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To Elude Cops, Woman Jumps Into Intracoastal With Crack, Pills and $2,000 Cash in Tow

| December 10, 2015

nichole headley

Nichole Headley was on two years’ drug-offender probation when she was arrested again Wednesday.

Nichole Headley hasn’t had a good year. The 25-year-old San Bernadino native and current resident of 103 Front Street in Palm Coats was arrested in May on a felony charge of habitually driving on a suspended license and drug possession, and again four weeks later for the same illegal driving charge. She was arrested in October for violating her pre-trial release agreement.

Now she faces more serious charges, six in all, four of them felonies. It started with a lighter. Headley was looking for one in a lanai’s summer kitchen at 47 North Waterview Drive. It wasn’t her lanai. The house owner noticed her and told her to get off his property. She told him she was looking for a lighter. The man again told her to leave. So she did, though that wasn’t all she’d done in the lanai. A neighbor told police she’d spoken with Headley that day, and Headley had told her she’d spent the night at 47 North Waterview, according to her arrest report.

Cops were alerted. When they got to 47 N. Waterview, they were directed to a nearby house and told Headley was by the front door there. She was. But as soon as she saw the deputies approaching, she started running. A pursuit started. Headley ignored the cops’ orders to stop, running down to the boat docks–and jumping into the Intracoastal Waterway.

Headley then crossed the waterway toward Island Estates. As she swam she told the cops that she didn’t want to be caught because she was on probation. (Judge J. David Walsh sentenced her to two years’ drug-offender probation on Nov. 4.) Dispatch sent additional law enforcement officers to Island Estate, where they caught up with Headley as she was coming ashore. Once again she ran off but the cops stopped her and brought her to the ground in an empty lot at 28 Island Estate Parkway, and cuffed.

Deputies searched Headley and found four and a half Xanax pills, four Roxycodone pills, a “small amount of crack cocaine,” a crack stem with residue, and $1,963 in assorted bills, which, her arrest report states, she “had possession of during the whole incident.” It’s not clear how she kept the money and the pills from being damaged by the water.

“All of my money better be there,” she told the cops as they seized the property, “I know you cops are crooked.” Her language got allegedly saltier as the arrest proceeded, with Headley becoming combative in back of a patrol car, banging her head against the partition with the driver’s compartment and continuing to speak ill of law enforcement.

She was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler for clearance. There she allegedly again became combative, this time with hospital personnel, but finally calmed down, apparently being taken over with sleep, enabling personnel to clear her. She was taken to the Flagler County jail and booked on charges of burglary, cocaine possession, three other drug charges, and resisting arrest.

Thursday evening she was still being held on $6,500 bail.

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19 Responses for “To Elude Cops, Woman Jumps Into Intracoastal With Crack, Pills and $2,000 Cash in Tow”

  1. Ken Dodge says:

    It’s doubtful she’ll make Santa’s ‘nice’ list this year.

  2. Bc says:

    Another fine citizen of palm coast why do are judges let them walk our streets ???

  3. Scoobydoo says:

    You can shoot into an occupied dwelling with ur girlfriend and kids and parents inside and get 6 months probation in this town… A drug aaddict…. A lesser charge

  4. Dave says:

    She is lucky a bull shark didn’t take a huge bite out of her. Lock her butt in jail for a few years.

    “”why do are judges let them walk our streets ???”” well the county is to cheap to keep her in jail.

  5. jason says:

    Flagler county courts are pathetic at best. Not saying the girl needs life in jail or even jail in general. Sounds like help would be a good start. Good luck getting it from our great system in place. I think they really need to consider a rehabilitation program before we become Orlando.

  6. Hammock says:

    $6,500 bail?????? I move here from a town this size in western PA and read the news there and the bail would be about $65,000.

  7. confidential says:

    This woman is a drug/alcohol addict and also drug dealer from Daytona Beach original from San Bernardino CA.
    She destroyed a family of husband, wife and 2 young children residing in a water front million dollar home in Grand Haven by engaging in sex, drug and alcohol addiction the wealthy husband when he met her in a Daytona Beach bar/nightclub and brought her to the luxurious residence on his wife and children absence.
    This incident one of many took place inside GH. She is draining the husbands bank accounts while keeping him drugged and drunk. She has been taken to jail many times for DUI and the man bails her out! Why these judges let her go free on these low bails? This man is hurting his children that love him by ignoring them on birthdays, holidays and on the sports events that he promoted and took them since babies. Needless to say the pain and hurting the good, dedicated and beautiful wife and mother of his kids is enduring. Nichole Headley does not belong in our community as is a danger to all while driving intoxicated and with a suspended license most the time. She was in jail for DUI and suspended license, violation of pre-trial in 5/23/15, 6/13/15, 10/12/15 and now 12/9/15 for burglary and all kinds of drugs. possession, etc. Four times in one year why is she let go to this millionaire man footing her bail payments? Inmate search on the sheriff web site and type her name. Who is going to be held responsible when she may kill an innocent on her DUI’s? Why a wealthy man paying her bail out is allowed to endanger the public safety? Keep her locked or have her sugar daddy pay a long rehab far from Florida.
    We have a problem in this community with these wealthy men hooking up these addicts that invite their criminal friends among us too in and out. How about none trespassing injunctions to these addicts from the communities that these wealthy dudes bring them too, endangering us all? Out with them, rehab or not with repeat offenders. If they have $$ to bail them out, pay for rehab don’t dump them on our dimes.

    This is not the only case around Palm Coast of one of these drug addicts and dealers even cooking methamphetamine’s highly explosive process among us on the residences of some of these wealthy homeowners that get hooked because their money. Palm Coast needs a clean up and the tools are in the Flagler County judges hands only. Please do your job.

  8. confidential says:

    By the way these addicted females of ill background and many offenses, brought to our community by wealthy males are at least half their sugar daddy’s age or even younger and of course younger than their wives and their children’s mother. One more magnet…money talks. Sad.

  9. Bc says:

    We must vote the judges out of office if they refuse to keep the repeat criminal’s off our streets VOTE THEM OUT.

  10. layla says:

    I read recently that a young man in south Florida was killed by an alligator when he attempted to hide from police in a neighborhood pond after having robbed a neighboring home.

    This young woman is swimming with sharks. For her, time is running out. And a bail of $6500 seems awfully low to just about anybody. Are you trying to raise quick money for the county or keep people behind bars where they belong?

  11. charlie says:

    If some of these of nagging wives would do drugs and allow wild sex once in awhile maybe the hubby wouldn’t need to invite these girls over, jus saying ladies , let your hair down, a lil molly and minaj-a-twa can make a marriage go far

  12. groot says:

    If Grand Haven is worried about their rich hood, they may want to start with whoever brought this gem into the sanctified gates of Grand Haven. Given all the other problems in Flagler County, the state, the country and the world, this is small potatoes at best. Given her record, she’ll be swimming with the fishes all the time soon enough. If she is a home wrecker, she was invited in. Deal with whoever issued the invitation.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t there a man/Doctor who owned a house in Grand Haven who was busted for running a “pill mill” in town? My guess is that has something to do with at least one of the houses in question.

  14. Anonymous says:

    We should have mandatory lock down drug treatment over jail for most drug offenders.

  15. footballen says:

    Wow someone sure sounds like an elitest. Keep these flushes away from our fat white rich ass husbands in Grand haven because we trophy wives do not like this trashy competition.

  16. American white boy says:

    Plus no one in grand haven is rich, trust me, I knw 2 bit loser pot heads living in grand haven, that’s where wannabe rich people live, no one with real money would live in that place

  17. nichole headley says:

    yall can go fuck urselfs…yall dont know my life and what has happened to me to make me want to use drugs…all of u people who have talked bad about me have no idea about the abuse and pain that has been caused to me. i kno what i did wasnt right but u know i can admit i am a drug addict and im in rehab.. but the bottom line is ive never hurt anybody. im the one who is hurting every fucking day of my life. being molested everyday as a child by my grandfather being physically abused by my father anf my mother leaving me at 3 years old me being put down and called names and treated like i was nothing…i turned to drugs to help ease the pain in my life..but i by far dont deserve all the nasty things that people have said. i dont belong in prison for the rest of my life i deserve the chance to get help which i have gotten and i found god which every single person on here needs to do because if u keep talking bad about people like u have done me ur going to hell. i will pray for every single one of u who said awful things about me and i hope that god will forgive u…i know who i am and so do my parents and my two children and i might have a disease which is exactly what the problem is but i know the people that i care about what they think of me think that i am a beautiful person inside and out i have the biggest heart and would do anything i could for anybody…i am a amazing mother and my kids worship me.. god bless u people and u are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. Maureen says:

    Hang in there Nichole. Glad to hear you’re getting the help you need. Not sure if you remember me, I knew you back in Pa.

  19. Ciara says:

    Get em girl! 😉

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