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2 Stolen Cars, Chase on SR100, and Arrest of 2 Teens, One With History of Car and Gun Thefts

| December 28, 2017

sammy rizier

Sammy Rozier.

Sammy Rozier is a 16-year-old resident of Knox Jones Avenue in Bunnell. He was arrested just months ago on charges of grand theft auto and grand theft of firearms out of a garage on Palm Coast’s Postman Lane. He was placed on juvenile pre-trial release.

On Tuesday, Rozier was arrested again following a vehicle and foot chase through Palm Coast and Bunnell and charged with grand theft auto, aggravated fleeing and eluding police, resisting arrest, reckless driving, no driver’s license, and probation violation, as he’d violated his curfew. Nicholas Collins, 17, of East Moody Boulevard in Bunnell, was also arrested on grand theft and fleeing charges.

The day after Christmas two vehicles were reported stolen from in front of a house on Rolling Sands Drive in Palm Coast: a Dodge Journey and a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The keys to both vehicles had been left in their center consoles.

That evening, both cars were spotted driving recklessly at the southern end of Palm Coast, near Bunnell. Deputies tried to stop the cars with stop sticks in the area of Belle Terre Boulevard just south of State Road 100, near the tractor supply store, but one of the vehicles swerved and avoided the sticks, and another avoided them by turning toward a different direction.

Undersheriff Jack Bisland, in a vehicle of his own, spotted the Mitsubishi turning into Palm Pointe, the mobile home community off State Road 100. He activated his emergency lights and tried to stop the car, but the Mitsubishi, according to a sheriff’s report, “then made a U-turn in order to exit Palm Pointe back onto State Road 100 East.” Two deputies had stopped on the right side of SR100 westbound,  just west of Palm Pointe, standing by for the car.

 “Seconds later the Mitsubishi Eclipse exited Palm Pointe in an extremely reckless manner, with complete disregard for public or law enforcement safety,” the report continues. One deputy “had to use evasive maneuvers in order to prevent the suspect vehicle from crashing into his marked Flagler County Sheriff’s patrol vehicle, with emergency lights and siren activated,” after the Eclipse ran through the stop sign and traveled across both lanes of SR100.

Deputies briefly pursued but the Eclipse was allegedly being so reckless that the pursuit was ended. Deputies maintained visual contact, however, as the vehicle entered Bunnell. When the Eclipse tried to make a left onto South Anderson, it struck a palm tree, continued for about 100 feet, and even as the car was rolling, the driver got out and fled east on East Court Street. The car came to a stop behind 500 East Court.

A foot pursuit ensued until Rozier was located and arrested in front of 500 East Booe Street. Deputies identified Rozier due to their prior interactions with him.

Aside from his October charges, Rozier is on probation for a minor pot possession charge. On December 2, Rozier violated his curfew and was located during a traffic stop in a vehicle with another juvenile offender who was in possession of a stolen firearm. Charging affidavits were also filed on Rozier for violating probation on November 12 and 21 when he was not home during juvenile probation checks.

Collins was allegedly at the wheel of the stolen Dodge, which was discovered and recovered in the area of Zebu Place. Collins, who was arrested at his home, subsequently led deputies to a patch of grass nearby where he’d hidden the vehicle’s key. He faces charges similar to Rozier’s.

Rozier is being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice for 21 days. He was just released from serving time at the juvenile facility on December 23. The department ordered Collins’s release to his guardian and placed him under home detention until January 18.

“These juveniles continue to terrorize our county,” Sheriff Rick Staly was quoted as saying in a release issued by his office. “We have done some great police work tracking them down and locking them up, but we need tougher penalties for these juvenile criminals. Their lack of consequence is posing a danger to the public and to law enforcement every time they arm themselves during a burglary or run in a stolen vehicle. I am asking the legislature to fix the Juvenile Justice System that continuously lets juvenile criminals run amuck in our community. This system is creating future adult criminals and it is going to end badly with their death or the death of innocent people.”

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27 Responses for “2 Stolen Cars, Chase on SR100, and Arrest of 2 Teens, One With History of Car and Gun Thefts”

  1. Just the truth says:

    These two punks need to stay behind bars, otherwise they will be repeat offenders over and over. Great future for them both, which is NONE.

  2. Violet says:

    Totally agree with Sheriff Staly. You and your teams of officers are doing one terrific job and trying to make changes and get these thugs/idiots off the streets. We need the judicial system to back you up. Am so impressed with your PR, arrests, humorous Grinch and Santa, taxi/cop car. I hope you all know how much you are appreciated. Happy Holidays to all of you. And, please be safe!!

  3. lea marshall says:

    Sheriff Staly is right and then we have to live next door to these people.
    They are both out on the street eventually within ten days or so and then offending again.

  4. r&r says:

    A couple more home schooled and let out by the system so they can continue putting peoples lives in danger.

  5. PCer says:

    ThIs kid is obviously looking for an outlet for all of that energy. How do we as a society channel that into something positive? If his parents had the time and resources could this have been avoided?

  6. Concerned Observer says:

    Flagler County Judges: PLEASE listen to our Sheriff. PLEASE listen to our citizens. Take these dangerous multiple repeat offenders off our streets and out of our community. Protect the citizenry and put them away. They proved beyond any reasonable doubt that their wanton reckless behavior will continue unabated with no regard whatsoever for the safety and security of anyone. They are proficient sociopathic predators, not someone’s poor misunderstood baby who deserves another chance because the world dealt them a bad hand. Their parents have no control over them. Our law enforcement has no control over them. You are the public’s last chance.

  7. Thomas says:

    Great work by FCSO. Next, one of our judges will screw it up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judges Lock them up please don’t them walk among us it’s only a matter of time before they kill somebody driving around with a gun in the car repeat arrestes lock them up

  9. sid swartz says:

    They should be locked up in a real PRISON or some other hard TIME !!!!!!!

  10. tim thoms says:

    heres the fix..juvies are 10 years old and under ..PERIOD, AMEN..the fix is right there to be had!!

  11. S Peters says:

    “The keys to both vehicles had been left in their center consoles.” Why? Just why? Is it me or is that just plain stupidity?

  12. mark101 says:

    If our court system just had the guts to just lock up these punks, the citizens of the county could rest so much easier,.

  13. FlaglerBear says:

    A bit of friendly advice from a retired cop, don’t leave your keys in your car. Could’ve saved folks a lot of heartache. They would’ve found a victim eventually, why make it easy?

  14. Brian says:

    Look closely, friends – this is the future of Palm Coast.

  15. ASF says:

    Let me guess–the “guardian” was his grandmother.

  16. Nãoimporta says:

    Oh boy

  17. just saying says:

    r&r, what do you mean about being home schooled?

  18. GT says:

    I think it’s time for big boy jail

  19. Anonymous says:

    PCer says:
    December 28, 2017 at 9:53 am
    ThIs kid is obviously looking for an outlet for all of that energy. How do we as a society channel that into something positive? If his parents had the time and resources could this have been avoided?

    RIGHT its just that he has energy??? It has nothing to do with HOW his “parents” raised him. If he comes from a TWO parent home at all. How is it ALL of our fault that this kid is on the wrong life track?? It is because his parents DONT give the time and hard work of actually being a parent ill bet.

  20. r&r says:

    just saying. If you don’t know what home schooled means you’re part of the problem.

  21. Nancy N. says:

    r&r – are you seriously trying to say that this kid is an incorrigible delinquent because of being homeschooled? That’s completely ridiculous. First off, how do you even know what kind of school he went to – there’s nothing in the article about it? And second, you obviously don’t know many homeschool families or anything about homeschooling if you are connecting these crimes to it.

  22. The Geode says:

    I KNOW what “r&r” means and a part of me disagrees with him. I don’t want to but, I see the results of “home schooling” on a daily basis.

  23. palmcoaster says:

    Our court system is not fair in Flagler County, (Sheriff Staly is right) when court allow the following:
    A 24 plus young felon of a group of felons males and females that frequent a home on our community invited by the wealthy addicted (to young women and drugs) protector elderly owner. Well the young felon was just released by the FCC judge on 12/23/17 after 90 days in county jail and was invited back by his elderly addicted friend again to reside among us. Next door to that well known house resides a young concerned mother and her children and the uncertainty of what could happen is alive again. Sure as before has happened since this elderly man bought the house in 2014 the drug trafficking at all hours of the night and day, the verbal fights with foul mouthed language and the violence, the trespassing on adjacent private properties will resume again after 90 days of peace and safety, in spite the great job done by our sheriff investigators that over two years have been apprehending on site all these female and male felons and taking them to jail under so many proven offenses that go from domestic violence, weapons possession while on probation, drug and paraphernalia possession, driving under the influence, with suspended license or warranted for bail jump or not show on court hearings.
    This addicted elderly late 60’s with his addicted late 80’s year old also wealthy friend in another location of the C section (as the court records show) bail out at the female felons and provide them a heaven on their homes and also transportation so they go back over and over again into the same illegal activities bringing with them dangerous crime and more felons to our community of working young families with school age children and retired elderly’s.
    My question to our State Attorney Mr. Larizza and judges is; “only felons have rights?” What about the rights of these young families with children walking alone to school as their parents are at work and our elderly some widowers residing alone when this elderly enablers over “services given” bail out and bring back these felons to their homes..?
    Sheriff Staly is correct…when he questions the release of these felons and we sure know it well in our block. Is pathetic to see our good neighbors, adjacent to the culprit house, moving away given the safety issue. Then is when looks like only criminals have rights!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Prosecute him as an adult and give him 30 years….maybe he will grow up between now and then. He is habitual and is going to keep breaking the law because nothing gets done. It must be racial profiling that he was arrested again…

  25. Brian says:

    Home schooled? What a joke! A usual commonality among these wanna-be thugs is NO home and NO school!

  26. r&r says:

    To me , home schooled is what they learn from their parents.

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