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Pit Bull Mix Attacks 76-Year-Old Woman in Her F-Section Backyard and Tries to Drag Her Away

| October 17, 2014

The dog attack took place in the backyard of the house on the left, after the pit bull mix escaped from a broken screen enclosure from the house on the right, on Forest Hill Drive in Palm Coast Thursday afternoon.

The dog attack took place in the backyard of the house on the left, after the pit bull mix escaped from a broken screen enclosure from the house on the right, on Forest Hill Drive in Palm Coast Thursday afternoon.

It’s another dog bite, another person hospitalized as a result, and another pit bull mix doing the biting.

Thursday afternoon, 76-year-old Sun Yong Yi, a resident of Forrest Hill Drive in Palm Coast, was hospitalized with two puncture wounds on her left arm and bruising on her left hand. She had been in her own garden in her back yard when the dog, a big, brown pit bull terrier mix that belongs to neighbors a house over, lunged at her and wouldn’t let go until another neighbor came to her aid.

When a Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived at the scene, “Yi was sitting on the ground in front of the garage, with blood stream down her left arm,” according to the deputy’s incident report. The 76 year old does not speak English. Her daughter translated.

Robert Detherow, the 46-year-old neighbor who came to Yi’s aid, told police that he was in his home when, just after 1 p.m., he heard a woman’s screams. He “went outside, and saw Yi being attacked by the large brown dog, which lives at 55 Forest Hill Drive.” The dog was “trying to drag Yi” to its own yard. Detherow started yelling at the dog, which eventually released Yi and ran off.

“While we were waiting for animal control to arrive on scene, a big brown and white dog came out to the front of 55 Forest Hill Drive and started barking,” the investigating deputy reported. Detherow identified the dog as the one that had bitten the older woman. Soon, Animal Control Officer William Doonan arrived on scene, only for the dog to start acting aggressively toward Doonan. After some barking, the dog retreated to rear of the house to the enclosed pool area.

The animal control officer and the deputy walked the left side of the house, where they saw that the screen to both doors were not intact: that’s how the dog was running out.

“There was feces all over the pool deck. The pool itself was green,” the deputy reported. “Just off the pool deck, the slider to covered lanai was open. While on the left side of the house, the brown dog charged at us, barking, and acting very aggressively. Eventually, the dog retreated into the cover lanai area.”

Doonan placed a wheel barrel by the broken screen area to attempt and contain the dog. He then went to the right side of the house to see if something could be placed over the screen opening. “When we got to the right side, the dog charged at us, barking and acting very aggressive.” A lawn chair was placed in front of the broken screen to contain the dog.

Earlier, when the deputy had knocked at the door of the house, no one had answered–other than a dog barking. The sheriff’s dispatch center was able to locate one of the residents of the house, Chantel Umbese, 27, who responded to the house and secured the dog. She said the dog, whom she identified as a 9-year-old pit bull terrier mix called Milo, belongs to her husband, Ufuoma UUmbese, 30.

Animal Control took the dog to be quarantined.

The attack was only the latest in a series of attacks, several of them injurious, many of them involving pit bulls, in the city and the county at large. Earlier this month a deputy had to Taser a pit bull that was in the act of biting its third victim in the same household, on Princess Luise Lane in Palm Coast. The dog was later euthanized. The day before, a a Rottweiler or possibly a Rottweiler mix attacked and injured a Sheriff’s commander as the commander was jogging along Matanzas Woods Parkway. Days before that, a B-Section resident was attacked by a pit bull as she was in her own backyard. The resident responded by firing a gunshot at the dog, which turned tail. A pit bull attacked a 1-year-old girl in June in the Mondex, and in the most vicious attack of the year, a pit bull mix in March twice attacked two young children who were waiting for their mother in a van, parked at Second Chance Rescue in Bunnell, severely injuring the children.

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21 Responses for “Pit Bull Mix Attacks 76-Year-Old Woman in Her F-Section Backyard and Tries to Drag Her Away”

  1. John Smallberries says:

    Oh hey, look, another pit bull attack. I’m sure that animal control has this one handled guys, it’s been quarrantined so no harm no foul, am I right?

  2. The Geode says:

    It wasn’t the dog’s fault. That is what delusional pit-bull lovers is going to defend this dog with. When the pekineses, chihuahuas, labs and whatever other dog people claim that bites more than “pit-bulls” (and their ilk) starts mauling and attacking with great bodily harm or becomes capable of doing so – THEN I will believe the hype.

  3. Retired FF says:

    Just one more reason to outlaw Pit Bulls!

  4. Thomas McCartney says:

    No matter what you identify them as or what you choose to call them if any dog has pit bull genetics in it then the outcome of said genetics are always the same, death, mauling’s, crippled and disfigured victims when their DNA is expressed into reality which it invariably will be the case.

    So you can call them something else to protect them but they are still pit mixes who are what they are and do what they do, who as a result have no right to ever come into human contact.

    Pit bull or Pit bull cross, same difference same outcome same reality as to what they are.

    And all Pit bulls or restricted dogs including pit bull crosses by law should have leashes and Muzzles which they never have and all to often you seem them running around as such unmuzzled, this is an even greater problem then them being unleashed and that is bad enough

    Certain breeds like Pit bulls etc.are fundamentally evil in nature and action and do not deserve the freedom of action to carry out their DNA.

    The point is, other dogs bite, Pit bulls and Pit bull crosses and others like mastiffs, Rotts etc. attack and kill and maim, that is the big difference in the outcome and should result in a completely different attitude towards these dogs and why they should be banned outright. The stats are very clear and accurate and show this reality even if you want to put your head in the sand, it still is what it is.

    2/3 of the fatalities by pit bull type dogs in 2013 were the actual family members of the pit bull who had been raised from a pup in optimal conditions, these are facts that are documented.

    Simply put, border collies do not herd sheep because they are raised on sheep farms; rather, they are raised on sheep farms because they herd. In addition pointers point, retrievers retrieve, and mastiffs guard, all because those traits are part of their breed expectations, meaning strong and continuous selection in the underlying breeding program ”

    Simply put Pit bulls do not attack because they are raised with dog fighters and drug dealers, dog fighters and drug dealers use pit bulls because they attack!

    It is their nature, their genetic truth and reality.!!

    It is not how you raise them rather it is simply what they are.!!

    Just like sled dogs run and pull, it is just their nature.!

    A pit bull type dog is what it is and does what it is.You can no more alter it genetic makeup then you can a collies to herd, a hounds to track, a retriever’s to retrieve, a labs to swim, a pointers to point, a sled dog to run and pull.

    They do what they are and a pit bull type dog is a mauling violent killer that has been bred to be a land shark, nothing you do can change that, even if you have them from birth.

    No matter if you love them, or how you nurture, train, rehabilitate, raise them optimally as normal dogs from birth, you can not change their Genetic reality to Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit.

    For over 600 years the current pit bull type dog was brought into being through careful selective genetic breeding to create the most violent murderous fighting dog possible

  5. Thomas McCartney says:

    Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada, September 1982 to May.25, 2013.

    By compiling U.S. and Canadian press accounts between 1982 and 2013, Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People, shows the breeds most responsible for serious injury and death.

    Study highlights

    Pit bull type dogs make up only 6% of all dogs in the USA.

    The combination of Pit Bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes and wolf hybrids and other Pit Bull Type Dogs:

    84% of attacks that induce bodily harm.

    75% of attacks to children.

    87% of attack to adults.

    72% of attacks that result in fatalities.

    80% that result in maiming

    Sadly one does not even have to search for the many attacks of these savage mutant undog’s on humans and pets, there are literally hundreds of new incidents every day carried out by these disgusting creatures, here is another.

    These are all major daily newspapers and network TV station accurate factual reports with direct access to Doctors, ER’s Animal control officers, Police, the victims family, witnesses, the guilty pit nutters, all in news reports from major city newspapers and TV stations, as legit therefore as it possibly can be.

    There is only one breed that has every been or is a threat to public safety and that is the pit bull, the sooner they are exterminated the sooner tragic attacks like the one below will be ended.

    Ban the breed and end the deed.

    Dogs are not humans, there is every reason to be threatened by a pit bull just because of what it is, no different then it would be to feel threatened by ANY bear, lion, tiger, wolverine, cobra etc. that you encountered, if they charged you then there would be justification to kill any of them if you were carrying, same thing with a pit bull, any pit pit bull.

    You can no more be biased or prejudiced against any pit bull then you can be so against any bear, lion, tiger, wolverine, cobra etc. so that is an absurd argument on the part of the nutters.

    That 6% of the dog population carries out 70%+ of the killings, mauling, crippling, disfiguring and dismembering attacks to such a disproportionate extent speaks for itself and to the genetic truth and reality that exists in any pit bull type dog, it is what it is and does what is in it’s DNA.This has been breed into them over 600 years and is their truth, they must therefore become extinct.

    Any other dog will bite and run giving you a few stitches, a pit bull will not stop till you are DEAD.What about that do you not understand, the difference between another dog’s bite and a pit bulls mauling and dismembering, disfiguring and killing.

  6. Responsible Dog Owner says:

    After all these years and news reports of “Pit bull” attacks I would love to know what a “Pit bull” really is? Truthfully a Pit bull is a mix, a mutt of bully breed dogs and terriers of any combination. If the AKC doesn’t recognize it as a breed its a mutt. However the insurance company’s, as well as the media have gotten clever as to what one is.

  7. A.S.F. says:

    Enough is enough. Owners like these need to be barred from owning pets.

  8. merese says:

    allowing these dogs that attack like Lions to savagely and painfully tear apart citizen young and old is America’s shame. It highlights the apathy of citizens and lack of leadership in politicans who listen to the noise made by bully breed advocates that band together from across the globe to make it appear that everyone condones pitbulls and their sudden and unpredictable attacks. and are two organizations to keep informed. These dogs are killing people with increasing regularity, removing a person’s body part eery 4 days and the national media is silent.

    • mommabrer says:

      It isn’t just America’s shame. These attacks happen in England too. This just goes to prove even more that it definitely IS the breed.

  9. Hank says:

    Enough is enough these dog owners should be heavily fined, and the dog should be put down.

  10. Seminole Pride says:

    I have a 8o lb. Lab, and when I play tug of war with her, she can pull me off the couch and onto the floor, and I weigh 200 lbs. Dogs have a lot of strength.

  11. Gia says:

    That kind of dog are very dangerous & vicious & should be exterminate.

  12. Dayna says:

    It’s just another day in the life of a pit bull. Getting loose from their irresponsible owners and going on a mauling spree is what they do. Unless they’re having a rainy day at home and mauling their own family.

  13. Madison says:

    It’s not the dogs, its the owners. People need to stop saying how awful all the dogs are when there’s more good pitbulls than bad ones. Also that second chance story isn’t true, they have it all wrong. People kill people more than pitbulls kill people and people attack people more than pitbulls attack people so maybe we should ban people too then and keep them on a leash

  14. steve says:

    Served in Germany in US military, these dogs are banned there, but they are a little more advanced over there, public safety trumps individual rights.

  15. Eric says:

    there are inherent behaviors in certain breeds period we as humans made them a certain way for certain purposes we raised beagles and hounds for scent hunting, mastiffs were strictly for hunting big game and war, great danes were breed to hunt boar and sharpies were breed to warm the feet of an emperor. Pitbulls were bread for aggressive fighting and guarding so why are we surprised when these animals show that side of themselves….if i expected our beagle to stop her engrained behavior i might as well give her away….pitbulls and dogs of this subtype were designed by people for the purposes of aggression just because you know a docile pitt does not mean all pitts are docile or even can be…..everything is true to it’s nature when untethered these were unwatched animals that reverted to a “natural” state yes i blame the owners and yes its a shame someone got attacked AGAIN but these are animals not people and the second people stop treating dogs like dogs this is what happens

  16. tiredoflowlifes says:

    Why is it that people who can’t take care of themselves always have pets? It sounds like their house is falling down around them but they have money to feed two large dogs and i’m sure there is beer in the fridge!

  17. Judy Horwitz says:

    My Shitz Tzu Moe was killed by a pit while walking with my husband who had him on a lesh. They were passing the dogs house and he came running out the front dog. All FL law allows is to quarantine the dog in the owners house for 10 days. Nothing happened to the dog and nothing happened to the owner who didn’t even have the dogs shots up to date. The pit problem is getting out of hand here in Palm Coast and because of the state law, Animal Control has nothing they can do about it.

  18. No more pitbulls says:

    But how can this be? According to EVERY Pitbull owner – they are just the CUTEST little things who would NEVER hurt a fly… just does not make sense…

    The entire breed needs to be exterminated.

  19. JR says:

    There is a vicious and often unrestrained pit bull on Buffalo Meadow Lane. Please be very careful when walking along this street! It has attacked twice within the past 30 days. If you have spotted this dog on the loose or have been bit by this dog, please call Palm Coast Animal Control to report it ASAP. We need to keep or neighborhood and children safe.

  20. confidential says:

    JR. take pictures of the loose dog, carry a camera or I-phone and also spend just few dollars in a maze spray and or small stunt gun and just carry it in your pocket. Also while you are all aware that the dog is still around and those owners didn’t move out…carry a good baseball bat, or some pipe or whatever to defend yourself if you gave it handy. Take pictures and call animal control at the first site of a dangerous loose dog. Even be careful of someone walking a dangerous large dog as can overpower its walker and attack. In the 70’s some Russian gorgeous long hair dog walked by his owner a petit sweet blond lady, took a leap when he saw the kids in the playground escaped his owner leash and attacked this 10 year old boy almost killing him. Ferociously mauling his face. He needed many facial surgeries to never look the same. Years later my own young daughter was bitten in the nose that she put thru a chain link fence to see close up few puppies that a friend of mine took her to show. I had the scare of my life….but Thank God her nose healed almost to perfection. Never trust dogs you don’t know. In these last 10 years many latest irresponsible newcomers brought dangerous dogs to Palm Coast, besides rudeness and crime.

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