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Racist Graffiti in Palm Coast’s L-Section Ascribed to Stupidity as Confederate Caravan Rumbles Through Bunnell

| July 21, 2015

racist graffiti palm coast

Some of the graffiti near the intersection of Lakeview and Laramie. (FCSO)

Racism is by definition a display of ignorance. But the randomly sprayed racist graffiti in Palm Coast’s L-Section made “no sense,” in the words of a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy, in one case combining a reference to “White Power” with a reference to “Crips,” the notorious but predominantly black gang.

The graffiti was spray-painted in silver on pavement at the intersection of Laramie Drive and Lakeview Boulevard sometime Thursday night or Friday morning. It included the words “fuck niggers,” a few jaggedly drawn swastikas, the sign for the SS (the paramilitary Nazi organization in World War II). The acronym for the KKK, the American terrorist organization, was also among the spray paintings, as was “CSA,” the acronym for the Civil War-era Confederate States of America.

The latter acronym has seen a mild resurgence in the South, dovetailing the angry reaction by small segments of the white population over the removal of Confederate flags from public grounds, as on the grounds of the South Carolina and Alabama legislatures. One such reaction drove through downtown Bunnell Monday evening as a caravan of pick-up trucks flying large Confederate flags and playing loud music drove through town, heading north on U.S. 1. The caravan was ostensibly a memorial for a 21 year old killed in a car wreck last week, who had himself, on July 10, invited friends through Facebook to go on such a ride.

But there was this fact, too, regarding the spray-painting in the L Section: The victims of the graffiti, at two nearly adjoining addresses on the same side of Langdon Drive, are white.

At one address, a 66-year-old man’s 2003 Honda Accord was spray-painted with silver paint on the rear trunk lid area. Similar damage was done to his 37-year-old daughter’s 2005 Nissan. The daughter did not discover the damage on her car until her father pointed it out, she told police.

At the other address, a silver Toyota Corolla belonging to a 38-year-old woman was spray-painted on the rear car logo and on the vehicle’s tail lights, while the words “dj robin ppl” and “fuckin wit us black boys” was spray-painted on the front window and the front passenger window. The woman’s mother’s car, a green Ford Focus, was also in the driveway and lightly vandalized with some spray paint on the back.

The incident, a sheriff’s spokesman said Monday, is likely the work of “kids.” No suspects have been apprehended.

Overt racist incidents of the kind are rare in the county. A Bunnell resident sent in two videos of Monday’s caravan through Bunnell. (See one such video below.)

Since the Confederate-flag removals, there have been occasional such gatherings and calls for gatherings among people flying the flag, either to parade it through certain towns or to gather in places. No such gatherings have been reported locally. The caravans and gatherings appear to have the same purpose and intellectual quotient as the graffiti in the L Section.

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71 Responses for “Racist Graffiti in Palm Coast’s L-Section Ascribed to Stupidity as Confederate Caravan Rumbles Through Bunnell”

  1. Kathy says:

    The trucks through Bunnell were a memorial for Tyler Tracy…in no way connected to any form of racism. I mistaken or is this misunderstanding a coincidence?

  2. Brittany Stancil says:

    The people riding through bunnell yesterday with their flags was a memorial for Tyler Tracy. Was not racist in anyway. The camera footage is of that memorial drive through bunnell and as far as I know it’s in no way related to the racist graffiti you are talking about.

  3. YankeeExPat says:

    CSA (Can’t Stand Americans)

  4. Mike says:

    [Comment disallowed. Trolling.]

  5. Anonymous says:

    Kids off for the summer…bored and probably stoned out of their skulls. Where are their illustrious parents? They can’t blame the teachers this time!

  6. Dawn says:

    Please stop using the excuse kids are “bored” I don’t care how bored they are… they should have the decency and respect to act like an upstanding citizen. Shit like this is due to piss poor parenting.

  7. Jon Hardison says:

    [Selected as the Comment of the Day in the July 22 Briefing.]

    The people through Bunnell yesterday are aware of the the flag’s meaning to them and also to others. The people driving through Bunnell yesterday just found another reason for their “pride” to be more valuable than their neighbor’s fear.

    You all from Bunnell? Why not ride those trucks with all those flags into the Housing District? Make a little peace. Tell those you know you’re offending you don’t mean anything by it – face to face. Stand under than flag while you fight to make peace and maybe it will begin to mean something other than hate. Stand under than flag and do good for more than your own and maybe all will come to see it as a symbol of southern pride.

    Memorial or not, you know what’s going on and why. You know the issue and your insistence on showing your pride speaks louder than your declarations of pride ever could.

    What’s the matter? More proud of the south than your country? Are you an American or a full blood child of the CSA? You might fly these flags together but they’re oil and water and every time you fly it you’re saying you believe what it stood for. In defeat generals you celebrate called flying it treason. It was the flag under which southern men and women died to NOT be part of this country – an action taking only in defense of an economic model build on the continued enslavement of Blacks. This anti-American relic was bad long before the KKK adopted it. So are you a pound American or a proud Southerner longing to be free of her?

    Are you unaware that driving around in loud pickup trucks flying that flag scares the absolute shit out of some people or do you just not care? Are you concerned about our community or just yours?

    “It’s a symbol of pride” doesn’t do near enough to explain these actions. You have an open forum here. Please! Explain yourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      The parade of flags was friends honoring Tyler Tracy oir friend who died in a car accident on the 18th had nothing to do with racism

      • Jon Hardison says:

        Tyler Tracy died and you chose to honor him, and the family he leave behind. I can’t begin to image the pain everyone is feeling right now. My heart goes out to his parents, his wife, his daughter and all who new him and help him close in their hearts. We all understand loss. Or do we?

        I’ve read that this is what Tyler would have wanted. I didn’t know the man. But want or not, you all made this about race when you chose to mark your honor with a hate symbol. I didn’t do that. Flagler Live didn’t do that. Tyler’s friends and family (again, from what I’ve read) did that.

        You didn’t read my comment, or did and didn’t care enough to address any of the points. Either way, chances are you won’t read this either, so it’s really just for anyone else that does.

        Fly it! Be free! Be Proud! Own it!
        This is a symbol of racism and secession. It means you hold hate in your heart, not only for Black Americans but for America herself.
        Fly it! Be free! Be Proud! Own it!
        Instead of denying this truth in public and celebrating the killing of another nigger by police is private…
        BE WHO YOU ARE! Being proud isn’t flying the flag and denying its meaning. Being proud is flying the flag and saying, “YEAH! I HATE NIGGERS!”

        Commenting as Anonymous while tacitly defending a hate symbol by denying it’s meaning is just the opposite. If you truly believe in your version of the south and this flag you should know this.

        You dishonor it and all it stands for. Anyone that, when asked, denies these basic truths, has no more right to fly it than a person who has renounced their citizenship as to fly the American flag.

        In flying it you are a traitor to the United States of America and in denying it you are a traitor to the Southern 13.

        So tell me again, what part of this was meant to Honor Tyler, husband and father?

    • Brittany Stancil says:

      They did this in honor of their friend that passed away. Your thoughts on the flag are completely irrelevant in this particular instance because its how they chose to honor their diseased friend, because he was a huge supporter of the flag.
      Are you so high up on your high horse that you don’t care about a 22 year old that passed away? Who cares about what the flag does or doesn’t mean. It should be out of respect that you don’t say anything about it if they choose to honor him in that way.
      Wow, some people really lack class and compassion.

      • Jon Hardison says:

        Actually, my opinion on the flag never mattered, did it? :-)
        You did what you did to honor this man. No one has taken that from you, have they. We’re talking.
        You could have read what I wrote and tried to understand it. You didn’t. Your desire to be right doesn’t make it so.

        I’m truly sorry for the loss of the man and that he leaves behind a wife and child and so many clearly devoted friends, but this article isn’t about that. This article is about racism and hate symbols.

        You chose to use one to celebrate him. That’s your doing, not mine. It was your choice to fly it in honor of your friend. Are you saying you didn’t know that people would be offended? Are you saying you didn’t know there would be a reaction? No!

        “Are you so high up on your high horse that you don’t care about a 22 year old that passed away? Who cares about what the flag does or doesn’t mean. It should be out of respect that you don’t say anything about it if they choose to honor him in that way.”

        That’s all you have to say. You want to do what you want without consequence. Who doesn’t?
        You got your celebration. We’re just gonna sit here and talk about it, okay?

      • Anonymous says:

        If the flag didn’t matter in this case, if it was a memorial for a friend, then the flag wasn’t necessary. They chose to make it ALL about the flag by flying on their vehicles as they drove it down the street.

        You can’t begin to say it wasn’t about the flag, or it was coincidence. By flying it as they did there is no argument to the contrary.

    • Longman says:

      Well said Jon

      “You all from Bunnell? Why not ride those trucks with all those flags into the Housing District? Make a little peace. Tell those you know you’re offending you don’t mean anything by it – face to face.”

    • anon says:

      ” Are you an American or a full blood child of the CSA?”

      Are some of those “offended” American’s or AFRICAN Americans???? Can’t people be SOUTHERN Americans?

      • Jon Hardison says:

        African Americans stand under the American flag. Southern Americans stand under the American flag.
        So yes. Of course they can Anon.

        I’ve explained the “other” flag and everyone knows the history. That flag was designed for the 13 that didn’t want to be American and when it wasn’t approved for that purpose it was retasked as a battle flag for an Army that fought toward that end. In other words NOT American, or ANTI-American. Those that flew that flag died trying to liberate themselves from this country and did so admittedly for one reason and one reason only.

        We can go back and forth with restatements and chronic cases of selective hearing but the point isn’t about the history. It’s about how we treat each other. It’s about respect and understanding.

        The Facebook post of this article might be a great place to get a sense of what everyone sees.
        People threatening each other. Hopes for the new civil war.

        Going through some profiles you can see the white power profile pics that were changed the day Roof did his “wonderful deed”.

        This article was about hate symbols and the fact that they’ve started popping up all over the place.
        That flag is a hate symbol. Hell, I’m just as sorry as you are! I grew up watching the Duke Boys. Yeah black kid in deepest, darkest Brooklyn. You think I knew any of this when I was playing with my matchbox replicas of that car? To me all that flag symbolized was speed and one hell of a pair of short shorts.

        But then I grew up and I learned that millions of people were killed, white and black, while in chains.
        And I learned that when there were so many there simply weren’t enough free men to contain them, land owners freed their white slaves and gave them a chunk of land and some negros to work it so they could pay their debt. Some did. Most didn’t.

        Superiority was created by rich white men to keep ignorant white boys working and black boys in chains.
        And they, and their flag, lost to this great nation and has been fighting to hold itself together against old ideas for a long time.

        We’re better than this. All of us.
        We’re better than antagonizing each other because we need a reminder that we’re better than everyone else.

        We’re all sons of slaves. All of us.
        Good night all…

    • Emily says:

      Everyones got a comment about the flag. What about the graffiti left on the cars in the L section?

    • Anonymous says:

      give it a rest already! White Americans cant even blink anymore with our some one saying they are racists. Stop trying to make trouble where there is none. If the deceased believed in the flag not being of hate but of heritage then let it be. No one was hurt and friends and family needed to honor their loved one.

    • anonymous says:

      well said, thank you

  8. goreclg says:

    The parade of flags was friends honoring Tyler Tracy oir friend who died in a car accident on the 18th had nothing to do with racism

  9. Diane says:

    Since we are talking about the subject of offending others, I am offended by the use of the f-word in this article. I would rather you figure out how to say something without the use of this word. I understand what you are saying quite clearly without having to even see this word mentioned. Thank you!!

  10. Sherry E says:

    Right On Jon! Not only racists but cowards as well!

  11. Dean Carpenter says:

    It seems irresponsible to associate the graffiti with the Bunnell caravan.

    Granted it’s logical to assume that someone who chooses to embrace the flag representing defeated traitors who believed in financial success through slavery (of others) may express that heritage by spray painting the wrong symbols on cars of people of the wrong color.

    It is wrong to assume that all these idiots are radicalized. Many are just stupid but wish no harm to anyone.

    God bless the United States of America!

  12. JMac Says says:

    I am somewhat encouraged that at least two people responded to Jon’s comments. I was pretty convinced that people that continue to support that diseased piece of cloth do not have the ability to read or write. Their anarchist behavior strongly indicates a lack of knowledge regarding history or human compassion. If Ted Bundy were their friend, would they drive down the road with women’s panties hanging from their antennae. You see, while the images are disgusting, pictures of KKK rallies do portray the truth about these “good ole boys”. They wore hoods. They hid their identity. Today, the hood has become the act of signing on internet websites and spewing their ignorance. Just because Tyler Tracy died, it does not erase what the nasty piece of cloth represents. Just because many died while serving the treasonous confederacy does not change the fact they died in an effort to enslave an entire group of people. This is not some liberal bend on the past, it is factual history. Obviously, testosterone and cowardice mix well. Unfortunately, there is a good chance this batch of hate filled fear mongers will breed and raise children. Those children will learn how to hate and the state of affairs will continue for another generation.

    • Brittany Stancil says:

      Funny thing is the only people saying we hate others is you guys. We don’t hate anyone. Everyone that I know that supports the flag are in no way racist whatsoever! Funny how all of the hate is coming from those against the flag. I hope you have a fantastic day!

      • Jon Hardison says:

        A lot of people went to Tyler’s wall when all this went down Brittany. These friends are dropping “N” bombs all over the place and even calling for a second Civil War.

        Yet you say, “We don’t hate anyone. Everyone that I know that supports the flag are in no way racist whatsoever!”

        These two realities don’t fit together. Maybe the folks saying these things aren’t supporters of the flag?
        C’mon. Honestly, everyone feels awful that any of this happened. Everyone feels awful that there are people in the world that harbor hate for anyone based on nothing but where they come from or how they look, but we’re all mature adults, right? We know how the world works and that not everyone in it agrees with how we see the world. No harm – no fowl.

        We’ve beaten this horse to absolute death.
        We can all agree that we have valid reasons for how we feel – even if the opposing side/view doesn’t agree. It doesn’t change that you can fly your flags. Doesn’t change that some people aren’t going to like it. LOL!

  13. JimBob says:

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but the SS was an elite military unit originally created as Hitler’s bodyguard while the SA was a pre-war paramilitary group which existed until the “Night of the Long Knives” when its leaders and many members were killed or imprisoned. I think either group would feel welcome at the L-Section graffiti site or the Bunnell parade route.

  14. Algernon says:

    Five people said the flags in this case had nothing to do with racism. That flag embodies the essence of racisim whether it’s on a pickup or a flagpole. It’s terrible that Tyler Tracy died leaving a mourning wife, child, and family. It’s sad that Tyler, so young, was a “huge supporter of this flag”, as written above. That’s not an issue any more.

    The survivors – the living – should look to a higher purpose to remember Tyler than waving that flag with such mixed messages – even if all they see is family heritage. Other writers said enough about that above.

    It seems the family needs help to pay for the funeral – and if someone wants to contribute, they may directly contact Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home and Cemetery on Old Kings Road, South of 100.

    • Jon Hardison says:

      Understanding the plight of others is, perhaps, the single greatest gift we give each other.
      I have my own problems and probably always will, but it is important for me, as a person, to contribute when and where I can. This is particularly important.

      I’m going to drive over to Flagler Palms Funeral Home and Cemetery in just a bit and make a financial contribution. I encourage you all to do the same. Particularly those that disagree with the flying of this flag.

      Being hated shouldn’t change how we see the world. Being wished dead or in chains shouldn’t stop us from striving for a better world – a better Flagler.

      If this helps anyone realize this hate doesn’t flow in both directions it’ll be a good thing.

  15. Swizz says:

    I think its reprehensible and gross that anyone would compare racial vandalism with a tribute ride honoring a young man who recently died in a very tragic accident. Correlating the two events is not only an insult, it shows a complete lack of compassion coupled with overstretching false logic. Jon Hardison can grasp at all kinds of suppositions regarding why a person chooses to fly the confederate flag. But the truth be told, he has no idea why Tyler Tracy’s friends chose to fly that flag in his honor. But calling his grieving friends racists and cowards is disgusting. Anyone that spews that type of hatred is repulsive. Weighing the constitutional right to free speech versus the risk of offending people is certainly a worthwhile effort. However, there’s a time and place for intellectual debate regarding objects/symbols that are viewed as offensive. Using an untimely death memorial as the trigger to name call, race bait, and chastise people is thoughtless and inconsiderate. I respect everyone’s opinion, but I hate to see it in this forum tied to this event.

    • Brittany Stancil says:

      This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say. But you said it much better! This is exactly my point. THANK YOU!!

  16. AN says:

    I just can’t understand why someone would think that a good way to honor a friend would be to waste gas and scare people while doing it. There are a thousand other ways to mourn and honor someone that are private and personal. This was an obnoxious and idiotic display and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. If you want to fly the Confederate flag then get out of my country, because apparently you don’t want to be a part of it.

    • Zack Smith says:

      Thank god we live in America where they can do that if they want! It just so happens that Tyler’s friends are from the country, and they love the confederate flag. They fly it from their trucks all the time, this was not a stint about the confederate flag, it was about remembering a great friend and the stuff in the L section has absolutely nothing to do with what they were doing. Have you ever lost someone close? You would understand if you did, it’s a way to memorialize a friend’s life! If you’re scared of the confederate flag maybe you should just live in a hole. The flag doesn’t hurt anyone, and it doesn’t even represent racism, it’s not even the real flag they flew in battle. So… maybe rethink your answer?

      • MarieS says:

        Tyler’s friends are obviously ignorant. Defending the flag and what it represents is just immaturity and stupidity.
        Who drives through a racially mixed city with what most consider a racially offensive symbol to honor their recently deseased friend? Dumb kids. How that honors him is even considered a defense is dumb.
        Just shake your head and move on. Don’t given these kids PLATFORM TO SPREAD THEIR HATE.

    • Amber says:

      It’s funny how you say flying the flag “scares people” well these same people that are scared and live in this same country must be friends with the terrorist. I would be terrified of the terrorist over a “country person” flying the confederate flag. What about black history month, you don’t see the white “Cracker” yelling that they are scared as they are free to fly the flags of their country… BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA, where we have “RIGHTS”. At last we are supposed to. You never knew Tyler and have no say in how people honor his memory. This flag helped make our country and has a part of our History. the United States of America gives us the freedom to fly flags and have our beliefs, Thanks to the FIRST AMENDMENT. You want to point your finger fast and try to say who needs to get out of “your country”, Well you need to look at the people that are stomping and wiping their genitalia with the american flag! Learn your History and government then open your mouth. I SUPPORT THE CONFEDERATE FLAG!

      • Jon Hardison says:

        Hi Amber. Nothing about this is funny. Your first sentence makes no sense so I’m going to ignore it but the rest of your comment is just false. We’ve gone over this and over this… the flag’s history is in the comment thread like 100 times so I’m not typing it again.

        The Confederacy fought to separate from this country. Not to “Make it great”. In their bid to be separate from the United States (The Union) the Confederacy lost 300,000 men and killed 365,000. ALL AMERICANS! They wounded over a quarter million others. Reason? FOR SLAVES!

        I hear you. You support the confederate flag and I don’t have a problem with that.
        But all that other stuff you’re saying? I don’t know WTF you’re talking about!
        Take your own advice why don’t you?

        “Learn your History and government then open your mouth.”

  17. Anonymous says:

    …Or, maybe rethink how other people feel. I am sorry you lost your friend but these are public streets and some people have painful associations with that flag. If you want to hold a memorial service for your friend that features something that may have been dear to him (and you) but has racist connotations to other people, hold the service in your own backyard (“in the country”, as you said) where you can wave that flag or anything else to your heart’s content. The downtown streets of Bunnell are no place for a confederate wake.

    • Zack Smith says:

      Other people feel a lot of ways, I understand. All I’m saying is that it wasn’t a hate rally. I didn’t see that every car had a confederate flag on it, did you? The memorial ride took place in Bunnell, they did not drive into the L section and spray paint the road or cars. That was a completely disjoint occurrence, it would just be nice if they didn’t associate this nasty article with Tyler’s ride. Can we at least agree on that? People do a lot of things in public that I don’t like but I can’t hate on them, nor tell them what to do. You see everyone gets offended, some more than others, we just have to let it roll off our backs.

  18. Samuel L. Bronkowitz says:

    “I don’t hang black people because I’m racist, I am hanging them in the memory of a dear friend that died.” — a racist.

    • Brittany Stancil says:

      I can’t even tell you just how stupid that is. You people have no hearts. Whether you agree or disagree with the flag. It doesn’t even matter. It was a memorial for a dead kid. And you all are trying to lessen that. And none of those people in that ride are racist. I can’t believe how heartless this country is becoming.

      • Samuel L. Bronkowitz says:

        If your friend was a fan of the 3rd reich and you decided to drive through downtown bunnell flying the nazi flag while wearing SS uniforms, people would question your motives and your sanity. If your friend was into radical islam and you decided to drive through downtown bunnell in technicals flying the ISIS flag while dressed as hijabs then people are going to question your motives and sanity. You chose to use the death of your friend as an excuse to drive through bunnell flying the confederate flag, and now that people have called you out on it you’re trying to hide behind his death. If anyone here has no heart and is trying to lessen his death, it’s you.

        • Brittany Stancil says:

          That is a completely disgusting thing to say to someone. You need help. Have a great day.

          • Jon Hardison says:

            Brittany: You’re right. It is disgusting. Everything about it.
            What I don’t understand (and I sort of want to) is why you can’t see that Samuel is exactly right.
            The swastika stood for the superiority of one race over another and the annihilation of the Jews.
            The ISIS flag stands for the superiority of one religion over all others and annihilation of the West.
            The rebel flag stands for the superiority of one race over another and the enslavement and annihilation of Blacks.

            These are no different from one another!

            The Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy were organizations that devoted themselves to lobbying government and educational institutions specifically for the purpose of rewriting history. I don’t even blame you for not equating the symbol to a bad thing – but look it up if you have to. No one is making this crap up!

            The only difference between these three symbols is that you grew up with one of them.
            That’s it. Why can you recognize the evil in the comparison but not in this, specific situation?

            I, for one, really need you and the rest of Tyler’s friends to understand that flying the flag isn’t the issue. It’s meaning isn’t even really the issue. This is a free country and you can and should all stand up for what you believe, always. No one wants to take your flags away, to do away with free speech or have any citizen’s ideas quieted.

            But saying that this flag now means “Southern Pride” and demanding that the world respect that is no different than me saying the swastika now means ice-cream and demanding that everyone stop getting upset (and start eating lots of ice-cream).

            Like I’ve said before – it would be easier to take if those that willingly flew the flag just said, “WE HATE BLACKS!” It would be honest, or at the very least, make sense. What every flag friendly in this comment thread has said makes no sense at all and your outrage at the comment above proves that.

            This article wasn’t blaming or associating Tyler’s friends with what happened in the L section as so many comments content. It was talking about the sudden jump in the appearance of hate symbols.

            The bottom line: You’re denying history and demanding that everyone do the same. And anyone that doesn’t apologize and subscribe to that lie is heartless and hateful because Tyler loved the flag?

            You flew a hate symbol. Stop getting pissed at folks for calling it what it is.
            You disagree? Okay. We heard you. Are you going to keep commenting until everyone concedes your baseless point? It’s not going to happen. It’s a pointless exercise. No one asked you to apologize and everyone knows what you think you were doing. That case was closed days ago. o.O

            • Brittany Stancil says:

              Lol, there’s no point. Clearly no one here has any compassion. That is essentially what my point dwindles down to I guess. I’m not even talking about the “politics” of the flag here, i’m talking about people honoring their friend in a way that their friend would have without a doubt wanted.
              Anyway I’m done with this post because quite honestly it sickens me. I hope you have a great day!

              • Jon Hardison says:

                Actually, we’re talking about the flag – a hate symbol.
                You’re talking about your friend and how you used it.
                There’s actually no conflict here.
                The article is about appearances of hate symbols. Not why they’re appearing.
                You explained the appearance that was associated with your friend and your position on the flag.
                Doesn’t change that the flag is a hate symbol. (See there? A statement about the flag. Not you. Not Tyler. Not his friends.)

  19. Katie Seamore says:

    I believe those who said this parade was to honor their friend who died. A glance at his facebook page shows that there is no surprise that is how they would honor their friend. The page has references to a new civil war and contains the n-word. I am very sorry that this young man lost his life before he really had a chance to live it and his family and loved ones will be remembered in my prayers tonight.

  20. K says:

    How very sad that the only way these people could think to commemorate their recently deceased friend and family member was to wave a banner of hate while driving through town. It would have been no different if it were a Nazi or Isis flag.

    This doesn’t say much about Tyler’s character to people who didn’t know him.

  21. Brittany Stancil says:

    I love how people are trying to degrade how people are trying to honor their dead friend. You all seriously need help. Don’t any of you have hearts?

  22. Not a racist says:

    I believe if we’re going to ban one flag that is American history, I believe we should ban all flags that are not the American flag, because I feel like anything that isn’t the American flag is offending me here in America. There’s a little something to think about.

    • Jon Hardison says:

      Only problem with this comment is that no one is talking about banning anything. o.O
      Fly it till you’re blue in the face.

      • Brittany Stancil says:

        You say fly it tll you’re blue in the face … yet … they did … and yet you are still basically shaming them for it. They did exactly what you just told them to do (for their fallen friend might i add) and they still get “burnt at the stake” so to speak. Hmmm … something doesn’t seem right now does it?

        • Jon Hardison says:

          No one is burning anyone for anything. I’ll say it again. Fly it till you’re blue in the face. Fly it all day and all night, every day till the end of time. And do so knowing that those that see the world the way you do will cheer you on as you drive around town. Other will see you as ignorant bigots and serious problems, and then there’s that third group that will cheer you on… The ones that know exactly what it stands for and agree with it. Are you saying that “You’re open minded” about people of color and that no one associated with the this ride is a bigot? I’m pretty sure you can’t say that. There are hopes voice for a second Civil War right on his wall, made by his friends. The world “nigger” is use all over the place…

          And I don’t care about any of it. I want people who hate niggers to stand up and say, “I hate niggers!”
          Freedom! That’s what it’s all about, right? So we agree. But you, as you’ve said, don’t hate niggers, you might want to reconsider standing under that particular flag. But again… That’s your choice and it has no impact on me or anyone else, less maybe you.

          If you’re asking people who know what the flag means to forget it, move on and accept your definition all I can do is wish you all the luck in the world on your quest. I’ve even made a few helpful suggestions on some ways to make that happen, but still you persist drawing lines that don’t exist.

          From what I can tell, we agree completely, less on one point. You don’t see it as a hate symbol. I do.
          I don’t want to ban your flag and I don’t care what you do with it. But when it’s done in public, I’m probably going to say something like, “People flying hate symbol etc…”

          See what I’m saying’?
          So what are you asking for?

      • BooHoo says:

        them stop crying about it…

  23. anon says:

    Charleston shooting was a hoax to promote a race war .

  24. markingthedays says:

    I haven’t met everyone in the world, so I can’t say EVERYONE who flies the rebel flag is a racist. But, I’ve yet to meet someone who is a “huge supporter of the flag” that is open-minded to non-white folks.

    • Brittany Stancil says:

      Hi, I’m a huge supporter of the flag and I’m completely open minded about “non-white folks” as is everyone I know.

  25. Sherry E says:

    There are thousands of ways to honor a friend. Why not honor them in a way that sings to our “better angels”. . . those of brotherly love and peace, those of human acceptance, of happiness. Why not honor them in the privacy of homes or a funeral parlor?

    How does it honor any person to take a very “public” action that is offensive and painful to others? Then to do it in a way that is cowardly, and try to excuse it as a freedom of speech. Does it not then actually detract from the departed friend and become all about the “attention seeking” offenders in the parade?

    Yes, in the USA. . . of course you have the freedom to offend. BUT, we also have the freedom to call you on your offenses. Wonderful Jon Hardison, is going to the funeral parlor to make a contribution. . . are you?

    • Brittany Stancil says:

      Its because of the fact that Tyler loved the flag. They didn’t do anything wrong. All they did was drive their vehicles through town, just like any other regular normal day. They just happened to do it together so people saw more of the flag. The fact is that is what Tyler would have wanted. So other peoples opinions on how they chose to honor him is completely irrelevant. God some people, i swear. Can’t even act like human beings even with a dead kid involved. So sad.

  26. Dawn says:

    If the incident in SC never happened, this conversation would never be happening. Before the SC incident I have seen many Confederate Flags as I am sure many other’s have. No one ever bitched. There were no hate crimes over someone displaying the flag. Such a sad Country this is becoming.

    • Jon Hardison says:

      Don’t you mean no one bitched to you? Do you think this is the first time that flag has been taken down from the SC government building? Do you think this is the first conversation being had about this? Really?
      It isn’t. And yes, the flags remained ad I expect they always will, and that’s just fine.
      Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a hate symbol. I don’t want it flown by my government. Never did and never will, but you can fly it all you like. If it represents you you should fly it and I’ll be right there to fight for your right to do so. That’s a promise.

      (Note: When I do that, I’ll be defending the first amendment. Not you. Not your views and certainly not your flag.)

      • Dawn says:

        No one ever bitched at me because I have never flown the confederate flag. I know what the flag represents. I never said it represents me and no where in my comment did I mention I stood behind the flag.
        I simply said, this long set of comments probably would not be happening if it weren’t for the recent tragedy in SC. That tragedy is what bought light to the flag and has everyone openly discussing their views on it more now than ever.

        • Jon Hardison says:

          Sorry. Yeah, I totally jumped the gun there. My sincere apologies.
          My point still stands but i guess I got lost in my sadness over all this and stuck in on a side for some reason I can’t explain as I reread your comment.
          Forgive me. :-)

          • Dawn says:

            Not a problem Jon. I understand your feelings regarding this subject and I stand with you. I do not have a racist bone in my body.
            Have a great day!!

  27. Barb Witt says:

    Jon……I read every word you wrote in here and I truly wish people would take the time to absorb your words and understand what you are saying. You, as usual, are 100% on target and compassionate and caring. I am proud to know you.

    Brittany…I understand what you are saying as well. From your view point. Although, I agree with the comment that it’s very sad that Tyler or any other young people (or anyone) loves this flag. There is a bad history behind it, not a good one. If that war would take place now, would you honestly support a fight to own people, and treat them no better than dogs? Or worse?

    Because that is the main history behind this flag.

    I honestly believe that those honoring Tyler did it with good intent. However, not a single one of you should be surprised that this memorial run contributed just as much hate as honor to your friend. Had I witnessed a truck run with pictures of your friend displayed on the trucks, pictures of his family, etc…I would have stood on the corner waving at the support for him. Standing on that same corner and seeing a caravan of confederate flags defeated the whole thing and removed the honor.

    I lost a son. I know how his family feels. I can only imagine how horrible it is that his child no longer has a father. My heart aches for them and I am so very sorry. I’m hoping that I can help with this.

    And did you read Jon’s words? Despite his sadness at how Tyler was remembered, he is going to go make a donation for him.

    I am sorry you lost your friend and I am sorry for all those who loved and will miss him.

  28. Katie Seamore says:

    The flag has been at issue for a very long time, this is not new nor is it just because of the shootings in Charleston. That shooting just brought it back into the limelight again.

  29. S rider says:

    Fly it fly it proud had a run in show it and fly it ! Everyone should keep to there own space

  30. MarieS says:

    The graffiti in the L-Section was there long before the entire confederate flag controversy. Stupid kids trying to be cool. Walk along Matanzas Golf Course and you’ll see more. Teenagers.

    I’ve never liked the confederate flag or what it stood for. This country has one flag that we pledge allegiance to. The American flag.
    Don’t give the hate mongers a platform. They know good and well what it stands for. Their ignorance and their defense of the flag just further defines who they are & what that flag stands for….

    I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  31. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous those kids flying flags has nothing to do with this. Just a bunch of kids trying to make the new by drawing those symbols. Most don’t know what those symbols mean. Tired of the people in this town getting their butts hurt on everything.

  32. Ruth Harwood says:

    I don’t know why they immediately blame “bored kids.” I think more likely some very racist, ignorant young adults.

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