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Arrested for Trying to Take a Child While Impersonating Police

| July 26, 2010

corey john miller and tyler barber impersonating an officer palm coast crime

Corey John Miller, left, claimed he was a police officer helping Tyler Barber take back his daughter. (FCSO)

In November, Tyler Barber, 21, of Palm Coast’s Woodglen Place, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant woman.

On Saturday (July 24), he was arrested again for violating his probation when he accompanied John Miller to an Evanslane home in Palm Coast and, with Miller allegedly impersonating a police officer, tried to take his (Barber’s) daughter away from Robert Morris, 60, and the child’s grandmother. The child, just a few months old, is the daughter of the woman Barber was accused of assaulting in November.

According to a Flagler County Sheriff’s report, Barber and Miller knocked on Morris’ door just after 1 o’clock in the morning on the 24th. Morris asked who was there. The reply: “Flagler County Police Department.” There is no such thing as a Flagler County or a Palm Coast police department. The sheriff’s office provides law enforcement for Palm Coast.

Morris opened the door. He did not recognize Miller. But he did recognize Barber. Miller again identified himself as a Flagler County police officer and held out an ID card. He didn’t let Roberts close enough to read it. When Morris asked Miller for his badge, Miller said he didn’t have it on him, and that Morris didn’t have to see it. According to Morris’ report to the sheriff’s office, Miller then reiterated that he was a county police officer, that Tyler was a very good friend of his, and that he was there to remove Tyler’s daughter from Morris’ residence.

As Miller continued to say that he was there to remove the child, Morris tried to close the door, but Miller stuck his foot in to prevent the door from shutting. At that point, the report states, Miller punch Morris on the left side of his face. Morris said he was able to push Miller out of the doorway and shut the door. Tyler and Miller left in a dark SUV. Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies tracked them down based on Morris’ description of the vehicle, and arrested them both–Tyler for violating his probation, and Miller for impersonating an officer.

Barber was booked into the Flagler County jail and released after posting $750 bond. Corey, 22, of Elm Ave. in Bunnell, was booked and released on $1,250 bond. He faces a charge of impersonating an officer and one count of battery.

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9 Responses for “Arrested for Trying to Take a Child While Impersonating Police”

  1. elaygee says:

    Isn’t attempted kidnapping a federal offense? Why weren’t the feds called to take them into custody?

  2. Corey Miller says:

    I am corey miller, and this story is soo construed. The way that is being played out is so wrong and I can not stand how the story makes me sound. I have never been arrested befor in my life and the only thing i am wrong for is going to this mans house late, putting my foot in the door as he tried to close it , and trying to help a friend. I NEVER stated I was a flagler county police officer becouse there is no such thing. I did state that I was in the LEO academy and I didnt want any problems. There is no evidence and it is soo rediculouse that I am being portrayed this way. If you knew me and The supposed “VICTIM” you would understand. I am getting this handled and all I ask is that yall keep an open mind and my family and I in your prayers. IF you have any comments or questions you are free to email me at … thank you ..

  3. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    I thought the Law was( Innocent UNTILL PROVEN QUILTY.)..seems to me once again the NEWs writing a story where no one has even been to court….you must be affilated with FOX NEWS,LMAO….

  4. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for this poor child. Barber was arrested for assaulting her mother while she was pregnant with the baby, and now he takes his friend at 1:00 am to her grandparent’s house and tries to kidnap her? I hope they lock him away for a long time. This guy has no business being a father to that child. He lost his right to be in her life when he endangered her life by attacking her mother while she was still in the womb. Not to mention, he’s a drug addict, as made evident by his court appearances in 2007 where he was given probation for that offense as well. It’s obvious he was not there to take the baby for some kind of visitation. He was obviously attempting to take her maliciously in an attempt to continue to hurt the child’s mother. I hope he gets his parental rights terminated by the state and that this baby’s mother gets a permanent injuction against him to protect herself and her family from this loser.

  5. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    I AM 100% BEHIND YOU…..THIS IS pure domestic violence……

  6. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    Mr. Miller I hope that in the FUTURE you will learn something from this and choose wisely the company you keep….this guy is TRASH….

  7. sally says:

    ya poor corey miller a victim. ya right you knew you were wrong both of u

  8. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    Victim—-lets put it all out there–the whole thing is nuts–the young girl involved still did, does see the boy involved–the whole family needs help and the child should be in foster care in my opinion…..

  9. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    Remove the child from aLL THE NUTS–THATS THE REAL VICTIM

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