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James E. Gardner, ITT President
And Palm Coast Founder, Is Laid to Rest

| May 11, 2017

James E. Gardner

James E. Gardner. (Gardner family)

There are founders—those who shape their surroundings by leading companies, boards and civic organizations. And there are founders—those who actually build and reshape their surroundings, physically and grandly.

James E. Gardner was both.

Gardner, who died on May 5 in Palm Coast and was laid to rest this morning in a ceremony attended by family, friends and colleagues at Flagler Memorial Gardens in Flagler Beach, arrived in Palm Coast  in 1978 when he was named president of operations for the ITT Corporation. He’d spent a dozen years before that as the city engineer in a couple of towns, including Ft. Myers. When he arrived in Flagler County, Palm Coast was still a small development on 92,000 acres of scrub and timber previously amassed by the Rayonier Corporation, the sort of place ITT envisioned as a city that would grow to 600,000 by what was then still referred to as “the year 2000.” ITT had a sales force of 600, selling home sites like mad to buyers in the northeast, mostly sight unseen.

Gardner hadn’t had a role in the original layout of the city. That had been more his predecessor Alan Smolen’s role. But “Jim was the leader for 15 years,” said Bob Cuff, the Palm Coast City Council member and attorney who worked with him all those years, the last six as ITT’s general counsel. “He was what ITT needed here during that period to turn it from land development into a town.”

“From the time he came here in 1978 he was as involved as anybody making Palm Coast look the way it looks today, certainly as it looked until the city was formed at the end of 1999,” Cuff said. “Between Al Smolen being buried down in that corner and Jim being here,” he continued, apologizing for the cliché, “it’s an end of an era for Palm Coast, this generation of folks who were the people who made this place happen. I’ve been to plenty of memorial services here at Craig, the last time I did this was for Al a few years ago.”

Military honors during the burial ceremony this morning. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Military honors during the burial ceremony this morning. Click on the image for larger view.
(© FlaglerLive)

After a military academy and college at Mississippi State, where Gardner got his civil engineering degree, he Graduated flight school in 1966, the year he became an assistant city engineer, then the city engineer in Ft. Myers. In 1978, he became vice president of operations for ITT in Palm Coast. Seven years later, he was president, a post he held 15 years, until his retirement in 2000.

He was deeply involved in community and civic organizations, seldom participating in one without reaching its chairmanship: Daytona State College Board of Trustees (the college named a building on its Palm Coast campus for him), Enterprise Flagler (the private-public economic development board that was replaced by a county board six years ago), Enterprise Florida, Memorial Hospital, the United Way of Flagler-Volusia, the University of Florida’s Whitney Laboratory, Pinnacle Bank, and of course the Rotary Club of Flagler County, which he founded. He was the 2002 Humanitarian of the Year. That’s a partial list.

Video: James E. Gardner Family Tribute

This morning, it was telling that when both Cuff and Jay Gardner began speaking about James Gardner’s integrity, they broke down and had to take time to collect themselves.

“He taught us about integrity,” Jay said, briefly addressing the assembly after a service this morning. Moments earlier he’d spoken about the more personal side of his father. “There’s a million things that we did as children. We had cattle, we would be like, doing cattle drives, we had hunting trips and fishing trips, camping, we were around here at Palm Coast Plantation, which is Lehigh, we called it, we’d go out there and catch speckled perch and have big fish fries, we’d hunt in Graham Swamp where the bicycle trails are now, fishing in Captiva Pass back in the day when we lived in Ft. Myers, there were things we did constantly us three boys with him.”

Jay is the oldest. He continued: “My dad was the nicest guy in the world. He was good to everybody. Never had a harsh word to say to people. Stood up for people. It didn’t matter who you were. Something he was always helping, always doing, and he was that genuine person. He was a CEO and certainly a good one, but that really wasn’t who he was. He’s just a good guy who was out helping people, you know. I like talking about how we always had to fix things. He didn’t have someone fix something. He’d figure it out and fix things. You’ve probably seen where I’ve said things like, I learned a lot by holding the flashlight while he’s fixing things, usually getting yelled at ‘cause I’d drift off looking at something else, not hold it in the right place. You know, he was a genuine guy, he taught me things, like all you have as a man is your word. You’ve got to be an honest guy and you’ve got to treat people fair.”

The personal appeared to cross over into the professional, at least in terms of principles, as Cuff described it.

james e. gardner

James Gardner was family. Click on the image for larger view. (© Gardner Family)

“Given what I did for him as an attorney, I did get to see him and even advise him on what he could have done,” Cuff said, taking a moment at that point to compose himself. “But I don’t remember ever dealing with him where he didn’t take the high road and didn’t do what he thought was the right thing to do, whether it was a personnel decision or a business call. You know, sometimes he could have insisted on the letter of the law versus what he knew what the real deal was, and that’s really how I remember him.”

The service was capped with military honors, including Taps, under a radiant sky.

Joe Rizzo, the restaurant owner and executive director of the Flagler Education Foundation, spoke after the service about his friendship with Gardner by remembering one of his latter conversations with him a few years ago. Rizzo had just attended Leadership Flagler, the Chamber of Commerce’s annual series of civic seminars that explore many sides of local politics and business. That day the class had discussed economic development. Rizzo was done. When he returned to Woody’s BBQ, Gardner was there, having lunch. He joined him.

Gardner chuckled when he heard Rizzo telling him about Economic Development Day. “He says, economic development was easy for me,” Rizzo recalled. “And I said what do you mean? He said, ITT, we’d just call these big companies—all of where Palm Coast Data was, was industry, there were two dozen companies there—it was easy, we’d just call them and offered them houses on the Intracoastal if they moved their companies here. It was hilarious. And of course it wasn’t that simple, but he made it out to be that simple. He was like, ‘They overcomplicate all this with pad-ready sites and these breaks and these breaks. We just gave them stuff.’ It was hilarious.”


gardner james e.

Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

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8 Responses for 1938-2017
James E. Gardner, ITT President
And Palm Coast Founder, Is Laid to Rest”

  1. anonymous says:

    RIP Mr. Gardner

  2. palmcoaster says:

    Mr. Gardner will sure be missed specially by his family to whom I give my sincere condolences.
    For the brief times, years ago during community gatherings I recall Mr. James Gardner Senior as one more of the Palm Coast founders always jovial, cordial with all and ready to crack a joke of some funny memoir of the many he could recall during the Palm Coast development in the 70’s. He was just as his son described him in his eulogy. What an outstanding man we just lost! I look forward to see his name forever memorialized in one of our parks or government buildings in the City of Palm Coast that he also founded and volunteered in so many community boards. He earned it! RIP Mr. Gardner…

  3. BeTheChange says:

    Total class act. Leaves the biggest hole. Condolences to his loving wife, Jay, Lisa, Adam and James, children, grandchildren and extended family. So very sad to hear this. Had the pleasure of spending a day with him and Adam at a Gator game. He rolled out the Red Carpet treatment for an at-risk student we told him about. Never seemed to care about the ‘why’, just seemed always compelled to do what was right…what a spirit! What an inspiration! Love and peace, Sue, Steve, Shane and Alec

  4. Ben Dover says:

    He was a good man,….. one of a few in this town that not only appreciated but rewarded hard work ….when he ran ITT he awarded me the country club contracts 12 years in a row, I was honest and never missed a day and clubs only closed Christmas Day……that was not good enough for Lowe`s, the company that took over after ITT left town…..the company that ran the golf clubs into the ground…..His son Jed is also a good man, worked for him when he owned Magnolia Landscaping, was before I got country club contracts …remember we put laser drip watering system throughout Mr Gardner`s lawn….first time I`d seen or done a system like that….this family hired you on merit , not because you were a cheap working immigrant…RIP Mr Gardner and prayers to your family……Thank you for being fair and decent to the people of this town, if we could only turn back the clock……I know this place is the exact opposite of what ITT meant it to be .

  5. DWFerg says:

    Lot of Love in that video. A fine tribute to a man of many accomplishments. A reminder of “get busy living”…

  6. Born and Raised Here says:

    Had the priviledge to work under Mr. Gardner guidance and leadership as he took our company ITT, through the early development of Palm Coast. He was a wonderful man, both at work and in life. He not only taught me a lot about work procedures, but also about life. I will truly miss him. Godspeed, Mr. Gardner.

  7. Sw says:

    RIP Hopefully dont rollover in your grave seeing what direction your Town is headed

  8. Palm Coast Democratic Club says:

    Thank you Mr. Gardner for your vision, your courage, your volunteerism and all you did for Palm Coast and Flagler County. You were a great humanitarian. RIP Mr. Gardner.

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