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Palm Coast Unveils Design for a Spruced Up Community Center, With Premium on Visibility

| December 10, 2013

The Palm Coast Community Center on Clubhouse Drive and Palm Coast Parkway would potentially more than triple its current 5,800 square feet (to close to 20,000 square feet), and accommodate up to 200 people, starting with a $430,000 design in 2014 and first-phase construction in 2015.

A Little Less Stingy, a Lot More Conditional: Palm Coast Approves $25,000 in Culture Grants

| November 6, 2013

Eleven cultural organizations applied and all 11 got cultural grants from Palm Coast government, but with many strings attached even though none of the grants exceeds $2,370, and the total awarded is still a far cry from the $40,000 budget of six years ago.

For Taxpayers, A Rain of Excuses From Deficit-Ridden Palm Harbor Golf Club Contractor

| October 8, 2013

Since Palm Coast began running the Palm Harbor Gofl Club on taxpayers’ dime in 2009, the facility has cost close to $6 million in capital and start-up costs, and annual deficits since. Contractor Kemper Sports told the city council Tuesday that it aims to break even next year, but greater success may be elusive as golfing faces numerous challenges.

Elections Supervisor Accepts Compromise on Use of Community Center for Early Voting

| September 30, 2013

The Palm Coast City Council was willing to make broad concessions to Elections Supervisor Kimberle Weeks, including either cancelling or moving one of its meetings so she could have the use of the larger Community Center room for Election Day voting, but the council stopped short of granting her that room for all 26 days she was requesting.

Majority of Palm Coast Council Would Forego Early Voting Fees, But Weeks Hardens Over Space

| August 27, 2013

The clash between Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks and Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon is not nearing resolution even as a majority of the city council would extend free use of a room at the community center for early voting, because Weeks is insisting on using a larger room, which the council won’t concede.

Palm Coast Council Sniffs at Gang of Six Push for New City Hall, Opting for Rental Analysis

| July 9, 2013

At least three council members are opposed to a new city hall, citing timing and the absence of a referendum, and in one case ridiculing a proposal put forth by aged and former council members pushing for a new building. But council members want clearer numbers about their options as the city’s three-year lease on its City Market Place digs nears expiration in November 2014.

Tipsy on Daytona Beach’s Example, Palm Coast Considers Getting Its Own Liquor License

| February 26, 2013

The Palm Coast City Council is now considering applying for its own liquor license and, in an even more remarkable move, designating Central Park as a civic center where vendors could sell booze at special events under the city’s umbrella.

Palm Coast City Council’s Bill Lewis: Two Minutes, Six Errors, Countless Sneers

| November 21, 2012

When Palm Coast City Councilman Bill Lewis took to the floor of a council meeting to correct a fact in a FlaglerLive column, which had already been corrected, he committed more than six errors of his own, including about his own personal history. Lewis’s errors bear correcting as publicly as he committed them.

The Palm Coast City Council’s Arrogance Problem

| November 18, 2012

The secret, undemocratic way the Palm Coast City Council went about picking its latest unelected member is the latest disturbing example of a council’s contempt for the public, and of the maneuverings of a manager with a Donald Trump complex.

Awarding Just $20,000 in Arts Grants Again, Palm Coast Agrees to Rethink Its Stinginess

| November 14, 2012

Palm Coast is willing to subsidize its money-losing tennis center to the tune of $240,000 in the last two years, but is awarding just $20,000 to support just nine arts and culture organizations. Some council members (calling the small amount “a joke”) want to change that.

In Startling Confrontations, DeLorenzo Takes On Palm Coast’s Jim Landon–and Impact Fees

| October 30, 2012

Palm Coast City Council member Jason DeLorenzo on Tuesday questioned the veracity of City Manager Jim Landon’s numbers and his “backroom” style while making the case for a two-year moratorium for impact fees on new construction in the city in a rare, direct and sustained public challenge to the assuming city manager.

Divided Palm Coast Council Buries
Home-Based Baking Start-Ups For Good

| July 5, 2012

For a Palm Coast City Council that has been preaching the virtues of entrepreneurship and small business, the 3-2 vote reasserted council members’ priority for residential neighborhoods and freedom from the risks of new business.

Replacing Meeker: Palm Coast Council Will Appoint Successor Rather than Hold Election

| June 26, 2012

Frank Meeker’s decision to serve until November as he runs for the county commission means the Palm Coast City Council cannot hold an election to fill out the two years of his term, but will instead appoint a replacement in November.

In a Stunning Reversal, Palm Coast Council Bows to Acid Opposition and Kills Utility Tax

| June 5, 2012

The campaign to force the council to reverse course was brutally effective against a council that appeared willing to ignore its own history and a year and a half of its administration’s work on the matter.

Signing For 3 More Years at City Market Place, Palm Coast Explores New City Hall Options

| April 24, 2012

Palm Coast city government’s new lease at City Market Place is considerably cheaper than the $20,000 a month it’s been paying since 2008, but council members are now talking about a lease-purchase deal for a new city hall at Town Center.

Citing Health Concerns and Competition, Palm Coast Kills Home-Based Bakeries

| April 17, 2012

Palm Coast Mayor Jon Netts proved to be the swing vote against an initiative that would have allowed small bakeries to operate out of homes. The rejection adds to the city’s pattern of conflicted reactions to start-ups–supporting them with one hand while scuttling them with the other.

Conflicted Incubator: A Divided Palm Coast Council May Relax Home-Based Bakeries

| February 14, 2012

The issue, prompted by a couple looking to start a home bakery, illustrates two contradicting strains in Palm Coast’s idea of itself–the quiet residential town as opposed to the depressed and unemployed city looking for rejuvenation summed up in its economic-development slogan, “Prosperity 2021.”

Sparing RVs, Palm Coast Takes On Truckers Making Rest Stops of Box Store Parking Lots

| February 1, 2012

Truckers like using box stores’ parking lots as rest stops. Store managers haven’t objected and nearby restaurants love it. But Palm Coast is cracking down on the practice at council member Bill Lewis’s urging, though another council member says it’s not been an issue.

Bowing to Public Pressure, Palm Coast Opts for Bidding Out Trash Hauling Contract

| August 16, 2011

Citing an epiphany in the shower, Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon reversed his recommendation to negotiate an garbage-contract extension with Waste Pro. The city will open up the process through a broader request for proposals.

Why Palm Coast Doesn’t Want To Lower Your $239 Garbage Rate and Bid Out the Contract

| August 10, 2011

Palm Coast skims off $700,000 from its annual $7 million contract with Waste Pro. Cheaper garbage rates for customers means less money for the city, which is partly why the city is resisting bidding out the contract.

Landon and Council Say Palm Coast City Hall Is Not a Done Deal. Plans Say Otherwise.

| February 8, 2011

City Manager Jim Landon says he’s “not convinced the community is ready for it,” but he’s sticking by a timeline that would have city hall construction beginning in summer and occupancy in late 2012.

City Council in Dog House Over Holland Park

| January 19, 2011

Though it has $10 million to build a city hall, Palm Coast claims poverty when it comes to improving Holland Park, the city’s busiest. Residents aren’t happy.

Small Businesses Mobilizing Against Broad Restrictions on Commercial Vehicles

| July 8, 2010

As code enforcement responds to anonymous complaints over trucks in driveways, small business owners are tiring of the harassment in a hurting economy.



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