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Greg Hansen Sworn-In, Completing Historic Republican Sweep of County Commission

| January 23, 2017

Greg Hansen and his wife Linda Hansen immediately after the swearing in by County Judge Melissa Moore-Stens. Commissioner Charlie Ericksen is in the background. (© FlaglerLive)

Greg Hansen and his wife Linda Hansen immediately after the swearing in by County Judge Melissa Moore-Stens. Commissioner Charlie Ericksen is in the background. (© FlaglerLive)

Greg Hansen was sworn-in as Flagler County Commissioner this morning to complete the 22 months left of the late Frank Meeker’s term, but also completing the historic sweep that has stocked the commission with nothing but Republicans for the first time in the county’s 100-year-old history.

“I’m excited and I’m humbled by the governor’s faith in me, picking me to do this,” Hansen said immediately after the swearing in as he sat in his commissioner’s chair for the first time, his voice breaking. “I really look forward to serving Flagler County. Linda and I have come with a phrase, celebrate Flagler. I think that’s what we need to do, celebrate our county, make it better.” Linda Hansen is his wife.

The brief swearing-in ceremony this morning at the Government Services Building was conducted by County Judge Melissa Moore-Stens, who wisely zipped out of the room immediately after carrying out her function: the rest was politics. The swearing-in was attended by several members of the Republican Executive Committee old and new, including Violet Drexler, 88, a longtime state Republican committeewoman from the days when Republicans were a rarity on local government boards, and Joanne and Bob Updegrave, whose presence was also a reflection of the party’s assertive awareness of its victory.

The swearing-in was also a reunion of the now-defunct Ronald Reagan Republican Assemblies of Flagler County, the short-lived but influential, breakaway branch of the more radical Republicans Hansen sympathized with, and who often were at war with the more traditional branch: Dennis McDonald, John Ruffalo, Bob Hamby and Mike McElroy—the masthead of the organization—were all there, applauding an unlikely victory for one of their own. (They got three of their members elected: Janet McDonald to the school board, Steven Nobile to the Palm Coast City Council, and Charlie Ericksen to the County Commission, though Ericksen dropped that association and became one of the Reagan group’s targets.) Bob Hamby, had openly backed Hansen before the appointment and called Hansen “a man of integrity.”

It was a quietly discordant sight: the very men—McDonald and Ruffalo especially—who were among those who’d spent the last three years pursuing county commissioners and their top staff with ethics, electoral and other types of charges were now applauding Hansen’s accession to the body that had been the object of their derision.

Meeker, who died in July of cancer, would not have applauded: he represented the branch of local Republicans often at war with the Reagan group, and had finally decided to counter-charge, filing a set of ethics charges against McDonald shortly before he died, and had often spoken acidly of McDonald’s colleagues in the Reagan group. He would not have reacted happily to the irony of his succession.

Hansen himself was not surprised by the fact that the initial reaction to his appointment was not entirely positive. Three elected Republican officials on three different government boards reflected some of that reaction. One expressed “shock,” another responded with expletives, and a third didn’t know who Hansen was. All three spoke on background, not wanting to tarnish the way ahead with Hansen. But the appointment process was also fraught with politicking and behind-the-scenes maneuvering, and whoever was appointed was bound to draw some ire from those who favored others (the finalists had included Hansen, former Palm Coast Mayor Jon Netts, and Larry Jones, a former Seminole County top administrator who’d been favored by Flagler County Administrator Craig Coffey).

“I’m not sure I do represent one faction or the other,” Hansen said today in a brief interview after the swearing in. “I’m a Republican. I’m not ashamed to say that. I believe in the Republican values. That’s capitalism, small business, low taxes. That’s where I stand. And I think all Republicans do that, and I think a lot of Democrats do.”

Bob Updegrve categorically disagreed with a question on local Republicans not all being friends. “At this point they’re all friends. That’s all in the past,” he said. “That is all behind us.” When told of recent comments by elected Republicans, he said: “Not coming from the party.”

“We’re trying to keep things on the up-and-up and unity and the whole nine yards,” Joanne Updegrave said, though even she conceded: “We were kind of shocked” by Hansen’s appointment, echoing the same word an elected official had used. Bob Updegrave then said there would be no divisions between the five men on the commission. “And the Republican party supports him. The Republican Party supports all five of these guys.” As to the lack of opposition—or Democrats—on the commission, Updegrave said: “It means these Republican commissioners and the party have a tremendous responsibility to this community, to Flagler County, and one that we all take seriously and are committed to fulfil. So we welcome Greg.”

The last Democrats to serve on the commission, Barbara Revels and George Hanns, were defeated in last November’s election–by Dave Sullivan and Donald O’Brien–and Democrat Jason DeLorenzo, formerly of the Palm Coast City Council, fell short in his bid against Ericksen. In the audience today, there were only one prominent Democrats: former Flagler County Sheriff Jim Manfre. The ceremony was also attended by the current sheriff, Rick Staly.

Hansen spoke of his first priorities: “I want to fix the beach, I want to fix Flagler County, make it a better place to live,” he said. “I think we’re doing wonderful, everything is going in  the right direction that I see, everything is going in the right direction. We just want to keep it going that way. But I think the first thing we need to do is fix the beach.”

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13 Responses for “Greg Hansen Sworn-In, Completing Historic Republican Sweep of County Commission”

  1. Pity Palm Coast says:

    The RRR finally in control. Get ready for some extreme changes.

  2. Wishful Thinking says:

    Commissioner Hansen’s actions will speak louder than any words. It is little concerning that he stresses the Republican party ideals which have absolutely nothing to do with his responsibility to the voters – the residents of Flagler County. Our local issues: our health, welfare and safety included are non-partisan.
    Your obligations to Flagler County residents have no party affiliation…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now lets see all the crazy stuff that will be written about this Republican as has been written about everyone associated to the Republican party. Greg, we are counting on you to bring this county back to realty, and maybe you can bring the other commissioner’s to come their senses and make some serious changes-and realize the county attorney and county administrator work for you, and you don’t work for them. Good luck, and hang tough. Glad Revels, Hanns and Meeker are GONE!

  4. Sw says:

    Thats just great, some afvice, put the pipedream pipe down and get someting done rather than pet projects…..

  5. PCer says:

    Reap what you sow. Let’s see how fast the Rs can strip away government funded programs in the county. Watch closely as potholes go unfilled, parks become overgrown and unusable, transportation services dwindle to even less than what we have now. I honestly hope I am wrong – please prove me wrong!!!

  6. ray brilli says:

    Congratulations to our newest county commissioner! Good Luck Commissioner Hansen in your years ahead!

  7. Knightwatch says:

    Democrats are organizing for battle. Don’t get comfortable in that chair. We’re coming for you.

  8. Go red says:

    Congrats thanks for your service to our country ,and thanks in advance for your service to our county

  9. footballen says:

    The liberals do not understand that they are actually a lot smaller than they think. It’s just a loud group blowing a lot of hot air. The people standing around you watching are not agreeing with you they just choose not to argue with an idiot. Look around you!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Democrats have done it to their selves. The DEC has been an embarrassment to this county. The Democrat clubs did not support local candidates, they were only worried about getting Obama elected and keeping him in office. Republicans have to get this county back in order since Hanns, Revels, Manfre have done their share embarrassing the hell out of us. This is not the leadership we need or deserve. Waiting now for good things to happen and the county to get cleaned up. This county has been the only county in the state that has had so many elected officials fined record fines for unethical behaviors.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s time to make Flagler County Great Again!! And that can be done with sending Coffey packing!!!

  12. Common Sense says:

    Anonymous has no clue what she is talking about. Republicans and the defunct RRR have done more damage to this county than any Democrat but I guess since this is the era of “alternative facts” you don’t have to be truthful or accurate in your remarks.

  13. Knightwatch says:

    Remember the Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly? The one whose key members kept disrupting the county government with frivolous lawsuits? It’s baaack! It’s now called the Flagler County Commission.

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