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Woman With History of Fabrication Claims Home Invasion-Armed Robbery in W-Section

| July 18, 2016

brittany cartier

Brittany Cartier several years ago fabricated the story of a violent kidnapping and was arrested over the fabrication. The charge was dismissed.

Brittany Cartier is a 21-year-old caregiver for the homeowner on Watermill Place in Palm Coast. Late Sunday evening, she told police she was robbed at gunpoint by two men, who entered the house, stole $5,000 in cash and other items, and fled.

Cartier was caring for a 92-year-old. The woman’s sister, 76, was also in the house. But Cartier’s past is problematic.

According to a Flagler County Sheriff’s report, Cartier told police she was outside the house, smoking and attempting to do something that was censored from the report. (The investigation is ongoing: the sheriff’s office routinely censors certain details necessary to preserve the integrity of the investigation.) When she finished smoking, she was going back inside the house when she “claimed that an unknown male walked up behind her and pushed her inside the residence stating, ‘who else is in the home’?”

The man was with another man. Both were armed with firearms, she claimed. She told one of them that two people–the two elderly women–were in the house. The two men entered the house, she told police, then took her cell phone (worth about $850), a $15 purse containing credit cards and other items, and $5,000 in cash. The report does not disclose where the cash was or how it was found. (Unlike prescription pills, which are frequently the target of burglaries and robberies, cash is not usually left in relatively full view, on top of dressers or in medicine cabinets.)

The 76-year-old woman at the house told deputies of two unknown men dressed in black entering the house and taking those items. Their faces were covered, she told police. The sheriff’s office summarized the incident on its Facebook page this afternoon. It did not provide Cartier’s history.

Almost three years ago to the day–July 19, 2013–Cartier was arrested and charged with falsely reporting a crime. Some of that false crime’s circumstances mirror those reported last night.

According to Cartier’s arrest report in 2013, she told deputies that “while she was in the driveway of her residence a compact dark colored 4-door vehicle stopped in front of the residence and she was grabbed from behind by a ‘[stocky] guy’ and forced into the vehicle. Cartier further explained that the vehicle drove for a short time and the unknown subject told her to remove her clothing.” She said she complied, then was groped, and that the man who groped her said, “we got a keeper.” She then was able to get out of the car but was again supposedly assailed by the man, who held a gun to her head as he ordered her to the ground, made her beg for her life, then allowed her to go home. That incident had allegedly originated on Underwood Trail.

Three days later, when a deputy asked her again to retell the account, her inconsistencies made the deputy suspicious about its veracity. She then admitted to fabricating the whole incident “in an attempt to get attention from her mother,” and that she had devised the whole plan with a friend, whom she refused to identify. She said she had schemed with her friend to come to the house to “fake her kidnapping.” According to the report, she “entered her friend’s vehicle and had him drive around the corner where she exited the car, removed her clothing, and then asked her friend to strike her in the face to leave a mark in an attempt to make her story ‘more believable.'” She then told police that “after authorities were involved and arrived at her residence, she felt as if she were obligated to continue the charade.”

She fully confessed to the fabrication in a videotaped interview with deputies.

The charge of making a false report was dropped.

Cartier was also twice arrested on battery charges, in 2015 and 2014. One charge was dropped. She complied with a deferred prosecution agreement in the other.

Monday evening, Cartier took to FlaglerLive’s Facebook page to comment on this article: “I didn’t do anything wrong,” she wrote. “Just wrong place wrong time. This could’ve happened to anyone and just because ive been arrested and was alittle fucked up back in the day doesn’t mean anything. I went to school and changed my life & began to do something tht I love such as taking care of the elderly. i’ll be damned if this post defines the person I am today.” She added two comments, mentioning that she was expecting a baby and, again, that “THIS ISNT WHO I AMMMMM.” There was no mention of the elderly victims. (On July 11, she’d written: “Never land is home to lost girls like me & lost girls like me are free.”)

If you have any information about this robbery or any crime that may have occurred in Flagler County, please call (386) 313-4911. You can also remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida at 1-888-277-8477. You may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

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10 Responses for “Woman With History of Fabrication Claims Home Invasion-Armed Robbery in W-Section”

  1. BlueJammer says:

    Sounds like Brittany has more problems than a math book. Perhaps counseling would help her distinguish truth from fiction.

  2. downinthelab says:

    Yep, I pretty much always have 5 grand in cash.

    I usually keep it in my unlocked car in my driveway overnight. Along with my passport, a few CDs and my pending patent for a free energy machine.

  3. PC guy says:

    can this city get any weirder ?

  4. Retiredlawenforcement says:

    Maybe the were playing POKIEMON GO .

  5. DaveT says:


  6. ANN CRAWFORD says:


  7. A.S.F. says:

    I don’t understand how this woman is able to “work for the elderly.” Is she employed by some agency who assigns her or sends her out? If so, that agency should be investigated. If she is hired through “friends”< word of mouth or simply by targeting some older vulnerable person on her own, people should be made aware of her history. The Department of Social Services should be investigating the home of this elderly person who currently "employs" her.

  8. Sherry says:

    A.S.F. While I agree with you completely, through terrible personal experience. . . I can tell everyone that such abuse of the elderly is an alarming epidemic in Florida. Chances are that this incident was reported in that way to cover up the care givers’ own theft against those in her care.

    Such abuse was normally reported to the Department of Children and Families, and is now reported to the department of elder affairs. However, the funding for those department is completely inadequate and the social workers massively overwhelmed and over worked. We have the state with the most retirees but the agencies that protect them are incredibly underfunded!

    In our personal experience, even if you have concrete evidence of “criminal” financial abuse, the county prosecutors will do nothing because there are too many such cases, and their work load only allows time for the worst violent crimes. The police advise you to file a civil law suit instead. The cost for such a law suit can run about $50,000.

    So, good luck with protecting the elderly in Florida!

  9. A.S.F. says:

    Sherry–I am truly sorry (and alarmed) to read your response. I hope some newspaper outlet with an even larger reader base has an eager young reporter on staff who would love to report on a juicy story like this. That might get the attention of The Department of Elder Affairs. This woman needs to have someone on her tail or she will just move on to yet another vulnerable target, be they elderly, disabled and/or a child.

  10. Sherry says:

    ASF. . . the real problem is that our governor and legislature would rather spend tax payers money on “bribing” low paying tourist industry employers to open another hotel or restaurant in Florida than create jobs to take care of our citizens with things like Social Services, or Public Transportation, or expanding Medicaid.

    Yes, there is no state income tax in Florida and other taxes have been ever so slightly cut. . . but at what expense? Florida stays mired in the past and stuck in the tourist industry while other states move forward to building their brighter future with light rail services, solar and wind projects, investing in their educational institutions, bringing in high technology employers etc. etc.

    Aw well. . . until our voters decide to stop just voting the party line. . . voting for a Republican party that has betrayed them, and moved much too far towards fascism and racism. . . nothing will really change in my home state of Florida.

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