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Palm Coast Child Specialist at Rehab Center for Adolescents Arrested on Molestation Charges

| August 29, 2012

Corey Hodges. (FCSO)

Corey Hodges, 34, a resident of 36 Barrington Drive in Palm Coast, was arrested by the Flagler and Volusia sheriff’s offices Tuesday on charges of lewd or lascivious molestation and conduct stemming from interaction with teen-age girls at Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare, where Hodges worked. Stewart-Marchman fired Hodges. The charges are the result of a complaint by a 15-year-old girl, a client at the center’s Residential Adolescent Program, where Hodges had started working in February.

But several girls the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office investigators interviewed at the center related that Hodges would ask them for hugs, make sexually suggestive comments about their bodies, and allegedly forced one girl to stand naked before him. Surveillance cameras at the center also showed Hodges going into one of the girls’ rooms, against center policy.

The investigation began on Aug. 7 when a Volusia deputy was dispatched to Stewart-Marchman’s Tiger Bay Road center, where one girl there had told another that she had been sexually assaulted by a staff member. The child was interviewed by Department of Children and Families investigator Theodora Williams. According to a police report, she told Williams that “she was touched inappropriately several times” by Hodges, who on July 27 allegedly entered her room “and proceeded to touch her buttocks, breasts and between her legs outside of her clothing, and then kissed her.” Surveillance video showed him going into the room. The incident was repeated the following day, according to the report, with Hodges ordering the girl out of bed in the morning even though she was wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. The same child broke a finger playing football. When Hodges was bringing the child back from Halifax hospital (against company policy, which requires female staffers to transport female patients), he touched her thigh, and asked her to lift her shorts. He stopped when she told him he was making her uncomfortable.

The same girl told investigators that while she did not believe that Hodges had touched other girls, he would “drop things and make her roommate [] pick them up, and watch her,” the report states. When the girl got back to the program, “other girls told her that Mr. Hodges was a pervert and that they caught him staring at another girl’s butt,” the report states.

DCF’s investigation triggered several other interviews with girls at the center. In one case, a girl reported that Hodges told her he would beat up the guy she was dating because he was jealous, the investigative report states, and that he and the girl “would hang out on the ‘outs’ and he would take care of her when she was out there.” He made mention to her of becoming “legal” when she turned 18. He dropped a basketball and had her pick it up even though she’d told him she was not wearing a bra. But she did not report inappropriate touching.

Hodges denied the allegations. He said that he’d taken one girl to the hospital because female staff members had refused to do so, according to the report. He said he’d gone into the girl’s room, against policy, “because he could not see her and he had to make sure she was alive,” the report states. He was given the opportunity to take a computer voice-stress analysis. Hodges, on advice from his attorney, declined.

Investigators also interviewed a 14-year-old girl going through heroin withdrawal, and who’d been at the center since March 17. Early in her recovery, she had been naked because it was particularly hot when Hodges went into her rom and told her to get up because it was time to eat. The girl told Hodges “she was naked and tried to put blanket on and he said drop the blanket,” according to the report. The victim didn’t think much of the incident until she heard of the one involving the older girl.

Hodges allegedly told an 18-year-old patient that she should be a stripper, and that she should be his “sugar mama” just as he could be her “sugar daddy,” the report states. At the gym, he asked the girl to go through revealing routines.

On Monday, investigators with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office’s Sex Crimes Unit obtained an arrest warrant for Hodges. He was arrested Tuesday by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach, where he’s being held on $60,000 bond.
Any other victims or anyone with information about Hodges is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office’s Sex Crimes Unit at (386) 323-3574.

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45 Responses for “Palm Coast Child Specialist at Rehab Center for Adolescents Arrested on Molestation Charges”

  1. Yellowstone says:

    There is only one way to fix this situation and get these guys off the streets . . .

    • Princetonandrews says:

      Take guys like what off the streets?? Inncoent guys who work hard and have been fasley accused. Why not let the facts come up before we go judging someone on a one sided story. And they said his lawyer told him not to do the voice stress test. Would u after you have been fasley accused don’t you think you would be under stress. Or you are perfect so you wouldn’t have these issues.

  2. Ralph Belcher says:

    Specialized in the “exploitation” of children should be the job title. If found guilty in a court of law — give him a long sentence where his cell mates will be able to exploit him. Makes you wonder if that’s the only way he’ll see the error of his ways.

  3. anonymous says:

    you should not post comments on this site based on what you read because it isn’t always the truth. That is a father to young girls and a son. Also, that is a husband to a very strong woman i know. Whats funny is the media always jumps to conclusions and maybe someone should sit back and think about a few things. Like for instance, a 14 yr old HEROIN ADDICT who made up these viscous rumors that caused a chain reaction in a teenage BEHAVIOR facility. Those girls are clearly not in there because they have done something right, so why not make up something like this. My prayers go out to this family and I will defend them 100%

    [The story was based on the police and DCF investigations, reaching no independent conclusions. Before slandering our journalism, please read the story. If you have an issue with the reported facts, take them up with DCF and the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and their very detailed reports. Your anonymity doesn’t help your credibility. Thanks.–FL]

    • Scott Adams says:

      Surveillance cameras at the center also showed Hodges going into one of the girls’ rooms, against center policy.-I dunno them words right there are scary….

    • Anonymous says:

      I didn’t slander your journalism. I made an open statement about the media, which has many different forms. Next time think about that before you notate my comments and criticize my freedom
      Of speech. Thank you.

      [You’re wrong. You made a specific statement about this site: “you should not post comments on this site based on what you read because it isn’t always the truth.” That was not an “open statement about the media,” it was a direct attack on the veracity of what we write, without documentation. You may not know the meaning of the words you use. We do. It’s our business. You also don’t know the meaning of freedom of speech. Please read our comment policy. And be more responsible next time, or by all means stick to media sites where your version of ethics and pandering to readers is more admissible. They abound.–FL]

  4. Roxanne S says:

    Lets not b too quick to judge! Theres no physical evidence just the word of some drug addict. Lets see what happens in court.

  5. princeton andrews says:

    I have heard alot stories but this is by far the most ridiculous one yet. Ive known this man and his family for over two decades and he would never hurt a child or anyone. And anyone who knows him will agree. He has worked with kids in the community for numerous amount of years. And they all love and respect him. People need not jump the gun just because trouble teens coming off of drugs are making these kinds of allegations. I see it all the time in these kinds of places. I will be waiting to see when he is cleared because i know he will be. I mean according to this story he was able to do all this two days in a row and none of the other employees saw anything come on.. Because it never happens. Innocent until proven guilty is obbviously not true because you all have sentenced him already. What for the facts.. Hey why dont they request all parties involved to take a lie decector test?

    • flip it says:

      i’m not saying he’s guilty..but why didn’t HE take it? As far as that “they love and respect” goes…PEOPLE LOVE AND RESPECTED all those priests too…Sad thing is..guilty or not..He’s screwed.

      Yellowstone, well tell us? How?

  6. Geezer says:

    I worked with this man at Palm Coast Data and would be SHOCKED if the allegations are true.
    I am giving Corey the benefit of the doubt.

  7. Outsider says:

    A few thoughts: having a 34 year old man who is not a highly trained professional having unfettered access and authority over troubled teenage girls is a DUMB idea. He worked at Palm Coast Data, so I assume he’s not an experienced psychologist or therapist. Second: there is a policy of no male staffers being alone with girls off premises; great idea. All female staffers refused to take her to the hospital? That reeks of, well, bullshit. Call an ambulance if she needs to go to the hospital. A 34 year old man willingly violating policy is just plain stupid, and at the very least indicates he does not have the judgement to be in that position. I have my own thoughts, but will defer all judgement to the legal system. What stinks around here?

  8. I'm glad I left PC says:

    See what happens when a adult male doing his job, and a hell bent teen-age girl throws out the sex card? Hope the charges are dropped, need evidence and trial by peers before sentencing,

    • flip it says:

      doing his job??? did you NOT read!! Glad you left PC too! POLICY for a MALE to NOT be alone with a FEMALE. Went into the girls room…POLICY NOT TO!

  9. Janaye Lawson says:

    This is very sad to have a man in this position accused of such crimes. But don’t be so quick to judge! These girls are NOT angels. Yes, he entered a room he wasn’t supposed to , he probably felt safe knowing cameras would protect him, IF he were accused of anythintg…he said he was concerned about her safety. Lets let the facts come out before we accuse him, we’ve have several teachers accused of molesting kids, only to find out the kids were lying for attention. These teachers lives are ruined. I hope he is being paid while awaiting trial. If he is guilty, make an example out of hi!, If he is innocent….Give the bitches hard time!! His life is ruined!!

    • Johhny Cochran says:

      Funny how his friends keep posting that these girls are making up stuff and they are not angels, So now you are all judging the girls without knowing the truth. Where there is smoke, there’s usually fire. Let’s not all pretend that people are not sneaky,..he could live 1 life in front of his family and friends, but he may have demons that he may sucumb to when he’s away and thinks its somewhat safe that it wont come out. He lives in flagler but works in daytona, he thought he was going to get away with it maybe. From the “evidence” i see so far (video surveillance), he looks suspicious.
      The BTK killer killed for decades with no-one suspecting him, he was head of his church and all thought he was a standup guy, until he was caught, with almost a dozen murders under his belt.
      Personally, i am not judging any party involved, but i think its pathetic to defend this “SUSPECT”, saying not to rush to judgement, and then bash the girls, these children, who need help, and might well been taken advantage of by the ones who are “SUPPOSED” to care.

      • Anonymous says:

        I know his wife, she is a wonderful human being. For her sake I hope this is not true, but i agree with Mr. Cochran. These girls are children who need help, and without knowing the truth, i wouldnt be accusing them of lying. If what tis man has been accused of is true, I feel these children need more support than ever. I personally have seen situations like this before, and sadly, we sometimes think we really really know people, only to be shocked when the truth comes out.

        • princeton andrews says:

          Not sure who you are but if you know his wife as i do and know that she has worked with children her whole life. You would know she would never stand by her husband if she thought he hurt a child not even for a second. Her heart is made of pure gold and she wouldnt allow it. Especially if you know her personally. I agree that these girls need support and help. But what do you think this man and his family is going to need after all the smoke clears and the truth is out. His life is ruined.His kids are suffering right now have we forgotten. I have also seen situations like this where innocent people spend years in jail only to find out it was all lies and then what they dont get that time back. so let them all take lie dectector test and see who is being honest and who isnt. I support this man and his family 100%

  10. "My Daily Rant" says:

    If hes so Innocent why was he caught on Video going into a girls room when he shouldnt have.

    • princeton andrews says:

      that is a good question why is he off camera?? and the paper stated that he said he didnt see anyone and walked in and called the person name after and walked back out… this is a drug rehab center they could have been trying to harm themselves. The fact that he toke the girl to the er when other staff members refused. This man is quilty alright guilty of caring to much and doing his job.He should have refused like everyone else and then what

  11. Samantha says:

    Corey Hodges is not i repeat IS NOT A RAPIST. These are allegations of Teen girls that have drugs problem… He is a hansom MARRIED man and these girls probably fantasize about him to the point where they see him hence they said one was on Heroin im so tried if this Media Crap judging my Uncle In order to know the case you need to know your facts and hop off of him because he is tell the truth…EVERYONE that knows Corey Hodges knows that he would NEVER EVER do such a thing…He Coached basketball for over 10 years has 2 daughters a son 3 neices and a nephew that are always at his house…dont you think if he wanted to rape some one he would have done it to his Players but he didnt because he is a Man Of God and he would never put such a think on his hard.

  12. jaime sneider says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. This man has worked in the palm coast community in a positive light. It is hurtful that these kids would do such a thing. Unstable heroine addicts need their backgrounds looked into.

  13. He is a great guy. Husband, father and coach. We are not going to allow kids who turned to drugs leave their reality. They may be a disappointment to their families and are seeking some attention. God is the judge in this case……..god bless mr. Hodges and his family

    • Johnny Cochran says:

      Like I said, the only people defending him on here are his family and friends, which are the people blindsided the most. Of course they will support him, even if he is guilty, because they dont want to believe it. If he was to molest children, i dont think he would molest kids close to home (his basketball team), RAPIST are not dumb, he works away from home, in another county, and he probably thought it was safe to to do what he did. This seems to have been going on for a while, so the more he kept getting away with, he probably thought he wouldnt get caught. Like I said, his family and friends are quick to say dont judge him, yet they are quick to judge these girls, saying they shouldnt be trusted because they have a drug problem. If they dont want “Corey” being judged, they shouldn’t be hippocrates and judge these girls without knowing the FACTS. Just because they dont want to believe he did this, doesnt mean he didn’t do this. If he did do this, and it is proven…then what will you say to these troubled children who have been taken advantage of??? Will you let this guy around your children if he did do this??? If you answer yes, then your either full of crap or need help also.

  14. Nancy N. says:

    To everyone saying they know this guy, or that he has a wife, so that he couldn’t possibly have done what he is accused of – I’d like to point you to the recent Jerry Sandusky child molestation case at Penn State. He was married, was viewed as a saint in the community for his charity work with kids for decades. Child molesters don’t have a stamp on them that you can look for, they don’t look a certain way, they are’t creepy looking single guys living in their mom’s basement. They are regular normal seeming people who hide in plain sight. It’s how they get away with what they do. It’s why you have to teach your kids to always be alert and protect themselves. Because you can’t spot these people a mile away.

    It’s unspeakably sad that so many of you are willing to totally discard as trash these teenage girls who have developed an addiction and are in this facility trying to fix their lives. You know nothing about them except that they are addicts and yet you are willing to declare them human refuse and responsible for their own victimization? Being an addict does not mean you lose the right to control who has access to your body, and it does not mean you are incapable of telling the truth. It does not give others the right to abuse you.

  15. Harvey Specter says:

    I have mixed feelings as I read this. I feel sorry for this man and his family that they have to go through this. I have competed against Mr. Hodges and his teams for years now. I cannot seeing him doing this when he knew he would be on camera. Doesn’t make sense. Those places are full of cameras to protect the patients and the staff. In a classic case of he say she say only God is the true judge and jury. I hope he is able to get a fair trial. Flagler Live investigate please, hopefully this potential tragedy can turn into a testimony.

    • Nancy N. says:

      A close family member of mine, unfortunately, currently resides in another Stewart-Marchman facility in Daytona. Based on my experience, these facilities have security cameras in their “common” areas but not in their private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, where these incidents are alleged to have taken place. So it could be argued that Mr. Hodges seems to have done these things only in areas where he knew he WOULDN’T be on camera.

  16. Johnny Cochran says:

    Finally, someone who makes sense. Thanks Nancy, you make a great point with the comparisons to Jerry Sandusky. How many lives did he ruin? If Corey Hodges is guilty, how many children’s lives has he ruined so far? These people defending this suspect on these posts, are writing with their hearts and not their minds. I think its pathetic to be so hippocritical and accuse these children of falsly accusing the suspected molester after saying not to “JUDGE” the suspected molester. These girls needed someone to look to for guidence, and if the accusations are correct, he has probably set these children back even further than when they came to the center. If he is found guilty, and the evidence so far suggests he is, he needs to be punished severly, he needs to be made an example of.
    I can guarentee you if he is found guilty and there is clear evidence to prove it, you will still have his supporters (family and close friends) defending him and bashing these poor children.

  17. Outsider says:

    For those of you who seem to be blinded by your admiration and respect for this man, consider this: the policies mentioned in the article are designed to protect the patients from harm, and the employees from false accusations. He willfully violated these policies and as such, he made himself vulnerable to the charges, true or not. If he was truly concerned about the well-being of a girl in her room, he could easily have called a female employee, or another male employee to investigate. If that wasn’t possible, he could simply have opened the door, stayed in sight of the cameras, and demanded a response to a verbal question. You have multiple girls, making similar charges against a man who admittedly and repeatedly violated the policies that could protect him, making multiple dubious excuses as to why it was necessary to do so. Not good.

  18. princeton andrews says:

    As i read some of you have very valid points. There are many question yet to be answered. And yes outsider if he had called for another staff memeber to check the room or if he had let the girl with the broken finger just sit and wait then maybe just maybe this accusations would have never come up. And he wouldnt have been so vulnerable.. So instead of saying people who support him are blinded by the great person we know why not everyone wait for all the facts and evidence to come out and then we can have a real conversation. And im not sure why you would bring penn state into it.. There were witnesses people who saw him hurting other children people who saw him in the shower kids who saw him hurt other kids. All these girls are talking about different instanctes where NoOnE but them and the alleged accuser were. So its each girls word against his. No one saw these things. Dont you think its strange he could do all this and no co worker no one saw..
    Lets see what happens in court.. I say hook everyone up for a lie detector while it cant be entered into court it would tell a whole lot..

    • anonymous says:

      to princeton andrews, I DONT think its strange that he could do all this and no coworker saw it….thats what people do who do not want witnesses, they do these things when they are not around, they go into rooms where there are no cameras to see the actual molestations. He was lucky and sneaky enough to do these things at the perfect time where no-one walked in on him…but the comparisons to Jerry Sandusky fall right in line. They need to stop guys like Corey Sandusky from abusing and molesting vulnerable children, who seem to be getting the bad rap, just cause this guy is onvolved in church and youth activities, like most molesting preists who are caught all the time.

  19. Outsider says:

    “Take guys like what off the streets?? Inncoent guys who work hard and have been fasley accused.”

    Yes Princeton, we should wait until all the facts are in before we decide if he’s guilty OR innocent.

    • Johnny Cochran says:

      “Take guys like what off the streets?? “predator perverts who take advantage of vulnerable girls while leading a double life.”

      Yes Princeton, we should wait until all the facts are in before we condemn these girls and let a pedophile loose on our streets

  20. Geezer says:

    “Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat”
    -The burden of proof lies with who declares, not who denies.

    All are innocent until proven guilty–remember that before you crucify the defendant.

    Focus on Stewart-Marchman and ask why there weren’t safeguards in place to have prevented this from happening. An adult male alone with troubled adolescent females? That’s a recipe for DISASTER!
    Do you ever see a female in a doctor’s office alone with a male physician? There’s always a FEMALE nurse or staffer with the doctor in the exam room as a buffer to prevent these allegations.

    Maybe Stewart-Marchman is on a budget? Money is more important than some young drug-addicts, right?
    ACT and Stewart-Marchman SUCK at what they do.

    So if you’re in a hurry to condemn: START with Stewart-Marchman.
    They are clearly responsible NOW regardless of Corey Hodges’ disposition by a court of law.

    • Johnny Cochran says:

      Good point Geezer, I agree with you on Stuart Marchman’s culpability, but rules are rules also…do we have to also babysit those assigned to be responsible? You make a great point, my whole issue are with these hippocrates throwing the blame on these girls (patients) while asking everyone not to judge this suspected molester. “Don’t just talk about it, be about it”

    • Nancy N. says:

      If you read the article, there ARE rules in place at the facility that are designed to prevent just such a situation like these allegations. The accusations against Mr. Hodges include that he acted in disregard of those rules, entering areas that he was not supposed to be in and placing himself alone with female patients when he should not have been.

      Rules, just like any other edict, are only good if people decide to follow them. It’s against the rule of law to steal. commit murder, etc – yet that still happens too.

      • Geezer says:

        Yeah Nancy, I read the article. Rules don’t mean sh** to people.
        That’s why at the doctor’s office (you did read my post?) there’s always a female staffer in the room with the male doctor and female patient. Rules aren’t enough, Nan…Not even for doctors.

  21. Princetonandrews says:

    Okay than fine lets all agree not to judge or condemn anyone. Not the girls and not Corey. Lets wait and see what the truth really is. And when the truth comes out if I am wrong I will be the first on here to say I was wrong but if we aren’t wrong and he is innocent guess what it won’t matter what anyone says his life and family life is forever changed. So everyone stop throwing words at him and words at them and let’s see

    • Johnny Cochran says:

      I do really feel for his family, they are the ones who will suffer regardless of the outcome. If it is true, his wife and children will never be the same, knowing that someone so close in their family could do such a thing, it is literally betrayal. If he is innocent, they will have gone through all this drama and still have people who will doubt he is innocent and blame the justice system. Im definately not pointing fingers, but regardless of the outcome, the children in these facilities need so much guidance and they cannot be given up on.
      For Mr. Hodges family and friends, if they follow and live the word, they need to be compassionate to all parties involved, not just their loved one. I understand we are all human and emotions can get the best of us, but even if these girls are almost adults, they are still children who need love and guidance so their future families have a chance and can prevent the trauma these children have experienced in life.

  22. Reinhold Schlieper says:

    Particularly in sexual matters, our culture tends to jump to conclusions rather quickly. Also, we’re as imprecise as can be with those accusations. Not everyone interested in young persons is necessarily a pedophile. In fact, pedophiles–according to sexologist Jesse Bering of Scientific American–are people interested in pre-pubescent children. This person is more likely a teleophile, interested in persons who have just gone beyond puberty. On the other hand, he is in a power position in relation to those girls and thus should exercise great restraint in his relationships. Simply put, no this probably was not right action but it’s not the calamity many might make it out to be. I would also like to find out more about the incidents. If cameras are all about–as one comment suggests–then there should be more tangible evidence than the word of the young ladies.

  23. ryan says:

    These are vulnerable young girls that have been taken advantage of in ways that there are no DNA evidence left behind, such as fondling, the forced to perform certain poses in positions or exercises, and this is becoming an all too common problem, especially in Florida, and some predators tend to have families. And Reinhold, saying that it is different because he was interested in girls who had gone through puberty, WOW. That sounds like you are saying it is okay if a girl were 14 and a man that were much older were having a relationship, it is not, especially if the man has a wife and daughters. Anyone who would take advantage of emotionally fragile young girls demonstrates a moral low of epic proportions.

  24. ryan says:

    I am not saying that this man in particular is guilty, but I hope the point on a bigger level I was making is understood.

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