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Bicyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run on Palm Coast Parkway; Sheriff’s Deputies Locate Car at DSC

| April 8, 2013

The cyclist was struck near Walgreens on Palm Coast Parkway. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The cyclist was struck near Walgreens on Palm Coast Parkway. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: 10:15 a.m.

10:15 a.m. Update: Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies have located a car sought in this morning’s hit-and-run collision on Palm Coast Parkway that resulted in the trauma evacuation of 62-year-old cyclist Terrance Conley.

Deputies found the Dodge in the parking lot of Daytona State College’s Palm Coast campus, not far from the scene of the crash. They waited for a class change. Marquis Norwood, a 19-year-old student from Palm Coast, came out of class and headed for the Dodge, and was apprehended.

“A big thumbs-up on that” for the Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol trooper Steve Howard, who is investigating the crash, said. The FHP remains the investigator. “There are going to be charges,” Howard said.

The earlier story is below.

Terrance Conley, a 62-year-old Palm Coast bicyclist, was evacuated by air after he was struck by a car on Palm Coast Parkway near Florida Park Drive at 8 a.m. Monday in a hit-and-run. A witness saw the vehicle that struck the bicyclist and honked at it immediately after the collision, but the car kept going.

Authorities were looking for a dark-gray, four-door Dodge Stratus which should have a missing or broken passenger-side mirror.

“It would be in the best interest of this person to go ahead and come forward and identify themselves that they’ve been in a crash,” a Florida Highway Patrol investigator said at the scene.

Conley was biking east on Palm Coast Parkway, in the outside lane, paralleling Walgreens a few dozen yards before Florida Park Drive when he was struck. He sustained a broken left leg and a broken left elbow. “Severe injuries, but not life-threatening injuries,” the investigator said. Conley was conscious and alert at the scene. But because of the multiple fractures, a trauma alert was called in. Flagler County Fire Flight, the emergency helicopter, landed nearby at Holland Park at 8:18, and took off with the victim at 8:29, heading for Halifax hospital in Daytona Beach.

There were no visibility issues Monday morning. The investigator said that visibility and other factors will be taken into account if and when the driver of the Dodge turns himself or herself in, saying a host of issues may have led the driver to keep going–missing insurance, a suspended license, possession of illegal substances, or the fact that the windows were shut and the driver may not have been aware of the collision. The morning sun was facing eastbound drivers at the time of the crash, and the witness of the crash described the Dodge’s windows and windshield as having morning dew, which can interfere with the driver’s visibility.

“What does a reasonable person, based on what’s going on around them,” the investigator said, “what does a reasonable person see or do? You hear a thump, what do you do?”

Two pieces of the Dodge’s mirror were near the bicycle, which straddled the shoulder and the Parkway. There is no bike lane there.

One of the Parkway’s two lanes was closed to traffic from a little after 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., with the Palm Coast Fire Police controlling traffic. In addition to FHP, Flagler County Fire Rescue, the Palm Coast Fire Department and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office responded to the wreck. The scene was cleared at 9 a.m.

A piece of the Dodge's mirror. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

A piece of the Dodge’s mirror. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Investigators' orange markings were sprayed around the scene. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Investigators’ orange markings were sprayed around the scene. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The sun faced eastbound drivers on Parkway at the time of the crash. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

The sun faced eastbound drivers on Parkway at the time of the crash. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Bunnell Utilities Director Bill Green didn't see the crash, but stopped when he saw the victim was down. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

Bunnell Utilities Director Bill Green didn’t see the crash, but stopped when he saw the victim was down. Click on the image for larger view. (© FlaglerLive)

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35 Responses for “Bicyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run on Palm Coast Parkway; Sheriff’s Deputies Locate Car at DSC”

  1. Deep South says:

    I just cycled in the Cycle Flagler yesterday, and the motorist were courteous and gave us plenty of room. However some motorist just don’t realize that bicycles are vehicles and you must give them 3 feet. Please Share The Road.

    • johnny taxpayer says:

      And bicycles must also stop at red lights and stop signs and observe all other rules of the road too, a great many don’t, but then at the same time claim “bicycles are vehicles”… it goes both ways.

  2. justthe5ofus says:

    Use a sidewalk or bike path. We spent millions on them. Save your own life, People can’t drive!

  3. markingthedays says:

    Bicyclists on a sidewalk become a hazard to pedestrians. I much prefer them on the road, following the same rules as drivers (e.g. stopping at intersections), than appearing out of nowhere in a crosswalk traveling at 25 mph.

  4. Smullenplattner5678 says:

    Wow . Hope that guy is caught soon … Palm coast also needs more sidewalks to prevent stuff like this .

  5. Chris says:

    Heres a question then, when driving down a1a, traffic coming toward you, and a guy is riding his bike right on the yellow line. Am I supposed to stop because of the guy riding in the road or is he supposed to be smart enough and move over a bit?

    • markingthedays says:

      They should ride as far to the right as possible. If there is no shoulder and you can’t pass, then you should slow down until you are able to pass.

    • markingthedays says:

      I do agree (especially on A1A) sometimes the cyclists push the limits. Sometimes they even ride abreast. Just shows that there are inconsiderate drivers of all vehicle types. :-)

    • notasenior says:

      By law you are REQUIRED to pass at a safe distance from the bicyclist. So if that means having to stop then stop. What is a 3 1/2 second delay when compared to a life?

  6. fla native says:

    I ride on the sidewalk. you couldn’t pay me to ride on the street in this town. I would like to live long enough to see my grandson grow up.

  7. Deep South says:

    An avid cyclist like myself should be on the road. We ride at a 20 to 25 mph pace. This pace is to fast for sidewalks, and becomes hazardous for pedestrians walking on the sidewalks. Most avid cyclist know that they must abide to the laws. But I don’t believe some motorist do.

  8. css says:

    We have a bike path that goes from US1 all the way to colbert called lehigh trail. Please, use what the city gives to us! Roads are for motors not bikes and walking!

  9. confidential says:

    Kudos to our Sheriff and the investigator! Hope Mr. Conley recoups well.
    To this county drivers, please keep your distance and slow down for cilciyst, pedestrians and bikers as they are not match against your car and under any excuses. What is the darn rush!

  10. Sam says:

    Its time to REMOVE these bicycles from the roads. They DO NOT follow the rules. Yesterday, I was stuck behind 12 of these IDIOTS. They were pedaling slow and riding THREE abreast in the lane. All traffic was backed up for 2 miles. People final got mad and flew passed them over the double yellow line. These bicyclist were rude and dangerous. There is not enough room on Palm Coast roads for both a motor vehicle and IDIOTS on bicycles !!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      There was a big bike event on sunday which might had more people on the rode or a bike club was riding. I just hope I never ride my bike when Sam is on the rode. How many times does that happen when you are driving Sam. I bet it doesn’t happen to often. I think you have to worry more about people drinking and texting more then someone trying to get some exercises. I have a relative that races her bike all around the world on roads. I just hope she never meets up with angry people out there from Palm Coast.
      Share the roads. Its not that hard to blow the horn and worn them your going around. If that is to hard for you then maybe you should give up driving. Yes Bikers need to be more careful also but I never heard of a biker hitting a car and killing the driver. Everyone just try to be more friendly someday one of your love ones might be riding his or her bike on the road.

    • Patrick says:

      Sam you sound like an angry jackass, get a life and share the road your not the only person on the planet!!!!

  11. Charles Ericksen, Jr says:

    Everyone seems to be a bit correct with their comments..

    1. Bicycles are vehicles and have the same rights and responsibilities and must obey the rules of the road. No exceptions…

    2. Adult bicyclers should not be on the “sidewalk”, but can share the use of the “pathways” with pedestrians

    3. Bicyclers should ride to the far right of the driving lane, WITH traffic…If a drivers is approaching, from behind, they need to allow 3 feet clearance from the biker. This means at times, they may have to slow down, and not proceed, until the oncoming lane is clear..

    Those are the laws of Florida…

    Last year 618 pedal cyclists died, about 2% of all traffic fatalities. 52,000 were injured, 18% of which were age 14 or younger..

  12. Marc says:

    To Sam, idiots isn’t a good word my friend. Just because you are in a hurry in your car doesn’t make a cyclist and idiot. In fact I’d bet a majority of those cyclist have some of the highest levels of degrees and education to can attain. Remember it’s the law. Not ALL cars stop at stop signs. If you roll through you are breaking the law. If you speed you are breaking the law. And hitting an individual is also breaking the law. I think can be attempted murder. So Sam, slow down with your idiot talk and think about it. A little extra for you, cyclists ride 2 abreast at times when passing each other and they are allowed to occupy an Entire lane if they deem necessary. All FL law.

    • Sam says:

      To Marc, Bicycle=26lbs Motor Vehicle=3000lbs …….Who’s the IDIOT ?

    • Nancy N. says:

      Just because FL law says you can do something doesn’t make it smart. For example: riding without a motorcycle helmet, and in the bed of a pick-up truck are both legal in this state. Yet any traffic safety expert will tell you that they are definitely dangerous.

  13. Scott says:

    Most people who use the word idiot so loosely to discribe others are in fact the idiot.

  14. Billybob says:

    “FS 316.0875 – No Passing Zones

    (2) …. no driver shall at any time drive on the left side of the roadway with such no-passing zone ….

    (3) This section does not apply when an obstruction exists making it necessary to drive to the left of the center of the highway ….”

    Bicycles riding side by side causing traffic to back up for miles would be deemed an obstruction and thus it is legal to pass them on a double yellow line (when it is safe to do so).

    The problem is, if you get a few cars lined up behind them where the drivers do not know it is legal to pass then you have an unsafe situation where you as car #4 or #5 are putting yourself at risk should you decide to pass “the entire obstruction”. Otherwise you are going to have to just drive 20mph for the entire length of the road, and on roads like 55mph A1A this can require an abundance of patience.

    While it may be legal for the bikes to occupy the driving lane (ride side by side), the fact is if they are causing cars to line up behind them for miles by doing so then they are being inconsiderate and putting themselves and others in danger. If they would complete their pass and move back over into a single line the entire situation would be avoided.

    And while we’re at it an important reminder: Please stop driving in the left lane (passing lane) (e.g. on I-95 and US-1). The left lane is only for passing. Drive in the right lane. If you pass, move back to the right lane after you complete your pass. The left lane is only for passing. :)

    “5.2.7 – Traffic Lanes

    If the road has four or more lanes with two-way traffic, drive in the right lanes except when overtaking and passing.”

  15. Bunnell resident says:

    The thought of riding a bike in the bike lane with my back to traffic is terrifying. I would feel much safer riding on a sidewalk and would have no problem slowing down for a pedestrian. Using an unprotected bike lane is asking to get killed.

  16. Deep South says:

    To Sam – Your perspective is wrong. Florida is considered a outdoor and recreational state. People here in the Sunshine State participate in fishing, hunting,boating,swimming,surfing,hiking,tennis,golf, and bicycling because of our beautiful weather.. You do not sound like you are from Florida, but I would have suggest you should have done some research before you came here. Get use to it.

    • Sam says:

      To Deep South– Your perspective is wrong. When I go fishing, hunting,swimming, surfing, hiking, ( dont play golf and stopped riding bicycles at 12)…….I DO NOT enjoy these sports riding along side a motor vehicle going 50 mph. And yes I am from Florida and was taught very young ” Common Sense”. Hell I even got a Confederate Flag tattooed on my ASS inside the outline of the state of Florida. Ye HAA !!!!!

  17. Alfred E Newman says:

    Lots of rules and regulations to remember.
    But remember this: DRIVING IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT.
    Don’t abuse it by being an asshole behind the wheel.

    Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists – you have a steel cage around you to protect you.
    Be a good sport (even if you don’t like it).

  18. linda says:

    The driver did not intentionally hit the pedestrain this morning on Palm coast parkway. Who purposely does a hit and run and then go to school; leaves the car in the open. He’s deeply hurt about the incident and possibilities of the man recovering. This why I make sure our cars are covered and fully insured in case an accident happens. No drugs or illegal substances were recovered by authorities, however he did have have his driver license, registration and gieco insurance card. We are not making excuses but greatly saddened by the outcome. Our family is praying for this man and his recovery.

  19. ryan says:

    Unfortunately, you have too many Jersey drivers who have that nasty attitude and have no regard for other people. Also, if you hit someone, you stop. If you see a bicyclist, go around them, not try to have that high and mighty attitude of “I have the right of way.” This is one problem with this town. Most people here are extremely unfriendly, and have this “not welcome” attitude towards new neighbors, rather than being neighborly, and are in general, just rude. Leave the nasty attitude in the big city when you move here, please.

  20. jp says:

    ride against traffic or you will die in this counties….not bike friendly

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