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Ex-Congresswoman Corrine Brown Pleads to Avoid Prison During Appeal. Judge Says No.

| December 21, 2017

corrine brown prison

No break. (Jaxport)

A federal judge Wednesday rejected a request by former Congresswoman Corrine Brown, who once represented parts of Flagler County, to stay out of prison while she appeals a conviction for her role in a charity scam.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan ordered Brown, who received a five-year sentence this month, to report to prison Jan. 29 unless she can convince the 11th U.S. District Court of Appeals to allow her to remain free during the appeal.

“Ms. Brown has been accorded all the consideration she is due, she has not met the standard to remain on release pending appeal, and it is in the interest of justice that she begin serving her sentence,” Corrigan wrote in the four-page order.

Brown, a former 12-term Democratic congresswoman, was convicted in May on 18 felony counts related to her role in using contributions to the One Door for Education charity for personal expenses and events. Corrigan on Dec. 4 issued the five-year sentence, describing the fraud as “shameless” and rejecting Brown’s request for probation instead of prison time.

Brown, 71, filed a notice of appeal Dec. 11 to the Atlanta-based appeals court, with her arguments expected to focus on Corrigan’s decision during the trial to dismiss a juror.

“Corrine Brown’s primary issue on appeal is the denial of her motion for a new trial, which asserted that she should have received a new trial because the court committed reversible error when it dismissed a juror during deliberations without cause,” said her motion to remain free on bond during the appeal.

The motion asked Corrigan to allow her to remain out of prison “because she is not a flight risk and because her appeal will present a substantial question of law where there is a substantial likelihood of success.”

But prosecutors filed a document last Thursday saying the motion “is without merit and should be denied.” Prosecutors said the judge made the proper decision in dismissing the disputed juror.

“Having failed to meet her burden to demonstrate that her appeal raises a substantial question of law or fact, the defendant should be denied bond and ordered into the custody of the Bureau of Prisons during the pendency of her appeal,” prosecutors argued in the document.

In sentencing Brown on Dec. 4, Corrigan issued a 25-page order that said the One Door for Education charity, which was originally established to help children, was “operated as a criminal enterprise” by Brown, her longtime chief of staff, Ronnie Simmons, and the charity’s founder, Carla Wiley. Corrigan detailed how the charity raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, which forensic accountants said was siphoned off in cash withdrawals and used for such things as sky box seats at an NFL game and a luxury box at a Beyonce concert.

Brown, long an influential figure in Jacksonville, represented a congressional district that stretched from Jacksonville to Orlando. She lost a re-election bid in 2016 after the district’s boundaries had been substantially redrawn and as she faced the criminal charges.

–Jim Saunders, News Service of Florida

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25 Responses for “Ex-Congresswoman Corrine Brown Pleads to Avoid Prison During Appeal. Judge Says No.”

  1. Instigator says:

    Another thief. Do not pass go…Go directly to jail. Many thanks to the Judge. Nice job, sir!

  2. Mark says:

    Put her on the urinal detail!

  3. Brian says:

    Good riddance to this shifty clown.

  4. Linze says:

    Send her to Africa where she belongs
    Cheating her bros and sisters out of money
    Look what she did to them for their votes

    • FlaglerLive says:

      Linze, your second and third lines are fair comment, but your first discredits you and suggests you should be sent back to the Pre-Cambrian, where you seem to belong. It makes your fourth line look like your signature. Kindly refrain from flashing your bigotry at this site in the future. Thanks.

  5. YankeeExPat says:

    It seems she is guilty as sin. And is getting her comeuppance!

    If she only were a bank executive or a developer this would have been a non issue and she could be in her home watching “The Chew.”.

  6. Frank Temple says:

    Adios thief
    Cheating the needy
    Now YOU will see what bread and water meals are like. Botch.

  7. Bc. says:

    I am sure if they look hard enough they will find a lot more illegal stuff that she has done. This thief is getting what she deserves I wonder if she will be allowed to bring and wear her ridiculous looking wigs with her to jail. Lol.

  8. woodchuck says:

    She seems remorseful,is she dressed for Halloween?She must have flipped he wig when she was denied.

  9. Really says:

    Begging to stay out of prison. Take it like a big girl blow hard fraud. 5 years aint enough. We look into your closet sweet heart there are plenty of skeletons. Bon Voyage

  10. Chris A Pickett says:

    Bye Felicia. Good Riddance.

  11. ASF says:

    Does this woman realize that she is not one of the Jacksons? Nice hat.

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    It is refreshing to see politicians getting their comeuppance.I hope that more will follow and will allow some fresh air to flow thru the halls of The White House, Congress and Senate.

    Regardless of your political affiliation a crook is a crook. As a Politician and Public Servant you should be held to higher standards. And also held to stricter sentencing when you break the law.

    To all those office holders and sworn servants there is a little known law called Malfeasance In Office. It’s a felony and judges should start tacking that on the docket to ensure more time.

    If you take an oath to do a job then break that oath you should be held accountable for it.

  13. sad says:

    Another freeloader that had a career in politics and became a liar an thief

  14. Nancy W says:

    She is a disgrace to all who put their trust in her She has been convicted of one of the worse crimes, morality wise, cheating the most vulnerable of our society. I have no compassion for her and agree with the judge that she be imprisoned as scheduled.

  15. palmcoaster says:

    Justice should be evenly handed and I agree in the Brown case but also I see that some like our curent Governor got “Scott free” after fraudulently taking billions from Medicare while CEO on his Columbia HCA.

  16. Anonymous says:

    How could someone who has been found guilty play the innocent card, even when waiting on an appeal when her partners in crime were convicted and will serve jail time as well? I don’t see her partners in crime trying to keep from going to jail. What about paying back what she has been ordered to pay? That will never happen and regardless of whether and when this woman serves her jail sentence she better consider herself lucky to get 5 years for what she should have gotten life. She shows no remorse by continuing to be as arrogant as she has ever been. Her sense of entitlement is shining through! Send her to jail and not to Martha Stewart jail…this woman needs to do hard time like any other female in prison. Send her to Miami Dade to start her sentence.She can then see what her brothers and sisters are all about…they will teach her what she doesn’t know.

  17. Pogo says:

    @Nancy W

    “… She has been convicted of one of the worse crimes, morality wise, cheating the most vulnerable of our society. I have no compassion for her and agree with the judge that she be imprisoned as scheduled.”

    Yea man. Next we round up the scum who looted the treasury for the wealthy, while killing with malevolent neglect the health care insurance program for poor children – and deliberately undermining the health insurance of their parents and grandparents (too young for Medicare – but lived long enough to know their children’s children). Lock them up. Right – Gen Flynn? Anyone?

  18. Anonymous says:

    she needs to start serving time

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. gmath55 says:

    When are they going to lock up crooked Hillary?

  21. Stanley Wolak says:

    Once a Crook always a Crook!!!

  22. Mr G says:

    She shoulda got at least 2 yrs on each felony & thats light sentence SHE BELONGS IN PRISON NOW…..

  23. Mr G says:


  24. Jim Neuenfeldt says:

    The $64.00 question no one has answered?
    Will she keep being paid her Congressional Retirement while convicted of felony theft, and lying under oath during the investigation or will she be held accountable?

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