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Crime Round-Up: Bomb Threat at Palm Coast Data, Assaulting Police in Flagler Beach, a B-Section Theft

| October 19, 2015

palm coast data

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Palm Coast Data, one of the county’s three largest private employers, was the target of a bomb threat Friday morning, three months after the building was evacuated because of a suspicious white powder. The threat, by a caller from a landline in Canada, proved less than credible, and the building was not evacuated.

The threat was called in at 10:30 a.m. by a man who referred to “the honor and freedom of Americans and Canadians,” according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s Office’s incident report. The man was on the phone with a 20-year-old Palm Coast Data employee when he asked for the location of the company. He was told it was in Palm Coast. He then asked that the employee take down his email address and forward it to the publishers Down East magazine. (Palm Coast Data is a subscription fulfillment center.) The employee told him she could not do that. The man became angry and said, “How about I blow up your business in Palm Coast, Florida?”

The employee put the man on hold. He soon hung up. His phone number was recorded. The company has a protocol for bomb threats, but company administrators determined that since the caller had identified his whereabouts (Calgary, Alberta), no evacuation was necessary. The company administration had learned that before deputies arrived at the Palm Coast Data location on Commerce Boulevard, the caller had placed calls to two other publications, though this was the first time he’d made threats, the incident report states.

Several sheriff’s office deputies responded to the call, which was logged as a “non-specific bomb threat.”

Flagler Beach Resident Arrested on Charge of Assaulting Police

Daniel E. Everett, a 22-year-old resident of 2245 South Central Avenue in Flagler Beach, was arrested Sunday evening on charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication after he allegedly caused a disturbance, accosted an employee and scared patrons at the Taco Shop on 101 North State Road A1A.

daniel e. everett

Daniel Everett.

Everett, who’s been booked on minor charges at the Flagler County Jail about a dozen times in the last few years, was arrested on identical charges in 2011 and was found guilty on both and sentenced to a year’s probation. He subsequently violated his probation.

Sunday evening, Everett was first reported to be walking through Finn’s parking lot with a 24-pack of beer, “dropping cans everywhere,” his arrest report states. He then asked the owner of the Taco Shop if he could walk through the establishment to make it to North 2nd Street. The owner allowed him to do so, but once inside, Everett allegedly accosted an employee and asked her for a hug. She rebuffed him. He then allegedly caused a scene, making patrons fearful. The owner asked him to leave. On his way out. Everett dropped his alcohol. The owner tried to help him. Everett “became aggressive” as if to fight the owner, who, after warning him, pinned Everett to the ground, pending police’s arrival.

Once secured in the Flagler Beach police officer’s patrol car, Everett, his arrest report states, started kicking the window and front cage window of the vehicle and spitting on the windows while making threats against the police officer, telling her, “I know where you live.” The behavior continued after the officer took Everett to Florida Hospital Flagler, where he refused treatment. Everett remained at the jail Monday evening, on $1,250 bond.

B-Section Mystery

Just after midnight this morning a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy was patrolling the B Section, following up on a car break-in in the neighborhood, when the deputy saw a car parked in front of 31 Burning Bush Drive, in the median. The car immediately turned off its headlights. Three men exited the car, including one the officer recognized from previous encounters. The men went to the 31 Burning Bush house, ignoring the deputy’s order to stop. One of them men went into the house from the front door. Two others went toward the back of the house.

Making contact with a woman who opened the door at the address, the woman said she and a friend had just returned home but had no knowledge of the men the deputy was referring to. She declined the deputy’s request to check the house.

The deputy checked the vehicle and found that it belonged to a resident on Barrington Drive, who confirmed that his vehicle was indeed stolen from his driveway. The vehicle owner responded to the scene and took possession of the car a silver Ford Expedition.

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17 Responses for “Crime Round-Up: Bomb Threat at Palm Coast Data, Assaulting Police in Flagler Beach, a B-Section Theft”


    So let me get this straight.

    Three guys get out of a car that is later determined to be stolen. One goes into the house and the other two go to the back of the house.

    And not only do the police do nothing, but they let the car owner drive away with the only physical evidence they have in a crime?


    When I managed a call center in Missouri, we instructed the operators to never reveal the city we were located in. They could say Missouri, but if the caller pressed for a city they were to be transferred to a supervisor for “further processing.”

  3. Gkimp says:

    On the B-Section case, why wouldn’t the Deputy call for additional units and secure the residence, then get a search warrant? Pretty simple case, this is a symptom of poor leadership and causing deputies to not give a hoot. Was the car processed? Doesn’t look like it since it was released at the scene. Touch DNA would most likely be on the steering wheel and door handles. It only takes a little effort to solve crimes, 31 Burning Bush is a “hot spot” for recovering stolen cars. Solve this one and stop many more.

    [Note: the vehicle was processed for DNA, according to the incident report.–FL.]

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, did they take the B-section car thieves into custody? Did the vehicle owner not wish to press charges. Ah, the B-section!

  5. The Truth says:

    So let me get this straight on the B-section mystery.. three guys exited a vehicle and walked into a house. The vehicle was found to be stolen and the three men weren’t questioned in any way?

  6. Geezer says:

    Palm Coast Data is imploding already – why the bomb threat?
    Oh those huckleberry Canadians…

  7. Geezer says:

    “When I managed a call center in Missouri”
    Wasn’t the original parent company for PCD based in Missouri?

  8. Mike says:

    I’m not familiar with all of the “sections” in Palm Coast, nor do I care to be, but I have heard that the B section is Palm Coast’s ghetto.

  9. Steve says:

    The police may just be biding their time. They did get DNA from the car and it will be analyzed. Once they find out who the culprits are, they will get them. I hope I am right.

  10. Ray Thorne says:

    B Section Mystery..I wonder how many deputies were working that night? Was the city contract for law enforcement services being adhered to? How far was back-up? I certainly would not expect a single deputy to attempt to take three people into custody especially not knowing if they’re armed or not. When will the city demand that the Sheriff adhere to the contract? Silly question I know as of course the answer is that something terrible has to happen first. How much reimbursement does the Sheriff owe the city? For more than two and a half years we’ve been paying for ghost deputies. The contract states that the Sheriff will reimburse the city for each deputy it falls short of providing. I’d imagine it’s a pretty good chunk of change. It’s taxpayer money and whether it be Flaglerlive or some other local media outlet, I’d like to see some investigative reporting done to shed light on the issue. It could very well save a life.

  11. terminus_termite says:

    I think each section has their own mini-ghetto’s. The R-section, the F-section, the W-section…none are immune to criminal activity and less than stellar occupants.

  12. David B says:

    The victim got his car back, That’s all that matters.

  13. Gkimp says:

    Right David, and the thieves live to steal another day, maybe your car, next time.

  14. Anonymous says:

    That’s NOT all that matters. As long as people can get away with stuff like this, they will keep doing it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    no david that’s not all that matters-the person living at 31 burning bush is still walking free…many don’t realize he was just in jail in Volusia county for a different stolen car and a firearm charge–how he is walking free,ill never understand…

    it seems like a money grab to allow low bond–they get bonded out and violate again–then the bond is kept for that reason–using criminals as a cash-cow it seems like.

  16. Anonymous says:

    this individual for example–how is he allowed to have such a low bond?

    he is once again out and about…

  17. Anonymous says:

    GKIMP hit the nail on the head…secure the house… get a warrant,,,raid the house …arrest the 3 losers

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