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Sahmi Green Charged With Animal Cruelty in Wake of Fatal Stabbing of Female Pit Bull

| February 17, 2012

Sahmui Green faces up to five years in prison if convicted on an animal cruelty charge.

Last Updated: Saturday, Feb. 18, 5:56 p.m.

It’s not been a good week for Sahmi Green. Then again, it was a worse week for a female pit bull that, according to an arrest report filed Thursday, Green stabbed seven times and killed.

The State Attorney’s office will be prosecuting Green, 24, on a cruelty to animals charge. If convicted of the third degree felony, Green faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison or a $10,000 fine or both.

Initially, Green told Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies on Feb. 12, the day of the stabbing, that he he had killed the dog in self-defense, because the dog attacked him. Samantha Lee, an 18-year-old resident of Prospect Lane in Palm Coast, a few doors down from Green’s house, told police on the 12th that her friend Green had come over to take the dog for a walk. A little while later, Green returned, and told Lilly that the dog had been involved in a fight. The dog was bleeding, and soon died. Green then left the house. When police responded to Lilly’s call, deputies searched the neighborhood for Green or the dog, initially in vain.

Then deputies followed a blood trail to the area around 9 Prospect Lane, #B–not to the house itself. “There,” a police report states, “a bloody kitchen knife without the handle and a pair of eye glasses were discovered and placed into evidence.” The residents of 9 Prospect Lane were not involved in the incident, nor has Green ever had anything to do with the house, or its residents. Green was later found, and told cops that when he got to Lilly’s house, the pit pull charged him and chased him down the street. “At that time, Sahmi stabbed the dog multiple times in self-defense,” the report states. Green was not arrested.

The following evening, police responded to Prince John Lane on a disturbance call. Several women and Green were involved in an argument there. One of the women was taken to Halifax Hospital under the Baker Act (essentially, incarceration on psychiatric grounds), another was arrested and put in a restraint chair at the jail. Green was part of the commotion: cops asked him several times to leave the property. He kept returning. He was arrested on a trespassing and a battery charge.

But numerous charges were subsequently added, including the animal cruelty charge. Those include resisting arrest without violence, grand theft over $300, the use of an anti-shoplifting device, and resisting a merchant. Total bond was set at $11,000.

Thursday’s arrest warrant, served Green while he was in jail, states that he “intentionally walked the victim’s dog behind the house and excessively stabbed it approximately seven times and repeated infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering causing its death.” It also states that police made contact with Lilly and two other people who told police that Green “admitted to them that he stabbed the dog” and killed it, saying, after the incident: “It’s just a fucking dog, who cares,” according to the report.

The deputy’s report continues: On Feb. 15, “I observed Sahmi in the Flagler County Inmate Facility making squealing noises. Intake deputies advised that while Sahmi was making these noises, he was advising that they were the sounds that the dog was making as he was killing it. Flagler County Inmate Facility Corporal Sa advised that Sahmi told him that he killed the god on Sunday, and his neighbor’s dog last Sunday. Sahmi also told Corporal Sa that he was practicing on how to stab someone and that he wants to commit a mass murder.”

Green has been booked into the Flagler County jail seven times previously, going back to January 2008. Charges have included armed robbery, aggravated battery, throwing a deadly missile, violating probation, strong-armed robbery, trespassing, shoplifting, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

On Sunday, a petition was started by the animal advocacy group Hand4Paws to, in one of its advocates’ words, “that Green receives the maximum sentence for stabbing and killing” the dog. ” In just a few hours time, more than 800 people outraged by his actions have signed,” an advocate writes.

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31 Responses for “Sahmi Green Charged With Animal Cruelty in Wake of Fatal Stabbing of Female Pit Bull”

  1. palmcoaster says:

    If proven guilty on the court of law ” dump him in jail and throw away the key”. This is one of those news that really angers me over the cruelty inflicted to an innocent animal….

  2. roco says:

    Pit Bulls are not innocent animals. They are visious dogs that should not be allowed to live. Any owner of a pit bull has for one reason and that’s to harm other dogs and people.. They should be banned from sociaty.. There should be a bounty on them.

    • Ben Dover says:

      No there should be a bounty on morons like yourself Roco, dogs do what they are taught to do , it just so happens there are a-holes out there that train them to fight , and while you hear stories that they just snap ,any breed can do that if previously mistreated , I have two friends that own them and treat them the way any pet should be treated, and they are gentle dogs around kids and adults all the time and have never even growled, the people that mistreat animals and train them to fight are the ones that need a bounty on them

    • Anonymous says:

      @roco: okay , now tell us what really IS a Pit bull? Not the bogus definition the corrupt insurance agency’s go by or what generic description you’ll get from google but a real Pit bull??? Any dog thrown in a pit to fight for it’s life is a pit-bull. PIT BULL is a slang term for Bully breed dogs or ANY Terrier mixed with various combinations, in other words a MUTT which people don’t like to admit. Just because a dog has certain visible characteristic’s that one may think or say make it a Pit bull doesn’t make it so. Get your facts right before you continue to pass on misinformation. Do you know all these top televised dog shows feature so-called Pit bulls? If that dog was as vicious as Green claimed he would not have walked away. When a person breeds aggression on top of aggression mixed with a dog meant for hunting and catching they create a stick of dynamite, than again the total opposite can occur. Bottom line is dogs from the little ankle biters to the Big man-stoppers if they have teeth they will bite. It’s scary that people live by stereotypes and hype passing on these theories like nothing. Reads like the same people who believe that someone that looks like them won’t do them any harm, but everybody else is guilty. Oh yeah, SPUDS MACKENZIE, Pit bull. PETEY from The Little Rascals Pit bull, CHANCE from the movie Homeward Bound, Pit bull. ANYBODY TRULY INTERESTED IN BREED FACTS PLEASE CHECK THESE LINKS

      • jespo says:

        Not entirely accurate. The so called ‘pit bull’ is any terrier breed whose common ancestor is a Staffordshire Terrier; an animal bred for fighting other animals, hence the large chest, strong bite and tenacious attitude. ‘Pit Bulls’ are NOT like other dogs, they are bred differently, and they along with Rotties account for over 75% of all dog on human bites. Having said that, breed specific bans don’t result in fewer dog bites on humans. People make the breed the nuisance it has become, not the latent attributes. Charge these imbeciles with deadly weapons charges for using the animals in attacks and levy heavy jail time against them. It might not help the breed but it will reduce the number of scum out here using animals as symbols and tools of violence.

    • taylor386 says:

      “Roco” you really are a very ignorant poor excuse for a human being. Pit bulls can be viscious, just like any other dog. What’s actually pretty interesting is that there have been more reported German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever attacks than Pit Bull attacks. Ignorant people like you should be banned from society. And I own and have owned the sweetest and most friendsly dogs which just so happen to be Pit Bulls. So before you start talking about something you have no knowledge of, get educated.

    • Proud Pit Bull MoM says:

      Not all pit blulls are vicious in fact most are not . Some dogs are human agressive some are dog agressive – agression can usually be attributed to the owner at the other end of the leash.

      Here is the dogs killers statement Sahmi also told Corporal Sa that he was practicing on how to stab someone and that he wants to commit a mass murder.”

      I would rather go up against a dog of any breed then this man – he has basically just said he wont quit killing until he kills a human and probably not even then

    • Kari says:

      [Comment deleted. Kari, if you’re going to tell fellow-commenters to shut up, expect top be the first one to be shut up. Try again, more courteously.–FL]

    • Irene says:

      Sorry you had a bad experience with a Pit Bull.It’s the owners of Pits who train them to fight,that’s how they become vicious.Even a Shepard,Rotti,or Cocker ,can be trained to do damage.So perhaps you should put the blame where it belongs.Right on the scumbag who has no morals or compassion for a living thing.Put a bounty on them.You have a right to your opinion.

    • MEG says:


    • LJs MoM says:

      I have an APBTwho indeed is innocent. She has 2 cannine siblings who she plays with daily and wouldnt hurt, she has been inside the local grocery store and invited back any time and loves everyone whether they be person or animal. Its not the dog but the person on the other end of the leash that makes a dog mean (any dog any breed can become mean if you treat it badly)

  3. Jojo says:

    Not true Roco, the real pit bulls are people. This pit bull has been in and out of jail a number of times, once for a 5 year stint. And, if my memory serves me correct, wasn’t he somehow involved in a drive by shooting here in Palm Coast a while back? Put this pit bull away for good.

  4. Commonsense says:

    HAH! Pit Bulls are vicious? Right. I’ve owned several. They can be trained, they need love and attention, and they will protect their owners and family with tooth and nail.

    Don’t generalize a breed of dog because you possibly had a bad experience. Furthermore, if you don’t know how to treat animals or act around animals, don’t go near animals.

    Generalizing a breed of dog is just ignorant.

  5. Ron says:

    It amazes me that these psychopathic pieces of garbage walk among us.

  6. maryjoe says:

    I’m wondering why anyone in their right mind would have rented to this dirtbag to begin with..then he wouldn’t have been in one of our neighborhoods. Shame on the owner or property manager.

    • Annoyed by this lady says:

      Maryjoe. Green did not reside in this area. Green does not live in this area. Just because some a-hole happens to be in a specific area it does not make that said a-hole a resident of that area.

  7. palmcoaster says:

    Pit Bulls are not vicious by nature…certain ill intended owners train and turn them into attack dogs, with a very specific criminal and or profiteering intention. The criminal owner should be punished not the victimized animal.

  8. w.ryan says:

    This Green is a sick puppy! I also respect life. Thru dog breeding this breed was created should it be extinguished? Animal cruelty- a felony and punishment of over a year and fines? What do con artists that sink a nations economy get?

  9. Dudley Doright says:

    Green is a classic thug who needs to be incarcerated for a long time. Given his criminal history, I doubt that he will ever change and become a useful member of society. He has shown that he has all the makings of a career criminal. I see him falling into a catergory where the use of deadly force would be justified to take him down. Just a matter of time!

  10. Um says:

    Roco, are you serious? “Any owner with a pitbull has one for reason and that’s to harm other dogs and people” ??? ANY dog can be trained to be vicious, it’s how they are raised and trained. It is up to the owner to raise their animal properly.

    Any cruelty to animals is so sad and I hope he gets jail time.

  11. tjm says:

    So what was this guy doing on our streets? That is the real question..!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Reposted comment fro Feb 15, before the lastest news.

    Sahmi Green was one of the players in Flemings “Operation Blood In Blood Out” This guy has only served a few months in the county jail at the most for numerous charges. I just don’t understand how Florida prisons actually house people for no valid drivers license in state prison and guys like this keep getting over. Oh yeah, I know! Maybe he’s been under investigation since 2004 and he’s going to get picked up with all the other phantom criminals in the coming months right before the election. PROACTIVE not REACTIVE. Make the repeated law breakers of Flagler County uncomfortable and they will leave. That’s exactly what Daytona Beach Police Cheif Chitwood has done. the only problem is he’s pushed them into our county. We have a rep of being soft, compare our bail for various crimes to other jurisdictions, it’s a joke. No wonder we have criminals from Putnam, Duval, St. Johns, Volusia repeatedly being busted here. Some people just want to do bad, no matter what break they get. What’s crazy is these aren’t 15 and 16 year-olds these are adults. I used to love this place I can’t make excuses anymore. I’m tired of these losers trying to make this place look like the burned-out neighborhood or city streets of wherever they came from. Whether driving in a car or walking the bike path, even in the local stores take a look around we have adults that look and act like over-sized teenagers. There is so reason an adult in their twenty’s should be sitting at a stop-light shaking everyone’s windows rapping to themselves like they belong in a rubber room, this is not the big city. No crime is good but these idiots aspire to get caught. Most people will have a breakdown over a speeding ticket these repeated offenders catch case after case like it’s nothing until their picked up for something else. Most of the locals busted here average about seven arrest before they get locked up for a bit, it’s nuts.

  13. roco says:

    Why is it everytime there is an attack on a person or another dog it is sdone by a PIT BULL.

  14. Anonymous says:

    ban the people from society for making these dogs vicious. it is like a young child, beat the child every day curse at the child and one day the child will turn on someone.

  15. Jojo says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    @ roco: Is that a question or a statement? You have to remember dog bites don’t really make the news unless the name Pit Bull or Pit bull type of dog is thrown in. Most times the dogs don’t even look like a so-called Pit. Here’s a link about a news anchor bit earlier this month by a Dogo Argentino. A dog that visually one would call a Pit Bul but it’s not.

  17. roco says:

    Dog bites don’t make the news unless they’re Pit Bulls? Does’nt that say something? DAH!! Pet owners do not clasify Pit Bulls as pets. Protection or statis symbol can be the only reason they’re in existance..

    • Anonymous says:

      @ roco Your wrong! First it was German Shepherds, than it was Dobermans than Pit Bulls, for a time Rottweiler’s. I think Boxers were even the flavor of the month at one time. It goes on and on. All somebody has to do is say PIT BULL TYPE and it’s over. That label sells news. Right after Michael Vick made news a caretaker on the property of actor Ving Rhames was found dead on the grounds with small scratches. Immediately news broke “actors caretaker killed by English Pit Bull type dog” what the heck does that mean? Quickly the news flashes footage of a brown Bulldog as the possible culprit. What they didn’t mention is he also owned huge hound dog looking Fila Brasileiro’s. Neither of his dogs were responsible, the guy had a heart-attack. The scratches came from the dogs pawing at him to get him up. But people were still left with the vision once again of vicious Pit bulls. I could start a rumor and say roco bit a Pit Bull and it will make the news.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Roco, maybe that’s just the people you know & your experiences. All pet owners I know regard all their animals the same, as Family, even the Pitt Bulls. They just learn what they’re taught. Maybe you hear of more Pitt Bul attacks because they are the ones who are the most mistreated & neglected.. All the Pitt Bulls Ive known have been so loving, but They also had loving owners.

  19. JP says:

    The act of killing aminals is the preamble of a serial killer….this dirt bag already said he wants to commit mass murder……………get this clown out of my town!!!

  20. palmcoaster says:

    So much defenseless animals cruelty breaks my heart…

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