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Pit Bull Tased Then Euthanized After Attacking 3 People in P-Section; 3rd Incident in 3 Days

| September 24, 2014

The pit bull was biting Lloyd Rose, forcing a deputy to deploy his Taser and temporarily incapacitate the dog. Click on the image for larger view. (FCSO)

The pit bull was biting Lloyd Rose, forcing a deputy to deploy his Taser and temporarily incapacitate the dog. Click on the image for larger view. (FCSO)

Note: In July 2017, Georgia Rose was arrested on animal cruelty charge. See the story here.

A Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy had to deploy his Taser and twice fire at a pit bull that attacked and injured three people at a house on Princess Luise Lane in Palm Coast Tuesday afternoon. The dog was later euthanized at the residents’ request. It was the third time in three days that a dog has gone on the attack in Palm Coast, resulting in injuries to people two of the three times.

Deputy Trevor Jacob had responded to the scene at 16 Princess Luise Lane at 1:39 p.m. By then the pit bull had already bitten Georgia Rose and her mother, Themla Rose, 62. Jacob was speaking with some of the residents in the yard, by the garage, to get one of the victims out for treatment, when suddenly they heard another man screaming for help on the other side of the house. It was Lloyd Rose, 71. The pit bull had bitten his arm and wasn’t letting go. He was just outside the front door. Jacob rushed over, took out his Taser and fired at the dog, which immediately released Rose as it went into brief convulsion on the lawn. Lloyd Rose had earlier tried to secure the dog.

“Every body move back, everybody move back,” Jacob told the residents, in a scene captured by the deputy’s lapel video camera (see below). “In the house, in the house, in the house,” Jacob insisted, as the tasing of the dog was already wearing off. The dog got up and, whimpering, headed toward the front door.

“I’ve been trying to contain it so everybody can get inside,” Jacob told dispatch. “I heard screaming and yelling, he was biting someone.” By then the deputy, who was joined by another, had managed to get all residents inside, while he and James Gore, second deputy, kept an eye on the dog, which stayed by the front door. There was a baby in the house.

Minutes later rescue units arrived on scene. “At this time Deputy Gore provided cover for rescue 21 and rescue 22 so they were able to treat Georgia, Thelma and Lloyd as I contained the dog,” Jacob reported. “Georgia had injuries on both wrists, Thelma had injuries on her head and left wrist and Lloyd had injuries to both wrists. The above victims were subsequently transported to Florida Hospital Flagler by ambulance.”

Gore spoke with one of the victims about what led to the attacks. “Georgia stated that the dog was locked in a bedroom and eventually chewed its way through the door and attacked her,” the incident report states. “At that time her mother (Thelma) tried to help and the dog attacked her too. Georgia also stated that the dog belonged to her brother (Lloyd Rose Jr) who I was unable to make contact with.” The brother lives in Jacksonville.

A Palm Coast animal control officer responded to the scene and was able to secure the dog without being bitten.

“I’ll walk up with you and if it advances towards you I’ll tase him again,” Jacob told the animal control officer. The officer approached carefully as the dog crouched in the entrance area. She spoke to the dog then, as the dog barked, secured the animal with a noose at the end of a metal pole. The dog struggled and protested briefly.

The dog was quarantined at Animal Control, and later euthanized.

The day before, a dog described as a Rottweiler or possibly a Rottweiler mix attacked Flagler County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Steve Cole as Cole was jogging along Matanzas Woods Parkway. Cole was injured in three places, and later made an appeal to dog owners to responsibly handle their dogs when in public: that dog had gotten loose from its handler to attack Cole. On Sunday, a resident of the B-Section had to fire her gun at a charging pit bull as she was walking her own dog in her back yard. No one was injured in that incident.

The Princess Luise Lane Incident as Recorded By a Deputy’s Lapel Video[media id=372 width=500 height=400]


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35 Responses for “Pit Bull Tased Then Euthanized After Attacking 3 People in P-Section; 3rd Incident in 3 Days”

  1. confidential says:

    These dogs owners should be held responsible. The dogs are innocent animals that are made to be aggressive by those owners and they still have two inside the house” in cage”s they said? Is that a way to keep your dogs? No wonder are aggressive. Really sad for the victims and the euthanized innocent animal made to be that way! Awful.

  2. confidential says:

    Excellent service of our sheriff deputies! Thank you.

  3. Well... says:

    The person that owns these animals should be harshly punished. Mistreating an animal should result in the same penalty as mistreating a child. A life is a life, bipedal or quadruped, and there is no excuse for abuse of any kind. A chained or restrained dog that is never awarded freedom to walk or play is oftentimes more aggressive than those dog that are not. I have been around many Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Labrador, German Shepard, Doberman and Saint Bernard dogs and they have all been wonderful because they were shown love and affection by their owners. It is really a shame and so sad that an animal is essentially trained to attack or feel such fear and anger that it is the only action they know. Human beings are the real problem here but isn’t that the answer to many of life’s problems…bad, soulless human beings that destroy everything in their path.

    • lee77 says:

      To “Confidential and Well”: First, there is no evidence the dog had been locked in the bathroom for any appreciable length of time, that it was locked in the bathroom on a regular basis, or that it wasn’t allowed “freedom to walk or play.” (The dog appears to be healthy and well-fed in the photos.) A pit bull can chew and tear its way through a hollow door in a matter of minutes as people who have locked themselves in bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. to get away from an attacking pit bull have learned the hard way. More than likely, the dog was placed in the bathroom because there were visitors to the home or the people in the house were afraid of it. Second, a dog is NOT a child and there is no comparing the two. (If a person has a problem with a dog, they can take it outside the city limits and shoot it, or take it to the vet and have it put down because news flash: dogs aren’t human!) Accordingly, the penalties for mistreating a child are much, much more serious than for mistreating a dog because mistreating a child is much more serious than mistreating a dog. Third, there is no evidence the dog was “trained to attack” or that it felt “fear or anger.” Pit bulls are bred specifically to fight other pit bulls and they can snap and attack without warning or provocation as evidenced by daily news reports. Unless a person is involved in dog-fighting, he/she has no reason to own a pit bull and since dog-fighting is illegal in the United States, no one in the US has any reason to own a pit bull. I do agree that human beings are the “real problem” because many human beings have no better sense than to own pit bulls.

      • Proud Pit Owner says:

        Do you’re research. Pit Bulls were originally bred as “nanny” dogs. They were also utilized as one of the first military and law enforcement dogs. I am not standing up for these dogs what they did is not appopriate, and it is mopst likely do to the owner’s poor ability to raise an animal whether it be because they plan to fight the dog or just neglect it regularly. I have two pit bulls and have always lived in a home with dogs since my birth, and have yet to come across a more loyal and well mannered breed of dog when raised correctly. My oldest pit bull is actually a certified therapy dog, that my wife brings to work a nursing home on several occasions. They are great with my 3 month old child. Don’t blame the breed!!!! Like anything else the media reports you need to take it all with a grain of salt. Flagler LIve does a great job of reporting the facts, as they did here but like all news it is one side of the story, and three attacks in three days is an unfortunate thing, all three were not attributed to Pit Bulls either so why is no one attacking the rottweiler breed?
        Also, I don’t know the numbers but there is probably well over 5,000 Pit Bulls owned within the city limits of Palm Coast, so think about the 4, 998 others that were not attacking anyone, possibly sleeping on the couch next to an infant, or detering crime from occuring on their owner’s property.

        If anyone has any qualms about the Pit Bull breed please contact me and i would be more than happy to introduce you to several pit bulls that you would quickly realize are not what the media always reports.
        P.S. Great work deputy Jacob, this is not an easy decision to make to use that amount of force on an animal, but it was justified.

        • Pitbull Mom says:

          Completely agree! It’s all about how they are raised and trained.
          Its not about the bree but as soon as there’s a dog attack people love to throw out that it was a pitbull giving them bad reps

        • David O says:

          You tell us to so our research but then spit out the nanny dog myth? Even BadRap
          Issued a statement denying the idea pit bulls were ever nanny dogs. I can show you a vintage photo of a kid and a chimp or lion, too.

  4. Obama 2014 says:

    IF this doesn’t prove something needs to be done about these pit bulls and how animals are taken care of in Palm coast nothing does.

  5. Seminole Pride says:

    Nice is job FCSO and PC Animal Control. This is real tv. Better than Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet. Sorry the dog was euthanized.

  6. Donna Heiss says:

    Bravo Deputy Jacob!

  7. msbcart says:

    you can hear him say they have a few other dogs, but they are locked up… ughhhh

  8. Retired FF says:

    This is the reason Pittbulls, Rottweiler’s and Dobermans are outlawed in So. Fla. They are aggressive by nature and have killed and maimed to many people.

    • Active FF says:

      Good Morning Sir,

      As a FF who grew up in Broward County close to Miami-Dade which is the only place in the U.S. that has BSL (breed specific legislation) that makes owning a pit bull illegal, however that is only when not registered with the county. Pit Bulls are not aggressive by nature, they are aggressive as a product of their environment. Unprovoked attacks are inappropriate and that animal should be euthanized when appropriate, however the owner of the aniimal should also be investigated as there was probably some form of mal intent, or neglect involved leading to the poor behavior of this animal.

      I am the owner of two pit bulls, and can say they are two of the best mannered, gentlest dogs i’ve come across. I know several L.E.O.’s and other FF’s who own them as well. As the people who probably come across the gruesomest sitautions involving the breed, why is it many of us own them?

    • tcvegas says:

      Rottweilers are NOT “outlawed” in S. Fla nor are Dobermans. Neither dog shares the same characteristics or history of Pit Bulls.

  9. Amy says:

    “chewed its way through the door and attacked her”. Read that again. “chewed its way through the door and attacked her”. Yesterday there was a pit bull that jumped through a glass window to attack a dachshund. Jumped through a glass window. It’s not JUST the owners who are to blame here. These dogs were bred for their aggressive and tenacious fighting style. There is no reason to keep these things as pets. They are dangerous. Time to ban these beasts.

    • Outsider says:

      When I lived in Atlanta thirty years ago I remember a news story where an ambulance had to turn around in a driveway. As it did, it was attacked by a pit bull, which flattened the front tire disabling it on the sport. That’s no small feat considering the layers of steel in a tire. These dogs,have the capability to kill, and I am no fan of them. On top of that, many owners of these dogs are just morons.

  10. Gia says:

    That kind of dog race are vicious & dangerous by nature should not exist period.

    • boomer says:

      there are a lot of humans that are equal too or more dangerous and should be also put down….animals by nature dislike evil people and i always stand on the side of the animal….

  11. Silvereed says:

    Excellent job…Animal Control

  12. confidential says:

    I really have to say this video cameras will prove us all the good work of our law enforcement. I can see the compassion of our deputy that did not shoot that dog but teaser it instead and at all times seemed in control of the situation in spite the dog was loose, he did it protecting people and animal too.
    I will seriously investigate the ownership of those dogs and how they are treated. Just the demeanor when the owner said “put the dog down, put it down” also broke my heart, for that innocent animal raised to be aggressive and to attack. Was that dog well fed ? because sure was not properly cared for. I will demand an inspection of the other two dogs said to be in cages? That size dogs in cages inside a small house? If our ordinance do not provide for inspections of animals conditions on site of an incident…make the ordinance then.

    • MJC says:

      @Confidential: The dog had just tried to kill someone. It would have been irresponsible of the owner to say anything else. The owners of many pit bulls that attack and try to kill people demand their dogs be returned and the dog attacks again, sometimes killing their second victim. The cane corsos (pit bull-type dogs) that killed the man in Michigan in July had attacked and injured two other people. A woman in Texas was attacked and killed in March by a pit bull that had attacked a 12-year-old boy a few months before. However, this particular attack could have been avoided if the owners had kept their dogs outside, where dogs belong, instead of inside the house. It is wrong to confine large, energetic dogs inside a house, but this being said, people keep other breeds of dogs inside the house (where they don’t belong) and those dogs don’t suddenly go crazy and try to kill people.

      Several people in Florida have been murdered by pit bulls and others have been dismembered and otherwise badly injured. Just last year, a woman lost an arm and leg to a pit bull. Another woman had her arm torn off by a pit bull. In 2011, a man in Putnam County had one arm torn off by a pit bull and one of the monsters got his entire head in its big, ugly mouth and chomped down — the man (a Vietnam vet) died a few days later. A vet tech lost her arm and was almost killed by a pit bull in Panama City in July 2012. Two children have been killed by pit bulls in Florida this year alone and at least one last year. People need to start emailing and calling their state legislators and demanding the law forbidding the banning of pit bulls be overturned so that cities and counties can ban this monsters once and for all.

  13. Just saying says:

    If a dog’s behavior is genetically linked to its breed, why are human behaviors not linked to theirs?

  14. ted bundy says:

    well the truth is flagler county can ban pitbulls immediately, is the county council deems it so!! contact your county commish and voice your vote!! kill them all methinks!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    It would have been so much easier to just shoot the stupid pit… Too bad so many people have these things as pets. Sure they are great, until the moment they’re not. No training needed for the fighting gene to kick in for many of them.

  16. MJC says:

    Many aspects of human personality is genetic, however, because of the extremely long maturation rate of human beings (21 years) versus dogs (less than 1 year), environmental factors have a much greater influence on humans. Also, dogs have been purpose-bred to perform a very specific task, i.e., breeders mate two dogs with the desired traits, pick the offspring of those that have the desired traits and breed them with another dog having those traits. This, as you know, isn’t the case with humans.

  17. Wow says:

    Managing these beasts are such a waste of tax dollars.

  18. Pitbull Mom says:

    I find it so funny how people want to kill them all or ban the breed because of dog attacks, yet chihuahuas attack or any other breed and nobody tries to band them. But yet there are people in this county who do so many wrong things and nobody tries to ban them. It is not the breed. It is the way it’s trained, or lack of training or the way it is treated. If an animal is not fed regularly then yes it can become aggressive, if the animal is abused then yes it could be aggressive. Ive had my pitbull for over 4 years now and she was found on the streets before we adopted her. We’ve never had an issue with her because we trained her and treat her properly. Do your research before you start throwing harsh things out there.

  19. CarleyB says:

    pitbull mom…I agree with you 100%..! We’ve had pit mixes for years …IN the House!! and are the sweetest . Non Dog people don’t get it..! My dogs and I have been attacked by Yorkies , chi’s jack russells …Never had a problem with a pit…Take into consideration owners that Beat their dogs…Any dog can be mean and aggressive ! Get off the “ban the Pit” wagon!!

  20. cindy says:

    My neighborhoods full of small dogs. One lady had a beautiful red nose pitt that was bitten on the back of the leg by a poodle. If treated and trained properly they can be great dogs. You have to be the alfa dog in an pitt. human relationship or it could be dangerous to the public.

  21. nomorepitbulls says:

    All pitbulls are evil. They cannot be trusted and the breed needs to be exterminated.

    There are way too many “wanna be ” tough guys out there who think having a pitbull makes them cool, tough, or “gangstah”. These creatures should be shot on sight.

  22. A.S.F. says:

    Except for the people who rescue them. I am wary of people who are drawn to the types of animals (not just dogs) that have a reputation for being aggressive and and/or dangerous to humans. I think that says something about the owner(s) and you have to wonder about their intentions.

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