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Tea Party Throng Fills FPC’s Dawg House Cafe

| May 18, 2010

And it wasn't the food attracting them. (© FlaglerLive)

The Flagler County Tea Party Movement drew 228 people at its monthly meeting tonight in the cafeteria of Flagler Palm Coast High School, exceeding by eight its April tally. “Wouldn’t the Republican club or the Democratic club love to have this number of people at their meeting?” crowed Linda Hansen, whose name tag identified her as a committee member of the local version of the national phenomenon.

When the congregation finished the Pledge of Allegiance, it cheered. When it heard about a proposed new tax or the possibility of increases in property taxes for some, it booed, and when it heard its de-facto leader, Tom Lawrence, say the group needs $3,000 more dollars to put up a $5,000 Tea Party billboard on I-95 for three or four months, a few hands went up, contributing donations. Other milestones: the local group has notched 409 people on its mailing list and 37 registrants on its website.

The group’s most immediate plan: putting together and mailing out questionnaires to every candidate running for local office. By the group’s July 20 meeting, candidates will have been ranked according to the movement’s principles, and scorecards produced for each, which will be handed out that day: the highest ranked wins the group’s endorsement (though that word was never used). “And the thing that we are going to do that I think makes our group very different,” Lawrence said, “post election we’re going to monitor all the candidates and check your votes, and see if they’re really walking the talk.” Lawrence, who was not describing anything different than what interest groups — right, left and in between — have been doing since the founding of the Republic, was greeted with Bursts of “sounds great” and a round of applause.

Anne Martone

He then turned over the microphone to Anne Martone, who riled up the crowd with a pledge to take on the Flagler County School Board if it changed its policy on community uses of school buildings.
“There was opposition,” Martone said of her group renting the cafeteria, “and we’re not going to get into the opposition, but right now the opposition has taken it to the point where the school board right now is determining as to whether we will be able as a group to continue to use this building to meet.”

Martone was overstating the issue, then being outright inaccurate about it even as she added, moments after targeting the board, that “our responsibility when we come to these meetings is to inform and update.” Martone’s characterization of the board’s discussions on school buildings was neither informed nor updated.

Brief opposition flared from the local Democratic Party over the tea partiers’ use of the high school—until the school district pointed out to the Democrats that they had used the district’s own meeting room at the new government building in Bunnell for their meetings in the past. The school board took up the issue in a workshop earlier this month, and again this morning, but the result of both meetings was to broaden the board policy on public uses of school buildings, not narrow it: the tea partiers might have to leave Flagler Palm Coast High School’s cafeteria, but only because the board will set the government services building’s large meeting room as the primary place where civic and political groups may meet, to accommodate their size and interfere as little as possible with students and school activities. There is no intention on the board’s part to restrict uses of school buildings based on political affiliations. Lawrence was informed of the fact while Martone spoke more confrontationally of the group’s intentions. He never corrected Martone’s characterization of the board’s direction.

Beyond the requirements of accuracy, Martone was more eloquent when she described “the wonderful thing about the tea party movement is that it’s personal. Once you become a nationwide organization, then you’re viewed as becoming a third party. That is not what the Flagler County tea party or any of the tea parties that we see is about. We do not want to be a third party. We want to work with both parties or for candidates who meet criteria of the tea party.” She added that the reason the party movement “is so great is because it’s grass roots, we’re close to home. If we go regional or if we go national, then we’re going to be bound by a platform that may not be good for Flagler County.”

Eisenhower generation. (© FlaglerLive)

Other than gripes at the school board, meeting participants were also critical of the Palm Coast City Council’s veer toward building a new city hall as well as a proposal by the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce to add a new property tax levy for the next 20 years to finance commercial-building construction. The chamber wants that proposal placed on November’s ballot for a referendum.

The crowd was strikingly homogeneous: silver-haired or balding, moneyed, and close to universally born either during the Eisenhower administration or on its periphery. A few elected officials were in attendance, including Gail Wadsworth, the Flagler County Clerk of Court, county commissioners Bob Abbott (a Republican) and Milissa Holland (a Democrat), both of whom are running for reelection, and Florida House Rep. Bill Proctor, the St. Augustine Republican. The four officials outnumbered the minorities at the meeting: two black faces were in the crowd, one of them belonging to committed Democrat who was there to inform herself.

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24 Responses for “Tea Party Throng Fills FPC’s Dawg House Cafe”

  1. effligo says:

    Look at all the grey hair in those pictures. People, this is not the 1940s or 1950s. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION ANYMORE. Realize it, you don’t run the country anymore. Either get with the program or get back up I-95. PLEASE.

    There are those of us in the younger generations who want a great education system, breathable air, sustainable resources, and great recreational opportunities (not withstanding that abomination of a tennis center that was built) and guess what . . . We are willing to pay for them with our hard earned money. If you weren’t wise enough to save appropriately, don’t complain now when the price of items goes up and the rest of the population wants the above mentioned items. Tea party activists are another word for TRAITORS trying to tear down this democracy. Please, no more tea partiers.

  2. elaygee says:

    They were in their 20s and 30s when Eisenhower was President. These geezers who are all on welfare (that’s right, the social security checks they get are no longer coming from their lifetime’s contributions or interest. They used that up when they hit 76 so we now pay their monthly bills) want to keep anyone else from benefitting from the changes necessary to make government and our communities modern and viable for the future.

    They would rather have the Potemkin villages they live in for all so we can share in their masquerade of rot and ruin and go backwards instead of forward.

    Cut off their government health insurance and let’s hear them scream for more government welfare for themselves. Cut off their prescription plans and give the benefit to young people with families. Let the tea baggers in tin foil hats use the money they spend on eating out every meal and shopping as a pastime for necessities.

  3. Kevin R says:


    Your rationale is do things the way you believe (being that you corner the market in precisely correct notions) or hit the highway right? It is more accurate to call you a traitor given your ad hominem attacks demonizing others who voice legitimate issues about what they see happening to this country and our economy by corrupt politicians and their corporate counterparts funding their offices, as well as lining their pockets with money. You would like to squelch free speech wouldn’t you ignorant stooge?

    Same goes for your other pen pal Elaygee, who is more caught up with liberal notions than she is practicality and rational thought. I’d be willing to bet those individuals in the pictures, although older, would probably spank you both in most standardized tests and in English and grammer.

  4. effligo says:

    Stooge. Nice name calling. Guess that is whats to be expected when, as Webster’s defines stooge as “one who plays a subordinate or compliant role to a principal” you really are one. Followers of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh often revert to name calling because without their ultra right wing voices in their ear they have nothing else.

    I worked mighty hard for my education – two jobs – and my parents instilled in me a principal that if you want or need something you pay for it. I want a good education system for my kids so I am willing to pay taxes for it. I want nice parks for my kids to play in so I am willing to pay my taxes to pay for it. On the National level, I want a strong defense so that I can continue to enjoy the liberties that my father and uncles fought for in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. I want good roads so I am willing to pay for them with my taxes. I want a system of medical care tha turns no one away, not even those that can’t afford it. Doesn’t make me a traitor, makes me an American citizen.

    What I don’t want is some person telling me to overthrow the government because they don’t like the political party that won, the color of the president or the fact that their taxes are too high. Suck it up. If you don’t like the current form of government move to another country. If you don’t like those in charge, don’t follow the teachings of some paid shills who espouse to overthrow what was elected by a majority. Tea partiers want these things. They are traitors.

    And for god’s sake, grow up and don’t revert to name calling.

  5. Alice P says:

    Let the tea baggers in tin foil hats use the money they spend on eating out every meal and shopping as a pastime for necessities.
    Whether you agree with their political views or not, it’s important to remember that the seniors in the pictures accompanying the article have worked all their lives just as we are doing now. They would like to leave us a legacy that is as good or better than what they have enjoyed in this country. That is why they meet and why they protest what is happening in our government right now.

    As for referring to them as “tea baggers”, it is a sexual term used among homosexuals. Surely you would agree that our seniors deserve more respect than being referred to by a vulgar term used by the likes of Anderson Cooper and more recently, our own president.

  6. NortonSmitty says:

    Ya know, sometimes the classics say it best…

    You know what really confounds me? The issues of the biggest TP fans (that’s Tea Party, not Toilet Paper) are so angry about are valid and worthy of anyone’s anger.

    Middle Class losing ground? Unfair tax burden on working people? Getting ripped off by Banks, Insurance, Oil, Utilities? Check. Who wouldn’t be pissed?

    But they should be channeling their efforts on the people most responsible, ie, REPUBLICANS. Ronald Reagan, Bushies, Newt, Tom DeLay, and the rest who let their Big Corporate, Multi-billionaire owners loot the middle class like it was a piggy bank.

    Instead, they know who the real enemy is. Liberals! Progressives! DEMOCRATS! The very people who were (or should have been) yelling and screaming that This Was Not Good. You know, Socialists. Or is it Mexicans this week?

    They know this, because their TP leaders told them.

    No, not Ron Paul, the new ones. FreedomWorks, run by Dick Armey and funded by Phil Gramm, the very deregulators that have been breaking it off in their ass for some thirty years now.

    How is this possible? Simple We live in a Democracy. One vote each. And as any statistician will tell you, 50% of the American people are below average in intelligence. Hard to believe, but it’s true. You could look it up (maybe). I just read that Fox news claims that they get 50% of the viewers for their fair and balanced news reports. Probably a coincedence, but I’m just sayin’…

    So all of you Johnny-come-lateleys to this anger thing, the gloves are off. I’m tired of humoring you, debating you, tryng to make some sense of your anger. I ‘d buy you books, but you’d just lick the paste off the bindings.

    I was flying the Gadsen flag twenty years ago, and you corrupted it for me. I’ll design you your own flag if you give me my snake back. I’m thinking a big Teddy Bear, maybe with a ball gag in it’s mouth, saying “Thank you sir’ May I have another?” Ill even throw in a bumper sticker:

    “I work for a Living. I vote Republican. I’m Stupid” has a nice ring to it.

  7. Jim R. says:

    You almost got it right.
    What you are in denial about is the fact that the Democrats are just as guilty for the present state of affairs.
    Go research legislation passed during Clinton years, The NAFTA , responsible for the loss of millions of jobs and the illegal immigration problem, the work to welfare program, responsible for increased juvenile crime and incarceration.
    And the biggest crime of all, the Telecommunications act, which has allowed concentration of media ownership, and has led to news as entertainment and that abortion known as Fox News.
    There is plenty more, inaction during the slaughter of Rwanda, the crime act making large numbers of offences punishable by death, and life sentences. the continuation of sanctions on Iraq that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children. and on and on..
    Forget the Democrats they are not going to save us, vote Third party or stay home

  8. Kevin R says:

    Jim R is the only one so far to mention the bigger picture.

    Norton Smitty you sound like a rambling fool. You seem to project on others what apparently is your own personal style of learning given the tripe you wrote.

    Alice, the hypocrisy of the can be hard to tolerate. Effligo seems to forget his communist style rhetoric, “People, this is not the 1940s or 1950s. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION ANYMORE.” Or better yet the item which never was addressed, “Tea party activists are another word for TRAITORS trying to tear down this democracy. Please, no more tea partiers.” I guess Effligo considers calling someone a traitor for voicing dissension about the BHO’s administration is a pat on the back and not an insult.

    More funny comments from the comedian Effligo…” I worked mighty hard for my education – two jobs” and “What I don’t want is some person telling me to overthrow the government because they don’t like the political party that won, the color of the president or the fact that their taxes are too high. Suck it up. If you don’t like the current form of government move to another country.” If comments like those are product of your education you need to head back and ask for a refund.

  9. NortonSmitty says:

    To Jim R.: Yeah, the Democrats have become just as corrupted as the Republicans. They have to be to compete with them for re-election funds. so they have become part of the game, no better, no worse. Only Human and susceptible to all that corrupts any soul.

    The Telecom act was terrible, and the Citizens vs. United decision is going to make it a thousandfold worse, Clinton was the ulitimate Blue Dog, passing NAFTA and don’t forget the repeal of Glass-Steagle put us where we are now with too big to fail. But as far as corruption…

    The funny thing is that for every Democrat like Jefferson that is so bad at the corruption thing that he is stupid enough to have to have to hide $90k in his freezer because he doesn’t know what to do with it, the Republicans have got this shit down.

    There are dozens of Newt Gingriches or Tom DeLays, Phil Gramms or Dick Armeys who enter Congress as an exterminator or teacher and leave as one of the richest men in Texas. Think Tanks, Consulting Firms, Lobbyists or consultants, It’s so easy to get rich, why break the law? The crime really isn’t whats illegal, IT”S WHATS LEGAL!

    Because of their fundamental beliefs in the Capitalist system, Republicans will always have a leg up on how to game our system. The free market is pretty much their religion, so selling their vote, beliefs or soul, well Adam Smith said it’s OK. The only difference is that a true Democrat hopefully at least feels guilty about having to do it, but that may be over with too.

    I personally believe that it’s too late to change the system. The power, corruption and capital are so concentrated and entrenched, and have such a tight grip on the media, peaceful change isn’t possible, and the police state is ready for any other option, even civil disobedience. If you don’t believe that Google some videos of the G-20 protests in Pittsburgh last summer.

    I believe we’re all screwed. Should have been paying attention the last decade or so. I was, so I’m going to go down laughing and wiggling my ears at all of us for not doing more to save the last best hope of mankind for normal, working people to get a fair shake from the society they built. “Sure was a good idea, ’til greed got in the way…”

    To Kevin R, I am a rambling fool. So are you and the younger-sounding idiots that say no name-calling you old decrepit idiot. Your posts don’t seem to have a laser-like focus on a Universal Truth than mine or any of the others, which is the whole point. Your opinion is of no more value than mine. My own “personal style of learning” is to pay attention to many different opinions, knowing all of them are trying to sell me their agenda and every one of them is lying. The simplest logical explanation for why my ass is sore I assume to be the Truth. It’s one of our last rights we haven’t lost, our right to our own silly-assed and powerless opinion.

    My big gripe with Teabaggers is that they know they’re getting screwed, but it’s too much like work to figure out why so we’ll just let Fox tell us. Your country deserves a more well-informed electorate than this.

    If you can look at Barack Obama’s administration and tell me what he’s actually done, what real, quantifiable “change” we’ve seen in the past year or so I’d like to see it.

    I think what we have is George Bush in black-face, giving people the illusion that things have changed, and for the TB’ers, for the worse. Something to focus that anger on. To divide us, because if we all ever start to all get pissed at the same thing, who knows what might happen, and you know Dow/Jones hates uncertainty.

  10. Jim R. says:

    Norton Smitty
    We are definitely on the same page, I don’t see much hope, other than maybe a complete collapse of the Empire.
    We are the big dog in the world now ,but on borrowed money and the payments are getting to be more than we can pay, so who knows what will happen when our credit line dries up.

  11. Rick G says:

    I think it is notewothy that a democrat was at the meeting to “inform herself”. What were the others doing there but disseminating more obfuscation and entertaining more self interest. This movement needs credibility and the ability to debate issues that matter with some authority and knowledge.

  12. Rick G says:

    And again I ask…. Where were these people during the Bush Administration when our rights were being stripped (the Patriot Act) and an illegal war was being waged. Waged by the way with money the government had to borrow. The deficit did not happen overnight. What’s the position of this group on the ever increasing oil leak that is destroying the Gulf of Mexico??

  13. Kevin says:

    To RIck G:

    “And again I ask…. Where were these people during the Bush Administration when our rights were being stripped (the Patriot Act) and an illegal war was being waged.” It’s a dumb comment because it assumes people at the rallies weren’t upset then and it assumes the only people who voice issues with Obama are only Bush cronies. Currently a growing number Obama critics are liberals and democrats. Many were upset with GW at the time as well.

    Is that the foundation of your point? Where were you is just as good an answer to your question. I can say without hesitation GW acquiesced and placated anyone who voiced dissent; he was very polite to his critics even when they spat in his face. GW unlike BHO who insults and attempts to stigmatize most anyone who dare make a peep about his fucked up policies structured to break America’s back and divide the citizenry. Not to mention his apologist kowtowing to our enemies and friends globally.

  14. NortonSmitty says:

    Kevin, your first paragraph was thoughtful and worth consideration. Maybe next time, write the rest of the comment before you hit that pipe.

    The Bushies “acquiesced and placated anyone.. Polite to his critics”? Tell it to Valery Plame or a true patriot like Richard Clark who was ostracized and career destroyed for speaking a liitle bit of the truth instead of the NeoCon bullshit line.

    I’m waiting and hoping for the day when BHO grows some stones to even acknowledge or respond to a critic let alone insult or stigmatize the poor darlings,

    When did the big division consuming everyone’ energy in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave come down to a death match deciding Republican or Democrat? Whether we should suck it or take it up the ass?

    Everyone, don’t waste your finite supply of valuable anger on who’s cooler, Republican or Democrat, Brittany or Lindsay, Earnhardt or Gordon. It’s actually more important than that.

    I’d like to discuss this further, but I gotta go to the store. Whadd’ya think, Charmin or Nothern Quilted?

  15. Kevin says:

    Smitty: “Kevin, your first paragraph was thoughtful and worth consideration. Maybe next time, write the rest of the comment before you hit that pipe.” Spoken like a man of of great experience and of great ignorance.

  16. Jim R. says:

    personal attacks and insults are a childish waste of time. lets debate or state our opinions and leave the sniping at each other to another forum, like the news journal online.

  17. NortonSmitty says:

    He started it!

  18. NortonSmitty says:

    Seriously, lets have a good time and discuss the issues, but the only constructive thing we have any control of is the good time.

  19. Jim R. says:

    Good, lets not drag mud in Pierres house, and behave as good guests should.
    But opinions and viewpoints are no holds barred, and if I know Pierre, he welcomes even the most outrageous comments.

  20. BW says:

    When the Tea Party first came about, I personally loved the idea that people seemed to finally be waking up to the importance of participating in the political processes and being aware. What this group quickly became is sad in my opinion. The hypocrisy which comes from this group, its members’ arrogance, and the close-mindedness is the real-world example of the true issues within our society today.

    First of all, shame on the local Democrats for wasting our school board’s time with a meaningless and hypocritical argument about the use of schools for meetings. Furthermore, shame on Ms. Martone and Mr. Lawerence for attempting to use that to ‘spin’ the issue and play the ‘victim game’. So-called conseratives and Tea Party people are always quick to blame media for ‘spinning’ issues and painting them in a poor light, and here they are doing exactly the same thing to another group.

    Secondly, this group can claim all they want to be focused locally but that is far from the truth. The Tea Party is a national non-profit organization which the local Tea Party group is affiliated with and registered on the national website. The latest rally on Palm Coast Parkway displayed signs which were all focused on national issues, anti-Obama, and nothing at all to do with specific local issues. In fact, on the local group’s website their is nothing focused on local issues including a downloadable flier with a national theme. But I guess raising $5,000 to put up a colorful new sign by the Palm Coast I-95 exit somehow is contribtuing and improving the local area. I’m surprised other local organizations which raise money to contribute to social services which are in need might want to rethink how they use their money they raise and get themselves a sign too.

    Third, the hypocrisy of this group is the biggest absurdity to me. This group loves throwing around accusations of socialism and taking from others. Then we see here a picture of a group which undoubtedly has over 90% that collect social security and medicare which is this country’s biggest socialist program yet and weighs in at 40% of federal expense. Their SS and Medicare income is thanks to the 6.2% payroll deduction veryone of us working today pay. The argument that they paid in when they worked is no argument at all since Social Security is not a savings program but rather is paid by those working at the time. So, they are all welcome and enjoy taking money from my labor and enjoying a system which will most likely not be in existence by the time I would retire. So if any of them wish to know who is actually spending their grandchildren’s money they need only to look in the mirror.

    This group also claims to want to protect the Constitution of the United States, but by their stance on topics it is obvious that is only when it is convenient for their argument. The national Tea Party and members from this group who I hae encountered, support the illegal alien laws in AZ. That law clearly tramples on the 4th Amendment. Any citizen that is suspected of being an illegal alien and is stopped and must produce their ‘papers’ will have the Constitutionally protected rights under the 4th Amendment violated. If any reasonable person thinks that many legal citizens that are hispanic will not be stopped reapeatedly and have their rights violated under that law is living with their head in the clouds. In fact I may just tan up and head out to AZ just to get stopped. At which time I will wage a lawsuit against AZ and collect a very nice settlement.

    I am interested to see what their actual questionaire for candidates may be, but sure their rating will have absolutely no bearing on my decision. There is plenty of real credible information available on candidates to make an informed decision before voting. Not just what they say, but what they’ve done, and how they plan to achieve the ideas they present during a campaign.

  21. Kevin says:

    BW :

    You do that, go “tan up” and head over to AZ so to provide some evidence of your mischaracterizations of the AZ law and tea-parties. Given the issues stemming from illegal immigration and the detrimental affects it is having on the AZ residents, I stand proudly by them in support of AZ enacting the law even though you and misguided others are against it, giving more benefit to the illegals than the benefit of a doubt to the law enforcement in properly enforcing the law.

    Illegal immigrants throughout the nation, when not on formal display trying to impress the press, have proven time and time again, they are not interested in our society’s needs and rules; they only are interested in the welfare handouts and the jobs they indeed take away from citizens being they’ll work for a dime for what the citizen insists on a quarter to do. They have proven a separatist mentality with no inclination to be homogenous or learn our language, as well as demonstrating blatant disregard for our laws given the statistics of illegals in jail and the reasons why they are in jail. The best evidence of this is their children are reared to believe they too can shit on our laws and rules if warranted and take matters into their own ignorant and immature hands by arbitrarily leaving their schools in mass, interrupting traffic through their actions, and being notably aggressive to bystanders and challenging adults to fight, all the while waving their Mexican flag. At the same time as they demonstrate against America and those invoking law, sovereignty, and the RULES OF CITIZENSHIP, they clamor to leave Mexico risking capture or injury, yet spit on the notion of being “American.” And you are good with this type of person coming here illegally cutting others in line off at the knees who may be bringing quality characteristics, so to say, to our country and a desire to be “American?” It is ok with you that illegals collect their welfare handouts from the taxpayers, overload our schools and require their children more and more to have separate teachings in their language and their culture, and implode our medical systems, most often delivering their babies that they produce at a 2:1.5 ratio to the average middle-class Caucasian couple (married)?

    I don’t know what occurred to your optic chiasm that caused you to twist the 4th amendment as you have done in your head. The fact is your comment that illegals are subject to unreasonable search and seizures are simply more of the thinking that has brought America to its knees. If anything they should be required, as I would in their country or that of other countries especially if they are called out as a result of breaking or infractions of the law. What poisoned your mind about America that you would not want this process to be enacted lawfully for the sake of the greater good?

    Hopefully, and I sincerely mean this like no comment I’ve ever made before, during your lifetime you will be shattered into pieces for your liberal and impractical folly. Your intellectualizing and apparent liberal, impracticalities along with others that share your beliefs is what has eroded at the unity and greatness that made America prosperous. But the pendulum swings both ways and eventually, maybe when I am very old, I will one day grumble of over-zealotness of conservatism, if the planet still exists. I expect that God will hit us with a cosmic spitball and restart the game again.

  22. BW says:

    Kevin, it is interesting that you went on a rant and obviously read nothing of what I wrote. Illegal immigration is an issue which needs a solution but I don’t believe that we should trample on the 4th Amendment as a solution. In fact, the example was used to show the hypocrisy of Tea People which I assume you are in support of. How many American citizens will be stopped and have their Constitutional Rights violated under that law? It will be quite a few. If you personally feel ok about creating a police state I find that hypocritical compared to what Tea People say they stand for.

    Secondly, it is interesting you used the word ‘greater good’. Such as healthcare reform for the ‘greater good’? No. Tea People don’t want healthcare reform and should let ‘Failures Fail’ as a sign stated at their recent rally.

    I love this country and thank God every day for the gifts I am afforded as an American. If you wish to be a part of a hypocritical group that is doing more damage than good to restoring our country to greatness, it is you choice. We are all free to be self-serving, arrogant, narrow-minded people like Tea People are. It’s a free country.

    By the way, exactly what is a liberal? Apparently it’s supposed to be a bad thing.

  23. Kevin says:

    BW: I am sorry as well for you, borrowing your backhanded comment, that you cannot connect the dot’s. Yes, I read all of what you said and if I had the time and the will I would poke apart each part I felt needing a rebuttal. I was addressing your second to the last paragraph of your comment. And yes, to me and many, many others, liberalism appears to be a mental disorder.

    “Failures fail” in every aspect in life daily yet we don’t interceded, why then now are we? What evidence do you rely on that saving the companies that were buoyed up by government was done so for the sake of the citizen and not some specific interest of the administration as a payback or some other self serving reason? In what way did taxpayers benefit by the loss of trillions of dollars on the downside of the market collapse and then nearly free borrowing from the Fed window given to investment bank to load up on the upside and lending at higher rates to desperate business owners and consumers as just one example? It is a convoluted subject addressing the bailouts.

    I understand that you may believe that tripling the deficit over the next century or so is good as long as the pension plans of unions and government employees are kept intact but I don’t. It is probably your opinion then that it is Bush’s fault as well so the expansion of more inept practices of government is justified in saving failures that have been deemed in a false crisis “critical to the economy” when in fact it is more reasonable to see it was payback time.

    The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal. – Aristotle
    The worst mistake in business is to salvage companies that have failed due to bad business models and self-focused, inept leadership~Kevin

  24. Just noticed a new webcam site called Chat Spasm, a 24/7 webcam party site.

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