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UPS Truck Driver Trapped 4 Hours in Crashed Cab On I-95; Brittany Fortner, 24, Killed 30 Miles North

| April 14, 2017

A UPS truck was involved in a crash near mile marker 282 Thursday on I-95. (UPS-Facebook)

A UPS truck was involved in a crash near mile marker 282 Thursday on I-95. (UPS-Facebook)

A 45-year-old man was trapped for four hours and nine minutes in his cab after he crashed his double-trailer UPS truck in the woodline on I-95 Thursday night, between the Stare Road 100 and the Old Dixie Highway exits.

Scott Alan Breidenstein, of Orange Park, was seriously injured and was eventually flown out to Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach, by Air One, the emergency helicopter. But his injuries were considered non-life-threatening.

It was one of two serious crashes involving semi trucks in the southbound lanes of I-95, within a 30-mile distance. The two crashes happened almost at the same time.

At 10:25 p.m. at the south end of St. Johns County, Brittany Nicole Fortner, 24, of St. Augustine, was killed as she drove her 2017 Toyota Corolla, and was crushed between two semi trucks.

Fortner was driving behind Charles I. Ohonba, 57, of Orange Park, who was at the wheel of a Freightliner Tractor Trailer in the outside lane. Mark Vance Tolett was driving an International tractor trailer behind Fortner. “All traffic on I-95 began to suddenly slow,” a Florida Highway Patrol report states. Tolett failed to slow down, crashed into Fortner’s Corolla, then into the Freightliner.

That crash took place near the intersection with County Road 207, a few miles north of the county line with Flagler. Charges are pending in that crash.

Breidenstein would have already passed the area of the crash at 207 beforehand. At 10:38 p.m., or less than 15 minutes after the first crash, Breidenstein was changing lanes on Southbound I-95 with his fully-loaded double-trailer. He somehow lost control of the truck, an FHP spokesman said, overturned, careened into the woodline, and one of the two trailers ended up crashing on top of the cab.

Breidenstein was pinned in the cab until 2:47 a.m. as crews from Flagler County Fire Rescue and the Palm Coast Fire Department worked to extricate him. The highway did not completely open up until 7:30 a.m., as the two trailers had to be offloaded onto other trucks before Roger’s Towing of Bunnell towed the wreck.

The Palm Coast Fire Police provided traffic control throughout.

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30 Responses for “UPS Truck Driver Trapped 4 Hours in Crashed Cab On I-95; Brittany Fortner, 24, Killed 30 Miles North”

  1. Veteran says:

    Semis are a big problem on I-95. Tired and in a hurry because the faster they go the more money they make. I travelled from Jacksonville to Palm Coast about two hours before these wrecks and there were more big trucks than I have seen on the road. Two of them passed other trucks in the left lane, which is illegal, but they radio their buddies to make sure there are no cops around.

  2. cjbeagles says:

    Semi’s aren’t the problem its the people in their cars and on their phones and not paying attention.

  3. Truckers wife says:

    Please know what you are talking about before you comment. Yes there is alot of accidents with trucks but most of them are caused by cars. Also it is not true the faster they go they make more money. Alot of compabies pay by the mile. Some pay by the load and there is alot of laws that truckers hace to follow. Yes you are aloud to pass in the left labe but are not aloud to stay in that lane. So please look up the laws for truckers and the regulations they have to do. I do agree there is bad truck drivers but get your facts straight.

  4. Veteran says:

    Semi drivers on phone too.

  5. Tom hodgin says:

    For you 4 wheeler’s : it’s like taking a knife to a gun fight….no chance

  6. Stone blues says:

    I worked for a trucking company for 29 years. Most accidents involving trucks were caused by cars. I’m not saying the lady killed was at fault, just stating facts. A lot of truckers travel at night to avoid traffic and four wheelers. They’re not all angels, but I would rather be around truckers on the road when I’m driving.. These guys work hard and long to supply the nation with everything. If you got it, it came on a truck. Know your facts, Veteran, and be safe out there.

  7. Brittany says:

    I witnessed Scott’s accident. I pulled over and was on the phone with emergency and was trying to get to him with another gentleman. Neither of us left the scene until he was pulled out of the truck – we were too concerned for him.

    My prayers go out to him and his family in this difficult time.

  8. Eric says:

    To Truckers Wife: So, you state its not true the faster they go the more money they make? But yet you say that a lot of companies pay by the mile. Please help me understand the logic of your statements.

  9. Outsider says:

    I just try to avoid situations where I could be in a collision with a truck. I don’t drive between two trucks or drive directly in front of one. I avoid being alongside a truck other than passing them to get away. Being aware may save your life.

  10. Dempsey says:

    I was a trucker and a lot of my friends still drive trucks, and I can tell you the faster we go the more money we make is bs because all company trucks speeds are regulated no faster then 68 mph unless it’s privately owned and I can tell you 90% of truck accidents are cause by cars cutting off big trucks. As far as cell phone look what is around every single trucks head and neck it’s called hands free devices, these people in cars no hands free or driving with the feet trying to put on make up or I can’t tell you how many people I could see on freaking face book while driving, so before you go and bash a truck driver get behind the wheel of one first…

  11. Trucker says:

    Can’t blame no one here, accidents happen. Truckers way of right.

  12. BILL HARVEY says:

    when I am in the right lane doing 65 I have truckers on my ass , they are a part of the problem

  13. Jaxbrown says:

    Eric the UPS driver is paid by the hour, not by the mile, and his tractor was governed at 68mph as are most UPS tractors.

  14. Jaxbrown says:

    Thank you Brittany!!

  15. nicky newark says:


  16. Salty says:

    Thank you Brittany for staying at the scene he is doing well. Praying always helps and he would be glad to hear that.

  17. r&r says:

    Bill if you’re only going 65 in any lane you should not be on 95. people like cause accidents and are an obstruction to traffic. Take 199 or some other road and stay off 95. You’ll get run over out there.

  18. Brittany says:

    @Jaxbrown I had asked his supervisor that was there to pass my contact information on to his family because I wanted to visit him in the hospital but I don’t know if it was ever done. I live around the corner from Halifax. It was such a relief to see him still awake and alert when they pulled him from the cab.

  19. Browntruker says:

    Eric, THIS DRIVER is paid by the hour. He actually makes more money by going slower.

  20. YankeeExPat says:

    In sesponse to R & R

    According to the Florida Department of Transportation, the minimum speed limit is 40 mph in a 65-mph zone and 50 mph where the posted speed limit is 70 mph on I-95.

    Minimum Speed Limit: I. No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to
    impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. FL
    ST § 316.183(5).
    II. The minimum speed limit on Interstate and Defense Highways with
    at least 4 lanes is 40 mph. However, when the post speed limit is 70
    mph, the minimum speed limit is 50 mph. FL ST § 316.183(2).
    III. A person driving at less than the normal speed of traffic shall drive
    in the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as
    practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. FL ST §

  21. Truckers wife says:

    Eric to explain to you, truckers have rules and regulations. So seeing some get paid by the mile you can only drive and work so many hours. 10 hours then you need to be off 10 hours that is for an owner operator. Once you reach so many hours you have a 72 hour restart. So speed has nothing to do with it bexause you have to stop after a certain time. Alot of company drivers are paid by the hour so they would take their time because the longer it takes them the more they get paid. Truckers risk their lives everyday and they have to deal with alot more dumbass four wheel drivers then cars have to worry about truckers.

  22. gmath55 says:

    @YankeeExPat you can site all the rules of 95 you want but it doesn’t happen that way. You ever been on 95? Right lane = 70 mph, middle lane = 75-80 mph, left lane = 80-90 mph. So, BILL HARVEY would probably always have somebody on his ass and get run over.

  23. Veteran says:

    Yes Truckers wife, they can only drive for 10 hours, so the faster they drive the more miles they cover in ten hours. And most get paid by the mile. I used to be a truck driver.

  24. Big brown says:

    14 hours of duty follow by 10 hours rest. 60 hours a week must hace 34 hours off duty to reset. I don’t know where you get your numbers

  25. Lora says:

    Scott has been my best friend for 30 years. He is engaged to be married in June. I can’t thank you enough for helping him. He’s at Halifax out of ICU in a normal room now. I’m sure he’d love to meet you.

  26. Pat Welch says:

    It used to be (I’m almost 60) that truckers were the most courteous drivers on the interstate. Now, at least for 90% of the time I’m on the road, they are going way too fast and they barely get their signals on and they are crossing into my lane. No regard for automobiles around them. It’s scary. My daughter has to travel I-95 every day to work and I pray every day for her safety. I hate the stretch between St. Augustine and Palm Coast. EVERYONE drives too fast, cars and trucks and motorcycles. Scary!

  27. Brittany says:


    Thank you for the update. I didn’t want to try and visit if he was in ICU. The other two guys that stayed as well have been wanting updates.. I have their contact information. I’ll pay him a visit some time this week. I had also considered trying to find him on facebook and sending him a message.

  28. UPSwife27 says:

    Brittany, Thank you for your hours of help and concern for Scott, he is loved by many!!

  29. Lora says:

    I spoke to him last night and he would love to meet you.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Without truckers, you wouldn’t eat, you would have the goods you want or need, which means that little electronic device you’re using to slam truckers, you’d be SOL without them!!!Driving is their job! I have ridden with my husband & folks in cars are IDIOTS! STOP trying to act like you know it all because until you’ve driven or ridden, YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!

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