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Startling Robbery in Walmart’s Parking Lot as Thieves Grab Palm Coast Woman’s Purse

| September 21, 2016

walmart parking lot robbery

The Walmart parking lot in palm Coast has not been known to be unsafe for shoppers. (© FlaglerLive)

Walmart and other big-box stores are so used to shoplifters that they have personnel assigned to policing the problem. Shoppers, however, don’t expect to be robbed on the property of a big-box store like Walmart, in the middle of the day–as was the case with a 43-year-old Palm Coast woman Monday afternoon.

The woman had just finished shopping at the Palm Coast Walmart. She rolled out her shopping cart to her car, which she’d parked on Isle One. She did what shoppers usually do: she opened the trunk of her car and began putting away the goods she’d just bought. Her purse was in the shopping cart, by the handle–where women often put their purse while shopping.

Her hand was actually on the purse when a silver vehicle approached her, with what she would later describe as an adult, black woman in the front passenger seat. In a matter of instants, that woman reached out from the silver car’s window, grabbed the shopper’s purse out of the cart and the shopper’s hands, and fled. The woman saw the car drive out by Steak and Shake, then to Palm Coast Parkway, though she couldn’t tell if it was west or east.

The car was a Hyundai Sonata. The thieves had stolen her Steve Madden purse with black trim, debit cards, prescriptions, and $50.

The victim was crying, sitting on the inside of her open trunk, when a deputy arrived. She was especially upset about her medicines being stolen. Two witnesses gave a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy accounts similar to those the victim gave about the incident.

Deputies obtained surveillance camera from Walmart. “The video shows the incident but does not provide suspect description or vehicle registration plate,” an incident report states.

The last time a robbery was reported on Walmart’s property goes back to mid-April last year, but that report turned out to be fake: A then-38-year-old woman claimed she was robbed of her book bag by two black men near the store’s west entrance. The woman, Magdaline Scott, had also reported prescriptions stolen. But as it turned out Scott had fabricated the story. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation for making a false report of a crime.

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30 Responses for “Startling Robbery in Walmart’s Parking Lot as Thieves Grab Palm Coast Woman’s Purse”

  1. WhataShame says:

    Now, we need to be careful in the parking lot, during the day. Have people no shame? What is wrong with people that you would do this? That poor woman! I cannot even imagine. This is why I always have my bag on me, or put it inside the car BEFORE I offload my groceries. I guess that is the New Yorker in me. Ladies, place your bag inside the car, and always watch around you. These people have no shame. *deep sigh of sadness*

  2. blondee says:

    Ladies!!!!! Never never never leave your purse in the shopping cart! It’s an open invitation to something like this.

  3. Aynne McAvoy says:

    I have strongly suggested to all my woman friends that when you put your purse in a cart, secure it by running the child seat belt THROUGH the handle of your purse, and lock it. That way if a thief attempts to steal your purse, they get the whole darn cart and quickly move on to someplace else.

  4. Innocent Bystander. says:

    Snatch and grab,car break-ins and suicide seem to be the norm for the news lately in good old Palm Compton. Declare martial law immediately.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This same bullshit happened to my mother when we moved here years ago same MO of the perp and same description of the vehicle….Walmart step your shit up you lazy fucks get your cameras in working order you should be able to see a license plate as far out as Steak ‘n Shake …fix your shit

  6. BIG JOHN says:

    Maybe there has to be a greater police presence in that parking lot….

  7. Oh WOW says:

    How sick. They scope out women coming out of Walmart. This is a new low. It seems like your not safe anywhere. But I bet if a man had been with this woman she would not have been a target. Shop with your husband ladies, you just never know. I hope they find the piece of garbage.

  8. Sandra says:

    Oh wow, husband? You have got to be kidding. What if she is single or widowed? Should she get an escort? If at all possible shop without your purse. Put your essentials in a pocket. So glad we moved out of Palm Coast.

  9. Nancy N. says:

    Oh WOW did you just really all but blame this woman for being targeted for robbery because she had the nerve to leave the house by herself? Should she wear a burqa too? That’s what they do in Saudi Arabia where women aren’t allowed to leave the house without a male relative to accompany them. This is America. It’s the 21st Century. I’m an adult and I’ll go where I want, when I want, thank you very much. You can keep your paternalistic protectionism to yourself.

  10. tulip says:

    When shopping, I put my purse in the child seat, then pile groceries on top of it. When I go to my car I use the rule “purse first” and that goes in the car first. Also, I don’t put my groceries in the trunk, I put them in the car itself, because it’s harder for thieves to get between two cars to rob someone.

    Also, I always put my keys in my pocket because, if someone steals my purse, I can still at least drive home. It Is also very discouraging that WM doesnt’ have good cameras

  11. liberal says:

    With all the shoplifting there, the police are there constantly. Palm Coast should require Walmart to hire one police officer per shift. That might help deter these crooks if they see a cop car in the lot 24/7.

  12. Geezer says:

    This isn’t anything new…. Needless to say: never carry too much cash, and be ready to call your credit card companies quickly in the event of theft.

    You’re not in Kansas anymore.

  13. Percy's mother says:

    As a woman, I continue to be mystified as to why women are still lugging around purses when all they need is (a) cash, (b) a debit card, (c) a credit card, or (d) for some of you, an “EBT card”.

    Get with the times women! Stop dragging the purse around with a load of stuff in it which you don’t need to go shopping. I see women all the time having placed their huge purses in grocery carts perusing goods whilst their purses sit unattended in said carts. Then when the purse gets stolen, they sit and cry about it.

    Grow up women!! Take control of yourselves and your lives. You don’t need to lug a purse around all the time. Get some pockets. OR, get a small wrist band with a zip in it, which will hold the aforementioned cash, debit, credit cards. . . go online . . . these things are available. Take responsibility for the circumstances of your lives and for God’s sake, stop crying about things.

  14. Wishful thinking says:

    We need to do like in Venezuela . No jewelry – credit card and license inside bra or slack/Jean pocket

  15. Aves says:

    I like how “Oh WOW” assumed ladies have husbands to shop with. God forbid some of us are single or lesbian and don’t have or need men.

  16. America Rinaldi says:

    Maybe you need a baseball bat in your car.

  17. Anonymous says says:

    How sick the same thing happing in Winn / Dixie Saturday afternoon a mother put a grocery in the trunk of the car a pocketbook in the front seat of the car she was placing the baby in the car seat ,someone jump from a van and stole a pocketbook from the front seat of the car . Same thing happing Sunday someone stole a pocketbook from a car inside of the store in Winn / Dixie again were are the security and cameras .

  18. Anonymous says:

    how about cameras at the actual entrance and exits…….not just half a mile up high in the sky….common sense eludes people sometimes

  19. Donna Heiss says:

    Big John, there cannot be deputies in every store parking lot all of the time. These thieves know this is a petty crime and these are desperate times.

    Just another day in paradise.

  20. RP says:

    Everyone should always be vigilant about theft and crime in general. That being said, this is literally the safest time to be alive EVER. Look at the crime rate of the 70’s versus the crime rate now, it’s miniscule compared to then. People are just infinitely more aware of crime now thanks to the social media and the huge number of news outlets available. Palm Compton, haha. Good one.

  21. daveT says:

    People/shoppers trust no one protect your valuables.

  22. Robert says:

    I agree with “Percy’s Mother” – stop carrying stuff that you do not need for that particular local trip. When around town, all I carry is my Driver’s License, ONE credit card and some small bills. Easier to replace a License and ONE credit card than all I own. Just a thought.

  23. Born and Raised Here says:

    I see so many women that set themselves up for this kind of stuff. Don’t make yourself a potential victim.

  24. NY TRANSPLANT says:

    I saw this happen to an older lady when I lived on Long Island and never forgot it. I NEVER put my purse in the shopping cart and when I’m loading my trunk the bag is either in the trunk or on me.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Too many cops are writing tickets on Belle Terre and not looking for crime. Seems like Manfre has given direction to go after the voters that voted him OUT of office.Let us not forget Manfre claims crime is down!!!

  26. Fuggetaboutit says:

    Black Lives Matter!

  27. Geezer says:

    What you need is ubiquitous cops. Then you’ll see a precipitous drop in crime.

  28. Oh WOW says:

    And to make matters EVEN WORSE she was targeted by a Woman. Every woman knows how important our purses are. We keep everything in their. IT IS JUST DISGUSTING anyway you look at it.

  29. Anonymous says says:

    All Lives Matter !!

  30. noyobusiness says:

    We need new sheriff and new Public Safety Officers!!! Due Process does not work. More efficient Crime Control and lock them away for a long long time

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