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Palm Coast Woman Fires Handgun at Charging Pit Bull as She Walks Her Dog in B-Section

| September 22, 2014

pit-bull-gunJennifer Bair is a 25-year-old resident of Belvedere Lane in Palm Coast. She owns a beagle called Daisy, which she takes on walks in her neighborhood or in her backyard, on a leash, as was the case Sunday. Bair started carrying a gun after a neighborhood pit bull charged her and her dog on a previous occasion.

On Sunday, as she was walking Daisy in her backyard, the pit bull, known as KimK, charged her again, according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s report, “barking and snarling.”

Bair took out her Bersa 380 handgun and fired.

Bair’s fiancĂ©, Jonathan Tanenbaum, reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office that evening, as Bair had to leave for work, the report states.
Tanenbaum, 25, was at the scene when the incident occurred but was not involved.

He said Baire retreated to her house after firing the round, while the brown pit bull “immediately ran to its home at 49 Berkshire Lane.”

The pit bull belongs to Marcus Chamblin, a 20-year-old resident at the Berkshire Lane house. KimK was not injured, the report states. The dog was chained to a tree when the investigative deputy spoke with Chamblin, who said that his dogs “do get loose from their chained areas and he was aware that KimK had gotten loose,” the report states. A Palm Coast ordinance requires dogs to be leashed or chained in the city.

The deputy contacted animal control, which was aware of the ongoing issue of Chamblin’s aggressive dogs at 49 Berkshire Lane. Animal control said it would follow-up on Monday.

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31 Responses for “Palm Coast Woman Fires Handgun at Charging Pit Bull as She Walks Her Dog in B-Section”

  1. old berkshire person says:

    i stayed near there for a year and always had problems walking my dog b.c of them. animal control had been called and the cops on them multiple times yet they have done nothing. their dogs stay chained to that tree all day everyday no wonder they want to get off it and run wild. even in the rain or cold or windy days their dogs are out their even seen a puppy out there before. i was always so scared to go any where out there or around even people came over to my house would be running and rushing to the door for the dog wouldnt bite them. im not profileing b.c i have a pit bull too but she is the most warmest nicest cutest pit ever and sooooo loving. idc who u are if u truly love ur dog u dont leave them out side in the rain nd cold and SUPPER hot days

  2. Larry says:

    Check out the public records history of complaints filed over the past few years on these people and their dogs. Jenn was bit by that dog, but because it did not ‘puncture the skin’, animal control couldn’t do anything. SO she has to be injured 1st, perhaps worse, before someone does something about these people’s dogs? Who decided on this rule/law? And Its not just one dog getting loose…there are several. There are little kids living in that area as well. Its not the dogs, its the owners lack of training the dogs and irresponsibility that is the problem. Take care of this before someone really gets hurt Palm Coast!!!!

    • Jan says:

      Several? Did the ordance in Palm Coast change? We are only allowed 2 dogs per household. I know, I was sited some years ago for having one more than 2.

  3. Tom C says:

    Good for her. Animal control does nothing about dangerous, aggressive dogs. It is up to the citizens.

    • PC Mom says:

      That’s the truth….my daughter was attacked by a dog and they did nothing. The dog is still alive and well….getting scraps from the table and love. Ridiculous. Once a dog bites, esp a child….that’s it.

  4. Outsider says:

    Better luck next time!

  5. mini me says:

    If I see that dog owner he is gonna get it

  6. Lars Hawk says:

    My wife leash walks our 170lb Presa Canario and has seen that dog come close before, but shooed him away. God forbid that dog or ANY dog comes after my family. And that woman w/the handgun, better keep it on your property. My dog is well trained and will only love on a little dog, but NOT a charging Pit!

  7. ignorance says:

    vigilantism, what is always comes down too.

  8. Jason Driggs says:

    If people can’t even control their mild mannered dogs (my experience is most people with dogs do the very minimum when it comes to controlling them) how do we allow people to have aggressive dogs without requiring some sort of additional dog and owner training, minimum yard size, fencing, kennel, etc.? It’s no secret what dog breeds can cause the most serious harm. You shouldn’t just be able to bring one home without any education or experience. Oh wait… never mind… we do the same thing with children.

    I think most dog incidents are the owner’s fault, not the dog’s.

  9. confidential says:

    Looks like those people treat those two pit bulls in a humane way tied to a tree in heat or cold contributes to their aggressive behavior. They need to fence their backyard and keep those dogs inside. Dogs mean work and to be cared for and not abused or neglected. What a danger around that area.

  10. ana says:

    Unfortunately, there are bad owners and the city should ban these dogs. In addition, no animal should be tied outside in this unbearable heat, mosquito, red ants, bug infested Florida! Like to know who are the individuals writing these asinine ordinance and see how they like being tied up outside in those conditions.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The dog does not understand the stand your ground rule and can be shot if attempting to attack the walker.

  12. Enough says:

    Perhaps the removal of the dogs is in order. And the incarceration of the owner . This might be the better options before another neighbor says “enough” and shoots the owner !!!

  13. Gia says:

    These kind of dogs are vicious & very dangerous >History have already prove it. That race should not exist period.

    • DisgustedinPC says:

      Not all pit bulls are dangerous Gia. Its the owners that make them that way. You can make a chihuahua mean if you want to. Its the same concept as, you can make a child into a brat if you do not discipline it.

      There are some very poor pet owners out there. Not the animals fault. Yet. this dog was wrong and will suffer.

  14. doglover says:

    This is messed up. This is the exact reason why pit bulls have such a bad rap, because people like this are allowed to own dogs and treat them like shit. No wonder they act out. He probably just wants to play but is so excited that he gets crazy, or maybe he is mean but it’s the owners fault for not taking care of him. So wrong on so many levels. Ugh, these people disgust me!

  15. 21 year old pitbull owner...... says:

    I rescued a pitbull, sweetest dog ive ever been around, alot nicer than some lap dogs ive seen. Point is, its all about how you raise an animal, its actions arent always because of its breed but because of its owners.

  16. Seminole Pride says:

    If the owner can not find the time to properly exercise this dog then they should not have a dog of this size. Perhaps a lap dog would be more suitable. Large dogs need a lot of walking and play time with their owners. A large dog should spend about an hour in the morning and evening with there owners going on walks and playing, not chained up to a tree. ,

  17. Anon says:

    Here is the backstory….

    They have 3 pitbulls, one is black and white, one is a greyish-blue, and the brown one with a white chest that has attacked Jen twice now. There is almost always at least one pitbull chained to a tree outside, day and night. They have a small plastic doghouse that the pitbulls can’t even fit into, and a bucket in a tire for water (which is always knocked over). The dogs have dug a hole in the ground in the backyard to lay in because it is the only protection from the sun that they have. Their living conditions are deplorable.

    A few weeks ago, this brown and white pitbull was let loose off it’s chain and ran into Jen’s yard, trying to attack Daisy and instead bit Jen on the knee, narrowly missing Daisy as Jen picked her up. When Animal Control came out, they declared that it was not considered a bite by Palm Coast law because “There was no skin puncture that caused bleeding”, when there was obviously bite marks which bruised the next day.

    Since then, Jen has carried a gun to protect herself because these dogs are let loose by the owner quite often.

    Jen is a lover of animals, and would absolutely hate to have to hurt any animal, but when it comes to her safety from a proven dangerous animal, what else would she do? Let it attack her?

    And also, to further the story, Animal Control did NOT come out yesterday to take a statement, nor did Jen receive a call from them. They have been completely useless in this whole ordeal.

    As a community, we need to change the laws and start being active, not reactive, when it comes to dangerous animals.

  18. Tired says:

    Shame on Animal Control for allowing this to continue. When you know there is animal neglect (which is a form of abuse) and you do nothing, you are guilty of the same!

  19. Larry says:

    Read this from today…pay attention to the Dog Ordinances at the bottom.

    These people with the Pit Bulls have broken Ordinance a,c,d and f. What else needs to happen before Animal NO-CONTROL, the police or the city do something to protect their citizens???

  20. Anonymous says:

    All these dog experts comin outta the woodwork

  21. Obama 2014 says:

    I believe we need to demand a change in the laws in palm coast regarding pet ownership. Animal Control can only follow the law and most of the people with these pets are creating an unsafe and unsanitary environment for the tax paying residents and the their animals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its not the dogs fault at all. I have 2 and they are wonderful and so sweet. My one has been abused and it took almost a year to get him to not pee when someone would pet him. He now will run up to people and yes he looks scary but he just wants to be loved and pet. They need to take the dogs and give them to someone that will give them attention. I’m more scared of stupid little ankle biter then I am of a Pit breed.

  22. the daisy owner says:

    Animal control did not follow up with us on Monday nor did the head of animal control answer the phone when I called yesterday. Today she called me back ten minutes before she left. So, not only does the city not care but they can’t even return a phone call. What do they get paid to do exactly? The woman who came to the scene when I was bit previously by this same dog, was very rude and showed no sympathy towards the situation. When I asked them to take care of this and this has been an ongoing incident she just said “what do you want me to do about it, I can’t force people to take care of their dogs”. In a rude manner then I asked “Well what would you want done if this happens to you?” We need to protect our selves. I am not willing for any of us to get hurt before animal control does something about it. My knee was bruised for over a week with three big teeth marks, but that was not considered a bite because my skin was not punctured. How far does this have to go before they do something about it? This is the fifth time we have called animal control to prevent this situation from happening. I am trying to enjoy our home, its a bad feeling to be afraid to walk in our own back yard with aggressive animals running around.

  23. Jack says:

    I think the owner should be tied to a tree is whole life! Cause when he breaks free they wouldn’t know how to act! These people have no business owning a dog!

  24. old berkshire person says:

    i always felt bad even had people that wanted to take the dog but when the time came the dog was gone when AC came the dogs where gone they have 14 pet violations and people like that give the breed a bad name…..i have a 3 year old pit mix who is terrified of a cocker spanial that is MEAN AS HELL! well when she wants to be she soo tiny and got out the front door so fast and attacked some one for no reason and did hella damage. but my baby coconutt is so spoiled i treat her like royalty moved to a house wher she could go out side in the back b.c it has a fince and just run around b.c when we lived next to them she could never go out side we would have to go on lonngg walks and shes a puller for sure lol but yea they dont need those dogs AC know the police knows all about them and nothing been done. the poor dogs will proly get put down b.c they are way past rehablitaiton the way they are treated and im sorry for the spelling mistakes i have a two year old trying to tyoe next to me lol and she plays with him and let him do what ever he wants to her all she does is lick him and eat his food he gives her point being STOP ABUSING ANIMALS of all breeds sizes and type. a st binard can do alot of damange just like a pit but u never hear any one abusing them like that b.c ghetto people want pit bulls b.c they wanna give them a bad rep fight them and breed them just for money nothing else not giving two fucks about the just wantthe dog ca do

  25. Harry says:

    And of course I bet the owner of the pitbull doesn’t have the proper home insurance so that if the dog does bite someone it’s not covered…Most people who have what the insurance companys call “aggressive” dogs do not carry the proper insurance due to such high rates. I hope that there will be nothing serious otherwise the home owner could lose alot…including his home.

  26. Really?! says:

    Chain owner to tree, let dog reside inside

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