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As Details Emerge, Mother Describes Father’s Execution-Style Shooting of Son During an Argument

| May 1, 2017

Scene of the crime: Lucas Gore was shot and killed by his father on the back porch, at a glass table. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Scene of the crime: Lucas Gore was shot and killed by his father on the back porch, at a glass table. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Details that emerged Monday in the Sunday morning shooting death of Lucas Gore at his South Daytona Avenue home in Flagler Beach are few but shocking: Lucas, 31, was arguing with his mother Bonnie Jeanne, 57, just past midnight. His father Bobby Gore, 74, came out from the back door with a gun, pointed it at his son’s head, and shot twice, according to his mother’s stark description in Bobby Gore’s arrest affidavit issued this morning.

The description fit an execution-style killing of an unarmed man by another who appeared not to have been directly involved in the argument at that point, which explains why he faces a first-degree murder charge as opposed to second-degree murder or manslaughter charges that more commonly result from domestic disputes that end with a killing.

The case is being investigated by Flagler County Sheriff’s detective Jorge Fuentes. According to his arrest affidavit, Lucas’s brother Matthew, 33, told authorities that Bobby and Bonnie had gone to Poor Walt’s, the bar several blocks north on State Road 100, at 9 p.m., and that Lucas followed but “was forced to walk.” There apparently was an argument at the bar between the family members. (Poor Walt’s usually has running video surveillance of its interiors and exteriors.) The trio then returned home to 1002 South Daytona Avenue, where the family has lived since the mid-1990s.

Bobby earl gore flagler beach murder

Bobby Earl Gore.

Matthew told police that he woke up at midnight to the sound of Lucas and Bonnie arguing, and that due to the argument, Matthew decided to leave the house. But when he was “in the front of the residence,” as the arrest affidavit describes it (it’s not clear if that meant Matthew was on the front lawn or merely nearer the front door) he heard what he described as two “claps.” (A neighbor across the alleyway, from the back end of the Gore house, told a reporter Sunday morning that she heard what sounded like “a couple of shots,” and thought it was firecrackers.)

Matthew, the affidavit reads, “then walked to the back of the residence and saw Lucas slumped over the table. Bonnie told Matthew to call 911 which he did. Matthew advised that Bobby was located in the bathroom at the time.”

Matthew called 911 at 26 minutes after midnight Sunday morning. He told the 911 dispatcher that his father had shot his brother in the head, and that Lucas “causes a lot of problems,” and that Bobby “took extreme measures” to stop it.

When a Flagler Beach Police officer arrived at the house, “she could hear a female yelling and sobbing from the rear patio,” and could see a man slumped over a glass table there. He was “not moving and there appeared to be blood pooling around his feet onto the wooden deck,” the arrest affidavit states. Bonnie was walking from inside the house back outside. The officer asked her where the shooter was, and saw Bobby Gore in the hallway. He was pointing to his right front pocket to indicate where the gun was (reportedly a .22-caliber handgun). The officer removed the gun and secured Gore in her patrol car.

“During Bonnie’s interview,” Fuentes reported in the affidavit, she said she was sitting on the back porch with Lucas, arguing. She told him that “he had to move out or he was going to be evicted.” The affidavit goes on: “Bonnie [said] she was tired of the constant arguing with Lucas. Bonnie stated that during the argument, Bobby walked outside and pointed a gun at Lucas. Bonnie [said]\ that Bobby then shot Lucas in the head twice.”

lucas gore bobby gore first degree murder

Lucas Gore.

The Gore’s third son, Jonathan, would show up at the house after the shooting and after law enforcement had arrived at the scene. Bonnie, Matthew and Bobby were taken to the Flagler Beach Police Department for interviews. Bobby declined to take part, invoking his right to an attorney, which stopped law enforcement from pursuing further questions. He was booked at the Flagler County jail on a first-degree murder charge by mid-morning Sunday.

The charge may yet change as the case wends its way through the court, especially if it results in a plea deal, though for Bobby Gore, it most likely won’t make a difference: if he’s found guilty even on a lesser charge, what prison term would result would amount to a life sentence.

Bobby Gore had no issues with the law before Sunday. The closest issues he’d had, along with Bonnie, was fighting a foreclosure two years ago and another financial issue last year. Both were dismissed. Lucas had had a couple of misdemeanors–disorderly conduct five years ago, when a judge withheld adjudication, and disorderly intoxication two years before that.

15 Responses for “As Details Emerge, Mother Describes Father’s Execution-Style Shooting of Son During an Argument”

  1. jackie says:

    So sad!! Rest in peace Lucas!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Alcohol appears to play a prominent role in this family’s issues. Tragic.

  3. Nanci Whitley says:

    And the availability of a gun…

  4. Lyne Tyler says:

    My deepest sympathy to the family

  5. carol says:

    Everyday arguing will drive anyone insane!!!!

  6. palmcoaster says:

    The GUN is what played and executed the crime in the wrong hands. If not for it probably would have mounted to some punches black eyes and police intervention on a domestic altercation!

  7. jjackson says:

    Save the tax dollars ! How could anyone do that to there own son.
    Alcohol or not…. this man must be held accountable. This is a young man with his life he should have had ahead of him. Kids give trying times, Young adults give trying times, this is a inhuman act. Never the less,
    shot from behind him.. Execution style, this man had to be nuts.

  8. Friend says:

    First,these are good and decent people,for God’s sake stop your judging,stop blaming guns, just stop!!! Try showing some respect and let the family mourn. Until you’re in someone’s shoes, you can’t possibly know what was going on. Second, to the neighbors who called them odd,how dare you! Just because some people keep to themselves, certainly doesn’t mean they’re odd, maybe they are private,and maybe they don’t need to deal with other people’s drama. Have a heart people!!

  9. jackie says:

    Absolutely…. But shooting your flesh and blood is going to far! Yes he had issues with his family but so does everyone.! Bonnie was a very kind loving person that was her baby regardless she would protect him till she couldn’t nomore it’s a sad situation!

  10. Sherry says:

    OH How terrible and tragic!

    Those who are against gun safety regulations should read this story. . . and the thousands like it. . . again and again!!! If a gun were not available, a precious life could have been saved and an entire family would not have been so tragically destroyed!

  11. jane doh says:

    Stop pushing the anti-gun crap. He could have done it with anything – knife, machete, baseball bat, pointed stick, etc.

  12. T says:

    Rip Luke. Great guy, humble, awesome pool player. Please, respect the dead and their family during this time. Talking about gun control here is idiotic to me. First off, guns were made to kill! Its a tool of war. Its a safer way for one to kill another from a distance. Yes a sharp stick can kill someone but the design of a gun is to destroy. So stop acting like guns are a harmless tool that bad people misuse. No bad ppl are using it by its design. They litter the streets with guns then say we need to control it, but factories pump out guns everyday. So argue with each other over the purpose of a gun while a young man that we know is dead, and their family must morn. Rip Luke

  13. Logan forever friend says:

    He was a great pool player taught me alot about the game. He really was a great guy. RIP Luke will forever have u in my thoughts whenever I play pool. Gob Bless all the family members I am hear for comfort. U are all in my prayers. I did make a donation I want to help in any way i can. Forever friend Logan

  14. Mr G. says:

    first off its the DAMN ALCOHOL …. THE END….. RIP LUKE

  15. A says:

    I can’t believe it. Sitting at walts now missing your silly ass for a game.

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