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Christmas Eve Shooting Update: Victim, With Long Rap Sheet, Had Just Posted Bond

| December 27, 2010

Christian Grasso had been in and out of jail almost a dozen times in Volusia and Flagler counties since 2005, including six times since last December, before he was shot on Christmas Eve on a street in Flagler Beach.

Grasso, 28, who usually lives with his mother at 2229 Daytona Ave. in Flagler Beach, was arrested and jailed in Flagler County last December on a charge of burglary and a charge of possessing a controlled substance. He got probation. He was jailed on another burglary charge in June. In early July, he was jailed in Volusia County on possession of Oxycodone pills without a prescription. He posted $6,000 bond. Later that month he was jailed in Flagler again for violating his probation. Three weeks ago he was jailed for possession of drug-cultivating paraphernalia. And on Christmas eve, he was jailed on two counts of violating his probation. He posted $2,000 bond.

Shortly afterward, he was shot in the back, a block away from his home, in the middle of South Central Avenue. A Flagler Beach police officer responded to reports of an argument and a shooting at 8:56 p.m. When the officer got there, he saw Grasso in the middle of the street. Grasso was bleeding but coherent. He told the officer he’d been pursued by three people in a white compact car who wanted his money–a heavyset white male, a black male with dreadlocks, and a woman, who drove the car. When he refused to hand over his wallet, he was shot. The police report notes the bullet entered his back “approximately 3 inches from the top if his butt crack.”

The bullet, Flagler Beach Lt. Frank Parrish said on Monday afternoon, was lodged close to the fifth vertebrae, and Grasso was still awaiting surgery at Halifax Hospital.

Parrish said Flagler Beach police and detectives from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigation Division were interviewing “a couple of people” Monday afternoon, though Parrish did not specify who they were. Officially, the suspects are still at large.

The shooting took place between 20th and 21st Streets on South Central Avenue.

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26 Responses for “Christmas Eve Shooting Update: Victim, With Long Rap Sheet, Had Just Posted Bond”

  1. NortonSmitty says:

    This kid is obviously addicted, probably through drugs prescribed for his serious injuries. I don’t know his history or if he was worth a spit before, but passing laws to incarcerate addicts that only allow our Republican state government to show what hard asses they are on crime costs you big time money. Think about that as you cheer them on and call for throwing away the key. And once you put them in jail, as a civilized country you are responsible for their illnesses and injuries. Even the third world agrees with that. .Even hiring the lowest bidder to perform minimal services is expensive. There has to be a better way to go. Treatment, detox, psycotherapy, whatever. It’s all cheaper than maximum security incarceration and then turning the addict out on the street uncured.

    I’m going to re-post a comment I made earlier about the prescription drug crisis in this country and why it’s happening now. Read it and think this could be your children, cousins neighbors or even yourself under the right circumstances. Will repost as next comment.


  2. NortonSmitty says:

    Re-Post from Sherriff Fleming Press conference on Pill Mills and Pill Ring bust:

    One thing that’s never mentioned is the role of the big pharmaceutical companies in this charade. In the ’90′s the patents ran out on the first generation of opiate-based pain meds, Percodan and Percocet being the best known ones. They sent their best chemists into the labs and told them that for the next generation of pills, all of the addictive agents they previously tried to remove, this time we put in as much as we can, and quadruple the price. Worked like a charm. Sales are through the roof (The High their stockholders are addicted to).

    Starting in the early ’90′s with Vicodan (Even Brett Farve got hooked!) and more so with the later Loritabs and Oxycontin (Rush Limbaugh’s drug of choice) they really raised the addiction ante. I personally know several people, mostly women, who started taking them thinking it was like taking a Vallium to calm them down and find themselves a few months later taking six or more every day @ $20 each! That’s a thousand dollar a week habit! Counting them up, three went on Methadone treatments to quit, one died and two lost everything and are basically homeless. But still buying Watson Pharmacuticals most profitable concoction ever.

    Ask any cop, they’re seeing people addicted they have never seen before. It’s so powerful there are Grandmothers holding up drug stores when the 60 pills they get from medicare doesn’t quite last til the end of the month anymore for some strange reason. And you can’t tell me this isn’t by design.

    So we do the dance like the one above and pretend we’re Serious and Concerned and Doing Something. But funny, unlike all of the previous “epidemics” we’ve seen, there is no Federal money coming to the state and local police to set up task forces and raids and such like we’ve seen for weed and coke and other bad stuff. Call me a cynic, but I believe it might have something to do with the millions and millions of dollars Big Pharma spends in Washington every year on campaign donations and lobbying. While people die, lose everything and are jailed for life for “Abusing” a legal drug, which is working as intended.

    Do we have a great Government or what?


  3. Elana Lee says:

    Norton Smitty is absolutely right. There was a recent conference in which the FDA met with Big Pharma, and families of loved ones who had died from the oxycontin/roxycontin, but the FDA had numerous excuses for why they will not pull these synthethic morphines off the market. As many know, allegedly they were originally designed for end-stage hospice patients, because it was a given that addiction would happen. However addiction was not an issue because the patients for whom it was prescribed had only 6 months or less to live, and it was a compassionate thing to do. Having worked with patients addicted to heroin, they report that withdrawals from oxycontin/roxycontin are much worse than from heroin, and individuals who seek treatment for opiate addiction now – the percentage addicted to the synthetic morphines (oxy/roxy) is now greater than those addicted to heroin. Yes, a big thank you to Big Pharma, who greases the palms of not only our government but the FDA as well. Just look at how fast the FDA pulled Tylenol off the shelves when 3 people died a few years back. However, many times that number have died from these drugs and the FDA has nothing to offer but excuses. It’s the Golden Rule, and Big Pharma has the gold.


  4. Elana Lee says:

    Norton Smitty, you refer to this as an epidemic, again I agree with you and take it one step further. Unlike genetically engineered anthrax, these are the perfect biological weapons. Think about it. This is an optimal way to cripple a nation, rather have them cripple themselves. And in times passed people feared the water supply being poisoned with a bacterium or a virus. Maybe it’s far-fetched to imagine it coming through the water supply (lol) however slowly but surely, once you have a nation addicted, you have a “nation under sedation” and the people are very controllable.


  5. NortonSmitty says:

    I don’t know, Elana, I still wonder about the water supply. A few years ago, every paper in the country had a story about “Trace Amounts” of Prozac, Zoloft and other psychotropic drugs that were found in tests of the water supplies all over the country. The explanation: People are flushing their unused medicines down the toilet and it is getting back into the water supplies through the filtration systems. It didn’t pass the bullshit test then or now. At $20 per pill, couldn’t see that volume.

    But it is a perfect cover story to get out so if there ever is proof of our water being drugged, they can just say Old News, we explained that to you years ago, look! But our Government would never do that.


  6. Elana Lee says:

    As I mentioned not long ago, it will be interesting about 300 years from now to look back at this period of time and see what the heck was really going on. Scholars will be astonished as they read about the early turn of the century, and how the answers were right in front of us and we didn’t see them. Or were afraid to look.


  7. NortonSmitty says:

    If you look hard enough, you can find out now. Google “REX 84″ or COG



    thats my ddawg chris


  9. NortonSmitty says:

    Did you get your Ddawg addicted slimeball? I hope he rolls on your sorry ass for 10 long with Bubba. I’ll send a finn to your commissary every year for Vasiline.


  10. Starfyre of Flagler Chat says:

    “John Smith says:
    December 30, 2010 at 6:35 am

    starfire you are a joke. You want to pray for this jerk but make a comment about a families cat to be stirfry. you might want to pray for forgivness from this family after that ridiculous remark.”



  11. Elana Lee says:

    Norton, I googled REX 84. Haven’t gone to COG yet. I’m convinced. I knew something wasn’t right with New Orleans, knew things haven’t been exactly right for a long time. Seems like ti could be adding up, but still all the pieces won’t fit into the puzzel for another 300 years or so. I hope we can read the books in the library like in they did in the movie City of Angels!


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