their childish “name calling, etc. BUT, let’s look at this Pew Research Data anyway. . . a mind is a terrible thing to waste. The “facts” show that trump is NOT creating a USA that “other countries are taking seriously” . . . take a good read::

    LOL Other Nation think that Trump will not do the “right” thing in world matters. He IS doing the RIGHT things for our REPUBLIC. Im sure other nations liked the past when we had a “president” who cared NOT about this Republic.

  35. Whatever says:

    He has my vote!!!!

  36. Iva hadit says:

    Not surprised his neighbors didn’t like him. He’s a self-important little putz. Looking forward to voting for his Democratic opponent.

  37. DRedder says:

    By the volume of posts, you can tell it’s winter and all the Yankee Demonrats are back in town . Ya’ll come south to get away from the mess you have up yonder. Then Hoot n Holla trying to make this place just like the ones you all fled from SMDH

  38. anonymous says:

    More crooks and bull xxxxxxx heading to the capitol, no faith or confidence in any of them anymore.

  39. Anonymous says:

    LOL all the HATE from Ds

  40. Diana L says:

    In March of 2017, I went into Congressman DeSantis’s office and spoke with his district director about a real problem that I needed help with. I prepared, did a lot of research and asked him for help. After not receiving a reply for months on end, I started putting it on Facebook on his posts that I had not received an answer. 10 months later I received an emailed reply regarding this issue. It was a form letter that appeared to be like they just changed a few words and send it out for every issue and did not acknowledge my personal situation.

    At a town hall, in Daytona Beach, I asked him a question, he dodged that question and did not give a straight answer, since then I have asked him the same question 144 times on Twitter, with no response.

    The past year I have been very observant of the Congressman’s schedule and the time that he spent in this district. My observation is he comes here infrequently and mostly for photo opportunities. It is my opinion that he used this district to further his career, not because he wanted to be a civil servant and work for the betterment of this community or his constituents.

    I have also looked at his donors, most of them are out of state billionaires. It is my opinion that they aren’t too concerned about me or the people of Florida, they aren’t giving him all of this money because they want him to look out for us but they are wanting something from him to further their interests.

    I’m tired of politicians that don’t represent the people they serve. I’m not sure who I will be voting for Governor of Florida, but I AM CERTAIN that it will NOT be Congressman Ron DeSantis.

  41. Sherry says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your personal experiences with the DeSantis administration. Your story confirms my opinion. . . we most certainly deserve much BETTER than Ron DeSantis!!!

    I implore everyone to stop voting the “party” line and vote for the best person. We need to put people in office who actually “represent” their constituents. . . and, NOT their big campaign contributors and lobbyists!

  42. Carol says:

    Actions speak louder than words, Percy’s Mother. DeSantis certainly is not supporting those of us in District 6 with his voting record, but his actions show even more disdain for the people he supposedly lives with. He is apparently too good to spend time actually living here. Parking the car, putting the tv on, and then escaping in what sure seems to be a getaway car is petty and childish — not the kind of person I want representing me. Perhaps petty and childish is the new norm, but I don’t have to support it.

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