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Life in Prison for Sex Offender Who Invaded 15-Year-Old Girl’s Bedroom and Assaulted Her

| May 23, 2012

freddie felder sex assault rape 15 year old girl st. johns county

Freddie Felder.

Somewhere in St. Johns County on Sept. 6, 2010—the exact address is not revealed to protect the victim—sometime between 5 and 6 a.m., Freddie Felder, a resident of Hastings, donned a mask, climbed through the bedroom window of a 15-year-old girl, and raped her, according to an arrest report filed six months later.

He had a knife. He threatened the girl with harm if she didn’t submit. During the act, he choked the girl, ejaculated on her, then fled, leaving scratches on the victim’s neck—and plenty of DNA evidence.

When that evidence was run through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s lab, it led directly back to Felder, who in 2000 had been convicted of sexual battery on a child in the same age range as his latest victim. That assault had taken place in January 1998. He served five years, seven months and 23 days in prison. He was released in 2003. He’d also served two years in 1997 for resisting an officer with violence, and four earlier in the decade for an attempted armed robbery in 1992.

Felder, who was a registered sexual offender, was arrested in the front yard of his home in March 2011 and held on $1 million bond.

Today (May 23), Felder was sentenced to life in prison for the rape of the 15-year-old girl.

Felder was due for trial in that case. Just before trial began, he opted to plead no contest to a charge of lewd and lascivious battery on a child younger than 16. The charge is a second-degree felony.

Assistant State Attorney Josh Alexander asked Circuit Judge Charles Tinlin to sentence the 36-year-old defendant to life in prison and declare him a sexual predator. A sentencing hearing immediately followed the defendant’s plea.  Testimony from St. Johns County Sheriff Detective Steve Gazdick and testimony from the victim convinced Tinlin to accept the state’s recommendation, according to a release from the state attorney’s office.

“The defendant’s violent criminal acts are a chilling reminder that dangerous and violent predators prowl our communities,” State Attorney R.J. Larizza said. “ The courageous victim’s testimony was compelling, persuasive and resulted in a life sentence for the defendant.  He will no longer pose a threat to our communities.”

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20 Responses for “Life in Prison for Sex Offender Who Invaded 15-Year-Old Girl’s Bedroom and Assaulted Her”

  1. Eileen G. Miller says:

    Shame on the system for allowing him to do this over and over again. These kids are now going to have issues cause of the system doesn’t put these molesters away for life the first time…!!!

  2. Jackie Roy Kunkel says:

    the first child he did this too must not have been too important…they always let them out to ruin others…I agree with you Eileen now this girl

  3. Jackie Roy Kunkel says:

    has had her life ruined as well so sad :(

  4. Liana G says:

    We mothers need to do a better job raising our sons if expect them to respect women.

    • Ferpie says:

      Liana, I believe it’s not only the mothers but both parents, if possible. Unfortunately for solo parents it can be challenging. I also believe that a child will learn what they live & sadly, sometimes that is not good.
      Yes I do speak from experience as both my wife & I were blessed with 3. & yes like any other family, some days where better than others, but we did it firm. Firm but loving.

      • Liana G says:

        Ferpie, may I congratulate your mum on doing a fine job then…and now your children has and will continue to benefit from the wonderful job she has done. All the best to you and your family and make the most of your time together because once it’s gone you do not get it back. Take care and stay firm but loving.

        • Ferpie says:

          Thank you Liana but it wasn’t just my Mum but my Father as well. They were a team raising me & my 2 younger sisters just as my lovely wife & I were with our 3 .
          They’re all married now & have families of their own in th
          +-e area but they still need us now & then. It makes it a real pleasure being able to see them & our +
          +-grand-kids often.+

  5. Vanessa Cheesewright says:

    @ Mario, I would go one further and suggest the death penalty

  6. Outsider says:

    May I suggest on top of all the other suggestions we Lorena Bobbitize him?

  7. Maryjoe says:

    Their lives are not ‘ruined’. Changed, yes, but ruined, no.

  8. Sandra Reynolds says:

    There is no cure. Lock them up and throw away the key.

  9. Clint says:

    Political Correct America is the reason these sub-humans exist. Who’s daughter or granddaughter will be the next victim ? When the elections come this november, I will be voting for the person’s who stand for the DEATH PENALTY and even PUBLIC EXECUTION on TV. Maybe bring back POSSES and pay them to be the executioners.

    • Nancy N. says:

      How does it make us any better than the animals who commit these crimes if we degrade ourselves by resorting to primitive violence as a way of dealing with their acts? We just lower ourselves to that level.

      (And before you start spouting about justice for the victims and protecting everyone, let me tell you that I am a sex crime victim myself and I still feel that way.)

      • Ferpie says:

        Nancy, how does it not make us any better?
        Do you not want justice for your assault, which BTW, I am sorry to learn of?

  10. Clint says:

    Maybe your Daughter or Granddaughter will feel differently if they live after a sexual assault. Ask them how it makes it better……You feel your way and we fell our way. Your way the sub-human lives to repeat his torturing assault. Our way the sub-human is removed from society and NO one else becomes another victim.

    • Nancy N. says:

      My way the offender is removed from society as well. I’m a strong advocate of life in prison for sex offenses – true life in prison, with no possibility of parole. In a properly managed custody situation, the offender will no longer be a threat to anyone else (including facility staff).

      Sentencing a sex offender to a life sentence actually makes their life more miserable than sentencing them to death. Death row is a highly protected environment – offenders are isolated from contact with each other – and the condemned is more likely to die a natural death in prison than actually be executed in most cases. On the other hand, a lifer can be placed in open population, exposed to other inmates. Sex offenders are considered the lowest of the low inside (yes, there is a pecking order and moral code even among prison inmates). They are targets for other inmates and staff who abhor what they did. They will live long, miserable lives in that environment. That works for me.

      The death penalty to me is like the parent who spanks their child to teach them that they shouldn’t hit their sibling. It sends a really hypocritical message to kill people to send the message that killing people is wrong.

      • Don Damian Ret. ESS 10 says:

        For crimes of the nature that this sub human seems to like, no second chances to ruin another childs life. First conviction LIFE

  11. "My Daily Rant" says:

    If this peice of crap did this to my daughter he wouldnt make it to court.The probelm these days are these animals dont fear justice anymore.Our out of touch leaders think everyone can be fixed.You know whats really scary is some black activest group will work to get him out,and might succed.

  12. The Geode says:

    No “Black activist group” would come out of the wood-works for this guy no more than an “White activist group” would condone this behavior had this guy been of their race. You claim an activist group is capable of getting a convicted “violent rapist” out of prison, but you know what’s REALLY scary? Racist people who believe their own spewings no matter how asinine. BTW. Real tough guys aren’t the ones spouting their mouths – they are the ones quietly awaiting to be compelled to take action.

  13. Liana G says:

    @ Nancy, I would agree with a life sentence for sex offenders if it truly worked that way, but I am not convinced it does. This PEDOPHILE RAPIST survived his first incarceration and was released only to commit the same offence again….and again. Obviously whatever suffering he endured was not severe enough to prevent him from going back for more. Seems to me he enjoyed his sufferings immensely and I certainly don’t want to be paying for his pleasures! If he was given the death penalty in the first place, two other young girls would not have their lives ruined. He did not use any protection, and for all we know he could have STDs. What happens later on when the FL system like CA decides to release him due to funding issues? This PEDOPHILE RAPIST could very well be released back into society. The death penalty will ensure he does not get another chance. And since research claims this behavior is a sickness linked to genetics, we don’t need his gene multiplying!

    @ my daily rant. This is not a race issue. This is a gender issue! A black woman gets 20 years for firing a warning shot at her abusive ex-parthner and father of her children. A PEDOPHILE RAPIST gets to repeat his perversion 3x before the same Florida court system says enough.

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