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3 Connected to a String of ATM Burglaries Arrested on July 4

| July 6, 2010

From left: Patrick Giovine, Ethan Gaboury and Grant Morse. (Flagler County Sheriff's Office photos)

The three men had bank hours of their own: from 2 to 2:45 a.m., though they weren’t the nimblest of burglars.

On April 30, they swiped the ATM machine and the $1,200 it contained at the Jiffy Food Store on Flagler Beach’s North Oceanshore Boulevard, after breaking the thing off its bolts and pushing it through the glass door they’d smashed with an axe, onto a Jeep. The heist was caught on a surveillance video.

At 2:30 a.m. on June 7, using a Chevy Silverado this time, three men tried twice to pull the ATM machine off its wall at Hancock Bank on Palm Coast Parkway. They failed, though the damage cost the bank about $35,000.

And on July 4, at 2:30 a.m., three men targeted the ATM machine at the Publix at 5415 North Oceanshore Boulevard in the Hammock. That machine contained $10,000, though that theft didn’t work out, either.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office says it caught the ATM burglars involved in the attempted Independence Day burglary. They’re Grant Morse, 45, of Patric Drive in Palm Coast; Patrick Giovine, 20, of Price Lane in Palm Coast; and Ethan Gaboury, 19, of East Wareham, Mass.

According to sheriff’s reports, the same tactics were used at every burglary, with three men in each wearing the same dark Hard Rock Cafe shirts and the same face-covering hoods or hats (it’s a felony all its own to wear masks while committing a crime), and discarding them as soon as their heist, successful or not, was over. In the July 4 burglary, surveillance tape caught the men watering their tools to cool them, with spring water from Publix’s racks, then throwing away the tools in nearby woods. They hid the clothing they used during the attempted burglary around 4th Street in Flagler Beach.

“The modus operandi of this burglary,” a sheriff’s report concludes, “matches the same method of operation of multiple additional burglaries within the past year in Flagler and Volusia counties of which defendant Morse and Giovine have been identified.” The 2005 Chrysler van the suspects used to drive off from the Publix ATM was the same van “used to pick up burglar tools by defendant Ethan Gaboury from a hidden area near 2 Emerald Lane on June 24, 2010” at 10:50 p.m., the report states. “This vehicle was also the same vehicle used on June 27, 2010, at 19:18 hours”–(7:18 p.m.)–“to pick up additional burglar tools from Home Depot located at 10 Garden Street” by Morse and Giovine, according to the report.

All three men were booked into the Flagler County jail on July 4, where they remained as of today (July 6). Bond was set at $98,000 for each. Gaboury and Morse face nine charges each, Giovine faces eight charges. The difference is in counts of felony criminal mischief: Giovine was charged with one of those. The other two were charged with two such counts. Other charges include wearing a mask while committing a felony, attempted burglary, tampering with or destroying evidence, possessing burglary tools, obstructing justice and theft.

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39 Responses for “3 Connected to a String of ATM Burglaries Arrested on July 4”

  1. Regarding the ATM arrests of Grant Morse,Patrick Giovine, and Ethan Gaboury: The person I feel sympathy for is Ethan. He is a young impressionable person who is being adversely influenced by someone more than twice is age. Ethan has a large family in New England who are very concerned that he is associating with a very shady career felon known as Grant Morse. This one act of stupidity will forever change his life.

  2. luvjerseygirl says:

    Patrick Giovine who is only 19 years old And who also was influenced By the same @#@ who is twice his age.He was influencing him since he was 16 years old both his parents tried everything to get Grant away from there son even called the police.He brain washed him and others at a young age.To do his dirty work…….Your family loves you with all there alway your auntie Donna

  3. NH Matt says:

    Grant Morse is not a good person. He has a long history of criminal activity involving stealing other people’s property and cash. Grant manipulates, takes advantage of, and exploits weak people while he attempts to recruit them in his latest plan to rob and steal. Unless I am mistaken he targets young people who have no positive role models and who perhaps have made a few stupid decisions before he enters the picture. Jail is the best place for Mr. Morse because it keeps good, honest, and hard-working people separated from a very bad person.

  4. liz says:

    WOW NH matt your saying Grant influenced ethan funny I am Grants fiance LIZ and the truth is Ethan’s father and mother are ex oxy addicts that are now on methadone,that kid was breaking in places with his father before they even met Grant.Grant and I felt bad for Ethan and took care of him cause his family treated him like s***.
    Untill he got hooked on oxy’s himself and came down here and robbed the atm.Grant picked him up after the fact.Everyone has the story twisted.I was here I know.But whats funny is now that it comes down to jail time Grants the big asshole.But I recall Ethan’s parents stealing from churches and whoever they can.And I just got off the phone with Patrick Giovine and he told me to write that Grant has never influenced him to do nothing but stay off drugs and try to make a better life for himself.Pats father Thomas Giovine got the kid started with crack cocaine when he was 14 years old.Pats dad kicked him out and his mother called me to have Grant get him out of a crack house,so we tried to help him but his dad kept infulencing him,Grant caught the father,stepmother and him smoking crack inside theyre house with the 2 young girls right there.Thats why they dont like Grant cause they cant stand the fact that they cant teach their own kids how to stay off drugs and live normal.I have always had a soft spot for people with screwed up parents for my own reasons but now a days when you try to help people you get bashed for it.Grant is not Mr innocent but he doesnt go around stealing and exploiting people.He has a family and I am his fiance and he is the best man I have ever known.Grant wasnt hanging around with young kids,Patrick was staying at our home and Ethan was begging us for months to come visit cause he was addicted to oxys and couldnt get away from it cause everyone in his family does it.I am 27 years old. and Ethan was my friend.And me I speak the truth!The truth is that Patrick used to steal yes but his father is the one who taught him how to.I know this cause patrick told me.Now that this happenened Grant is the bad guy?yeah I know thats funny.Believe me there is way more to this story.Grant has a record from when he was in his 20’s.I dont know if you people realize thats whats said in the news is usually not what happened.and let people say ignorant crap.Go ahead cause theres more where that came from.Do you want people to really know the truth?I didnt think so.SO STOP POINTING FINGERS,CAUSE WHEN YOU DO THERES ALWAYS THREE POINTING BACK AT YOU!!

  5. luvjerseygirl says:

    public records…..sweetheart

  6. Mr. Morse did two short stints at the Cumberland County Jail in Portland, ME for various minor felonies in 2006 (60 days) and 2007/2008 (7 months). The charges Mr. Morse plead guilty to were for non-violent larcenies although Mr. Morse was required to pay slightly more than $3,000 in restitution for the 2007/2008 court case.

  7. melissa says:

    WOW!!!!! Liz you need to stop talking crap about my family none of that crap you siad about my family is true my dad did not have my brother do drugs at 14 iam 13 and i know everything you guys do you do drugs yeah my brother did drugs but he is off drugs so back up.

  8. NH Matt says:

    Mellissa: It’s very important that you understand that whenever someone says something bad about someone else, you have to take into consideration the source of that comment. If someone has a lengthy criminal record and lives a life of stealing and lying, THEY HAVE NO CREDIBILITY and do not deserve to be considered as trust-worthy as you and your family.

  9. comic relief says:

    hahahahaha this is why drugs need to be legalized and taxed. Think of the money the country could have collected from all these fine citizens. I’m not sure which is funnier……the descriptions of the unsuccessful crimes or the comments to the story. By the way, I love the way its nobody’s fault……….everyone is a friggin victim apparently……I like how none of them seem to have a mind of their own, they have all been “ruined” by someone else………..yeah, they all have great excuses. people are so funny. thanks for the entertaining story and comments. I can’t wait to read more. Please continue, this is epic.

  10. Boca Bob says:

    Hey Comic Relief: Let me take a wild guess, you drive a motorcycle…………………..Right ?????????????

  11. comic relief says:

    Boca Bob: No i don’t. What does that have to do with anything?

  12. NH Matt says:

    Liz: I truly understand that Grant is your partner and you believe that you must demonstrate loyalty to him. However, have you ever considered the possibility that Grant may not be telling you the truth ? According to two of the posts to this story blog, Grant has a criminal record that includes incidents which took place when he was well into his 40’s. Additionally why would law enforcement be attempting to charge Grant and find Grant responsible for a total of eleven felonies if Grant was just an innocent bystander who showed up at the crime scene toward the very end and really had absolutely nothing to do with this ATM attempted robbery ? The evidence must clearly indicate one vehicle and three individuals wearing clothing identical to which was seen and recorded by security cameras. Also, according to the Sheriff’s Official Report, a search warrant was issued for his personal residence. Did the police find anything at Grant’s residence which supported any of the eleven felony charges ? In conclusion, law enforcement has stated though the media that the M.O. of this July 4th crime is identical to at least two earlier ATM attempted robberies. There are too many unanswered questions for people to believe that Grant Morse was totally innocent of any wrongdoing on July 4th, 2010 !

  13. liz says:

    to everyone,Grant never blamed anyone for his actions,Im just pissed that ethan’s family and Patricks family are blaming grant for getting them into this.funny it was out of those boys mouths that they were doing drugs with their parents and doing crimes with them as well.Pat had no home thats why he stayed at our home cause we care unlike his family,and as far as me doing drugs haha you got the wrong girl honey,I dont even smoke ciggaretts,As for you melissa arnt you like 13..I recall an incident when your parents were smoking crack with your brother when you and your sister were sleeping in the other room.That is a 100% fact.So If I were you Id quit while your ahead cause you have no clue about what was going on little girl,Im just disgusted people are blaming grant.These boys are adults and believe me were doing stupid s*** long before they knew grant.Let them do theyre time and mind your buisness.Theres people stealing from theyre families and killing people in this economy and all people can do is comment about somethhing they have no idea about.And as far as the papers.dont you know 90% of whats written in a newspaper is onesided therefore probably not all true.

  14. melissa says:

    Liz this is my buisness liz its my brother and my family so yeah it is my buisness. . . . . . . . . . .. .

  15. Liz: I am confused by several of your comments and would appreciate your patience in hearing from someone with a different perspective. If Ethan and Patrick came from bad families and Grant Morse was honestly trying to help Ethan and Patrick turn their lives around, then why is Grant possibly involving them in the planning and execution of criminal activities such as Breaking and Entering, Dealing in Prescription Drugs, Dealing in Stolen Property, and the Robbery of an ATM machine ? Did Mr. Morse use Ethan and Patrick in the commission of these felonies ? Do you really expect people to believe that Ethan and/or Patrick were the only individuals involved in the ATM robbery and Grant Morse innocently showed up at the very end of the crime, just in time to get arrested ! Now young Ethan will have additional felonies on his criminal record. How does that help Ethan turn his life around ? Additionally, one of the posts to this story stated that Grant Morse served several months time at the Cumberland County Jail in Portland, ME for attempted burglary of a Pharmacy. I can tell you from my professional experience that the motivation behind robbing/stealing from a Pharmacy is to gain access to prescription drugs for personal use and/or for illegal drug dealing. I am confused, please explain !!

  16. NH Matt says:

    ” TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT ” If Patrick and Ethan were raised/brought-up in unhealthy living environments where they were taught and encouraged to use drugs and steal from people, this assumption does not justify Patrick and Ethan being asked or persuaded by another person to participate in harmful criminal activity. Regarding the allegations that Mr. Morse possibly might have a background in dealing prescription drugs: Is it possible that while Patrick and Ethan lived with Mr. Morse that Grant provided them with addictive prescription medication. I don’t know the truth, I’m just asking if this happened !

  17. liz says:

    listen NH matt you must have a hard on for grant huh?Nope you are wrong.I cant speak for what went on in his 20’s but I can say since I have been with him for the past 6 years no drug dealing has been going on.And the whole comment about asking or pursuading thats a crock of bull,Ethan was begging to come down here to get away from all the drug addicts around him in Mass. Patrick nor Ethan were asked or pursuaded to do anything.Thats a hilarious statement,as far as the drug comments enough is are making very harmful statements that are not true what so ever so stop,if you really knew Grant you would know that he has never even drank a full beer,to say he was given anyone drugs?what are you nuts?Thats the stupidest thing I have ever heared.Wait let me guess is your name Bill are you a NH cop?cause if you are you should be spending your time catching all the sex offenders and rapists and stop sitting on your a** commenting about something you have no idea about.

  18. liz says:

    What is so hilarious is little baby Ethan cried to the judge that it wasnt his fault and that he would testify against Grant and Pat so he could get out only to leave the state(he is in Ohio)to work doing paving for adults that pay him $100.00 a day and that is not in cash that is in are talking about someone that has been around my dear you are sadly mistaken if you think he’s an innocent young boy.hahaha.There are people killing people at the age of 13 so enough with the he’s only a kid crap.Why dont you people do something productive in your own lives instead of sitting on the computer comenting about a blown out of proportion case.I bet I can put money on the fact that most of the people on here are doing something shady themselves.Everyone in this world is trying to get away with something one way or another.

  19. NH Matt says:

    Liz: In response to your comments regarding Mr. Gaboury, your logic and reasoning contain many faulty principles:

    Did Ethan consider his stay in Palm Coast to be, at times, an unhealthy living environment ?

    While Ethan lived in Palm Coast, was Ethan working a legitimate job to pay for his expenses or was he being asked to participate in criminal activity as a condition of him being allowed to live in Palm Coast ?

    I don’t know the truth, I’m just asking two questions !

    Also, who coordinated the ATM robbery? Who was in charge ? Apparently the Palm Coast Sheriff’s Department believed that Ethan was NOT in charge ! Perhaps Ethan told the judge the truth ! Ethan is only 19 ! There is still time for him to turn his life around and become an honest and productive member of society.

    If Ethan came to Florida with an active drug problem then perhaps you and Mr. Morse should have helped Ethan get into treatment immediately.

    Why would anyone allow someone with an active drug problem to live in their home especially if there were children living there ?

    Perhaps you and Mr. Morse did not immediately know of Ethan’s drug problem or concluded that it was a relatively minor and controllable issue.

    Finally, LIZ: Why do you often use someone’s bad behavior as justification for the bad & illegal decisions of another person ? If some 13 year-old American kid is killing someone in Virginia, MN or wherever, that has no bearing on how I live my life or how you should live your life. As the old saying goes, We are only responsible for keeping OUR side of the street clean. You are not responsible for cleaning my side of the street and I am not responsible for cleaning your side of the street ! !

  20. WHAT IS ” MINIMIZING” and how does it apply to this blog ?

    It is part of human nature for “Everyone” to use the technique of ” Minimizing ” .

    Here is how it works:

    People sometimes become defensive when they are admonished or criticized and if that situation occurs, it is common for criticized person to justify their behavior by stating that the behavior in question is really is not a problem because other people behave far worse.

    For example: If a person is criticized for their involvement in credit card fraud, he or she, when admonished might state that their actions are really not bad because an insurance company will cover the financial loss and also their behavior should not be considered to be a big deal/issue because they are not involved in something far worse such as murder or sexual assault.

    The truth is that ALL criminal activity is illegal and harmful. There are no victimless crimes. Whether it is the lonely old guy who hires a prostitute or the young kid stealing a 1969 Chevy Nova. The law is the law and a crime is a crime. It is just a matter of degree !

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hey is it true that people who do drugs have small dick’s

  22. liz says:

    For anyone that wants to comment on what they think happened on July 4th by all means go ahead,but for th people commentig on soley Grant and his record please stop.I have a printout of his record given to me by his lawyer and most of his troubles were in his 20’ say he has been involved in criminal activity is one thing but to make false claims is another,you are trying to degrade him and start rumors about someone you do not know personally.Now I do know him and anyone that does knows Grant Morse he has never been a drug user that is a 100% fact and so far from the truth I even have it stated in his record the man has never drank a full beer.He has been involved in martial arts and weight lifting since he was in his early 20’s.This is something I will defend because it is no right,Now the attempted burglery on a pharmacy wasnt for personal drug use.And that charge was dropped down to tresspassing.Now I would appriciate it if you would stop making false claims and trying to degrade a man that has done alot for his community and has done many good things for people,that seems to go overlooked.One thing you people seem to not understand is this man is a father to a sweet boy and that boy doesnt deserve to have people making false clainms about a man he loves,please think of me and my child,and yes Grant has made mistakes he has never doubted that,in this economy its easy to get caught up in crime.But the one claim that is not fair is this whole prescription drug by mail crap.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.I have also lived here since 2007 and do not recall anything like that happening in my home,That is unfair to say and show me the proof.I have had to endure alot of problems because of this and Im asking you to say on this topic,Do not degrade a man that I love.I have hired an investigator and have tracked the IP address and phone number to who is making these claims and it seems to be someone that we have had problems with in the past.(W.V).You are trying to make false statements to make Grant look bad but all your doing is making it hard for my son and i to live a normal life.These statements are hurtful especially when we have worked so hard to live a healthy life,I have even quit smoking ciggaretts,we do not indulge in such behaivor.Now the other two kids have been involved in criminal activity and many other things but no one seems to be speaking about them,And Ethan Gaboury doesnt have a respetful family,his aunt KILLED two pedestrians one of which was pregnant she was driving drunk and ran them over.Ethans parents have 8 kids and most of them are not his fathers due to her cheating ways,his sister is having sex with her uncle,and the parents do drugs with there kids,when I met the kid I felt bad for him only to find out he was using us and yes we tried to get him into treatment all he did was deny.His family has a long history,and Patrick and his brother almost killed a man in Daytona beach Fl.Now Grant may have a past in crime but he comes from a very respectful family.His father served in 3 wars one of which was vietnam that he did 3 tours in,he was an E-9 master gunnery sergant and was highly respected,His brother was a homicide detective,Anyway my point is he is a very good man he has just made some dumb choices,just like these other boys did so if your gonna be upset with this crime then be mad at all 3 of them do not just pick one man out because he is the oldest and try to degrade him,because you know who has the biggest chance of all Grants 6 year old boy who has a bright future ahead of him and doesnt need to have his future get messed up because of people judging his father because of these false claims,and if my son comes home crying one more time because of something someone heared of on this site,Then I will take legal action.Most of the charges have been dismissed and grant is facing larceny and possesion of burglary tools,because they were in his car,And the orchestrator wasnt any of them..

  23. man of knowlege says:

    It’s pretty clear what happened in this situation. You have professional criminals, albeit not very good ones, who wore out their welcome in the north east so they come down to Florida for some sunshine and easy pickins. All of the individuals involved chose to commit these crimes and live this criminal lifestyle. Hampton Beach Dude knows what he is talking about. Records show that Mr. Morse does not have any children. It is sad that a young mother would choose to associate herself and allow her son to be around these types of lowlifes. Remember that items connected with other robberies were found in the homes of these individuals. Why would anyone stick up for these people unless they themselves were involved.

  24. I am visiting Orlando/America from Cape Town, SA. I am rather intrigued by this story and the related commentary. I have never met any of the people mentioned however, I would like to present a few objective thoughts based on my lengthy experience in the legal profession.

    #1. The news story was FIRST ! If there had been NO ATM CRIME, the commentary/blog related to the story would NOT EXIST !

    #2. Having said that, this fact does not give anyone the right to create surreptitious rumors about any of the defendants.

    #3. The upsetting comments about alleged ” Drug Use ” and ” Drug Dealing ” are very carefully worded.
    The author of these comments technically is NOT accusing anyone of drug use or drug dealing. The author is asking if it is likely that one or more of the defendants is involved in ” Drugs ” given that two of the defendants have a history of drug use and one of the defendants attempted to burglarize a pharmacy in 2006. These comments do NOT meet the legal criteria for libel, the false publication in writing that maliciously damages a person’s reputation.

    #4. The upset mother who is quite concerned about how the ATM story/blog potentially affects her children should try to understand that professional educators understand that children are not responsible for the actions of adults.

    #5. If the children being referred to by the upset mother do not carry the same surname as any of the defendants, how would anyone in the local school system be able to make that connection unless one of the defendants is listed as a contact person or parent ?

  25. I read this story completely and re-read the comment/blog section several times and wish to share a unique observation in reference to human behavior.

    The first blog entry to mention anything regarding drugs was entry #4 by someone calling themselves LIZ !

    In this and several subsequent entries LIZ has no problem openly revealing the negative drug history of Patrick and Ethan and their respective families, yet when someone, most likely a family member, suggests her Fiance may possibly be involved in related behavior, LIZ becomes upset and claims that these rumours are causing her family a great deal of pain ! What about the pain her comments and actions have caused other people ?

    EVERYONE needs to take a hard self-examination at how their behavior affects other people !

    Even though LIZ needs to understand how her comments and actions may have exasperated this entire unfortunate situation, PEOPLE NEED TO LEAVE THIS MOTHER AND HER CHILDREN ALONE,

    MOVE ON,


  26. I would encourage everyone to understand the following important final point !

    Children need and deserve to have positive role models in their lives. Responsible & law abiding adults who set limits with them and lead by example !

    It is not healthy for children to be raised in an environment where the adults are involved in destructive, controlling, and illegal behavior !

    If a child has an adult role model that is incarcerated several times during the child’s formative years, in the long run the child will be adversely affected !

  27. I feel sympathy and empathy for the children involved in this story. It must be challenging for the kids to comprehend why several (2-3) of the adult male role-models, part of their everyday lives, suddenly are gone leaving a young mother to explain the unexpected departure and assume more parental responsibility. Additionally, it must have been embarrassing and somewhat upsetting for the children when law enforcement arrives to exercise a court-ordered search warrant. Hopefully the kids were not at the residence when the police performed their duty. I sincerely hope the future holds better & brighter days for LIZ and her children !

  28. Regarding Criminal Records known as a CORI :

    An individuals criminal record is only a listing of the instances when someone got caught and charged with doing something illegal.

    It is not a full accounting of all the crimes which have been committed by a specific person !

    Career Criminals have actually committed many more crimes than they have been charged with !

  29. liz says:

    I am a wonderful mother and have been since the day my boy was born,There are many mothers that go through this situation,I was not “hanging out” with a criminal,I fell in love with a great man that has commited crimes.Many people commit crimes including polititians and officers of the law as well, it does not mean they are not good parents or putting their children in harms way.My son has never been exposed to any bad behaivor.This happening was obviously my worst nightmare,but to say I condoned it or knew about anything is WRONG.The only reason I have stated others drug use and put others down is because the love of my life was put down, 2 wrongs dont make it right but when people claim they feel bad for a young boy cause he has respectful family and point the finger at my fiance I will be the one telling the truth,they werent brought up by respectful citizins and it disgust me that they are putting down someone when they are doing harm themselves,as for me my son lives a good life and although Grant may have made mistakes he has NEVER put my son or I in harms way,he was an incredible father to my boy and that is the reason I stick by him,I am not a loser seeker,I pride myself on doing what is right for my son,I dont drug/drink/smoke ciggaretts.I work,I volunteer,and I have morals.I respect myself and my community and although I am upset with this situation when your in love with someone that has made bad choices your reaction shouldnt be to give up on them.Grant was very good to me and it kills me that my son doesnt have his dad,I am providing him with the best I can,He is an incredible smart little boy and I will make sure he does what is right in life because one thing my son has is a mother that will ALWAYS be there for him.We are doing just fine and although it wasnt right to put other peoples buisness out there I felt the need to correct the story’s because If your going to talk,talk the truth.

  30. According to a search of public records that pertain to Grant Vone Manstein Morse:

    In 2007, Mr. Morse plead guilty to Burglary not Trespassing. The amount of restitution was slightly more than $3,300 . The courts do not assign restitution for simple trespassing.

    This is a clear-cut example of both Grant and Liz minimizing ” Grant’s ” behavior. ” Hey, this is no big deal, it was just a simple case of trespassing ! ”

    Another example of two individuals having a hard time telling the truth !

  31. To criticize anyone by referring to prostitution or heroin abuse is a truly “Cheap Shot ” ! It is completely unfair and uncalled for !

    Sometimes people make poor decisions and become entangled in very bad personal behaviour.
    It tends to happen more often to adults who as children were raised in unhealthy & dysfunctional low-income families. People struggling with mental health issues are also susceptible.

    History is filled with many remarkable examples of individuals who have overcome heroin addiction.
    Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Steven Tyler, and Ray Charles all struggled with this terrible disease.

    I strongly criticize anyone who uses this blog to attack a defenseless mother who is trying her very best to raise her child while managing a very serious personal health issue.

  32. It was not good judgement to bring up the topic of drugs and make wild accusations of illegal behavior against extended family members who live 1300 miles away from Palm Coast. Perhaps those family members have worked very hard as well to turn their lives around. ” People who live in Glass Houses, should not throw stones ! “

  33. melissa says:

    Liz u r not making any sences what so ever first ur saying grant is not the father of ur son thfen you are so is he grants son or what you are not making any sencise at all i dont know what anybody sees in you you are just a little b$$$h yeah i said it because when you were at my house you were telling me to get yougr son stuff and to gdet you a drink in my own house you should say can i please get a drink not get me a drink no you dont tell me what to do in my house now u need to stop talking lie’s about my brother and start telling the truth starting with your feancea and you stop calling me a child because iam not iam 13 and u need to satop talking crap about people you dont even now i only knew you for like 2 mounths then your going to come in my house and tell me what to do i dont think so and you do smoke i know you do cause you were smoking in my house oooo wait Liz doest smoke yeah right iam not dume because you let your son go out back and sit on the table were there was paint then you blam it on me yeah it is my paint but iam not a retired who puts my kid on a table with opan paint on the table it dosent take a gense to think of that all you know what to do is lie nd lie and lie all the time and greant was involved and i think you were to iam i right or wrong ……………………….

  34. Ivan Paul says:

    I find it interesting how some people have been very critical of the older defendant when actually each of the individuals involved were adults at the time they decided to participate in the above mentioned ATM crime.

    Apparently, Ethan is living in Texas with an outstanding warrant for his arrest and Patrick was arrested again in early January 2011 for an entirely different set of crimes unrelated to the ATM issue.

    I would suppose some idiot claiming to be one of societies “victims” will somehow draw a connection between Patrick’s behavior in early January and Mr. Morse who is still inside the Flagler County Jail and has been since July 4th, 2011 !

    The lady calling herself Liz was right, Patrick & Ethan were committing crimes before they met Mr. Morse and Patrick & Ethan will continue their criminal behavior until they start making better decisions.

    End of Story

  35. melissa says:

    Ivan Paul yeah my brother might have been doing a lil stupied stuff but when we moved to where Morse lived my brother patrick got worsh cause patrick move din with morse and his wife and morse and his wife do drugs all the time liz smokes i know that cause she was at my house smoking cigg’s and then they went in to the graage togather an dwhere smoking POT and the reson i nknow that is cause you can smell it through MY house and Liz if your reading this witch i hope you are cause all you are is a lil B***h who cant keep her mouth shut now nobody talk S**t about my brother

  36. When we use a computer to access the Internet, it is very difficult to determine the computer’s exact physical location from just knowledge of an IP address alone. You would also need the assistance of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as Bright House Cable or DISH Satellite Network.

    ISP’s have very strict privacy policies. They will not give out information to any random person upon request. However, under laws like the Patriot Act and through subpoenas from the police, or State & Federal agencies, an ISP may have no choice but to release the actual address and phone number.

    The IP address, critically necessary for the Internet to work, is the “on-ramp” to the Internet Highway. Please remember however, it is just the general location of where the computer may be connecting to the vast Internet Infrastructure. Also, If the computer user is technically proficient, they would be using a proxy server to completely mask or change the IP address.

    IP addresses, in and of themselves, do not contain tracer information such as the computer’s true physical location and phone number. If you are signed up with an ISP, which is the way most consumers receive Internet Service, then your ISP can link your IP address to a customer’s name, physical address, phone number, and even credit card information.

  37. June 7th, 2008 @ 3:17 am – Daytona Beach, FL

    According to a Daytona Beach newspaper police log report, the Daytona Beach Police arrested two individuals on charges of attempted burglary and resisting arrest without violence.

    The incident happened at the 600 block of Seabreeze Blvd near Walgreen’s & South Beach Fashion, a high-end casual designer clothing boutique.

    The first defendant was middle-aged at almost 44 years and the second defendant was considerably younger at 28 years of age !

  38. “Never apologize for what you feel, it’s like saying sorry for being real ! ”

    This phrase is very thought provoking. Does it mean we can always say whatever we want to another person just because we feel a certain way ? I sincerely hope not !

    Adults do not appreciate being used, coerced, manipulated, controlled, and deceived !

    It would be very mature to balance the above phrase with the following……”Behave towards other people the way you would like people to behave towards you !

    Polite, Thoughtful, and Emotionally Well-Balanced Adults do not post profanity-laced outbursts on the Internet just because they are unhappy with the policies and procedures of a service provider.

    Bail Bonding Companies provide financial assurance the defendant will appear in court. If people made better decisions to begin with, they would not be in jail and therefore would not need the services of a bail-bonding company !

  39. melissa says:

    Every body needs to stop this is my brother that you are talking about and i don’t like what you are saying about him all of you need to STOP TALKING ABOUT MY BROTHER end of STORY….

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