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  1. JW says

    Did anybody THINK about what AI means: it is just a PARADOX or a Contradictio in Terminis (this is Latin but you get it); it means nothing. It’s a new brand (like the TRUMP brand) or new trick to get people’s attention.
    Most people are easy to indoctrinate with something they don’t understand: so they are being fooled!
    Time to stop hollowing out our education and maybe we begin to regret being addicted to smartphones. As this article says: it is all to make money and more money. Welcome to modern America or is it money America?

  2. Pogo says

    @In a world…

    …led by Gazilllionares (not a real thing, but neither are they) with the personality of Howard Hughes, uploaded to a Terminator, what could go wrong?

    Waiter, I’ll have another 4 liter Ripple to wash down my Manatee Parmesan.


  3. dave says

    Before long, AI scams that look like your loved ones asking you to send them some money will take place and in most cases will be targeting the elderly.. Or a well known sports celebrity doing a Facebook product offer. Like this one ” this elaborate scam works by utilizing convincing sponsored posts and deepfake videos that appear to show professional golfers Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy announcing that they are generously giving away thousands of dollars worth of TaylorMade’s latest Qi10 LS Drivers absolutely free to fans.”. To good to be true, it is.

    As this tech gets further advanced, watch out.

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