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With a Third of Flagler Still Without Power, FPL Offers Little More Than Scripted Answers

| September 14, 2017

Four days after the storm, power lines were still down and running across a driveway at Porcupine and Point Pleasant Drive in Palm Coast. (c FlaglerLive)

Four days after the storm, power lines were still down and running across a driveway at Porcupine and Point Pleasant Drive in Palm Coast. (c FlaglerLive)

If you’re trying to figure out when your power will be reconnected, good luck. The company is very good with generalities, and very poor with answers that matter to customers. That’s been true for individual customers. It’s even been true for local governments.

“I haven’t heard of them telling us anything,” Palm Coast spokesperson Cindi Lane said. “I know that Mr. Landon has had contact with an FPL executive at various times but I don’t know that it’s been overly satisfying, if you can put it that way.” Jim Landon is Palm Coast’s city manager.

“Obviously we need power, from the city’s standpoint with the wastewater system,” Lane said, a system dependent on electricity to flush out lines from individual “pep” tanks in people’s yards to lift stations. Without power, the tanks back up all the way into people’s bathrooms and potentially create public health hazards. City crews have been addressing emergencies on a case by case basis, to the extent made possible by available manpower and generators.

Flagler County officials this morning had a somewhat clearer idea of what FPL was doing, based on reports from the company. County Emergency Manager Steve Garten said today FPL would be focused on Palm Coast’s P Section, the barrier Island’s north side, and western areas of the county, while also focusing on a handful of homes where special needs patients must be returned so their special needs shelter can be closed and prepared for school next Monday. Those patients, less than a dozen, cannot be returned to their home if they don’t have power because they have oxygen tanks and medication that depend on electricity.

“I was told today they’d try to do a heavy push to try to get as much as possible to get that number down,” Garten said of overall power cuts. But areas still flooded will not be tackled just yet because it would be a hazard to workers and customers.

Meanwhile, with more than a third of Flagler County’s customers still without power Thursday morning (21,600 customers out of 58,000, as of 10 a.m.), FPL is not disclosing where the outages are. It’s not itself disclosing in what order they are being reconnected. It ostensibly “updates” its county-by-county outages map every hour, and while the trend has been downward, the numbers have fluctuated up and down. Nor does the company have a geographic way of keeping customers informed about where the work is being done, or where it is next scheduled to be done. “I wish they had something like that,” Garten said. “That way we could put that out, but right now they don’t have that.”

Downed lines Wednesday afternoon off Lambert Avenue in Flagler Beach. (c FlaglerLive)

Downed lines Wednesday afternoon off Lambert Avenue in Flagler Beach. (c FlaglerLive)

So people who have been without power, staying with friends or relatives, in hotels or out of the county, are left to make guesses, day after day, sometimes by the hour, as to whether to book another night, impose on friends and relatives some more, or make the drive back–all in the dark: FPL will give no guidance other than its canned and smiley-faced explanations, which it dispenses for Flagler no differently than for South Florida or the west coast of the state. The most precise the company gets is when it states that east coast residents should all be connected by the end of the weekend, which is still four days away, while west coast residents will be reconnected a few days after that.

Bill Orlov, an FPL spokesman who was quite forthcoming during the Hurricane Matthew emergency (when FPL send its vice president for communications to Flagler Beach at one point, though likely only because Gov. Rick Scott was visiting that day), could not be reached: “I am currently in my FPL storm role. I will have limited access to email service,” his email account automatically answered a media inquiry.

Sandra Fine answered FPL’s media line by phone in Miami but said she was not an FPL spokesperson and that she would try to get one to call back. Meanwhile, she suggested to a reporter that he could travel to St. Johns County where FPL spokesperson were in the field, answering reporters’ questions–then proffered scripted reassurances that FPL is working “24 hours a day” with 21,000 crews across Florida. It sounds impressive, but FPL isn’t saying how many of those crews are in Flagler, which makes the larger number sound more like a marketing pitch than useful information. She said she’d try to have an FPL spokesperson call back. None did.

It’s the sort of void many local customers are familiar with.

“I haven’t seen an FPL truck in my area at all,” Patrick Juliano, a Palm Coast firefighter who’s been particularly critical of FPL on Twitter, said this morning from the B Section. “The hourly restoration rate of @insideFPL in Flagler County is terrible,” he’d tweeted Wednesday. “In last 3 hours less than 100 customers have power restored.” He then posted a nine-hour comparison of reconnections showing that only “2720 less customers have power at 5pm then when they started at 8am,” and hash-tagged it: #Regression

Beyond the inconvenience, lack of power creates a ripple effect of consequences from lost reserves of food to schools that can’t open if they’re in a no-power zone to students who can’t do their homework even if their school is reconnected to lethal dangers from still-dangling power lines (or “laterals,” as power officials call them) to diminishing cash and, of course, the heat.

It’s not getting as hot as south Florida, where in Hollywood Hills, for example, eight residents died, six of them from excessive heat and two from reasons that have not yet been determined. The facility’s air conditioning had failed. But it’s hot: Thursday highs were expected near 90, and highs over the next week were expected in the mid-80s each day, with little wind and opressive humidity, making it feel much hotter.

The frustration locally was summed up by D.R. Harris, who wrote in a message to FlaglerLive, from the barrier island: “I would like to know why Hershel King Park has electricity when so many human beings in Flagler County do not? I have an 101yo neighbor, another one with althimerz, and my son is a type 1 diabetic. We are forced to stare at this park with power while being told ours may return by Sept 17 around 11:45PM!!! I am beyond outraged that there is no one listening to me either. We’ve been ignored after every hurricane and power outage here in Painters Hill.”

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64 Responses for “With a Third of Flagler Still Without Power, FPL Offers Little More Than Scripted Answers”

  1. Lonzo brown says:

    I know people in Orlando without power from duke

  2. Don't worry says:

    I live at bulow plantation an I have no water an half of bulow power is shut down. It’s been 5 days without water. You guys are all worried about everyone else what about our small little town.

  3. Mike says:

    25 years as FPL customer, never late on any payments. Me and my family have been enduring this humid Florida heat for 4 days now without power but we’re losing patience quickly. We kept our end of the contract as a consumer and pay them on time. Now it’s FPL’s turn to honor their end of the contract. FPL needs to step it up a notch. No more BS excuse about bad weather etc. it’s bright, sunny with virtually no wind or breeze.

  4. Hammock Citizen-not in a fancy gated community says:

    There are 3 lines down on my road in The Hammock. Not flagged and therefore not even looked at by FPL as of 12pm on Thursday. Meanwhile, the lovely gated, private (aka RICH) people of this area have had power back since Monday. I literally live 30 feet from a gated community, you can see from my driveway past their fence right into their lovely air conditioned homes. I am beyond frustrated that my road hasn’t even been LOOKED at, while understanding that things could’ve been much worse for our area. FPL needs to be more truthful and transparent about these estimates.

  5. Slightly Miffed says:

    There’s been a tree leaning on a power line, hanging all the way across the street in my neighborhood. There’s still a wire on the ground from where the tree snapped the first cable and is now leaning on the bottom two. The tree has been leaning over the road since the hurricane hit, and we are constantly blown off. No transformers in the neighborhood are blown. We get little response even though this hanging danger shifts position and could possible fall into the roadway!

  6. Duncan says:

    I agree the FPL has to more proactive in keeping their customers informed. I’m sure they are working hard but their is no reason that they can’t deploy the technology that other power companies have (like Georgia Power). That has alerting in place to e-mail/text you when your power has been restored and have outage maps that provide “real time frames” including updates on when power will be restored to a particular area.

    I realize there are extreme outages across Florida but that is no excuse to leave people in limbo as to when their power might be restored.

  7. sad says:

    dont pay ur bill and see how nice they are. not

  8. Jesica says:

    I am one of many waiting for power back, the street next to us has power but we are still waiting. City of palm coast removed trees that were hanging by the power lines but FPL hasn’t been seen. I have to say that i call bullshit on their 24 hour a day work, i would love for someone to submit a picture from their area showing where this is happening. Sunday by 1159PM restoration, really? Maybe FPL should provide generators to all the people who dont have one that are having to wait this long.

  9. Shelley Foreman says:

    I’m more upset over the fact that non-essential businesses got priority over residential areas. Seriously, nail salons, hair salons, a ton of restaurants and stores like TJ Maxx and Ross all have power but we are being told to conserve water and not flush our toilets. What about all of these businesses? Are they being told to conserve water and not allow people to use their restrooms, I think not. I live in the R section off of Rae and all of the houses around us, with the exception of our cul-de-sac have power and all I can get from FPL is that they should have power restored to everyone by eod on the 17th. We are also one of the houses that have the Pep system that needs power to run it properly. I appreciate the workers and the long hous they are putting in but I do think going forward residential areas should be the priority.

  10. Ramone says:

    Power came on in flagler Bch around 10th N

  11. Karen says:

    I’m in the c section. The entire neighborhood has power except for the 24 houses on my cul de sac. What’s up FPL? At least let us know what’s going on. Stop being so vague and saying power will be on the 17th. Perhaps people would be more patient. Over it!!

  12. fedup wFPL says:

    I live in the “S” section of PC, have not seen one FPL or other utility truck in my area since the storm passed. Ben without power since 8:30 Sunday night when a pine tree toppled on a power line. the line is still dangling on the street. Called the Flagler County emergency number and got a very pleasant “well power is off all over the place” called FPL “we’ll get to it soon” still waiting.

    I wonder how long Hammock Dunes or Island Estates were without power? Just asking.

  13. Frustration says:

    I live in palm coasts f section. Literally everyone around my little lane has power for 3 miles. I drive around and see it. Got a guy out yesterday who told us itd be a 20 minute fix. Easy. Still waiting. 87 homes in that lil circle. Why isnt that worth 20 minutes? Please understand its fpl’s higher ups i have a problem with. They handled this poorly imho

  14. SaraJane says:

    I live in the west side of the County. Every hurricane we are always the last to have power restored. We are an area that depends on electricity to run our water and septic systems. They keep saying they are accessing the area, which is BS. We do have some small side roads that are under water, however they are not many the majority of the areas are dry. There is no reason they cannot at least start working on some of the roads that are not underwater. Today I could smell the systems starting to back up. I need power to run medical equipment for self and this heat is causing my medical issues to become worse. I do not have family and friends I can go to for assistance. I do not have access to information due to lack of power. I am very disappointed in FPL, as they will cut me off if I am late on paying my bill, therefore I feel they should move a little quicker. As far as the blanket statement that most of power will be on by the end of week is just something for them to say. They can let people know which areas they are working on, they choose not too. Thank for listening just very frustrated.

  15. Bc. says:

    I also live in painters hill since 1996 and WE are always the last ones to get power restored. It is what it is welcom to Florida!!!!!!

  16. Carol says:

    According to Flagler Live, Irma hit Palm Coast with maximum sustained winds near 50 and maximum gusts of 85. That’s barely a cat one hurricane. That’s a tropical storm. If FPL cannot handle a tropical storm, what will happen when a hurricane hits? This is ridiculous.

  17. Louis Barletta says:

    I called Sunday afternoon fpl showed up and told us it was to windy to go in the bucket. But it was a 20 min job .Wednsday I called said a line was down they sent a truck. The guy said I have 2 trucks doing nothing we said can u send one he said I guess so 3 hours later they show up remove the branch on the line still no power . if there was an alternative we it would be looked at

  18. Amy says:

    I live in Avalon, a KB Home planned community in the R section off of Rolling Sands and Rolling Fern. The community is basically 77 houses around an oval lake and is made up of two streets–Angela Drive and Rollins Lane.

    Angela Drive got their power back on Monday afternoon. It is now Thursday afternoon and I have watched half of my community enjoy their power for 3 days now. I am losing my mind. My poor pets spend all day in the house alone with the windows shut while I’m at work.

    Everyone is exhausted from not being able to sleep. Im tired of freezing showers and lost hundreds in food and meat. They aren’t working fast enough. I watch the numbers update throughout the day and if you look at 9pm and again at the 7am update, there is no change. There has BARELY been a change in the past 36 hours. I’m very disappointed with how this is going and the lack of info from FPL.

  19. Amy says:

    Disregard my rant. My power was restored with 30 seconds of posting.

  20. Fit to be tied says:

    After spending a good part of my life in emergency management I must say the secret society known
    As FPL needs to be forced by governor Scott to have a public information officer to give regular updates every day to give the people that depend on them how there progress is going and there precise plans with regards to all the different areas without power and held accountable for false info and the outright lies they spread we have a small street without power surrounded in every direction by streets with power when you call the power outage number supplied by the secret society it refers you to the web page which refers you back to the power outage number they know we have no way to bother the inner circle of deceit and then to for the Vice President of this total monopoly to have the nerve to tell us to stop calling and bothering their people really adds insult to injury but then what do you expect from a total monopoly with no one to answer to I call on Governor Scott to open an investigation to who gave the order to keep the paying customers in charge he dark (no pun intended)and force these people to be dismissed I’m sure nothing will be done but I for one refuse to be silenced I have not seen one fpl truck since Sunday where I live in the f section our eoc has zero info so don’t bother them this is typical behavior of a total monopoly where we are forced to accept thereethe bullshūüė°ūüė°they feed us after where else do we get power from we can’t just tell them to piss off i
    Am now elderly with many health problems and not registered with the secret society as such my fault you sa true but would it really make a difference? Ask all the citizens stuck in the special needs shelters days after the event in my years I have found no information or deceitful information is way worse and makes a situation very bad and stressful and leads to desperation spend a little of those huge profits and set up a public information division to keep all areas informed of your progress and plans I am positive there are many elderly citizens who suffer silently and I am sure there will be many more heat related illnesses that will go silently unreported

  21. Submarine Acres in The Hammock(AKA, The redheaded stepchild of Flagler County) says:

    County never removed dead trees on Central Ave (their property) from last hurricane. These trees are now laying on the power lines. Central Ave was full of water prior to this hurricane contributing to flood situation we are now experiencing. Have requested pumps from the county and have been told there are none. Meanwhile, many roads and lots are still flooded, this water contains raw sewage which now permeates the air we breathe. If we open our windows to cool off, we breathe in this crap (pun intended). All of the sightseers are driving down our roads pushing this water back into our yards and homes. We have asked for signs and barricades to keep people out that have no business being here and we were told all of the barricades are being used in Flagler Beach. This is the second time in the last year many homes here have been flooded. Some just recently received their insurance money from last year and were still finishing those repairs. In the mean time, there have been no visits from the county offering any type of assistance. No news crews, no stories of resilience.

  22. RB says:

    Live in the F Section off of Farmsworth. Every house in my area has power except for the little circle I live in. The house behind me has power. Have people who are on oxygen sleeping in their cars because they can’t breathe, another who has came home from having surgery. Called FPL told them, was told…They will make a note of it…Would like to know how many city officials have no power.

  23. We're all hot! Lol says:

    Did everyone forget we live in Florida? We have a special time of year called “hurricane season.” It is awful to be in the heat. If this is the biggest concern you have, you are very lucky. People are homeless. Sub stations were knocked out of power and transmission lines were ripped down. Linemen are working 16 hours a day and contractors are here from all over North America. We should all be very happy that we were not hit directly. Hurricanes are disasters. Also, paying any bill does not constitute you will get back what you gave. Look at all the other things you pay and get the short end of the stick. For example…the fire department response time. That one is comical.

  24. Donna Heiss says:

    Hey tree huggers of Palm are you liking those none native filthy pine trees now?

  25. Anonymous says:

    In patrolling around this county the past 4 days I have seen very few power linesman restoring power. I even went to the FPL work station off of 100 and was told they were short staff because workers were dispatched outside the county. For what few lines have been down it is unacceptable that people in this county have been going for 4 days with no power when this storm was not as bad as the one last year. Imagine what it would be like if we were impacted like those in south Florida! I don’t mean to sound like I am ungrateful, but for what we pay and the millions and millions FPL makes they should manage better to ensure we get better service. The county needs to pass an ordinance that no trees be permitted to be planted within 75 feet of a power line and make property owners keep them trimmed to a certain height so no lines are impacted. A lot of what we are dealing with is because the general maintenance of undercutting is not being done on a routine regular basis. It is like control burning, it must be done to prevent fuel to the fire and making matters worse. The county and state need to do more for drain issues and worry less about planting pretty things in common places. A lot of homes could have been spared of water entry if proactive measures have been being taken over the years. Until people unite and stand together and make their voice heard, nothing will ever change.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Still out of power in the K section of palm coast! ! I have a 91 year old grandmother that needs to do her treatments!!!

  27. Vicky says:

    I so understand that thousands of people are all in the same boat…I checked status 2 days ago and was told power was restored..I can with 100% certainly say it was not!! So I call Fpl and long story short was told a new ticket had to be submitted..and it would take time because there were people that reported before me…I explained my original ticket was Sunday night and my power was never restored to begin with. The best the two could tell me was he would put a note to New submitted ticket..with Matthew we were the last to get power and my husband was on oxygen. Did not make a difference. Trying to be patient but when a crew from NC drives by and reassures power will be on that day..and still waiting…and when update says only 33 affected and you know it’s more like 300. Seems like instead of truth good or bad they tell you on the phone what you want to hear…my husband died 6 months after MATTHEW…I can’t help but wonder if the lack of concern for sick and elderly would I have my husband a little bit longer…I mainly need to vent it is what I it is and I know the men and woman out on our streets trying motto repair our lights are busting their buts..but if the ones on the phone would tell the truth instead of pacifying callers here would be less aggravation

  28. fredrick says:

    Could you people please consider those in South Florida, the islands etc that are now being handed a bottle of water and MRE to eat and have no home left at all. And before you comment on my status… I had a foot and and a half of water in my place. I felt sorry for myself until until I watched people just wanting to survive… If being hot and sweaty for a few days is the worst that ever happens to you consider yourself lucky.

  29. snapperhead says:

    How can this be true. FPL is a for profit business, a model of free market efficiency and productivity. Oh btw..another one of those for profit business models of effiency, Equifax, was breached and the personal information of 143 million people, including social security numbers, was hacked.

  30. Peter says:

    I live in the c section off of Cimarron. All of Cimarron has power then my side street bares a gift of a downed wire across the road for last 4 days. Not once since the storm have I scene any FPL trucks down my way. This is crazy. But wait if I’m late 4 days on my bill they shut off my power. I miss ny

  31. Mary Meyers says:

    Well, here in Palm Coast FPL has their priorities set straight & second year in a row we see the same sections being attended to first while others are always the last to get power. Guess why? It depends on where the managers live. So you are in luck to have one for your neighbor. The ‚Äúunimportant ‚ÄĚ sections see no restoration at all until last day. Pay attention, folks!

  32. KIM says:

    I am so disgusted at these responses. Why do any of you feel that you are more deserving of electric than the next person!? These men and women are away from their families as well, alot of our local lineman without electric at home themselves. They work all day and til all hours of the night in the hot sun to go home to a heat box there. Yes, FPL is having some communication issues but giving generalized dates and time at the moment is the best thing to do because afterall they do not know what kind of obstacles they will face when they come out to restore electric. Clearly, they are all over our county and guess what, we aren’t the only county in the state that was bothered by the storm.

  33. KIM says:

    That gated community has underground electric which means they are less likely to develop power outages

  34. anon says:

    Solar power – MUCH needed here in Florida more than ever! ‘The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy‚Äôs SunShot Initiative, which aims to bring down the general cost of solar energy for all Americans, also supports initiatives to improve durability in solar panels.’ However, with Trump and oil baron loving republicans in power I am sure that particular office has been cut or closed completely. Suffer in 90 degree weather, hurricane victims with no power – says GOPers. Ah, if only you had SOLAR power.

    “solar panels are typically tested by manufacturers to ensure that they can survive hurricanes. Most solar panels are certified to withstand winds of up to 2,400 pascals, equivalent to approximately 140 mile-per-hour winds.” “solar panels are tested and certified to withstand hail of up to 25 mm (one inch) falling at 23 meters per second (approximately 50 miles per hour).”

  35. anon says:

    Now THIS is something hurricane victims in Florida who have roof damage might want to consider – stronger than regular asphalt or tile.

  36. Ben says:

    It’s sad that last year it took 7 days to get power back on in the W’s I know that we were the last to get power and it’s going to be the same this time I think we may need to start raising our voices a little more because you can’t go to a hotel because someone will break in your hous I’ll not even seen a police car drive down my street a night because I’m up with a 12 gage pump protection my property.

  37. M. T. says:

    The city needs to stop planting trees under the power lines. For example, they planted a number of trees under the power lines that cross Belle Terre by the fire station closest to Town Center. It is not FPL’s responsibility to monitor these trees. If they interfere with power delivery they will be cut down. This is a clear disregard for proper planning on the city’s part and a waste of tax dollars when FPL cuts them down.

    As far as the communication goes last hurricane they did give estimates and if they did not meet them people complained. So now they dont give a specific restoration date and people still complain. Nothing they say or do will satisfy people, no matter what they do people are not happy so they cant win either way.

    People need to understand how the power grid works and how things have to be completed in a certain order for power to be restored. You must also remember that many of the crews working here are not local and do not know the areas of our town. They are simply doing the best they can. They work long hours (6am to 10pm) in some cases. If people have medical issues that require power for proper care to be continued they need to make that need known BEFORE the hurricane and make proper arrangements if power cant be restored. This is why they have shelters to care for community members with these needs. People can not blame FPL for their lack of proper planning. We go through hurricane season every year but yet people act like it something totally new. I do understand that new people move into flagler county every year but some of the people who are so quick to complain are people who have lived here for years. If you think you can run the town better go run for office. If you think you can run FPL better go get a job there.

  38. Markingthedays says:

    Hey everyone. Your privilege is showing!

  39. John dolan says:

    There is no competition or choice other than FP &F’n. L. They don’t have high standards for end of the line users, that is not how you make money. Poor service and unaccountability because they have the POWER!

  40. Anonymous says:

    There are areas of the state that can’t have power restored due to the devastation–with this being said, FPL could and should be providing more services and attention to the people of this areas so at this this part of the state can be up and running. It will takes months before the harder hit areas are up and running. There is a lot to do before power can be restored to some hard hit areas. The bottom line is, FPL has not been there for us and the proof is in what we have seen out there doing the work. God Bless the few people who have been working to restore our power, and many of those are from out of state. The Governor needs to do something about FPL.

  41. SCOTCHWORKS says:

    I agree with KIM. Do any of those who have previously commented know the “service area” which FPL covers?? Look it up if you’re interested. I am not a “lineman” or claim to know anything about “power supply grids” and such……But, if I were in charge at FPL or any other regional provider in the State of Florida, my first order of business would be to restore power in those areas where I could get the quickest results to have a positive impact on as many customers . The most bang for my buck so to speak.
    I truly empathize with those without power in their homes……..right after the FPL linemen who have been prestaged throughout the state since at least Sunday. Who probably will not see their families for another 3-4 weeks

  42. Percy's mother says:

    Dear Donna Heiss

    I do believe the “non-native pines” you’re referring to are called “Florida Scrub Pine”. I believe they are well-suited to a very sandy soil and can be found anywhere along the coast from St. Augustine to Ft. Lauderdale.

    If you take a close look at them, you’ll see that most of their “foliage” is at the top of the tree. That’s for protection from wildfires. They’re also well-suited to bending in the wind of, say, a hurricane.

    Forgive me if I’m incorrect in the above information; however, when I was getting a master’s degree in environmental science, I had to take coursework relating to Florida Ecology and that is where I learned the above information.

    You however must be much more educated than I since you say the Florida Scrub Pine is a non-native species.

  43. Flagler Is My Home says:

    My advice for those upset is to do what I did and set aside a small amount each month and buy a portable generator. I did that after Matthew last year and saved myself a lot of issues this time around. They’re not that expensive if you spread out saving for it over the next year. I have a 5550 watt and was able to hook up several fans in our bedroom, lamps in bedroom/kitchen, refrigerator, deep freeze, and our cell phones. Sure it isn’t paradise but it’s enormously more comfortable and no food loss. Next year I’ll probably purchase a portable a/c which runs about $400 at Home Depot. Vent it out the bathroom window and voila – a/c in your bedroom hooked up to the generator.

    Side note: Hate on FPL corporate all you want. I agree that they should be more transparent in their communication with customers 100%. I don’t like how they handle storms and don’t tell us their game plan for fixing things. However, remember that linemen are busting their butts out in the God awful heat working 16 hour days 7 days a week. Do not take your frustrations out on them. I know one of them personally and the outright harassment he gets from a-holes thinking he is some power God in control of the who/what/where/when/why/how at FPL is ridiculous. Just a friendly reminder to treat your linemen with respect. They probably don’t have a/c or power to come home to either.

  44. Yourstruly says:

    @ Mike, you are so correct Sir! I am subscribing underneath your comment

  45. Jan Reeger says:

    I never post under an alias.
    We were WARNED ahead of time. We were told BEFORE Irma hit. We were advised it would be longer than the usual 3 days. Crews were in Texas for Harvey and would also be going to worst hit South Florida. I was not as prepared as I should have been with the advance notice. I won’t make that mistake again. I have only myself to blame. Does the shoe fit y’all?

  46. Mike Brownstein says:

    We live in Lindsay Dr off of Laramie…we are on of maybe 20 homes without power in this entire L section…I haven’t used my CPAP machine since the power went out. Good thing it’s hot and I don’t sleep too well..they say sleep apnea can cause me to stop breathing if I don’t use the machine.glad I have good life insurance for my wife…thanks FPL for this restoration of power so quickly …( sarcastic statement)…still no power

  47. M I a says:

    Taking into account everyone’s individual comfort level I empathize with you BUT FPL did get power back to those that were a quick fix.
    I consider myself and family lucky to have been spared the wrath of Irma. Watching the news is heart breaking.
    Consider yourselves lucky if the only thing you’re without is power and sewer. So many others are completely annilated. I’d hate to be in their shoes and wouldn’t knock where to start.
    Thank you FPL for getting my power back

  48. The Truth says:

    The issue many have with FPL is that they severely underestimated the impact to this area. We all expected power outages but FPL estimated before the storm that only 10% of customers in Flagler would be affected. I can assure you FPL did not assign enough workers in our area due to this estimate. Yes it’s an inconvenience and yes we are all lucky, but most of you claiming this have your power and don’t realize what it’s like to be sleeping in this weather for days. It puts you in a bad mood and wears you down.

  49. GT says:

    These are the situations where our city leaders need to step up and start working to get this fixed. I bet the power is on at Landon’s house! The W’s had very little damage no lines down no flooding but the power is still out. You can’t expect people live like this for days and days and get no answers when they call FPL.

  50. Rick Kang says:

    With 1/3 of Homes still with NO electricity, how shelters does The City of Palm Coast have open?

  51. Downtown says:

    Gee wouldn’t it be great if FPL issued each home a lineman to handle problems for them the second it happens. Sounds like what a bunch of you expect. How about you people get a grip and understand this. Living in Florida requires that you make plans for these types of events. It’s up to you to assure you have a generator and plenty of fuel on hand before the storm reaches us. Same goes for food and water. Should you choose not to have your butt covered then don’t whine and blame someone else for your failure to protect your family and your home. You been without power for five days? That’s your fault not FPL’s. Get a generator for the next time a storm hits. Got no food and water? That’s your fault, not Publix’s. Stock up now and don’t wait until the storm is just a few hours away. Stop your bitchin and kick yourself in the butt cause it’s your fault and yours alone.

  52. Steve Vanne says:

    I live in K section have not seen an FPL truck yet. My 81 yr old mother been setting in the dark for the 5 th day as of today. They say by Sunday we should have power back, I’m not hopeful for that.

  53. Garrett says:

    5 days so far and a power line is still across a driveway in the burning bush area. Multiple calls and not one warning tag has been placed to protect people. Give me a break, fix the 120 feet of line and restore power to the area and protect lives. One more thing, I live in America so damn right I have privilege. I pay for that privilege in taxes every year. I will complain about poor service if it is deserved.

  54. Lisa says:

    I have never been without power this long in my whole ENTIRE life! I’m from the midwest originally, I’ve experienced tornados, ice storms and snow storms you wouldn’t believe! Grew up in cali, been though 3 major earthquakes! Had power within 24 hours. NEVER HAVE I EXPERIENCE such poor service as with FPL. Our area… damage. The got the retail going and took off leaving residents with pets, children, elderly, and ppl with major medical problems in home with unbearabe heat. Our city of pal coast is wonderful. Pep tanks fill up, you call…..boom…they are there. FPL take notice. Step up, do your job.

  55. Ram says:

    They claimed to be ready for this storm. Download our app and we will keep you informed. What a load of crap! We need to demand they do more! And do more to keep us informed. Its a shame that someone had said a park has power, while they do not! And yes, they make sure businesses are a priority! Its ridiculous!!

  56. JasonB says:

    I live in Bunnell, and my power was back on in less than 24 hours, thanks FPL.

  57. Dave says:

    Quit Complaining!! OMG if you don’t have power use a generator, if you don’t have a generator that’s YOUR fault!! These people are unbelievable. You do realize you live in Florida don’t you?

  58. The Truth says:

    I see a lot of people criticizing those who are a little bothered by FPLs response. Are you sitting comfortable in your air conditioned homes? I hope everyone understands that power is a very sensitive subject. Yes, we had a major storm come through and yes we are all very lucky compared to other areas, but sitting in 90+ degree hot and humid days and trying to get sleep is not an enjoyable experience. I understand everyone’s frustration and must say that FPL does seem to be moving rather slowly. According to their website, the customers who are out in this county have been hovering at 15,000 all day long which means no progress is being made. We were not hit very hard yet it seems FPL is struggling to get power back to a good chunk of our residents.

  59. Class Action says:

    I think the bigger issue are these pep tanks. I’d like to see a class action lawsuit to get the city to convert and upgrade these systems so we don’t have these same issues next time. I’d be curious to see if FPL was involved at all in proposing the pep tank system or if that was solely a massive oversight on the city’s part.

  60. Anthony says:

    Many transformers in Flagler blow from thunderstorms, let alone tropical systems, they AreNotMade for Florida. The whole Flagler system is flawed. Wind even sustained at 60 mph or a reasonable small branch should not blow transformers , Not In this state were that is the normal. And for the love of all that is good stop replanting those island trees at huge cost, they are going down again one day .

  61. Bill says:

    Enough of the back patting!!! FPL totaly messed this up!!! they expected a 10% outage in flagler, so moved there people out of this area. Now we have no one left to restore power….. 6 days and no power in the (B) section, not a utility truck to be seen anywhere around??????

  62. John costa says:

    Absolutely inexcusable day 6 no power line down in the street on burning bush dr and not 1 fpl person 2 assess the damage. It’s just a line down between 2 poles transformer providing juice 2 home 2 left of pole. Shameful. Elderly bedridden neighbors with special needs and daily nurse care registered with the state are no priority. Not 1 fpl truck spotted in b section all week and fpl says they cannot provide info as their is no plan or order in which area gets restored. Guess they just send people out in the field and tell them go fix something no matter where it is. Absolutly no plan !!!

  63. Anthony warenyk says:

    The next meeting of the utilities commission, you all will get a rate increase because they will say they didn’t make enough money, for days lost, and to boot an increase in your water bill also, the hard-working man suffers either way, with or without the convienience.

  64. su says:

    which area off farmsworth does not have power? I own a home on fairmont? Can any one tell me?

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