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Long-Time Bunnell Elementary Aide and Day Care Worker Arrested on Child Porn Charges

| April 27, 2012

Daniel Biles's home on North Palmettto Avenue is across the street from Bunnell Elementary, and, on the opposite side, adjacent to Jet's Daycare center. (© FlaglerLive)

“Great news,” Gerald Keating, a Daytona Beach attorney, wrote Daniel Biles in November 2003. “On November 18, 2003, Sergeant Burke contacted me to advise me that they were closing the case on you based on insufficient probable cause to proceed further.”

Randy Burke, now a lieutenant with the Bunnell Police Department, had been investigating allegations brought by two parents that Biles, 30 at the time, had inappropriately touched their juvenile sons at a day care center called Miss Dawn’s Lil Kountry Kids Preschool and Day Care Center, where Biles worked in addition to his job with the Flagler County school district. “Department of Children and Families took the victim, children’s video taped statements which was insufficient although Sergeant Burke believes that something did happen.” The attorney added: “Good luck in your future endeavors as a teacher.”

Daniel Biles, in his Facebook self-portrait.

Biles, 38, was arrested this afternoon at Bunnell Elementary on 10 counts of possession of child pornography. He was arrested by the Bunnell Police Department as a result of a joint investigation with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office. The investigation, City Manager Armando Martinez said, began on Tuesday after Biles had taken his computer to a repair shop in Bunnell. Images of naked children were discovered on the computer at the shop, triggering a call to police and the subsequent investigation.

“When a child is involved it instinctively takes a different tone for anybody so we worked on this day and night,” Martinez said. “The thing that we wanted was to wrap the case up as soon as possible to remove the threat from our schools as soon as possible.”

Bunnell Police Department officer Christopher Wolfle worked with sheriff’s investigator Kim Davis and John Eckersen, an investigator with the State Attorney’s office. “We are asking anybody that has any information pertaining to this individual to contact investigator Eckersen at the State Attorney’s office,” Martinez said.

Biles was employed as a teacher’s aide at Bunnell Elementary, and worked in the school’s extended day, or pre- and after-school day care. He has also worked as a camp counselor through the district’s adult education program. He began working for the district in 1991 as a substitute child care worker and camp counselor.

Richard Dupont, the principal at Bunnell Elementary, would not address the situation, referring all questions to the district office. He distanced himself from Biles, saying he knew him only as an employee, and that he’d taken out a “trespass warrant” on him.

Biles’s home, at 209 North Palmetto Avenue in Bunnell–the address listed on his employee file’s paperwork–is literally across the street from Bunnell Elementary, and adjoins Jet’s Daycare Center on the opposite side. Jet’s owner was not aware of the arrest, but said she knew Biles by sight as “Danny,” seeing him walk around the neighborhood in the evening, when she’d be closing.

Dupont has evaluated Biles as far back as 2005. In his last available evaluation of Biles–he was being evaluated as a para-professional, or teacher aide, in the special education program, which suggests he may have worked with retarded children–he gave him almost perfect marks, awarding him 5′s (on a scale of 5) in five out of six categories, including his quality of work, job knowledge, planning and organization, quantity of work and cooperation. His only 4 was about his punctuality. “Daniel has been a tremendous asset to the classroom teachers and students,” Dupont wrote in a 2009 evaluation. “He continues to provide a positive learning environment and support.”

He was placed on paid leave on Oct. 1, 2003, pending the outcome of the investigation at the time. But his personnel file is otherwise unremarkable: steady employment through various functions, and positive evaluations.

In 2007, then-principal Phyllis Pearson wrote: “Mr. Biles has made a difference at Bunnell Elementary by his commitment to students and staff programs for more than 15 years. He works effectively with his colleagues, making certain to stay positive but point out when areas of concern need to be addressed with possible solutions. I have encouraged him to pursue a career in teaching as a next step and look forward to seeing him continue to grow as an educator.”

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87 Responses for “Long-Time Bunnell Elementary Aide and Day Care Worker Arrested on Child Porn Charges”

  1. Mamabowman02 says:

    I have worked with Danny for years and he NEVER EVER gave anyone a creepy vibe. Danny is nothing short of wonderful. He helps the kids with anything they ask him and never complains. I have seen him with hundreds of kids and he is nothing but appropriate at all times. Parents love him and always complement him on his dedication to the school. I don’t think you should call someone a pervert just because you see an article about them. One you don’t know this man I do and Two if you where charged with this after buying a used computer would you want strangers judging you. If you can’t say innocent until proven guilty then stop commenting on someone you don’t know because those of us who have know Danny for years never got a bad vibe and if we ever needed anything we all know Danny would be the first in line to help no matter what happened or what we did.


    • truthmaster says:

      I have known him for some time now and if he has two reasons to be arrested either hes guilty twice or once its the truth.


  2. anonymous says:

    Sorry! I never wanted to believe this about Danny either. I always liked him and thought he as a sweet guy. But when an incident with Danny happened to someone I know and nothing ever got done about it, I was appalled that a young boy was left with nothing and no help. He was afraid to talk about it and still is. The fact that justice was not served to begin with really upset me and my family. I am hoping that something will be done about it this time. And the young boy can rest easier now. It has been a very long hard road for him. If this happened to any other children, I pray they come forward to bring truth to light and get the help that they need to move forward in life and try to put all this behind him.


  3. honest. says:

    I know Mr.Danny, actually pretty well. He was accused of something about touching some kids back in 2003. Which now that case will re-open.. more than likely. I dont think there is any sort of excuse for child pornography. They say that he just bought his computer or something of that sort, but if thats a case there is a stamp saved in the file of where, when, and through what ways that the picture was uploaded or saved to the computer. If this proves that he is in fact guilty, then i and many of others will be shocked. i believe hes accused of a lot bc he’s gay, and super nice so the fact hes so friendly, people make accusations. There are a ton of very very angry parents out here, which there should be. But i personally believe if theres proof of when these photos were put on the computer, and at that point it was his computer, he should be charged with a ton and the previous case should definitely be re-opened.. but until then, no judgements should be made, or talk should be said, but opinions should be kept and expected.


  4. Flagler Guy says:

    If it was him, I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.


  5. nunya says:

    Ok, I am really wondering what is more inappropriate, the fact that Daniel Biles was arrested on Friday for child pornography, or the fact that my sons teacher told the class today to keep the arrest quiet and to not discuss it with anyone????? HUH WTF ???????? The least the school could do is have councelling for these kids.

    Absolutely pathetic


  6. mom says:

    I am one of the angry parents that Mr. Danny was in contact with daily. The fact that the school didn’t notify any of the parents is ridiculous!! I have my suspicions and my son has had some things happen at extended day that will be addressed. I take my child’s innocence very seriously and above all I want to protect him. Mo matter what all of his friends say. Child pornography is heinous no matter how you look at it!! And anyone into child pornography shouldn’t be allowed around children period!


    • angry mom too says:

      I agree with this comment. I will wait for the investigation to make my decision on whether I feel like Mr. Danny is guilty or not, however, I am more upset at this point that the school said NOTHING to the parents of the children who had daily contact with this man… I heard today, this morning, as I’m dropping my child off at the extended day program at BES, in DETAIL, from an 8yr old!!! MY 8YR OLD!!! I feel the school had and has a responsibility to parent of EVERY child that had daily contact with a person who has been CHARGED with a crime involving children to at least tell the parents what happened and what they know up until that point. I’m not saying he did or didn’t do it, but I have a right to know that my child may have been or had the exposure to potential danger… I have lost faith in the school system.


  7. Tech says:

    I work for the computer repair shop. I was not the technician who discovered it though only a spectator.

    What I can tell you for sure is that it was not Daniel that brought the PC into the shop, his mother reported “The System is unable to connect to internet”

    She dropped the system off or it was picked up from her residence. The technician began running virus scans and the system was heavily infected.

    The technician discovered the photos and reported it to the police, they came and confiscated the system and sent it to a forensics lab, after the forensic inspection and whatever other investigative work they did concluded, an arrest was made.

    We only did what we felt was the right thing to do, he lives right by a school, would you rather we just ignore the pictures and go on with our lives with the constant gnawing feeling in our heads that we didn’t do the right thing or that children are at risk?

    We don’t know if hes innocent or guilty. If it can be proven that the pictures were downloaded by him or even worse, are pictures of children that attend that school, then he may be guilty. If he is innocent then lets hope and pray for him that the evidence doesn’t point to him.

    I apologize for how this effects everyone that is close to him and I will pray for everyone that a quick conclusion is made.


    • Squeaky says:

      If you are any kind of computer guy then should have known that when a computer gets a virus all kinds of things can be planted on the hard drive, I understand that your computer guy worked on this machine two times before this by doing that means that you didn’t do your job right the first time or just wanted to make a name for yourself. You need to shut your business down because you have no idea what the h**l your doing.

      bulldog, Danny has been around kids for as long as I have known him 18yrs. You going to believe what is written or your daughter, it would be the last thing that Danny would do is to hurt a child. NEVER, NEVER heck he would probably take care of the kids better then some of their parents do.


  8. bulldog says:

    I just want to say that my little girl goes to BES and she said that Mr.Danny was always nice to her.But all this stuff that is coming out about him dose make me very upset that the school would let someone with a pass like I have read work with kids
    We need to look out for our kids so they don’t get hurt by bad guys


  9. PCRESIDENT says:

    I see he was just charged today with more charges. 14 counts of “Promoting Sex Performance by Child”


  10. Tech says:

    “If you are any kind of computer guy then should have known that when a computer gets a virus all kinds of things can be planted on the hard drive, I understand that your computer guy worked on this machine two times before this by doing that means that you didn’t do your job right the first time or just wanted to make a name for yourself. You need to shut your business down because you have no idea what the h**l your doing.”

    Hi Squeaky,

    Your response is old so im not sure if you’ll see my response.

    While your logic may sound good in your head, it is flawed.

    1. The first two times the PC was worked on, it was worked on at Daniels home for issues un-related to viruses, so we would have not inspected the contents or files of the PC. When the system was brought into the shop the technician discovered the files.

    Working on a PC once does not mean the computer will work forever without any more issues. Software issues are caused by the user or lack of user knowledge.

    The child pictures were stored in the same location as personal pictures, in user created folders. If the pictures were caused by a virus they would not be in such folders.


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