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Janke Offers to Withdraw from Flagler Beach Manager’s Job Amid New X-Rated Allegations

| September 16, 2010

Not necessarily. (© FlaglerLive)

Scott Janke, just last week the front-runner for the Flagler Beach city manager’s job, has not withdrawn his name from consideration, even though an email from the city administration went to city commissioners saying that he had.

In an email to Assistant City Manager Libby Kania, Janke initially withdrew on Wednesday evening, after learning that discussion of an X-rated DVD featuring his wife and, allegedly, himself, had surfaced in Flagler Beach. But this morning, in another email to Kania, and in two separate interview with FlaglerLive, Janke said he still wanted to be considered for the job. He was, however, leaving it up to the commission to decide. The commission meets this evening at 5:30 for its regular bi-weekly meeting. Discussion of the manager’s job is on the agenda.

Janke was the commission’s top candidate for the manager’s job after a search through 140 applicants and eight in-person interviews. Janke stood out thanks to a combination of experience, personality and preparedness. On paper and in person, he looked like an ideal candidate. Issues relating to his wife, however, have been tripping up his career since last year. They are doing so again now.

Janke was the city manager in Fort Myers Beach from March 2008 to July 2009. He was fired that month when his wife’s involvement in the X-rated business surfaced. Janke insisted that his firing had nothing to do with his performance as a city manager, or with his personal character. He hasn’t worked since, though he’s applied to many city managers’ jobs. He’s used his spare time, he said, to reconnect with friends and family, especially in Massachusetts, he said, where he’s been involved in “tea party” activism.

Contacted today, Fort Myers Beach Mayor Larry Kiker concurred. “That thing got blown out of proportion,” Kiker said. “He was in good standing. There was nothing out of the ordinary.” Kiker would not go into details, however. “It’s not Scott. It’s anyone. I don’t give–we’ve had two or three past town managers and I don’t comment on their performance when they’re looking for jobs. It’s not appropriate.”

Flagler Beach commissioners were familiar with Janke’s issues with his wife before his interview last week. Those issues appeared not to detract from his qualifications. Two commissioners listed him as their top choice, two commissioners listed him as their runner-up.

The new allegations surfaced of an X-rated DVD, “The Councilman’s Wife,” starring Jazella Moore–Janke’s wife–and supposedly featuring scenes with Janke himself. The DVD was released on May 15 and lists Janke in the cast, under “Non-sex roles.” “This DVD has actual stolen home footage of the Councilman himself! As well as home video of him and Jazella as they make ‘law’ in Ft. Myers!,” the DVD’s synopsis claims. Adult Video News’ review was more detailed: “Now there’s a refreshing change of pace: A politician (well, a former one) who doesn’t mind his face (and cock) appearing in a sex tape featuring his wife. The pol is Scott Janke, former city manager for Ft. Myers Beach, Fla., while his wife is Jazella Moore, who’s been doing porn for a little more than two years. And although Janke knew of his wife’s profession before he married her, he didn’t figure that would impact his job. Sadly, Ft. Myers Beach thought differently, as the couple explain between her sex scenes.”

Word of the DVD, as well as links to the DVD’s web page, have been emailed to residents of Flagler Beach by factions in town pushing a local candidate–Bruce Campbell, who’s employed by the city–for the manager’s job. Campbell appeared on just one of the four commissioners’ final lists.

Contacted by phone earlier today, Janke said he had not been aware of the DVD until Kania told him of claims about it on Wednesday. If scenes featuring him are in the DVD, he said, they would have been used “without my permission.” He added, “I only heard about this yesterday, and I can’t comment because I’m talking to a lawyer about this.” He said he may not be able to discuss the matter with his lawyer before Monday.

But Janke said he was not withdrawing from contention in Flagler Beach. “My preferred route would be to be hired as a city manager there,” he said. “I did communicate to the city because of this,” he noted, “I’m willing to withdraw if it’s causing too much embarrassment to the city council.”

Scott Janke. (© FlaglerLive)

Three commissioners contacted this morning–Jane Mealy, Steve Settle and Joy McGrew–were all under the impression that Janke had, in fact, withdrawn. Mealy said that if he hasn’t, she was likely to consider him still as her top candidate. Settle said he would have to be sure that Janke hadn’t been misleading during his interview in order to still consider him. Settle noted that the only information he had about Janke’s latest issues were those rumored around town–not anything that Settle had been able to verify. McGrew said she’d leave the matter for discussion to this evening’s meeting, although the latest issue Janke is facing “is something to consider” as part of the discussion.

The confusion over whether Janke is or is not in contention stems from the exchanges he had with Kania. The assistant to the manager spoke with Janke Wednesday evening to inform him of the discussion running about town over the “Councilman’s Wife” DVD.

At 4:01 p.m. Wednesday, Janke sent Kania the following email:

I am sick to my stomack (sic.) after looking at the web site you gave to me. My name is actually on the DVD cover that says “home videos stolen from the councilman” or something to that effect. I can hardly sit still I am so upset.

Please apologize to the City for me and withdraw my name from consideration. You may tell them that I am withdrawing for personal reasons only.

Thank you so much for all of your help. I was looking forward to working with you and becoming a member of the beach community. My heart is broken but I don’t want to put Flaggler Beach (sic.) through any further embarrassment.

Thank you

Scott Janke

At 8:15 Wednesday evening, Janke sent Kania another email, though Kania did not read that email until this morning, by which time she had already informed commissioners of Janke’s decision the previous evening. Here’s what Janke wrote at 8:15 p.m. Wednesday. Anabela is his wife:

I have been in a bit of a panic since we talked. I finally called Anabela and asked her about this movie and she appeared to be as shocked as me. She thinks that someone in that business that she worked for may have taken something personal from her video camera and used it without her knowledge. Anyway she is contacting and attorney and so am I.

My lack of participation may not mean anything but I would like you to share this information with commissioners. If they feel that it would be better for the city to have me drop out I will. I would love the job and I know I would be a great fit for Flagler Beach, both for the city and for the community. However, I understand how this might appear to commissioners and the public.

Thank you for your understanding.


“My character can’t be questioned as a city manager. With that said, I can understand how an elected body in a small town, would take many factors into consideration when they hire an executive,” Janke said by phone this morning. “I’d like to have the job. My head is held up high. It’s 2010. I think what you’re doing is hiring a city manager, and those things should not matter. That’s it.”

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17 Responses for “Janke Offers to Withdraw from Flagler Beach Manager’s Job Amid New X-Rated Allegations”

  1. Kip Durocher says:

    This is fantastic. Just lovin’ it. This is why I read history and not fiction. History is more interesting, entertaing and has the advantage of being true. She looks hot. Congrats Scott.
    Le’ts get him in here and hooked up with the Destination Flagler and Enterprise Flagler people and see what cooks! Anyone need a 20,000 square foot film studio

  2. Rick G says:

    Hey I’m ok with the DVD. It doesn’t reflect what his job performance would be. However, his involvement with the tea baggers should give Flagler Beach residents pause for concern. If he chooses to be associated with this low information group what would he be like as a low information manager?

  3. George says:

    Woah! His wife is smokin’

  4. tulip says:

    That’s not her picture. Follow the dvd link written in the article, then the links from there also. She’s very ordinarily built. The pic show in the article is an “artists rendition” or someone else.

  5. Lynn says:

    Porn? Shrug. Tea Party? Sigh.

    I’m more disturbed by the inability to spell Flagler and stomach.

  6. Sam says:

    I think he would be an EXCELLENT replacement for Bernie Murphy! A chip off the old block! The commission is bound to love his disregard for propriety and honesty! I hope he gets the job. Then he can order his staff to do all kinds of illegal things like Bernie has, and they will not have to have any kind of adjustment period. He will fit right into Flagler Beach politics! Obviously he knows how to screw people just like Murphy!

  7. PC MAN says:

    Nobody Googled this guys name before he made the short list ? Really ? Does Flagler Beach have internet access ? Hah ! teabagger and porn in the same story. Oh please hire him, it can only get better.

  8. Liana G says:

    Well if nothing else we can at least admire his entrepreneurial spirit, and his willingness to stick his head out. What a brave man but please don’t hire him, I would be outrage if my kids have to google him to do research on local politics.

  9. Sean T says:

    WOW! We elect a non American born Muslim to the White House but Janke has sex with his wife and he can’t be a City Manager. Flagger Beach is a joke anyway. Janke should run for President! He would be the first that actually had his skeletons out for display!

  10. TED JOHNSON says:





  11. Kip Durocher says:

    @Sean T
    there is an old saying you should learn.

    “It is better to keep our mouth shut and have everyone think we are stupid than to open it and have them all know.

  12. Liana G says:

    I’m a fan of Kip Durocher

  13. Scared Citizen says:

    You bumpkins in Flagler Beach better learn what Google is….I cannot imagine a candidate like Janke getting that far in the process with that kind of background. These Commission members who rated him so highly and did no background on him are RUNNING YOUR TOWN and YOU ELECTED THEM. He was a heartbeat from being hired. Talk about a sorry bunch! They better assign a high school student aide to the Google task of background checks – obviously the Commission members aren’t up to using a computer intelligently, if they can figure it out at all.

  14. starfyre says:

    its only porn

    heck i would do porn tomorrow if i could

  15. Scotts Aliar says:

    Scott’s emails are pathetic lies! He and his wife have known and participated in announcing the release of this film on her website. To act as though this is the first time either had heard of it is so pathetic and doesn’t amaze me one bit. This man is unethical to his core! Probably just needed to boost sells of the video. And he used another small town to hit big in the news. Wish he’d just go back to the sewers! Oh my bad, that was Seward, where he lived before.

  16. J.R. says:

    His wife’s blog has been removed but I also recall her blogging about the making and release. She was calling it the Mayor’s Wife on the blog until it was published and she switched to referring to it as the Councilman’s Wife. So fun to watch him hustle both industries. Wonder why he only mentioned his tea party activities and not Naked Bowling in LA or other porn industry events.

  17. 1Intheknow says:

    Any moron can figure out that NO film will be made, let alone released, without ALL signatures on the dotted lines. They BOTH knew the footage would be released, cause they released it!! Geesh, only a complete moron would believe the BS stories about this being stolen or about the pic of him and his wife just so happened to be forwarded to some guy who just happen to be in the porn industry and who ‘accidentally’ ‘outed’ them. Come on people-Wise Up!! Scott is a VERY smart man and thought he had concocted the perfect PR stunt(s). It’s sad that his 2 kids and her 3 (triplets) had to be around for this. And he IS a great manager; he just made a very very poor personal choice with this ‘lady’.

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