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Cody Lynch, 21, Jailed on Charge of Battering Pregnant Wife for Second Time in Two Years

| June 6, 2016

cody lynch domestic battery

Cody Lynch.

Cody Lynch has been fortunate. Despite four arrests for various offenses since 2014, including violent offenses, felonies, and a charge of battering his pregnant wife, all charges but one were dropped, and the judge withheld adjudication on the one misdemeanor that stuck, a public drunkenness charge that netted him probation, which he violated.

On Sunday, Lynch, 21, of Zeidler Place in Palm Coast, was again back at the Flagler County jail and again on a felony charge of battering his 21-year-old wife, who had filed for divorce in March. But the filing never got to a final dissolution, and the couple was back together.

Courtney Lynch had called 911 to say that she had an emergency, only to then say everything was OK. But then, very quietly, she told the dispatcher that she was in danger, and that her husband was standing next to her, according to Cody Lynch’s arrest report.

When cops got to the house, Courtney explained to them that she saw her daughter, who’s not yet 2 years old, trying to open a dresser drawer, where Courtney found a silver .25 caliber Beretta handgun and a plastic bag containing pink Xanax pills. Xanax is an anti-anxiety prescription drug, a controlled substance. Courtney told cops that Cody has a substance abuse problem, so she seized the pills and the gun, angering her husband.

The couple had been putting a crib together in preparation for Courtney’s second child. Cody, according to his arrest report, followed his wife into the room where they’d been assembling the crib, and when she did not give back the pills and the gun, allegedly held a screw driver against the back of her neck—as Courtney was kneeling next to the crib—then scraped her on the neck before flipping over a rocking chair.

Speaking with cops, Cody accused his wife of sending inappropriate pictures by cell phones, an accusation his wife—pointing at her belly and crying, denied. The deputy documented a cut of 2 to 3 inches on Courtney’s neck, where blood had dried. She declined a victim’s advocate as well as going to the domestic violence shelter, saying she felt safe at home. Cody was taken to the jail, where he remained on Monday on $2,500 bond.

In 2014, he was arrested three times, including on a battery on a pregnant woman charge, a second degree felony, when he was accused of attacking Courtney after he’d been upset over not finding his PlayStation. At that time as well, Courtney, because of Cody’s alleged substance abuse problem, had removed pills from the house and stored them elsewhere. Cody was accused of shoving Courtney in the car they were driving, bruising her arm.

The same year, Cody faced three charges—domestic violence battery, burglary and petit theft after Courtney had thrown him out of the residence they’d shared and changed the locks. But he allegedly forced his way back into the residence and got into a fight with his then-girlfriend. All three charges were dropped. Again that year, he faced a separate battery charge and disorderly intoxication charge after he allegedly got into an altercation with Courtney and a friend of hers over money he was demanding. The battery charge was dropped.

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30 Responses for “Cody Lynch, 21, Jailed on Charge of Battering Pregnant Wife for Second Time in Two Years”

  1. Outsider says:

    This woman may want to rethink any more additions to the family with this guy. I’m sorry she has to go through this, but leopards don’t change their spots.

  2. El Dorado says:

    Tator head needs to go to jail with Bubba for a few years to learn what “abuse” really is !!!!

  3. Bc. says:

    Yea he is a real man. His punk ass should remain in jail for a while he might get some of his on Medicine

  4. Book Him says:

    We have a strange judicial system here in Flagler County. These local abusers start young in these parts and get chance, after chance, after chance until finally the wife gets shot in the back of the head with a pistol or in the chest with an AK 47 or just continues to constantly get abused behind closed doors by loser punk men who wouldn’t last five minutes out of protective custody once they end up in prison. Same ole story.

  5. Ballzac says:

    Only in PC do you have so many domestic violence issues, the state is banking off you, gtfo of PC

  6. Ballzac says:

    It has now also become a game for young women, specifically in Palm Coast, to become a single parent with the aid of the state, whether forcibly or not, to collect that baby check and all the gov. Aid they desire. PC is a welfare town, right when you leave the gated communities.

  7. K says:

    Shame on the judicial system here for continually empowering this pathetic excuse of a man. I understand dysfunctional relationships but at this point someone needs to step in to preserve the safety of the children. Hopefully DCF or another agency will step in if their mother is incapable of making the difficult decision to end her relationship with this violent, irresponsible pill head. He has demonstrated no regard for the safety or security of his children prior to birth or after, and by staying with him, she has not either.

  8. SameolShit says:

    For some reason people are shocked but this kid has been a shithead ever since middle school. He needs to been accountable for his actions or he will never grow up. It is all but too common in Flagler.

  9. woody says:

    Maybe she can get pregnant again with conjugal vists at the jail.

  10. Veteran says:

    Throw away the key!

  11. footballen says:

    The victims here are the poor children these scum bags are producing and all of us who will surely pay millions over the span of their miserable lives. The judge should be held responsible for the cost of rearing those children in a suitable home and a hysterectomy for the female addicted to the complete moron that still plays with video games when he is not trying to be a drug dealer.

  12. Geezer says:

    Cody Lynch has a dark secret: someone does his eyebrows.
    (and not well) Apparently he has a uni-brow.

    His new prison name: “The Uni-brow Abuser!”

  13. Kim says:

    Ballzac, so what’s her choice? Stay with an abuser or use some kind of aid to get out and get on her feet? Either way you trash her? Very helpful advice.

  14. To Ballzac: Single Mom not on welfare says:

    It’s people like you who sit around behind your screen judging everyone that’s the problem. I’m sick of society’s assumption of single mothers, especially in Palm Coast. I grew up here. I’m now a single mom since the very beginning and guess what- I’ve never been on welfare. I have a masters degree and worked hard to pursued my dream of being a teacher. I pay my own bills. I have my own house. On a teachers salary. I raise my daughter and have 100% custody. So think before you make comments about women in unfortunate situations and encourage stereotypes. You don’t hear the success stories of women who have gotten out of bad situations. Try focusing and spreading the love.
    A strong independent woman

    PS I’ve never lived in a gated community either.

  15. Meghan says:

    All you people are sick. This poor woman probably is weeping at these comments, most comments are basically bashing Courtney for having an abusive husband. What if he’s threatening her to stay with him? Maybe she literally feels like she has no way out, she did a good thing by calling for help. Cody has a group of friends to back him up I’m sure . Smfh

  16. A.S.F. says:

    Every addict needs a co-dependent and it seems that he has found his. Every narcissistic domestic-abuser has built-in radar that allows them to hone in on (usually) women with low self-esteem and an overwhelming fear of being left alone or behind. The ones who are the most vulnerable victims of all are the children caught in the crossfire. CPS needs to be involved with this family, whether Mom likes it or not. Since Dad is an addict and an abuser, he should have no say about that at all. He needs to leave the home, by order of the court.

  17. Meb says:

    Wow feel so sorry for her. Hopefully he’ll have enough and get help. She’s not helping him by staying with him even though she is trying her hardest. For her own safety she needs to be away from him.

  18. Tired of it says:

    Our great judicial system at its best. How about the judges getting some backbone and putting these assholes in jail where they belong. Unfortunately for this girl she will be stuck with this asshole for many years to come as a result of the two kids.

  19. Geezer says:

    It’s brass tacks and decision-time for Courtney Lynch. Miss Lynch needs to ask for a permanent restraining order barring Mr. Uneven Brows from coming near her and their daughter. This Cody person cannot be helped, in my opinion.

    He’s only going to escalate the violence and likely kill his wife, and the little girl doesn’t need exposure
    to this loser of losers.

  20. KarmaIsReal says:

    To Single Mom not on welfare: Amen girl! I’m a single Mom as well. I own my home, pay my bills, raise my child, work full time and never have been on welfare. Some of the best kids are raised by single Mom’s so I beg to differ Ballzac. Your blanket statement about single Mom’s is unfair and certainly not true for all.

    And $2,500 bond? Seriously? Should we wait until he kills her and then wonder where it went wrong?

  21. gladfly says:

    Disorderly intoxication,battery,drugs,weapon,repeat offender…..Yep we’re still in Palm Compton.

  22. Outsider says:

    To Single Mom Not On Welfare: I take my hat off and salute you for a job well done. I would add that you are likely an exception to a loose rule. A great number of young single mothers never make it off government dependence. I would like to say that it is relatively simple for people to avoid poverty, if they follow some basic rules, which generally apply to most people not born into incredible wealth:

    1. Don’t get pregnant before you are married to a stable partner, financially and mentally, or again, have a wealthy family who can support you.

    2. Get an education or acquire a marketable skill BEFORE you and your spouse create three kids. It’s extremely difficult to study for a degree with three kids hanging on you all the time. It’s even more so when you have no family support structure. Good luck to you if you are struggling, and then decide to go a hundred grand into debt to get a social working degree so you can “help others in my situation.” It’s too late for that, you need to help yourself. The time for being philosophical was when you were childless and single.

    3. Don’t get addicted to drugs or alcohol.

    4. If/when you do get married, pick your potential spouse based upon things that matter; long hair, cool tats, or a nice set of tits doesn’t cut it in the long run. Stay the hell away from people already on drugs or alcohol; you can’t change them.

    5. Get a job, any job if you are not going to get an advanced education in a field with actual job prospects. I believe if you are extremely motivated you can do well in this country without a degree. Some of the most well-off people I know have no college, but they do have motivation.

    Now, some may agree with me, others may cry foul, but I don’t care. I worked hard to get to a point where my wife can stay home and raise our two girls. We followed these rules, and my oldest heads off to pre-med this fall, and the youngest is doing well, having been the state champion gymnast, at five years old, and currently active in other pursuits. We don’t drink or do drugs, and we waited five years before we had our first child. It works for us.

  23. Geezer says:


    Sounds like you and your wife are excellent parents.
    Kudos to you and the missus….

  24. A.S.F. says:

    I would sincerely like to suggest to the wife of this young man that she get HERSELF into therapy to work on her co-dependency issues. If not for yourself, do it for your kids. Unless you want to pass that lifestyle on to them. What you are doing, unfortunately, can become a generational thing. This not being said to pass judgement. Get the help you need so you and your children can have the life you AND they deserve.

  25. Nancy N. says:

    Oh Outsider, the world is so simple from where you are sitting looking down on it from your high horse, isn’t it?

    Newsflash: Life is messy. It doesn’t always happen like we plan or how we intended. Things happen that we never could have anticipated. People make mistakes – sometimes big ones. To write someone off for life because they broke one of your sadistic “rules” is vindictive, and inhumane. Everyone should have a chance to recover from their mistakes, and get back on the road after life’s detours. Everyone deserves a chance.

    I find your boundless optimism that anyone can become well-off in this country regardless of education level to be stunningly naive and outdated. I’m guessing those “well-off” people that you know with no college are not millenials, but are much more likely over 50 or even 60. A lot has changed in the past few generations. The opportunities don’t exist that used to. There is no longer even “comfortable” middle class money to be made in fields without a college degree. Even many college degree requiring positions no longer earn money that would keep a family of four above the Federal poverty line. And that is if you can find a job at all. If you work hard, you’ll be rewarded is a myth that disappeared into history long ago in this country

  26. mickyryan says:

    awesome advice outsider , simple rules our parents/society seems to fail teaching.

  27. Pug mom says:

    Nancy N, I beg to differ with you. You say Outsider is referencing non millennials and that the same opportunities DON’T exist now?? Really??? I’m guessing from your comments that you must be a twenty or thirty something from the “I’m entitled to everything” generation! There are just as many, if not MORE opportunities IF and ONLY IF you do something crazy like WORK for them!!! You are right, life isn’t easy…no matter what walk of life or situation you were raised in! To imply that someone like Outsider didn’t have to struggle or work hard to provide the life he has for his family is just plain ignorant and 3/4 of the problem with “your” generation. His “rules for success” make perfect sense to me, but at 43, I’m lucky to be part of a generation that still had the “common sense” superpower. Have I made mistakes in life? Absolutely! But I was also smart enough not to bring a child into this world out of wedlock or into an unhealthy marriage. And yes, that was a conscious decision. Do I have an a college degree? No…unfortunately that was one of my biggest mistakes in life. For as smart as I am and as many college credits I have on my transcript–I never saw it through to a degree. Has that hampered my career? No, and I’ll tell you why—because I worked twice as hard to EARN it and I’ve not blamed anyone else but myself for having to do that. I earn a higher salary now than most people WITH multiple degrees at both a bachelor and masters level BECAUSE of my work ethic…not what’s been handed to me. This young girl has obvious judgement issues that she needs to address and at this point in her life, it’s completely up to her to chose a different path. Would I or anyone else judge her for her past mistakes or if even she needed the system to “assist” her while she gets her life back together? Absolutely not, but the key word there is assist…not pay her as a reward for those mistakes while she sits on her ass feeling sorry for herself and does nothing to end that cycle. You reference a family of 4, and whether that breaks down to 2 parents and 2 kids, or 1 parent and 3 kids is irrelevant–either way, I assume you have dependents. And whether or not that situation was a product of your past mistakes is also irrelevant. What is however relevant is the fact that you feel the need to cut down someone else’s view from their “high horse” as you so harshly put it. Your struggles are yours, and yours alone to change-get a 2nd job or work 7 days a week if thats what you need to survive(been there, done that and lived through it!) or go back to school if education is a factor (that’s what grants and financial aid are for, and newsflash for you…you even have the opportunity to take classes online now) Your seething envy is both obvious and counter productive. You AND this young girl could have the life Outsider has, even after having bent his “rules”…but you have to EARN it yourselves…. I did!

  28. N/a says:

    This kid’s older brother (a war vet) committed suicide a couple of years back. No excuse for his behavior but a possibly a little insight? Hopefully the judge sets him straight for rehab this time

  29. A.S.F. says:

    You don’t become a domestic abuser who beats his pregnant wife because your brother committed suicide. If he grew up in a home where there was routine domestic abuse that might explain a lot but, by no means, does it serve as a rationalization or an excuse.

  30. Tom says:

    What is the name of the judge? He,or she, needs to go.

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