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Upset By Cheesy Garlic Knots and “Disrespect,” Quartet Trashes Palm Coast Pizza

| February 21, 2016

quartet, from left: Vincent Conti, Shawn Cody, Hareem Jones and Jessica Conti, who allegedly triggered the confrontation for being upset over cheese on her garlic knots.

The garlic-knot quartet, from left: Vincent Conti, Shawn Cody, Hareem Jones and Jessica Conti, who allegedly triggered the confrontation for being upset over cheese on her garlic knots.

Jessica Conti was not happy with her garlic knots. It was something about cheese. The folks at Palm Coast Pizza on Palm Harbor Parkway had apparently put cheese on the garlic knots after Conti ordered the knots Friday evening. Conti did not want cheese on her garlic knots. So she was very upset by the garlic knots.

Pizza workers fulfill hundreds of orders a night. On rare occasion, a mistake is made. Apologies are tendered. The mistake is fixed. The next order is fulfilled. Not with Conti. She became “verbally argumentative” over the cheesy garlic knots, according to the employees.

The 25-year-old Conti, a resident of 56 Leidel Drive in Palm Coast, wanted her money back. The three young employees, 20, 18 and 16 years old, obliged. (Unlike a similar confrontation over an equally grave displeasure with a pizza order at another pizzeria, no guns made their appearance.)

But then Conti got upset again. It wasn’t the garlic knots au fromage anymore. It was the way she was handed the money. There was no cheese on the money. But Conti felt she was being “disrespected by the way the money was put down on the counter and became more irate,” according to a police report.

The confrontation escalated. Vincent Conti, 23, Shawn Cody, 32, and Hareem Jones, 26, who’d been outside but somehow heard about the garlic knot atrocity, entered the business, according to their respective arrest reports, and, with Jessica Conti, allegedly proceeded to trash the place. They pushed the register and the fax machine off the counter and onto the floor. They then entered the kitchen, which is off limits to customers, “and started throwing pizza boxes and food everywhere.”

Someone threw a glass parmesan jar—possibly the very jar that had contained the cheese that ended up on the garlic knots that had outraged Conti—at a television in the customer-lobby area, causing further damage. There is no mention of garlic knots being used as weapons or missiles. The quartet then left before Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies arrived.

Two customers who had witnessed the entire raid knew members of the quartet and identified them to police. The raid was also captured on surveillance video (not available for publication at the moment).

Deputies then went to Conti’s Leidel Drive address. She told deputies she knew why they were there, and she was right. They were there to arrest the quartet, arrests that were conducted without incident, though in one case, that of Hareem Jones, a deputy located a marijuana joint in one of Jones’s pockets, resulting in an additional charge for Jones: pot possession under 20 grams.

Otherwise, each member of the quartet was charged with burglary of an occupied structure, a second-degree felony, and criminal mischief causing damage of under $1,000, a misdemeanor. Property damage was estimated at around $1,000. They were taken to the Flagler County jail, where they were held on $1,500 bond–$2,000 for Jones—which they all posted. They have since been released. Typically in such situations, suspects are required by a judge’s order to stay away from the area at the center of the confrontation. But they would not be barred from placing pizza orders, or order for garlic knots, at other pizza businesses in town.

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81 Responses for “Upset By Cheesy Garlic Knots and “Disrespect,” Quartet Trashes Palm Coast Pizza”

  1. Carol says:

    They need to grow up. Probably had been drinking or on drugs. smh

  2. assault with a garlic knot

  3. Karen Warren says:

    I’m just trying to figure out when it became okay to behave this way, especially grown adults. Who or what raised these people? (sigh)

  4. Someone needs to teach them some manners

  5. AceDeadEyeJohnson says:

    She needs to lay off the garlic knots and have a salad…..

  6. Katie Haugs says:

    I’m so proud of our town !

  7. They need to clean this restaurant floors with a toothbrush for a year! Hopefully they will learn a little respect!

  8. Chris Murphy says:

    I bet they made mama proud.

  9. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Throw the book at them. And include about 70 hours each of community road clean up.

  10. By the time Flagler County gets done with them they won’t be able to buy those Cheesy little morsels of goodness because they will be to broke.

  11. Diana L. says:

    Hysterically written but outrageously sad conduct of 4 people.

  12. Woody says:

    TO bad they did not pull that at 5 star boom game over.Alway’s carry.

  13. Rich sagala says:

    Pizza is not good there, too much cheese was put on my meatball hero which was not tasty. Also their pie needs a lot of work. Will not go back. That’s what these idiots should have done. They would have accomplish more through social media but maybe they are not educated to utilize such a forum

  14. Joe Chewning says:

    When I lived in palm coast things were never that bad, yeah there were some crime but not nearly as much as I hear about it now!! Glad I’m not there anymore

  15. Brad says:

    How would a gun fix this situation?

  16. PS: Garlic Knots have cheese on them if you wanted them you should have had enough brains to order them without CHEESE!!!

  17. Nonya Business says:

    Why is this written as a joke. 4 violent individuals with no morals or respect for personal property destroying someones personal business why just because they had cheese on their galic knots REALLY! after they spend the weekend with their three hots and a cot have them return back to the pizzeria and apologize to the employees and pay for all the damages hell fold some boxes and sweep up all that devil cheese that they hate so much. These four are punk ass bitches with no respect for the lively hood of others.

  18. debee says:

    behavior of children not getting there way, to get respect you must give respect

  19. Dave says:

    All I see is worthless trash. $1,000, $1,500 is cheap. Teach these punks a lesson, $10,000 each and 1 day in jail. And they are made to walk the streets with a yellow vest that notes they trashed a Pizza joint as they pick up trash on Palm Coast Parkway for 10 days. .

  20. Cracked Up Babies says:

    @Woody. I was thinking the same thing. This is the same-ole typical out of control man-child behavior of our Flagler county residents.

  21. Entitlement at its finest act like a ass then get pissed because you get disrespected sounds like trailer trash wanna be thugs

  22. Barry Hartmann says:

    Wannabes… what they deserve!

  23. confidential says:

    Only 1,000 in damages for that mes described? Didn’t the victims underestimated it?

  24. Outsider says:

    What a bunch of trash.

  25. tulip says:

    Those 4 fools are ignorant morons who need to be punished. I think they ought to be made to clean the floors, toilets, and every other surface with a tooth brush on their hands and knees as a community service to the pizzeria.

  26. Pizza guy says:

    Every in Palm coast should order delivery of garlic knots with extra cheese to that address.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Another case of absent/bad parenting. Culture of kids with no respect and full of self entitled behavior. Smdh

  28. Well I’m glad that is the bad news. It could be so much worse.

  29. YankeeExPat says:


    ” We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome someday! “

  30. neighbor says:

    disrespected? over garlic knots?
    lmao. lowlifes.

  31. Maiden says:

    was a pretty funny article. pathetic display of homies who think they’re still in hood.

  32. Joe says:


  33. ryan says:

    Cheese jar and pizza boxes isn’t much calamity. 1000 may be an over estimate. The cash register wasn’t broken??? But why were they arrested? They pulled a Donald trump!

  34. steve says:

    Need to grow up.

  35. Scott Blake says:

    Nice looking youth there. I’m sure they were grabbing a quick bite before heading to church. All the blame lies with the restaurant.

  36. HeathenAngel says:

    Yeah… a gun… THAT’S what’s needed in this situation.

    What is it with you penis-envying, gun huggers? Someone looks at you wrong… “GIT MAH GUN, CLETUS” I weep for humanity.

  37. Mark Fetz says:

    One of things Jesus said he will be reviewing on Judgement Day is the love shown towards prisoners/criminals. What these people did is absurd and deserves to be punished, but these people, obviously, are broken and out of touch with reality, probably on drugs. Mocking and trashing them, although the sentiments are understandable, will not rehabilitate them.

  38. Waiting for a friend or family member to say “You don’t know the whole story” or “She was going through alot of family problems lately”.. Come on, I know someone is going to condone, justify, or or blame the restaurant employees..

  39. Zenovia Mills says:

    There was 0 crime when I moved there

  40. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny cause I work there and was working that night, but I was doing a delivery.

  41. blondee says:


  42. James w says:

    The really sad thing is these people probably weren’t raised or born in Flagler county. But Flagler county will get blamed for the trash that migrates down from the northeast. Take your garlic knots and go back home.

  43. Kim says:

    How do people get this old (25 to 16) with such poor life skills?

  44. GoodFella says:

    Wheres Goomba’s Pizza owner when you need him????

  45. Markingthedays says:

    This article had me chuckling the whole time.

    “There is no mention of garlic knots being used as weapons or missiles.”

  46. Amazed says:

    This is exactly why we need to bring back the ‘CHAIN GANG”.

  47. Dana branning says:

    Very well written..very funny

  48. Glory Art says:

    ~~~garlic knot missles, so funny.
    Ok, let me get this straight. You got yourself arrested because of cheesy garlic knots?.. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up….

  49. Heading North says:

    At the ages listed for the alleged perpetrators, they are certainly not children! They are nothing but “street thugs” and should be dealt with accordingly and lawfully. Try to get the judges to understand that tho, is an uphill road!

  50. Realist says:

    The new face of Palm Coast.

    Bet the house they’re living in is Sec. 8. We’re probably supporting the lot of them. If they were busy working to improve their lives, i.e., working AND going to school they wouldn’t have time or energy for this garbage behavior. Out neighborhoods have become full of people like these . . . living in Sec. 8 rentals interspersed between hard working homeowners. But that’s what you get when the City sells it’s soul for HUD grants and low-income housing.

  51. David S says:

    Hope you get a taste of jail food no garlic knots for you.

  52. GT says:

    I’m sure this lovely young woman was worried about the extra calories in the cheese ruining her figure. Why do these losers always have to take things to the next level

  53. Brian says:

    Yet another glaring example and result of the Palm Coast Ghetto Expansion Project.

  54. Anne Geggis says:

    Craig Agranoff … you haven’t found yourself this upset over knots, have you?

  55. Elizabeth says:

    Brad, a gun definitely wouldn’t “fix” this situation. It would only escalate an already overblown situation into a tragedy.

  56. Com Post News says:

    This is what happens when you make it to your 20’s with no parental discpline. I’m sure arresting them offended them and laws are in the process of being changed to protect people like this.

  57. George says:

    Your right. They have it in Arizona under Sheriff Joe Alpio.

  58. Dave says:

    Yes there are stupid people and these 4, top of the list.

  59. Anonymous says:

    That is ONE bad case of the munchies! These people don’t know the meaning of the word “respect”, as they seem to neither respect themselves or anyone else. More evidence of Palm Coast being a “redneck riviera”–whose caviar of choice appears to be garlic knots sans cheese.

  60. tulip says:

    I find it sad that so many find this incident of moronic distruction of property and bullying amusing. Maybe next time it will be with a gun and someone gets shot.

  61. r&r says:

    Some more of Palm Coast home schooled.

  62. David S says:

    I thought climing up a telephone pole drunk many years ago but this crap is over the top make these idots pay for 100% of the damage and serve time.

  63. Barry Hartmann says:

    Wannabes …… Hope they enjoy jail!

  64. Reticle Eye Pete says:

    This is why there are NO new businesses starting up in Palm Coast. The clientele is sadly “tribal” in nature !

  65. Anonymous says:

    If there was a gun behind that counter.that situation wouldn’t of happened..sad day

  66. Joe says:

    It takes a village

  67. Linda says:

    Some of the comments are as disgusting as these 4 thugs. These are not children. All are adults older than the restaurant employees they terrorized. Respect – are you kidding me? Felony assault charges are the only thing you deserve AND jail time. I am so glad we moved from this area which just keeps spiraling downward. Perhaps I have a different perspective having had the restaurant I once worked in held up and an 18 year old employee murdered, and a 20 year old shot up, along with the manager living through being shot through the head. I just don’t think Palm Coast and Flagler County, including the government, law enforcement, and much of the judiciary have any sense. Always closing the barn door after the horse gets out. These 4 people deserve to be removed from our society for some time so that THEY CAN LEARN SOME RESPECT FOR OTHERS. The hell with them.

  68. Honest says:

    Call the NAACP for a lawsuit!

  69. Jack Howell, PhD says:

    This group is nothing more than low lives. They deserve to be in jail!

  70. Geezer says:

    “Redneck Riviera”
    Those were the good old days. Palm Coast the new and sunny East New York.
    (East NY is a crime-infested area of Brooklyn, NY)

    “disrespected” ” or “dissed”
    When you hear someone use those terms – grab your wallet or cling to your purse.

    Dang! Palm Coast is on the steepest of declines….
    Bring back the rednecks.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to accidentally deliver 1,000 extra cheesy garlic knots to these gems…every day for a year… then as their community service for the stupidity that was demonstrated Friday- they need to be ordered to deliver the garlic knots to homeless shelters and food pantry’s!

  72. Elroy says:

    Let’s find out where they were born and raised. Not all bad people come from the north east. A lot of people come down here with an education improving the county in one way or another. To say that nothing but bad comes from north, north east or the mid-west is just as ignorant as the four individuals who destroyed the pizzeria

  73. Maiden says:

    1) they’re from Staten Island
    2) they’re not kids
    3) it was a gang mentality – 3 joined the initial aggressor to tear the place up & terrorize the kids working there part-time & customers. The kids that work there should press charges too
    4) FCSO really do needs to beef up things or get our own POLICE DEPT in Palm Coast.
    5) This is called RAGE. I don’t care what they’re complaint was about. They scared these poor kids, customers… and should be charged with more than a misdemeanor.

    Save your pizza boxes everyone and throw them on their front lawn.

  74. Neighbor says:

    I wish they’d come on here and read these comments.
    Then again, they’re probably not embarrassed. They think they’re justified.
    The arrogance.
    Unlike the kids they terrorized these (sic) adults don’t have jobs.

  75. gene says:

    The Palm Coast Society for The Preservation and Purity in Garlic Knots Task Force has arrived

  76. ryan says:

    This story was humorous for sure. (Thanks for the chuckle). But my GOD…such vile comments! I see very little difference between most of the commentators and these four. I bet reality TV is heavily watched by most of the commentators. Hypocrites and racists!

  77. Anonymous says:

    My favorite commentator–Geezer!

  78. Geezer says:

    Thanks Anonymous!

  79. GT says:

    Hey Ryan, call us names after one of these losers breaks into your house or hurts someone in your family!

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