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Mainland High School Coach John Maronto’s Prostitution Arrest: Hold Your Sanctimony

| September 6, 2010

manet's olympia (1863)

Manet's Olympia (1863)

A month after Hugh Grant got his prayer answered by Divine Brown in his white BMW on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard in June 1995, he went from cop-interruptus bliss to torture by combining redemption with shilling for his latest film (“Nine Months,” as it turned out) on that more scabrous set of prostitution known as Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. “What the hell were you thinking?” was Leno’s famous question, which helped vault Big Jaw ahead of Dave Letterman’s show (and stay ahead for good). “I did a bad thing. There you have it,” Grant answered, contritely, sheepishly, stupidly. “In a way, I need to suffer for this.” This being the fat paychecks from 20th Century Fox. And make us suffer through the false pieties.

It was enough. He was rehabilitated in the eyes of an American public whose prurience is exceeded only by its hypocrisy. Grant’s appearance on Larry King two days later was unnecessary, and his description of his behavior as “disloyal, shabby and goatish” at once superfluous and dishonest: he’d have been better off sticking to the more sincere approach of Charlie Sheen, who’s generally made no bones about his thing for whores—and lives to tell about it through his hits, though he could use a few lessons in anger management. So much for celebrity schlock.

It’s different for more honorable individuals. But don’t expect to see John Maronto on the Tonight Show any time soon. That’s the Mainland High School coach (“the winningest football coach in Volusia County history,” as the News-Journal’s Michael Lewis put it), who was arrested in Daytona Beach last Saturday for soliciting a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Editor’s Blog

A man’s reputation now risks being ruined, if it hasn’t been already, not because of his act or his “judgment,” but because of the absurdity of laws that still criminalize prostitution instead of regulating it to the better health and benefit of its eternal practitioners; and because of a society drunk on moral sanctimony. We don’t have to have public stoning to see the same effects clobber an individual. Undeservedly, in Maronto’s case (as in the case of any stoning, regardless of the perceived offense).

I don’t know Maronto from Magic Johnson. But let’s be clear: there is nothing the coach has done that offends morals or “propriety,” that says anything about his capabilities as a coach or that has anything whatever to do with his interaction with children students. His was a private act, no more so and no less so than if he had swung by the confessional on his way home one evening. Its consequences are limited to his private life—his conscience, and at most, his immediate family. He’s going to be denied that right, of course. We don’t live in an ideal world, but a mean, small-minded one. The bureaucrats of the Volusia County school board are busy figuring out their strategy ahead of Tuesday’s decision time on “what to do about Maronto,” even though, statistically speaking, a fair number of those same bureaucrats, school board members included, tend to their own glass houses of sexual miscreance. It’s too much to hope that they’ll let the matter lie and treat it with the same deference as if he had been cited for speeding, or some other misdemeanor. Let’s hope anyway.

The same can’t be hoped for from the Daytona Beach Police Department, whose lurid fixation on sex crimes appears in Florida to be second only to that of Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s. What both top cops have in common is that lust for publicity that comes more easily by way of other people’s zippers than anything more substantial, or valuable, to public safety. Daytona’s cops apparently still have time and money to waste, playing the morality card on individuals who are harming no one but the perceived reputation of local businesses that complained about street-walkers. Would those businesses be complaining about ambulant preachers or campaigning politicians? That wasn’t the worst of it. Mike Chitwood was as he put on his moral mantle. He’s the Daytona police chief whose favorite moniker for every innocent-until-proven-guilty individual who falls under his cop’s vise, is “scumbag.”

“Chitwood,” Lewis wrote, “said he’s met with Maronto a dozen times to work with high-risk students at Mainland. He said he was particularly disappointed with the poor judgment of a man he respects, who has spent ‘a lifetime working with kids.’” Who exactly is Chitwood—who’s anyone, Maronto’s colleagues and the school board included—to judge Maronto’s “judgment” about who he decides to have sex with? And what exactly does his decision to solicit a prostitute have anything to do with his lifetime of working with kids?

The only say government should have regarding prostitution belongs to public health departments and OSHA, prostitutes being no different than other workers deserving of health care and job safety, with rights no less constitutionally protected than those of, say, your next-door lawyer (who screws from a different position for a living). The only say cops should have about people’s behavior is none at all. Cops are paid to keep the peace and make arrests when necessary, not make moral judgments.

Cases like this always remind me of something Bertrand Russell wrote in Marriage and Morals, the book that got him banned, in these enlightened and progressive United States of course, from teaching at the City University of New York in the 1940s. “The prostitute,” Russell wrote,

has the advantage, not only that she is available at a moment’s notice, but that, having no life outside her profession, she can remain hidden without difficulty, and the man who has been with her can return to his wife, his family, and his church with unimpaired dignity. She, however, poor woman, in spite of the undoubted service she performs, in spite of the fact that she safeguards the virtues of wives and daughters and the apparent virtue of church wardens, is universally despised, thought to be an outcast, and not allowed to associate with ordinary people except in the way of business. This blazing injustice began with the victory of the Christian religion, and has been continued ever since. The real offense of the prostitute is that she shows up the hollowness of moralistic professions.

The New York City Board of Higher Education made Russell pay for that. The Volusia County school district has a chance to be less obtuse and more enlightened for Maronto’s, and public decency’s, sake.

—Pierre Tristam

Sept. 7 update: I was glad to learn that the Volusia school district decided today to invite Maronto back to work on Thursday. Let’s tip our hat to the district and let the coach get back to coaching.

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48 Responses for “Mainland High School Coach John Maronto’s Prostitution Arrest: Hold Your Sanctimony”

  1. Cyd Weeks says:

    Ummm…being a teacher/coach IS part of his private life. It’s the profession he chose and along with that comes responsibilities. I wouldn’t want the kids that look up to him and want to emulate him thinking it’s ok to disobey a law because you just don’t agree with it or you happen to have an ‘urge’. I also don’t want them thinking that there aren’t consequences for their actions. You play, you pay. Regardless of whether you think it shouldn’t be part of the underworld or not…it is. And the underworld is a dangerous place to be playing. I also don’t want them thinking that it’s ok to just put the relationships with your family at risk and exposing them to the invariable humiliation and pain because you selfishly decided to go out into the street and satisfy yourself.
    Seems like the teach is about to learn a lesson. One he should have learned at a much earlier age.

  2. Toogie says:

    I agree with Cyd Weeks absolutely. There are consequences for our actions. Not living
    your life as a barnyard animal (no morality) is a good thing not bad. Not to mention the STD’s
    and substandard life of a prostitute. Ask any of them if this is what they always wanted their life to be.
    The Holy Scriptures teach that sex is deliciously fun and awesome and to enjoy all you want but within the confines of marriage.

  3. The point is: his lawbreaking was no different than speeding. It has no moral overtones other than those imposed on him, unjustly and sanctimoniously as I see it, by others, cops’ misguided tactics included. We don’t know why Maronto did what he did. It’s not our business to know or to presume to know. And no, I do not at all believe that a teacher’s private behavior has anything to do with a teacher’s responsibilities. That’s an incursion into teachers’ (or anyone’s) life that school boards and corporations are validating by presuming to have authority beyond their grounds, which they don’t (or shouldn’t) have, especially when the behavior in question is no more criminal than those silly morally imposed misdemeanors. Gore Vidal and Truman Capote were great debauched drinking carousers in their day, knee-deep in the “underworld.” The gay underworld too! Oh, my. I’d still have loved to have them as my daughter’s literature teachers any day, whatever their dalliances outside the classroom. Prurience and teaching are mutually exclusive anyway, if it’s good teaching we have in mind.

  4. J. Kunkel says:

    No matter what your beliefs on this issue, Im just glad he got caught so now his wife knows what risky behaviors he takes part in…Im pretty sure he would not have come home and admitted openly who he had a sexual encounter with that night! She should be tested for STDs though since this probably wasnt the first time.

  5. Kevin Hobbs says:

    People, this is ridiculous! “IF ANY OF YOU ARE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!” – there is more to this story & it’s quite obvious. Who is this Chief Chitwood like the article above says?? Since when does a Police Chief sling comments throught the media about an individuals arrest such as this?When does innocent until proven guilty in a court of law mean something? Guess it doesn’t to this Chief or writers like Buddy Hollings!

  6. John says:

    This Pierre guy and this website are ridiculous. There isn’t any news here, just left wing editorializing. I laugh every time I venture to this site hoping to find out some meaningful information….only radical fringe left wingers think prostitution should be legalized. Please spare us, Pierre. This coach is a moron, plain and simple….no matter how horny he was, he had to realize that there might be consequences if he was caught. I’m not being sanctimonious, just realistic..

  7. Cyd Weeks says:

    Well Pierre, we’ll have to agree to disagree. His infraction wasn’t speeding. And we’ll also have to disagree that a teacher’s behaviors doesn’t reflect on his responsiblities. They are there as guardians and role models. It’s part of their job. And that job carries into their ‘private life’. If he wanted it so private he shouldn’t have been out in public disobeying the law. My best to his wife and kids.

  8. rickg says:

    CWeeks… .only radical fringe left wingers think prostitution should be legalized. So does that mean the entire state of Nevada is the radical fringe of the left wing???

  9. Reinhold Schlieper says:

    I think you’re right on target about this culture, Pierre: its prurience only exceeded by its hypocrisy. If Jesus required only those who are without sin to pick the first stone and none did, I would like to see judgments on someone’s private life to come from people who will publicize their last cable bill to show how many prurience channels they subscribe to. OK. I know: that’s a circumstantial ad hominem fallacy, but sometimes I’d very much like those who think they must make the lives of others their business to let their own dirty linens waft in the winds. I understand that, statistically speaking, men still marry for sex and women marry for fiscal security. So what’s the difference? Other than the price. Check the divorce-court records for that one. Too many people seem to be ready for Taliban rule around here. Sick and sad.

  10. John says:

    Touché…point taken. However, Nevada is so desperate to put money in state coffers that they’ll obviously do almost anything. Is this progress ? To some, maybe, but I’d like to think the majority doesn’t think this is progress and that poorly run state government is to blame for their desperate acts. As far as this coach, c’ serious, the loon who wrote this article has got to be kidding. Even if you have no problem because he did this in his “private life”, well guess what ? His private life just became public and I wouldn’t want this idiot around my kids..

  11. John says:

    Uh, he made his business our business by breaking the law. Case closed.

  12. Reinhold Schlieper says:

    John, if I were to have lived through the Committee on UnAmerican Activities, I hope I would have had the guts to break the law. You are looking for wrong absolutes, Sir. Or would you like to try to tell me that miscegenation laws were ever right, good, and non-breakable? As a citizen of a democracy, you have an obligation to love your country–to keep it right where it is right and to get it right where it is wrong (Carl Schurz). What an individual does in private is none of the majority’s concern as long as none is coerced. And why are you so worried about your kids. If they are pre-hormonal, they wouldn’t understand. If they are hormonal, they probably know more than you and the coach.

  13. John says:

    Your point is well taken- just because it’s a law doesn’t make it right. There are plenty of dumb laws we’ve had in this country’s history including, among others miscegeny laws. I’d like to think I’d proudly break stupid laws like these. However, anarchy isn’t healthy, and we do need some laws, and I can’t compare anti-prostitution laws to miscegenation laws. I can’t feel bad or guilty about someone who can’t get laid and has to pay for it.

  14. John Rogers says:

    “He approached an undercover officer and engaged her in a conversation about sex for $50,” Chitwood said. “Everything was recorded on video.”

    According to a police report of the arrest, Maronto drove into a parking lot and pulled up next to the undercover officer and offered $50 for sex. After agreeing, the officer arrested Maronto.

    So Pierre we should just let this man lead the kids on the football field tomorrow no problem? Are you serious. Like he was given a traffic ticket. So you feel as though we should legalize prostitution?

    Since we are writing opinion’s instead of fact’s I think you should stick to the fact’s of the story.

  15. Rock Hartley says:

    Man’s opinion pales in comparison to the Gods Word.. *The Facts*.
    1 Corinthians 6: 9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals,nor sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God. Amen~Amen

  16. Haw Creek Girl says:

    Prostitution is legal. I hear they call it marriage…lol. Nah, jokes aside, this guy can’t be allowed to be a role model for the kids. If there is some descrepancy about the facts and he is eventually vindicated then he should be allowed to resume his teaching/coaching responsibilities but until then I see yellow flags everywhere for the ‘ol ball coach.

  17. Liana G says:

    Well I’m relieved that he chose to solicit a prostitute rather than a student ( the skimply clad cheerleaders that this poor guy is surrounded by whose sole purpose is to attract inappropriate male attention)- shows good moral judgement on his part .

    In my opinion, prostitution should be legalize so that prostitutes are protected through legal recourse. Human trafficking and exploitation of the voiceless victims are linked to prostitution being illegal.

    We also have our own problems here in Flagler schools. Not that it is a concern because the school district does not see anything wrong. For instance, during co-ed flagtag the boys would often pull on the girls pants waist to look inside but complaints ignored. Also during some PE activities, fast music is played because some like to watch young ladies wiggle their tush, and this is acceptable too. I know this because I’ve seen it happen and over- heard teachers complaining about it. I have personally complained to the school board but these activities are still on the agenda. Kudos to this coach for leaving the students alone.

    Now if all you posters on here are willinging to call the school district and demand they remove these activities, they probably would.

  18. Pierre Tristam says:

    John, I’m not disputing the facts. He solicited. They got him on video. Fine. But his crime is no worse, and actually far less lethal and objectionable, than, say, all those DUIs other school employees get but don’t get fired over. And Rock: Corinthians is the John Birch section of the New Testament, slipped in there late in the game to make misogynists and social zealots like St. Paul happy. Not the Bible’s finest quotables in my book, and the style begins to go shabby too. Besides, your list up there would exclude just about everyone on earth from that kingdom of yours.

  19. Rock Hartley says:

    Do you have a problem with the words of Jesus Christ too? Matthew 7: 13 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.
    and Jesus said, Revelation 21: 8 But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Amen~Amen.. I can go on, but I think you get the point.

  20. John says:

    I agree, his crime is no worse than a DUI, which he probably wouldn’t get fired for. That said, I have no tolerance for drunk drivers and the laws should be medieval regarding DUI. However, anyone who commits a crime of any sexual nature should not be allowed around minors…

  21. over it says:

    Sen. Larry Craig was able to keep his job. Senator…………Football coach……….Which profession should be held to a higher standard? Maybe it’s because we have more respect for football coaches than senators. That’s funny. I have a feeling that we will all soon find out how important it is to have a winning football program in Volusia County.

  22. t. paige says:

    Score thus far:
    Volusia County Whore Mongers: 10
    Self righteous sanctimonius Hypocrites: 10*

    *While you were watching the game, thieves in the Supreme Court were making off with democracy, the environment was looted and sacked, lobbyists control our Congress and Corporate America controls our destiny. Who dat? Who dat?

  23. Jerry says:

    Personally, it does not bother me about anyone wanting to have sex with a prostitute. Now if that was with a child, now that would be a problem. I do believe that there are more imporatant things that the police should be on the look out for, and DUI’s are one on a Friday or Saturday night. How about drug dealers? I think it is a waste of resources to target people wanting a prostitute. Yes, morally it is wrong, but worth our officers time and money spent going after these people, cause who are the hurting anyway?
    Besides, does the news agencies have anything better to do, then running this into the ground? Just like the case against Casey, it is all becoming a joke!

  24. theresa says:

    first of all I feel sorry for this man because he lost everything to the finest of society .Jesus said he without sin cast the first stone and there is no one on this earth without do not judge but forgive as Jesus asked us to always do.and hope that this coach receives this and goes on to commit no more sin don’t get it?than think of how Jesus suffered because of what people did to him.society and religious leaders said he was just a crazy person and not the lords son and yet they crucified him against the lords commandment though shall not kill!Its real simple people if you believe in god he gave the only laws that matter the ten commandments,live by those and you will never have a problem they are common sense and Jesus taught the rest for when we fall short of those laws. Mr. Chipwood, tell the people about the scumbags, and I hate that word,that exist around you and you cover for before you make yourself judge and have alot of nerve calling press conferences and calling people that name shame on you, My son was called that to my face twice by your side of society because of crimes that were commited against my family by powerful society people who covered up and threatened my family if he and we tried to expose those crimes,waiting on the lord though,we are all gods people and you better read up on what Jesus said about the least of his people they are closer to him.get it? I know of many crimes committed coming from your side of the track. there could be no punishment this man could suffer then just what you have done.oh I believe having police set up people to commit this crime and others is a crime itself.think about this people.If you steal,solicit,hurt,kill someone or any crime you go to jail but the police get to commit these crimes/stings.perhaps corruption is at the bottom of this,who wants the coaches job? follow that trail and I bet you will come up with an answer.someone with power to make that happen because if the coach was doing this they knew it a long time ago but chose now to catch him?stop fooling the public Mr. Chipwood, people in glass houses should never throw stones, they might expose you any secrets?you give yourself away by your bias behavior towards people any way just my opinion. I wish people would stop committing crimes,but as we are learning it exists on both sides of the law only the powerful are excused and protected from the consequences. just my opinion one of the disadvantaged. god bless all

  25. ItsMe says:

    Could have been worse…he could have gotten the prostitute…got some disease and if caught together could have gone down for the crack pipe she most likely would have had on her somewhere.
    Soliciting a prostitute is against the law and unless you were born yesterday, you know it. This person decided to break the law and got caught and somehow it is the fault of the police?
    We all know what the consequences can be if we are caught committing a crime. If that isn’t enough to keep you from committing one then you are tempting your own fate and have none to blame but yourself for the outcome if you are caught.

  26. elaygee says:

    All this Jebus BS is too much. The bible book of fairy tales has caused more harm than any other book in history. It validates every prejudice as “god’s will”.
    Sex is a human right, whatever it is and whomever it is with as long as its between adults and harms no one. It’s a commodity just like bananas. Self righteous hypocrites make it a sin so they can control their “sheeple”

  27. Beachgirl47 says:

    elaygee-if this is a book of fairy tales, then why is it the most validated book in history? Every single word of it has been historically validated through historical texts and other documentation. Get your facts straight and stop slandering God and THE TRUTH. You will burn in that lake of fire Rock Harley quoted from Revelation 21:8. Just you wait and see…..

  28. Haw Creek Girl says:

    This is not about religious beliefs. He broke the laws/statutes of the State of Florida. For that, he isn’t suitable to be a role model. Kids have enough to sort through about what they will believe is right and wrong in today’s society without having to include this kind of instance in their reasoning. I personally believe in Jesus and consider myself a Bible believing Christian. However, this issue albiet considered a sin is no different in it’s ‘level’ of sin than a white lie or murder. Sin is sin in the Bible I read…! I would like to reiterate that I don’t believe his ‘sin’ is what should be considered only his willingness to knowingly break a law that is on the books of this state.

  29. over it says:

    Keeps his job. And? Good for him. Who really cares? Like I said above, Sen Craig get arrested for wanting a GUY in an airport mens room and he gets to keep his job. At least coach is hetero. Doesn’t that count for something in the morality police rulebook?

    Hmmmmm Ted Haggard is another member of the morality police…………he liked guys too………i think he stepped down on his own though……..Oh yeah to leave and to get “cured” of his “gay disease”…..suuuuuuuuuure………….

    Wait a minute………….i get it now. If you want to have sex with WOMEN like Pres. Clinton and Coach Maronto do, you need to be fired immediately. hahahaha

  30. over it says:

    holy crap! Sorcerers are going to burn in Lake Revelation? Mickey Mouse?!?!? Noooooooooooooo

  31. over it says:

    What about murderers that were convicted, and electrocuted, but really didn’t do it?? Do they burn in the lake too? What about the guy that hit the switch that killed that guy? Since the guy was really innocent, didn’t the guy the pulled the switch technically murder him? SO………THAT GUY will burn in the lake??

  32. over it says:

    What if you were a guy that killed another guy in an airport bathroom. You go to prison, but then are “born again”. You do your time and get out and live a good life. But then you are the guy the pulls the switch on the innocent man. In reality you have murdered 2 people. Do you burn in Lake Revelation ???

  33. over it says:

    That is a dangerous lake. I’m going to make sure its not in my Nav unit. And i’m definitely dropping out of sorcerer school……..

  34. over it says:

    “………………….every single word of it has been historically validated through historical texts and other documentation.”

    Ahhhhh it’s so peaceful being delusional………….

    Oh no…..yer going to send me to that damn lake aren’t you………

  35. over it says:

    Oh well……….I figured I wouldn’t get a response. When challenged, retreat…………. I get it. I don’t have the necessary component to be a “christian”……..BLIND FAITH. Unfortunately, I ask too many questions and require too many answers and explanations.

    That’s why people that do not like to think for themselves are happy to join and follow. Totally understandable that I don’t “fit the mold”. It’s too bad, because I used to enjoy fairy tales as a child. I hope that Lake Revelation isn’t toooooooooo hot.

  36. J.J. Graham says:

    Pierre it seems that you are receiving some criticism for expressing your feelings. Being poked as being a poor journalist, by individuals who are unaware that you are giving them the same right you are taking, by allowing this commentary. Some individuals do not appreciate individuality. I for one think you are on the cusp of a new paradigm of modernist journalism ,that is creating a much needed dialogue between readers, who have somethings to get out. It is easy to see which commentators are operating in the red, white, or black. If the last comment does not make sense to some, might I suggest reading a, “A Hero With a Thousand Faces,” by Joseph Campbell ,or ” Iron John” by Robert Bly. I find it shameful that so many confine their prophets to the biblical age.If one can not see and recognize the prophets of their own age, he or she is no better than the the folks that hung Jesus on the cross and beheaded John the Baptist. Just my opinion, how fortunate i feel for being able to share it. Thanks Pierre.

  37. Beachgirl47 says:

    No retreat here, I just have a life. I don’t live my life watching the posts on websites and attempting to dispute them. I’m not delusional – I’m a highly intelligent woman who knows what she’s talking about. I usually don’t post things on any website, but read your post and it upset me to hear you think the Bible is nothing but Fairy Tales. Look up the definition of fairy tale, it’s something that is not true. The Bible is the best selling book in history according to and if you would do some research instead of being closed minded and spending all your time writing things you know nothing about, it is all documented as being a historically factual collection of writings. I won’t be checking this again, so no need to respond to this one. May God have mercy on your soul.

  38. over it says:

    HA caught you looking again. So, according to you Beachgirl, if it sells a lot, THAT gives it credibility? OHhhhhhhh…….Fox news logic…..who ever has the most viewers is more “real” and more “fair and balanced”. I’ve seen the alleged “proof” that you and others cite. Some of it is very compelling. But then again, there was a certain jury in the 90’s that believed that a bloody glove didn’t fit. So whats yer point? YOU and your fellow sheep believe it, so it’s true? Well, you are very welcome to believe it. That’s your business. But when someone like me questions it, I am the bad guy who is going to burn in some mythical lake? That’s not very christian-like is it? Aren’t you supposed to try and “save” me? LOL Wow, yer not going to the lake now are you??

    So I should do some “research”………….ok, hows this, I have read the bible many times cover to cover. Does that count? I have also looked up stuff on “” as you have. So it looks like we have done the same amount of research. Why the different points of view? Maybe it’s because we are different people. But maybe that’s a bad thing…….Yeah, it’s probably better for you and your fellow christians if we are all the same. Then there is no arguing, only happiness. Happily ever after. the end.

  39. Concerned Parent says:

    I’m so tired of everyone saying “This is a PRIVATE matter.” I could see if the coach had been caught soliciting someone in a bar, or indoors, but there was nothing private about this. This is a very public person… trying to buy sex in a very PUBLIC place. A street corner. To all of you who sympathize with this crime, then why not have the hookers come stand on your neighborhood corner, and see how long it takes before you complain to the police department about crime. If you don’t like the law, then make an effort to change it. The DBPD did their job, and the School Board should have at the very least suspended him for a few days. Not to mention, that this particular coach, is known for preaching to the children, that they are responsible for their actions both on and off the field. Yes, yes, I know… “he without sin cast the first stone…” If I make a moral mistake, then I’m ruining my own child… not the children of everyone in our community.

  40. Justin Birchman says:

    What’s the big deal, he just wanted to get his pickle tickled……

  41. Ellen Stanford says:

    The coach, and any other teacher has an obligation to adhere to the morality clause that I assume is in his contract. In deference to the judicial system, he should have been placed on leave pending the outcome of his trial. If found guilty, he should be fired. I hope the parents in this school district pressure the school board to remove this criminal from their childrens school.

  42. Kip Durocher says:

    Beachgirl47 says: regarding the bible
    ” Every single word of it has been historically validated through historical texts and other documentation.”

    That is the most foolish thing that I have ever read in my life. You are a total kook.

  43. JC says:

    You can’t convict someone in the press! The alleged conversation is a second degree misdemeanor. Last I knew in America, you can only be convicted in a court of law and certainly not in the press.

  44. Liana G says:

    Legalize this activity so it’s no longer a criminal offense. Prostitution is the oldest profession there is, it will never go away. The fact that people are willing to take the risk only increases the attraction.

    Studies show that competitive and successful men have higher testosteronerone levels which increases their sexual desires – hence their willingness to take the risks.

    But most importantly , Legalizing this activity will grant protection to individuals who become victims but currently have no legal recourse. These people are humans too!

    Marriage is legalize prostitution. See that’s not so bad, is it?

  45. Smack says:

    Haha people bring up religion to debate why he is wrong. Maybe in another religion it is perfectly fine to do. Let’s just admit that religion is for slow thinking people.

  46. over it says:

    Smack: there is a whole bunch of “slow thinking people” that are insulted now…..haha I think the better match would be “NON-thinking” people……. “Sheeple” They like to refer to themselves as a flock after all……..

  47. David says:

    The worst indiscretion here is the love affair between police and that whore – the media. If these two were not in bed squeezing each other for juice then the judgement of the general public and the expected squirming of an educational institution over a coach’s personal playbook would not be an issue. To another point… Religion is Religion, all dogma is not daft, but the speed and recklessness at which one depicts or deploys it is, and always has been, a problem.

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