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  1. JimboXYZ says

    “The latest conflict is the fifth Israel-Hamas war in the 75-year history of regional tension. The others were in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2021.”

    Obviously the DC Swamp. End of Bush, Obama & Biden. Isn’t America & the world a better place for them ? So here we are providing arms & aid. USA left Afghanistan, just moved the battle front to the Gaza. How else would we test the latest military innovations ?

  2. Marc Crane says

    No more ‘humanitarian’ aid without supervision of the funds. Humans has used this aid to fund terrorism, millions of dollars. Even an idiot stops hitting him self with a hammer after a couple of times.

  3. TREEMAN says

    Biden pledges $100,000,000.00 to Gaza while America has Homeless Veterans!!! This is CRAZY!! Time for the Arab Nations to HELP their Brothers and Sisters in Gaza!

    • endless dark money says

      At least Biden did some positive things in this conflict couldnt imagine the diarrhea of the mouth a republicon would of said on the international stage. Something like” you are all terrorist and we cant afford to help any of you. Now quit being woke asking for aid. ”

      Get what you voted for Treeman:
      May 13, 2015
      Press Release
      Kaptur Amendment would have provided rental support for almost half of the nation’s 49,900 homeless veterans

      WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today Republican Members on the House Appropriations Committee rejected an amendment proposed by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) to provide housing support for at least 22,500 of our nation’s estimated 49,900 homeless veterans.

  4. Bill C says

    How did Viet Nam work out for Johnson and Nixon? How did Afghanistan/Iraq/Iran work out for Bush? How will supplying massive military might to Israel to conquer Gaza and the West Bank work out? It will not be the end of the conflict, only the beginning.

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