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Heroes Who Foiled European Village Attack Are Jailed on Disorderly Conduct and Battery Charges

| March 19, 2014

From left, Roman Dubinschi, Joshua Auriemma, and Vassili Mironov, still wearing a bandage from the injury he sustained Saturday night while foiling an armed attacker at European Village.

From left, Roman Dubinschi, Joshua Auriemma, and Vassili Mironov, still wearing a bandage from the injury he sustained Saturday night while foiling an armed attacker at European Village.

Sunday morning, Vassili Mironov, Roman Dubinschi and Joshua Auriemma were heroes, sought after by media the world over for their role in foiling what could have been a mass shooting at European Village when Mironov intercepted and put down a drunk, Uzi-wielding suspect.

Wednesday morning, all three men were hauled off to the Flagler County jail on disorderly conduct charges, and for Mironov, a battery charge as well. The three were arrested early Wednesday morning (March 19) outside of Finn’s bar in Flagler Beach, where a fight had broken out between the trio and a victim iddentified in the arrest reports as Ralph Ortiz.

The three men’s arrest relies, however, entirely on the account of one witness. And Mironov, interviewed this morning, vehemently denies that either he or Dubinschi were involved in the fight. He said Auriemma had been “attacked by two drunk men.”

According to the reports, the men were at Finn’s at about 1:30 this morning when a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy patrolling in the area was flagged down by people telling him of a fight in the bar’s parking lot. When the deputy arrived, he saw several people fighting, but he couldn’t determine who had made contact with whom.

Back up deputies and police officers arrived and “we quickly took control of the scene and filtered out the individuals who played a role in this incident,” the arresting report by a Flagler Beach police officer states. “I then made contact with the only witness who was willing to give a verbal statement, identified as Jenuk Neku. Jenuk said that the altercation took place inside the bar as a verbal argument only between the [three] suspects identified as Vassili Mironov, Joshua Auriemma, Roman Dubinschi and the victim identified as Ralph Ortiz. Jenuk said that Ralph left the bar and the three suspects followed him outside. Once outside, Jenuk said that Vassili threw the first punch on Ralph and the other two joined in. After several moments of fighting, law enforcement arrived on scene.”

Mironov was still bandaged over his left eye from the stabbing injury he sustained as he fought Daniel Noble, the 37-year-old suspect who allegedly threatened to shoot Mironov and other patrons at European Village Saturday night. Other than sore knuckles, Auriemma had not been injured in that confrontation, but his jail-booking photograph shows him with fresh lacerations to the face, apparently the result of the fight this morning.

A rescue unit was called in for the victim, who complained of pain in his right leg. He did not appear to have any cuts or abrasions otherwise, the arrest reports state. He was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler by ambulance.

Mironov, Auriemma and Dubinschi were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Mironov was also charged with battery. All three were booked at the county jail. All three had bonded out by early morning, posting $250 bond in Auriemma’s and Dubinschi’s case, and $750 in Mironov’s case.

“This is ridiculous, look at my condition, I didn’t even get in the fight,” Mironov said this morning. “I was smoking a cigarette outside at the corner when the police got there.” Dubinschi, who speaks only broken English, was arrested “for walking between the cops,” Mironov said, and not knowing how precisely to answer their questions.

In the ride to the jail, Mironov, who was in the cruiser with Dubinschi, said the police officer was making fun of him and his friends over the Saturday night incident. “This is what you get for trying to impersonate a police officer on Saturday night at European Village,” Mironov said the officer told him. “I’m going to see my lawyer in a couple of hours.” Mironov added that the officer threatened to have him locked up with Noble. If true, that would be an egregious form of intimidation, and an untenable threat: felony suspects like Noble are held separately from the rest of the jail population.

Mironov and Dubinschi were transported by a Flagler Beach Police officer. (An earlier version of this story had incorrectly attributed the transport to a sheriff’s deputy.) Only Auriemma was transported to the jail by a sheriff’s deputy.

Mironov added: “They were making fun of me, and saying you probably won’t be able to get a law enforcement officer job ever, and he’s like laughing at me.” Mironov recently graduated from a law enforcement academy and was planning a career in law enforcement. He said cameras “all over the place” arund Finn’s will show that he was not involved in the fight, and that Auriemma “was defending himself.”

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30 Responses for “Heroes Who Foiled European Village Attack Are Jailed on Disorderly Conduct and Battery Charges”

  1. Local says:

    Okay, let’s get real here… on the video posted on another site, these two spoke english just fine. Now all of a sudden they don’t understand questions, bla bla bla. Typical. Right place right time the other day, now they think they’re invisible and untouchable. Wrong. Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  2. rich o says:

    I believe they got challenged by one of the areas tough guys because they were probably talking about what happened at the European village. I think this will be resolved by security cameras, why didn’t local police checkbthe security cameras at Finns?

  3. I Knew This Was Coming says:

    Flaglerlive did a good job reporting but I have to say some of the comments uttered by the “so called heroes” didn’t come across too good, regardless of translation. As far as the European Village incident, you have a bunch of guys, women, a UFC fight on TV and alcohol. Just because a person goes to the police academy does not make them qualified Law enforcement, unfortunately felons at times make it through the academy, they don’t get a job but they go through the course. After all am I wrong to note that these GUYS are the ones that had the problem with Noble. Wasn’t it THEM he possibly came back for not everyday patrons of Europa? The Police aren’t singling these guys out. Ask yourself what’s the first thing a cop does when he’s about to make contact with possible hostile individuals? He radios in for assistance. The Cop school graduate did not do this at either incident. It says a lot.

  4. RHWeir says:

    We’ll see how the system handles this but, being a hero one day does not give you a get out of jail free card another. I have heard that Finn’s a night is rough and has fights, I’ve heard that EV after dark is not safe. It looks like the people who relayed this info to me knew what they were talking about. Palm Coast, too many assaults, too many foreclosures, too many rents and too much unemployment. All this and poor schools, are why our property values stink.

  5. Sad says:

    So sad.

    I’m glad Vassili didn’t stay home Saturday, because he stopped a possible bloodbath. I don’t know the other two men but I’ve know Vassili N. Mironov since he was about 24 years old, not known him personally, but as an occasional customer at the bar I managed. He came in about once or twice a month on average. He never had more than one or two beers, or just one drink. He would always ask us to make him a watered down drink because he didn’t like alcohol that much. He would come up to the bar after his first drink and ask for diet coke refills in the same glass so it would look like a real drink. He was out socially but never to get drunk. In the few years that I have been acquainted with him he was always very polite toward the staff as well as other patrons, never aggressive, never raised his voice. This is in stark contrast to many others of his age. I am no longer in the bar business but I truly appreciated what Vassili did on Saturday. It is very uncharacteristic of him to be involved in a bar brawl, so I hope he is exonerated once the camera footage is reviewed.

  6. Alex says:

    This is the stupidest thing i have ever seen. I was at finns last night and Vassili and Roman were inside when the fight happened, everybody ran outside were josh was fighting two guys. Vassili and Roman separated them. And of course the two guys Josh were fighting dont get arrested or nothing

  7. Say What? says:

    Maybe these guys need a break from the bar scene for a while. Just a thought…

  8. Rich says:

    Nothing good ever happens after midnight stay home and away from problem places like Finns.

  9. Anonymous says:

    To be at Finns at 1:30 a.m. on a week night is trouble. The men should have been home in bed and ready to get up in the morning for work, or looking for work (instead of trouble). Seems like these three pack around together like a mini gang. Not good for Flagler County!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mironov recently graduated from a law enforcement academy in hopes of becoming a police officer, doesn’t sound like a bum who needs to be out looking for work. God forbid, three friends of legal age go to a local bar to have a drink, they must be some kind of “mini gang”

  10. The Truth says:

    My first instinct was to think that these guys were making trouble, but for some reason I believe Mironov. From the looks of the other two, it doesn’t look like they were involved in any type of fight. Auriemma clearly looks to have been in some type of altercation. Hopefully the camera’s outside of Finns will clear this up for all involved.

    if the officer did make comments like this to Mironov, that officer should be fired immediately. That’s inappropriate and childish but would not surprise me.

  11. Florida Native. says:

    Only in this town could this happen.

  12. Realist says:

    Just from the account of how the cop acted, I believe every word of these guys, too bad they don’t know better than to be out late drinking in palm coast, where everyone has something to prove. Screw this town, starting with it’s obnoxiously childish police force.


      Realist: Finn’s is beachside in Flagler Beach. Nowhere near Palm Coast.

      My guess is a couple drunks challenged the guy with a “you’re not so tough” dare and the guy was idiot enough to take the bait.

  13. Flagler'sFinest says:

    Not surprising at all that Flagler’s Finest had no handle on the situation and resorted in taunts and threats to attempt to get a rise out of a guy who didn’t do anything but break up a fight. A single eyewitness, yet people flagged the officer down? Which is it? Flagler cops bust heads then ask questions later.

  14. Genie says:

    I guess we’ve given up on having a hotel at European Village? With late night bar fights and shootings, can’t see how this is ever going to be possible.

    The thugs are controlling Palm Coast.

  15. Outsider says:

    I think what happened Saturday night is the very rare exception to the fact that nothing good will come from being at a bar until the wee hours of the morning, and being this happened late Tuesday/early Wednesday morning, bar hopping seems to be more than an occasional occurrence with these guys. I don’t think that is a good start for any career, much less one in law enforcement. You may want to reconsider how you spend your free time before your only career options are doing what some refer to as “jobs Americans won’t do.”

  16. haw creek girl says:

    Why was a deputy arresting them at Finns….. shouldn’t that be the jurisdiction of the Flagler Beach Police Department?

    • Anonymous Insider says:

      FCSO regularly moves thru Flagler Beach. They work together. Had the police been called, it would have been first come first served, but a Sheriff Deputy just happened to stop at the red light of 100 and A1A at the time of the altercation, and was flagged down and first on scene. First on scene generally takes control and the arrest.

  17. Anonymous Insider says:

    I was on scene…one of the folks who flagged the patrolman down. It is possible that in between what was reported and reality is the truth, but there is a grain of truth to what Vasily has stated. I did not see the start of the altercation. I can say with no doubt that there was alcohol and testosterone in the room. Those with Vasily were hailing him as a hero. One even took the mic on stage to praise him to the crowd so that they all would know. I do not personally think that Vasily was a principle in this, but that many were involved when the fracas moved outside. The fracas started inside and security quickly ushered them all off premise. One person returned, I THINK maybe Ortiz, then when everyone ended up outside in the parking lot it all sparked again, out of my view. Cameras most likely will have coverage of what happened.

  18. Anonymous Insider says:

    As to Finns and their reputation. I have to defend Finns in that they do not cultivate an atmosphere like this, so they are not to blame. When things flared, security was right on it in seconds. This is not an every night occurrance at Finns. It is the late night stop in that area, and you combine testosterone and alcohol and it could happen anywhere, so we cant judge Finns for that. Earlier they had a family wedding going on there, and the place was packed with no incident or drama. It was just the late crowd 8 minutes to closing time that decided to create a problem, OUTSIDE of Finns in the lot.

  19. Bi Den says:

    I said four days ago a bunch of DRUNKS are a problem no matter WHAT they may have done the night before. . Come on Manfre , put their butts behind Bars instead of in front of them !!!

  20. Anonymous Insider says:

    One last comment, RE witnesses. It is very likely there were not THAT many reliable witnesses. As someone who was there, I can tell you that at the time of the altercation, which was just before closing time, there were not that many people in Finns. The group with the drama were at the bar near the rest rooms. The last of the karaoke people were either near the stage, or on the patio. The altercation escalated, and went to the pool table area, then the principles went outside. Witnesses would either have to be one of the few people near the rest room who were NOT involved, someone near the pool table, or someone outside who saw the fight who was NOT directly associated with any of the principal suspects or victim. Yes, the police were flagged down (VCSO at red light) but the lack of witnesses is very explainable. NO conspiracy this time. Even the people that were sticking around to make a statement left before making statements when they realized they really saw nothing other than the fight, and could not say who started it or what the provocation was.

  21. Realist says:

    I went to Europa one time when they first opened and I can tell you the Josh kid and the other guy without the eye patch think they are thugs. They got an attitude immediately like they were the security or enforcers saying they were closed and to get out or get thrown out….even though it was 1am and the open sigh was clearly ON. These guys look for trouble, plain and simple.

  22. barbie says:

    Sounds to me like somebody is a little jealous: “This is what you get for trying to impersonate a police officer on Saturday night at European Village,”. Yeah, these guys did what any decent human being would have done, and to these sorry excuses for “law enforcement”, they were simply “impersonating cops”. LOADS of gratitude on display, huh? I suppose it would have been pretty awful to see me and some of my girlfriends, impersonating ambulance drivers and morgue staff instead, eh, Officers?

    I’m gonna go out on a limb–I think they’re sorry there wasn’t a bloodbath. Why would they be sorry about that? Use your imagination, I can think of a couple reasons, and neither of them say much at all about the state of law enforcement in the US these days.

  23. Mystified says:

    Why do you get the idea these three were involved in provoking the fight in European Village?

    The guy who showed up with the gun has serious screws loose for doing that but these guys were in on the provocation and something smells like that guy had no intention of shooting a bunch of people in European Village. Did these three guys lie about their part and make the other guy look like he was going to be a mass murderer and now their hero cover has been BLOWN? And why would the bar owner say he said his father was dying of cancer when the father denied it? Things just don’t add up.

  24. Anonymous Outsider says:

    I’m reading all of these knee jerk comments above demonizing the these three American Heroes. You people are totally ridiculous and are making yourselves look very stupid jumping the gun and saying that these three guys were guilty right off the bat. From what I understand Vassili and his friends were exonerated solely by the Security footage at Finns. Here is an article on it:
    What a disgrace your town is to have treated these guys in this way. They prevented what could have been the biggest mass shooting in American History. What is even more disgraceful is that this story was quickly swept under the rug. No calls from the President and no awards or nominations. Disgusting. And I can guess why. The Shooter was white. And the Heroes have foreign names….. Let that sink in.

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