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Chamber of Commerce and Other Florida Business Groups Howl Over at Health Care Law

| June 29, 2012

The sound of business after the decision.

Business groups and health care providers were quick to express concern and outright disappointment Thursday as the U.S. Supreme Court upheld major portions of the federal health care package, known by opponents as “Obamacare.”

Following the court’s 5-4 decision upholding a federal mandate on insurance coverage, business interests critical of the health care reform said the battle will now turn from the judiciary to the political arena.

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“The court’s decision today is a loss for American competitiveness,” said Mark Wilson, president of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.”So from a worldwide perspective, it just got more expensive to do business in the United States. We will do whatever we have to over the next several years to undo these expensive mandates on small business.”

Florida business groups had led the charge against the federal Affordable Care Act, calling it a mandate that will fall on the shoulders of businesses still struggling to recover and facing more competition from the Internet, nearby states and foreign suppliers. The National Federation of Independent Business was a plaintiff in the case, along with Florida and 25 other states.

Many also bristled that court’s opinion reinforces criticism that the initiative, despite backers’ claims, represents yet another tax.

“Florida hoteliers and restaurateurs are faced with a myriad of taxes and regulations to sustain their business,” said Carol Dover, president of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. “This additional tax on health care services is the wrong decision at the wrong time.”

The high court’s decision to give states some say in whether they will participate in one part of the law requiring an expansion of Medicaid brought some solace, with some business groups saying attentions can now return to crafting health care legislation to improve access without putting businesses at risk. Much of that discussion has been muzzled as all sides waited for the court’s decision.

“We got into this case so we could stop what we thought was an ill-advised approach to health care reform,” said Bill Herrle, executive director of NFIB/Florida. “Now that the Supreme Court opinion is in, we remain where we have been always, advocates for market-based reform and opponents of the mandate.

“The good news out of this ruling is that that now we can get back to the work of making public policy,” Herrle said.

The nearly 200 page ruling, with its myriad concurring opinions, dissents and shifting support, will become fodder for legislatures around the country as individual states wrangle with an evolving set of requirements and inevitable challenges.

“Today’s decision left unresolved many critical questions about the legal and regulatory frameworks for the future of health care in Florida,” said Tom Feeney, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Florida.”Now more than ever, Florida needs the smartest and most capable policy minds preparing for our state’s health care future.” AIF recently announced it would undertake a major health care effort in the upcoming legislative year.

The focus now turns to the how the federal law will be put in place.

“It’s going to be weeks, maybe months, before people really understand the implications of what the court did today,” Wilson said. “I’m not talking about the legal implications, but the implications of how does this actually work on Main Street.

–Michael Peltier, News Service of Florida

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19 Responses for “Chamber of Commerce and Other Florida Business Groups Howl Over at Health Care Law”

  1. question says:

    The Republican Chamber/Business Groups have chipped away at the middle class for 30 years…finally we get to put a foot in the door of their complete take over and they’re crying…

    whaaa, whaaaa, whaaaa

    aka lie, lie, lie & lie some more about what this now law of the land will do to begin to right their wrongs.

    • Ben Dover says:

      Yes ! its about time , my last job would not lift the part time label off me, even after I was getting paid time and half for working over 40 hrs , they refused to give me benefits and when I pushed the issue, I was fired , because this is a right to work state , I`m glad that law passed ,maybe now employers wont be able to screw the little guy as much.

  2. Jim. R says:

    Lots of excitement and hoop dee do over the health care decision, that also is a gift to the insurance companies, while little notice is given to something far more important. The Obama administration and the globalists are about to destroy the sovereignty of the US and make peons of us all

  3. John Boy says:

    Let’s review the Obama Plan;

    – Originally developed by the Conservative Think Tank, Heritage Foundation
    – Supported by all The Republican Party Big Wheels for 15 Years
    – Implemented in Mass. by Republican Gov. now running for President
    – Not a single Republican voted for the Plan in Congress
    – 23 Republican Gov. colluded to tale Plan to Supreme Court
    – Plan was Ruled Constitutional by a Republican Supreme Court
    – Republican House decided on day of SC ruling to vote to repeal on 07/09/12
    – Idiots in Congress had gall to say SC approval doesn’t mean it’s constitutional
    – Today Mitch McConnell actually said the Supreme Court is broken

    Republicans and Tea Baggers your need to step up and admit the only thing you are against is a black man in the Presidency and living in “your” White House. Grow a set of ball and wear your white sheets in public rather than hiding behind your stupid Reich Wing talking points from the “Kochsuckers” and Frank Lentz.

  4. Nancy N. says:

    “market-based” reform will never fix the healthcare issues of people like me and my daughter. We are always going to be losing propositions for a health insurance company because we have serious chronic medical conditions and will cost more than we pay in, so no free market is ever going to sell to us. It’s bad business. They will only sell to us if the government intervenes and forces them to. And you can’t force the insurance companies to take patients like me without giving them profitable policies to balance their books off of. Hence the need for the mandate – to create a balanced insurance pool that can include the sick.

    • Yellowstone says:

      Oh boy, let the ‘South Arise Again!’

      Let’s show the nation how ridiculosly stupid we have become, and pretend to ignore the fact that all Americans are to be treated equal – just that it doesn’t exist here! Just ‘cuz . . .

      I am from the good ole days when no matter where you where in the South you saw the “Impeach Earl Warren” billboards. (Brown vs: . . .)

      As of now the South can now implement the “Impeach John Roberts” billboard.

      Just wait and see . . . (and remember to VOTE this time.

  5. elaygee says:

    And what has happened in Massachusetts, which has had this law in effect for over a decade already?

    They went from 35% unisured to less than 1% uninsured, no mass exodus of business, no loss of jobs greater than anywhere else, health care costs went DOWN because tens of thousands of people stopped using he emergency room as their family doctor, etc. etc. and so on.

    The right wing neo-con Waaaaambulance makes the same noise no matter what progress is proposed. “We’re gonna die” or “We’re gonna be Communists” or The darker peoples are taking over” (They don’t say that too often but every once in a while it slips out)

  6. Magnolia says:

    I hate to interrupt your celebration of the Obamacare victory, but I thought you might want to know that now that the individual mandate is a TAX.
    (not your employer or those rich fat cats) will be forced to pay (out of your pocket) the TAX, or else the IRS WILL: Take it out of your tax return, levy a fine against you, seize your bank account or any other assets you may have.

  7. Dorothea says:


    It costs an additional $1017 a year in your healthcare costs because freeloaders, who have abdicated their personal responsibility to buy health insurance, had previously put off their medical costs for everyone else to pay. However, all of your dire warnings about IRS tax seizures, etc., etc. are dead wrong. Approximately 2% of the population who can afford to pay for healthcare will refuse to purchase it. They will face a penalty. My personal opinion is that these freeloaders should either pay up front or refused treament. A penalty is too easy on them.

  8. question says:

    elaygee–Perfect analysis…one of those little writings of truth in a sea of right wing fiction.

    Must be one of those dual universe things…Romney Care working just fine, but same thing, different name [OromneyCare] = apocalypse.

    The best person I’ve seen on TV, read in NYT, who should be THE spokesperson on this topic is Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel. He, very entertainingly—as all the Emanuel’s are—will not sit on the same set and let the right get away with their ignorance of this law.

    Catch him if you can.

    Ezekiel J. Emanuel, an oncologist and former White House adviser, is a vice provost and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times on a range of topics including health and health policy.

  9. Jim. R says:

    Did my attempt to share a little humor get censored, or did it disappear due to a malfunction?

    jimR, the comment was approved probably when it was on the old server. We love the dance: it’s going to be featured in the Live Wire later today, but if you can repost the link we’d appreciate it.< \i>

  10. question says:

    Is this the above mentioned dance?

    About 30 sec in on below video clip:


  11. question says:

    RE: % of Americans to pay penalty. I have heard both 1 and 2%…NO more.

    Only 2 in 100 Americans Will Face Penalty for Not Getting Health Coverage
    June 29, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Posted by: Paul N. Van de Water
    Posted in: Health Policy, Health Reform, Insurance Coverage

    To hear some critics, you’d think the Supreme Court’s upholding of the individual mandate in health reform means Americans will face a massive, broad-based tax increase. Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, for example, stated, “it’s now clear that ‘Obamacare’ is all about taxes and it hits everybody, not just rich people.”

    Here’s the reality: just 2 percent of the population will face a penalty for failing to get health coverage, according to an Urban Institute study. The other 98 percent either already have coverage, would get coverage under the Affordable Care Act (which would make coverage affordable to many for the first time), or would be exempt from the mandate, the study found.

  12. Jim. R says:

    Couldn’t find the other one, but this should be big in Florida

  13. palmcoaster says:

    Would not worry much about the Florida Chamber of Commerce or FCCOC as they carry about 22% of total businesses in their membership and use them only “not to help them as they should”, but for political support of their favorite candidates during election campaigns.

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