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Girl, 15, Uses School-Issued Macbook to Record Alleged Sex Assault by 22-Year-Old Man

| March 10, 2014

Douglas Foreman

Douglas Foreman

When the Flagler County school district issued free Macbook Air laptops to all high school students this fall, one of the many questions about the initiative was how the district would protect itself–or students–from the misuse of the computers, or protect the laptops from theft. Sunday morning, a 15-year-old girl used her computer to protect herself: she used the Macbook’s built-in video recorder to capture footage of an alleged sexual assault by a 22-year-old man.

Keith Foreman III, an R-Section resident, is in jail this morning on $11,000 bond, on charges of lewd and lascivious battery and marijuana possession.

Victim and alleged offender are well known to each other: they appear to live in the same house. According to Foreman’s arrest report, Foreman asked the girl if she wanted to have a hit of pot at around 4:50 Sunday morning. The girl agreed. She followed him to the “kids’ living room,” as the secondary living room is referred to in their house. They sat on the couch with the lights off and smoked. She suspected the pot was laced with another drug, she later told cops.

Foreman then leaned in, according to the report, and attempted to kiss her. She pulled away. She said Foreman then touched and grabbed at her breasts and attempted to touch her vaginal area, to no avail. The girl’s little brother, asleep in a nearby room, had a cough, startling Foreman. The girl used the opportunity to “remove herself from the situation and retreat to her bedroom,” the report states, where she closed the door, changed in “Florida Gators Snuggies” and underwear, and activated the video camera on her school-district issued Macbook Air.

Foreman, the report states, then entered her bedroom and sat next to her on the bed. He tried to find a song to play on the laptop that was, unbeknownst to him, videotaping him. He then allegedly tried again to kiss the girl and fondle her breasts, her stomach and her vaginal area. The girl would remove his hand with every attempt. Foreman then left her bedroom.

Later that morning the girl turned over the video to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, noting that the alleged abuse had been taking place for three to four months, but that it had always been over clothes and never entailed sexual intercourse.

There does not appear to be a family relationship between the suspect and the victim, a Sheriff’s spokesman clarified.

Foreman was later read his Miranda rights and interviewed by cops at the R-Section house. (His statement is redacted from the arrest report, as self-incriminating statements usually are when issued by the Sheriff’s Office.) Cops also searched him, finding small amounts of marijuana and a metal pipe. He was then placed under arrest and taken to the county jail. Lewd or lascivious battery on a person younger than 16, by a person older than 18, is a second-degree felony carrying a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison, if the individual is convicted.

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10 Responses for “Girl, 15, Uses School-Issued Macbook to Record Alleged Sex Assault by 22-Year-Old Man”

  1. Mike says:

    R Section strikes again.

    There is NO excuse for fondling a 15 year old by an adult.

  2. Roy says:

    $11,000 means he only has to pay $1,100 to be released. What a travesty.

  3. Sgt Hardcore says:

    And the “stoners” want to legalize pot ! Yea, that’s going to work out real well !! Is there anyone left out there with a BRAIN ?

  4. Freddy says:

    If it wasn’t pot it would have been alcohol so what’s the difference? The criminal would have used either one.

  5. You're an idiot says:

    Sgt Hardcore, are you for real? You are turning this article into a “reefer madness” mentality? Grow up. Why don’t you direct your attention to the suspect.

    • Dissonant says:

      He’s right. Pot proponents might not want to hear this, but in addition to marijuana being a gateway drug, stoner ‘culture,’ if you can call it that, is rife with other, more serious crimes such as date rape, statutory rape, burglary, vandalism, etc…all the stupidity that comes with people using mind-altering drugs.

      The Colorado legalization is not without its problems. A simple search will show you how Colorado troopers have stated that half the DWIs already this year have been due to marijuana intoxication. Potheads tend to have this misconception that driving high, even smoking while driving is harmless.

  6. A.S.F. says:

    What the heck is going on in that house??? Is there NO supervising adult??? Why hasn’t social services been called out to investigate????

  7. randomposter says:

    I commend this girl for being able to think quickly even though she was on drugs and use whatever means she had to document her assault.

  8. The accused says:

    News is news and I shouldn’t have to clarify anything but I’m bored so I’ll indulge. Is like to state this I did not touch the breast or vaginal area of the girl or attempt . I will admit I did show slight affection to her by kissing her on the for head and while we were cuddled and my head lay on her left shoulder area later on plant a kiss on her collar bone area and that is the extent of contact. My mother was raped and held hostage by a close family friend of my family while I was away from home and I helped prosecute him, Major Harris III, which he is serving a life sentence currently. So you can imagine the amount of hurt I experienced being accused of something like that, granted I put myself in that situation, it was not an accurate accusation and would like that to be know. I also feel that something should be done about clarifying or amending that law to prevent future incidents like mine where a person who is innocent of the charges based on the wording and what actually too place. Frankly put that type of crime is to my knowledge the only crime that concrete evidence is not required to be charge and arrested for. Thankfully the truth came out and I wasn’t convicted of the crime but circumstantial evidence allowed me to be arrested for it none the less. Simply someone can say that you did something like that and whether or not it is true it still decimates your character.

  9. The accused says:

    Also me and the girls parent are still in contact which should be further clarification that there is more to the story that the news and media aren’t being informed of because I can attest that the girls parent(s) are loving parents who would do anything for any one of their children.

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