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Patrick Amaral, 32, Kills Himself By Laying in Path of 2 Palm Coast Drivers on I-95

| February 15, 2014

I-95 northbound was closed Friday evening after a suicide.

I-95 northbound was closed Friday evening after a suicide.

Patrick N. Amaral, a 32-year-old Palm Coast resident, was killed in an apparent suicide Friday evening as he laid himself in the center lane of I-95 and was struck by two cars.

The Florida Highway Patrol responded to the northbound lanes of the area of mile marker 285 on I-95 at 9:40 p.m.

Christopher Warrington, 26, of Palm Coast, was driving north in a Honda Civic in the middle lane. Misha Wiseman, 29, of Green Cove Springs, was driving north in a Toyota XB in the left lane. Warrington’s Civic struck Amaral, forcing him into the path of Wiseman’s Toyota, which also struck Amaral.

Neither driver sustained physical injuries. Their two cars, which they were able to bring to controlled stops, sustained some damage. The northbound lanes of I-95 were closed for the duration of the FHP’s investigation. Flagler County Fire Rescue, the Palm Coast Fire Department and the Palm Coast Fire Police also responded.

FHP lists Amaral’s age as 29, though he may actually have just turned 32. His Facebook page paints the portrait of a young father–he had a toddler daughter he adored–who was not having an easy time of it. He’d been living out of his car since September 2012, he wrote in January, until his Camaro was stolen. He found a room that month in the F Section, and was thrilled to have a place he could call his own. And he re-launched his own car-repair business, a trade he’d been doing for years. “If ANYONE needs an awesome, honest, auto mechanic, call Patrick,” he’d written two weeks ago, saying he’d make the repairs either through house calls or at his house.

Amaral’s death is the third road fatality in a week on Flagler roads, and the second apparent suicide on that stretch of I-95 two and a half years. In late September 2011, five miles south on I-95, Rickey Clint Green was struck and killed by a semi truck after Green walked into the truck’s path.

Patrick Neal Amaral, in a self-portrait on his Facebook page.

Patrick Neal Amaral, in a self-portrait on his Facebook page.

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26 Responses for “Patrick Amaral, 32, Kills Himself By Laying in Path of 2 Palm Coast Drivers on I-95”

  1. Crying heart says:

    How sad. What a way to go. People need to recogonize people who need help and reach out to them before things like this happen. My heart goes out to his family, may his soul rest in peace.

  2. blondee says:

    Sad indeed. It’s a shame though that this person involved two innocent people in his suicide. These two other drivers will likely be affected for a long time to come.

  3. Gerty says:

    What the HELL is in the air around Palm Coast ? There has got to be some kind of zombie dust floating around. I can not believe all this weird fatal suicides happening around here .

    • rhweir says:

      Long term unemployed and hopelessness, lack of adequate mental health services to deal with long term unemployed and hopelessness mixed with drugs and alcohol. I would love to see Flagler County take out an ad on Times Square that says, if you do not have a job, don’t come here. I mean we have a realtor robbing a bank, remember that one? And now this desperate act.

  4. BIG JOHN says:

    Was he related to Tony Amaral?

  5. A.S.F. says:

    My sincerest sympathy to the family of this man–May they find peace. Being a suicide survivor can be very lonely and acutely painful. Reach out to those who might help you through this difficult time–even if it means seeking out a survivor’s/bereavement group–They really can help.. My sympathies, also, to the drivers involved in this tragedy.

  6. Girl says:

    Terrible and sad, he needed help – no one around? Depression is the killer…

  7. PC'r says:

    @Gerty… zombie dust, but maybe very real alternative. Palm Coast can be depressing. Have to work hard at staying positive here. There’s just not that much here for people to do who don’t play sports, who don’t own a boat and for those who are low to medium wage earners.. It’s horrible. Questionable economic stability here due to its low paying service oriented jobs. Retail, food, schools, govt, medical….no industry here. This is home-centered city. Ever stopped to ponder just how many homes are in Palm Coast? Its mind boggling. A great maze of streets and driveways. Some cool small companies are here, but not enough yet to create synergy to attract real business, manufacturing investment. On the other hand, if you have money, or are gainfully employed or are retired with no financial worries….its paradise.

    Prayers to this young man’s family and friends. A sad tragedy, no matter the location.

  8. Joann says:

    The State could care less. Gov Scott only cares about reducing unemployment which is way more than they purport to be. Mental Health is poorly funded in this State. This death is a result of hopelessness and he saw no way out. Very sad he left a daughter behind too.

  9. rhweir says:

    Tragic story. Rented room in someone’s home, self employed auto repair? Sounds long term unemployed and living past the edge. We need to help get the long term unemployed to be full time employed locally or help with get to an area of the country that has a lower unemployment rate and get them employed.

  10. confidential says:

    This is very tragic for such a young li. feSo sad. God may welcome him in his arms!

    The pathetic economy and high unemployment should be resolved and tackle by Senate and Congress other than wasting time on harassing unions, women, immigrants, the poor and gays. I have known many good young people committing suicide since this recession started in 2008 over financial needs caused to no fault of their own, just for loosing their jobs and homes. Maybe Patrick was one of the 1.7 million unemployed that these DC Conservatives denied unemployment extension at the end of December 2013. How come we are the compassionate citizens of the world policing the world for the sake of human rights while denying unemployment extension to our workers …after all they contributed up front! We need to go back again and have some compassion for our displaced workers.

  11. Robert Sullivan says:

    WoW I just heard so sad no matter what made him do such a thing this is not the way.. Last time I saw him was a long time ago a good kid but hanging out with all the wrong people.. A beautiful loving family that really didn’t need to hear or go thru this.. We will never know when or how and why. RIP Patrick

    • Rose says:

      My niece & family live in this town. The news is heartbreaking. Both for Patrick, his daughter, family AND the 2 people who will, no doubt, have to live with the tragedy of this event. Just sad for all involved.

  12. I feel for the individuals and the families that have to suffer for the pain of their lost ones. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. The person that replied the Governor rick Scott only cares about reducing unemployment this statement is untrue. With in the last two weeks Governor Rick Scott after writing him looking for medical help led me in some good directions which has given me some positive help. People just need to learn to reach out and share their story and ask for guidance and do the foot work. Everyone has their own opinion this is just mine. Just saying. Again blessing to the families and Thank you to Governor Rick Scott and his staff for your help.

    Deloris Rocco

  13. Jeremy says:

    The utmost in despair. Facing death with a determination to die.

    Palm Coast can do that.

  14. OMG says:

    Dear confidential,

    Please get real. Your man Obama signed the bill, Harry Reed put it thruouh the SENATE also. Wake up and take a good look around you. I have employer Insurance and one prescription went up 35% in one month. I call called the pharmacy. they said my insurance sets the rates..

    You need to come out of that dream land of yours.

  15. OMG says:

    Dear Confidential,

    Please get real. Your man Obama signed the bill, Harry Reed put it through the SENATE also. Wake up and take a good look around you.

    I have employer Insurance and one prescription went up 35% in one month. I call called the pharmacy. they said my insurance sets the rates. Guess what OBAMA CARE is the reason

    You need to come out of that dream land of yours and see what is really going on. We have a POTUS who has no reguard at all for Our Constitution just changing laws as he sees fit.

    And this was about a poor man who lost God in his life and took his own..

  16. that one mom says:

    Although it is a sad and tragic thing this man has done, it is very UNFAIR that he involved innocent people. The cars that struck him could have crashed causing injury to the people inside. Besides the fact that knowing you ran over someone is enough to make anyone feel terrible.
    Suicide is a such a selfish act.

  17. confidential says:

    @OMG and what Obamacare and your overpriced employer insurance has to do with the tragic passing of Mr. Amaral?
    And who are you to say he lost God in his life? Do you believe to be God yourself to judge him? We are all His children in spite of your words. You seem to be confused about our Constitution and the powers given to our POTUS by the people at the ballot box … twice! He has not invoked or use his Executive Power as much as the former GOP POTUS done. Your distorted facts may help move the electorate again to vote same party line in 2014 and 2016…

  18. chuck williams says:

    I just happened to search Patrick’s name and found this. I was a good friend of his in Ft Lauderdale. He was having a very hard time here and returned to Daytona in January, 2014. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. He was a good guy. I will miss him. Love you, Patrick !

  19. Elizabeth Cretella says:

    Patrick was a nice young man and did a lot of work for me around my home. He laid tile for me and worked for my lawn service. He was pleasant. He met a woman with two kids and I know he loved her. He was a good worker but work was hard to find. I even had him stay in my home for a while. My heart goes out for him. May he rest in peace.

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