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All Charges Dropped Against 3 Men Arrested In Belle Terre Shooting Spree in March

| June 13, 2016

Steverson Jean-Louis, Derek Hall and Phillip Haire.

From left, Steverson Jean-Louis, Derek Hall and Phillip Haire.

All charges were dropped against three men accused in March of felony charges stemming from a reported shooting spree on Belle Terre Parkway.

Steverson Jean-Louis, 19, of 45 Prattwood Drive, Derek Hall Jr., 23, of 45 Buttonworth Drive, and Phillip Haire, 18, of 11 London Drive, all in Palm Coast, had each faced a charge of firing or throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle, a second-degree felony, and an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge, a third-degree felony. Hair was represented by attorney William Brookhammer, Hall was represented by Terry Hill, and Jea-Louis by a public defender.

The case never progressed much: it didn’t even go as far as a felony arraignment. That had originally been scheduled for April 4. It was continued to June 6, and continued again to July, though on June 8 and 9 the charges were dropped after a no-information notice. The notices are never accompanied by explanations. But they usually mean that the state attorney’s office, which makes the decision on whether to pursue a case, is not doing so for lack of a sufficiently strong case it could win.

Haire, in an unrelated case, was rearrested in May on a domestic assault charge and a criminal mischief charge. The domestic assault charge was dropped less than a week after his arrest. He still faces the criminal mischief charge, a first-degree misdemeanor, and a June 30 pre-trial before County Judge Melissa Moore-Stens.

The previous story is below.

Three Palm Coast Men Arrested Following Shooting Spree on Belle Terre Parkway and Brookside

March 9–Two Palm Coast teens and a 23-year-old, including the victim of a shooting last year in the L Section, were jailed this morning following an apparent shooting spree on Belle Terre Parkway and Brookside Lane in Palm Coast.

Steverson Jean-Louis, 19, of 45 Prattwood Drive, Derek Hall Jr., 23, of 45 Buttonworth Drive, and Phillip Haire, 18, of 11 London Drive, all in Palm Coast, each face charges of shooting or throwing a deadly missile, a second-degree felony, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a third-degree felony. Hall and Haire had posted bail on $2,500 bond, and were released.

Haire two years ago was shot in the stomach near his home in the L Section following an altercation, allegedly with Zaire Roberts, a then-17-year-old Palm Coast resident, who was charged with attempted first-degree murder in the shooting but was processed through the juvenile justice system. The outcome of his case is unclear.

The incident that led to the trio’s arrest began after 9 p.m. when the alleged victim, Anthony Kraemer, 19, had gone out to get some food. He’d been visiting his girlfriend on Brooklyn Lane. As he drove and briefly idled at the intersection of Brookside and Belle Terre, preparing to turn right, he saw a four-door gold Mazda sedan about to turn onto Brookside. It had five occupants, Kraemer told police, four of whom he recognized, three of whom he knew from school and the neighborhood, among them Haire and Hall. He didn’t know the driver, who was later identified as Jean-Louis.

Kraemer told police that he’d had a previous run-in with Hall and another one of the individuals in the Mazda, on Feb. 20, when they pulled up next to him and allegedly pointed a handgun at him through the window. He pressed charges at the time. Tuesday evening, he said he saw a black handgun in the backseat. When he saw the men in the car, he said he immediately floored the gas, the heard five or six gunshots. He didn’t know if any of the rounds struck his Honda Accord, though a deputy noted one bullet hole in the center of the car’s rear bumper.

Kraemer, who spoke to deputies at a Kangaroo station, was not injured. Deputies went to the location of the alleged shooting and set up a crime scene. Whether they recovered any evidence is unclear: the arrest reports are redacted, as the investigation is still ongoing. But soon after a be-on-the-lookout was broadcast, an off-duty law enforcement officer noticed a car matching the description of the Mazda. A deputy pulled the car over: its tag was expired. Jean-Louis was at the wheel. Two passengers were with him: Hall and another individual, whose name was redacted.

Jean-Louis and Hall were arrested. The third individual was not. Haire was arrested at his London Drive home. Deputies attempted to find two more individuals but were not successful, suggesting that further arrests are possible. The charges will be forwarded to the state attorney’s office, whose prosecutors will decide whether the charges stick, and in what form.

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38 Responses for “All Charges Dropped Against 3 Men Arrested In Belle Terre Shooting Spree in March”

  1. up the river says:

    These people want to go to jail but politics fails us local citizens once again by slapping them on the wrist.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This group is constantly hanging out in the street on London like they’re in Compton. It’s ridiculous and the parents do nothing. They are trouble and hopefully all are convicted and see jail time and that family leaves this neighborhood.

  3. Howard Ethan says:

    Why such low bail ?

  4. Mark says:

    Assault with a deadly weapon, $2500. Wow!

  5. Tim says:

    And people want to say things about daytona north. Palm coast is a drug haven.

  6. r&r says:

    Three of Palm Coast graduates and fine young men.

  7. Layla says:

    There goes the neighborhood. Very BAD sign, Palm Coast.

  8. Linda Sparda says:

    I agree with u tim. Palm coast is a drug haven. They talk about south Florida??? It is believe me, alot safer and less.

    drugs then ppl THINK. What happened to raising the bail prices according to nudge Melissa Moore stens?

  9. Outsider says:

    That’s my old neighborhood. While I risk being accused of “negativity,” I’m so glad I left that place. I feel bad for the folks that have to put up with all the trash.

  10. Don says:

    This type of behavior is ridiculous. This type of behavior should, be locked up with SEVERE PENALTIES.
    This young men will kill and then what???

  11. Don says:

    We need to let them in the prison door. They are already knocking on it so hard.
    Why would a magistrate or judge think that a $2500 bond is adequate.
    That means a $250 with a bail bonds….

  12. Missy Allen says:

    That section just needs to be bulldozed!!

  13. Tired of it says:

    What do you want to bet the prosecutor drops all the charges.

  14. confidential says:

    You all got what you voted for…! Sheriff does a great job catching them and then prosecutors and judges let then out! This is what guns for all expose us all to…

  15. L Section resident says:

    See these guys on the street all the time, sitting on the side of the road — in the paths of cars instead of the huge driveway they have. Used to see Haire walking all the time through the vacant lots to the house he was shot to meet with someone who would pull up to meet him and quickly drive off.

    Just look at his Facebook and Twitter pages. I don’t know if the police can use what he publicly posts, but they should. He was very proud of his juvie diploma. Another post about about his parole hearing. Innocent til proven guilty, but…

  16. Dolly Piscopo says:

    They better clean up Palm Coast If they want people to move there

  17. Palm coast resident says:

    Palm coast is really becoming trashy law enforcement needs to step up and get things under control. Not to mention someone could have been killed and only 2,500 for a bail what a joke.. Exactly why we need trump as our president

  18. Bc. says:

    The trash keeps piling up in palm coast law enforcement has lost control of policing this city we need a new sheriff new judges new prosecuting attorneys. Palm coast will be a crime ridden city in the near future. Property values will fall good folks will move away. And we will be left with the trash. Wake up citizens vote in a new top cop new judges demand these crimanials be put away before the kill someone. Palm coast will become the Trenton nj. Of the south we are not that far away.

  19. Geezer says:

    I want to move back to Palm Coast. I miss the thrills and tachycardia that life
    there affords all law-abiding residents. Peace and quiet is boring, and safety is so
    1950’s. I have to wait until July 4th for controlled explosions and their resulting
    symphony of sounds that doth tickle my ears. The sounds of victory!

    Do you believe that I have to put up with this……quiet? Where’s the gunfire, man?

    And man do I miss my City of Palm Coast water bills and code-enforcement agents.
    There’s nobody here with little rulers measuring the height of my grass or peeking over my
    fence. Damned if there aren’t any people parking on my freshly mowed lawn
    to attend my rude neighbor’s garage sale.

    The lack of shooting sprees is most distressing of all.
    Quite simply: I’m bored as heck.
    “U-Haul — I need a 26-footer. I’m moving back to Palm Coast.”
    Palm Coast is a happening place.

    Au contraire to those individuals who claim that my comments here are all negative!

  20. The Geode says:

    Speak for yourselves! I live in a nice quiet working-class section of Palm Coast. The kids are well mannered. The Neighbors, cordial. I feel for the old homeowners stuck with their houses while watching their neighborhood go to shit…

  21. Bill harvey says:

    If u are going to do a crime and drive to that location where you are going to commit that crime, here is some advise. Make sure all lights are working on the vehicle, reg. Is valid, obey traffic laws and tell no one what you are about to do. It’s no longer a secret when two people know

  22. Brad W says:

    The bottom line to me with this is that we are seeing the beginnings of some small groups that think they can behave like Palm Coast and Flagler County are the wild west. As a law enforcement department our Sheriff’s Office is allowing this to escalate and grow while not attacking and squashing this now. These kids aren’t invisible. They are loitering around on London Drive every single day sitting in cars parked in the swales of the vacant lot next door. I have watched Deputies drive right by this and not stop and tell them to move. What’s it going to take? A stray bullet going through a house ad killing an innocent person? A shootout on Flagler Beach? Is our local government going to do what they do with everything and wait until a tragedy happens before taking action like it took for anyone to get serious about road safety?

  23. Real Flagler says:

    OK NAACP and Southern Poverty Law, what’s your answers? I guess this is the schools fought to. These are the same young men who roamed our hallways that you all said schools were unfairly mistreating… Come on speak up, I can’t hear YOU!!!!!!

  24. Connie says:

    Great, now P.C is becoming d*ckified. Time to move.

  25. Howard Duley says:

    And the liberal clowns want my guns. Thats not going to happen. The legal system has no balls to do anything. It has come to the place where it will be every one for themselves and I intent to be on the winning side.

  26. footballen says:


  27. Gkimp says:

    Many people come on here and complain about law enforcement over reacting, over charging, and enforcing marijuana laws. But, that is how you keep a community from getting out of hand. When people understand that law enforcement is responsive to small violations, the big problems don’t occur as often. Let thugs run wild and they are going to take over your community. Don’t be afraid to call in when you see activity that looks criminal or is disrupting your neighborhoods.

  28. Pc resident says:

    This philip haire kid has been nothing but trouble from daytona to now here,sad our justice system wont give him&his “friends” what they literally beg for through their continuously ignorant actions. Wheres the parents,in this case i can assure you the apple didnt fall far at all……sad,very sad. Definitely not the schools fault is it phil haire sr.

  29. Someone Who Cares says:

    Three fine men… really ! Are you kidding me. They are very disrespectful. They hang in the middle of the road, and won’t move over for the cars, and then give you a look. I want to know why the parents allow this, why is it all of us neighbors realize what’s going on and the parents are blind to this. Apparently the kid that was shot still didn’t learn a lesson. These kids are nothing but trouble. And I hope they go to jail. if you are driving around shooting at people you need to lock them up. Or is the judicial system waiting for them to kill someone. The police need to patrol this area and they will see what’s going on. They meet vehicles around the corner and the the cars drive off. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure what is going on. To the parents of the kid who lives on London, WAKE UP!! And be parents !

  30. PCer says:

    Derek was a nice kid once upon a time. I am sad that it is no longer the case, but hope that he can turn himself around. I wonder where we as a small town went wrong?

    Rather than laying blame and pointing fingers, why don’t we come up with some solutions. These kids needs good jobs – with good pay – to keep them busy and off the streets. How about our fearless leaders bring in some industry that pays more than $7.50 an hour? How about we offer some decent training in our high schools so they can be productive when they graduate without needing to go to college?

  31. up the river says:

    @ PCer What the heck are you talking about? Derek is 23 year-old adult although obviously his brain doesn’t operate like one. What does shooting at people have to do with working? I mean they have money for guns and ammo. That Haire family has one of the biggest houses on that London Drive Street plus brand new cars and recreational cars and the Steverson suspects family has a huge house too. One has to first learn how get along with others before one can get a job working alongside others.

  32. PCer says:

    I agree with you @ up the river. I am just sad that these guys (just barely adults) are not using their resources to better themselves and their community. I hope that we has a community can come together to help the kids coming out of Matanzas and FPC to find good employment so they don’t end up on the streets selling drugs and generally terrorizing their neighborhoods. How about we look for solutions? Do you have any suggestions?

  33. Outsider says:

    That’s great, they are all free. Better get the hell out of Calm Post while you still can.

  34. Mark says:

    Don’t dare buy a gun to protect yourself!

  35. The Geode says:

    Here’s a plan. Let’s stop rewarding ill-equipped people for their bad decision making. Let’s limit the “breed for pay” programs that allow those who don’t want, can’t care for OR nonplussed about children to have children. Chances are these children will lack the empathy it takes to be productive by growing up in counterproductive environments.

  36. footballen says:

    Ok so say the waste management employee comes to your house and graciously removes all the waste you set out for him, later some guy from the dump comes back with all of your trash and tosses it into the street and your yard. How the F*** is that the waste management guys issue? You freaking people blame everything on the cops!!!!!!!!!!!! They took those scum bags to jail! The judge let them out. How is that a law ENFORCEMENT problem? Some of you are complete freaking idiots. No offense to those of you who do not routinely make that assumption, I am just so sick and tired of the ignorance and stereo typing of the police.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Ask anyone of these characters why they do what they do and they will say you, “How much do YOU make? What do you expect me to do, work at Mickey D’s?” And the answer should be, ‘Yeah, that’s exactly what you should do, if you expect to stay out of jail and/or maybe be alive this time next year.” THat’s the truth although it might not make a difference until one or other actually happens.

  38. jasonb says:

    What’s Trump going to do, target their families?

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