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Christgate: With an Eye to Political Gambitry, Kimberle Weeks Demands an Apology

| February 9, 2012

Kimberle Weeks and Alan Peterson don't have a history of seeing eye to eye. (© FlaglerLive)

Memo to Rahm Emanuel: Should you have occasion to visit these here parts and, god forbid, need to interact with the local Supervisor of Elections office–assuming, say, there’s a Florida recount involving your ex-boss in November’s election–you might want to check your salt at the door. Or bring a stack of pre-signed apology letters ready for distribution every time you speak.

.: Alan Peterson, the county commissioner, just got in trouble with Supervisor of Elections Kimberle Weeks for using allegedly foul language–in the supervisor’s exact words and spelling, he used “God’s name in vein”–during a phone conversation with one of Weeks’s staffers.

Weeks demanded an apology, and cc’d her demand to local media.

Peterson had been gathering his petitions for his reelection campaign. He needs 651 signed petitions to avoid paying the roughly $3,000 qualifying fee. It can be frustrating to gather the petitions–not necessarily because people don’t want to fill them out, though there is that, but because voters have a way of becoming a tad illiterate when navigating the forms, which are themselves more than a tad anal in their specificity no matter how diligently some candidates color-code them to make them easier to fill out. Depending on the venue, and judging from several candidates’ recent experiences, supervisors can themselves be quite anal in their certification process. Peterson recently turned in about 600 petition cards to the Supervisor of Elections office, whose staff must certify the validity of the petitions. (Candidates must also pay 10 cents a card for the right of having them examined and certified.)

When Peterson called the supervisor’s office on Wednesday for an update, Kaiti Lenhart, one of the supervisor’s staffers, told him that 10 percent of the petitions were invalid–specifically, 58 petitions.

Like any red-blooded candidate, Peterson didn’t relish the thought of having to go back out to get that many more petitions. “I was talking to myself, because I was frustrated,” he said of his reaction about the 10 percent.

And he let out one of those mildly god-invoking expressions that no red-blooded American with basic cable–or access to a children’s playground or an NFL-inflated living room–hasn’t heard a few times since sunup.

But Peterson in his role as commissioner and ex-banker has also been something of a nightmare for Weeks in the last three years, taking a rake to her budgets and, on more than one occasion, getting frustrated–as fellow-commissioners have–with Weeks’ numbers, and more particularly her combative, accusing defensiveness almost every time she makes an appearance before the commission. Peterson can be irascible, but he’s never been known to use even remotely questionable language in his public conduct.

Whatever Peterson said to Lenhart, or at least loud enough for her to hear–he says he doesn’t remember what it was, but may have been something along the lines of for Christ’s sake or one of its dozen-odd apostolic derivatives–made Weeks angry. Or at least gave her an opportunistic opening for a little pay-back.

At 11:11 a.m. today, Weeks sent the following email to Peterson, and cc’d it to four writers and editors at the News-Journal, to Brian McMillan, the managing editor at the Palm Coast Observer, and to David Ayres, the general manager at WNZF and two other local radio stations (she did not include FlaglerLive in her cc squad):

It is my understanding you contacted the elections office yesterday regarding your submitted petitions and you were very unprofessional when speaking with a female staff member. It has been brought to my attention you used profanity (God’s name in vein [sic.]) when speaking with staff member Kaiti Lenhart. It is asked that you exercise respect and courtesy when dealing with staff in this office, and take this notice that such behavior will not be tolerated or accepted. We are here to serve, but we are not required to take abuse from those as yourself [sic.]. A written letter of apology to staff member Kaiti Lenhart is in order, and would be appreciated.

Later in the day, Peterson drafted the following letter, and had it sent to Weeks by way of Carl Laundrie, the county’s communications director (who ran against Weeks three years ago as an independent), likely a greater misstep than the cause for the letter since political candidates are not supposed to use county staffers to do their work, and this clearly involved a political, not a county government, matter:


When you called and told me that 10 percent of my petitions were invalid, and I questioned some of the reason they were rejected, you apparently felt that I said something inappropriate. If I did, I apologize. It was not meant to be taken personally as you were only relaying information that was given to you. Sincerely, Alan Peterson.

(Laundrie did not cc the response to FlaglerLive, either.)

Peterson stressed this evening that he believed the issue to be “between Katie and I, not the supervisor of elections.” He hoped his response would “conclude the matter,” and said again: “I didn’t mean to say anything that was inappropriate.” By then of course the matter was anything but between Peterson and Lenhart, the county administration having gotten involved, and clued in the rest of the commission to media involvement.

That Weeks was hoping to score political points with her letter to Peterson was made clear by an email Julie Murphy, the News-Journal reporter who covers the county commission, wrote Laundrie this afternoon. “Weeks tried to get me to write a story about the whole commission messing with her. She essentially blocked me into a narrow room and made me listen to her rantings for more than 2 hours,” Murphy wrote. “She had a foot tall stack of ‘evidence’ that was supposed to prove the wrong doing. When I was able to make an escape, I told her I needed copies of all of it so I could look it over v. taking her word that it showed what she said it did. This was after the bonuses discussions.”

Murphy was referring to the last go-around between Weeks and the commission, when Weeks’s claim that she had never awarded bonuses to her employees was proven wrong. Murphy continued: “She never supplied the copies to me and hasn’t responded to any calls I’ve made to her until today for stories about anything. I asked her why she chose to copy the media in that email she sent to Peterson, and whether it had anything to do with the ongoing feud she has seem to have with the commission over the past 3 years. She said no, but it would seem to me that if all she really wanted was an apology, there would be no need to call Peterson out.”

Murphy was merely detailing what most reporters in any media have experienced when dealing with Weeks. Murphy’s own email to Laundrie was prompted after the county administration’s attempts to dissuade her from writing a story.

“We tried to work with the paper to avoid them being used for what appears to be a political attack,” Craig Coffey, the county administrator, wrote the commissioners in late afternoon, “but they feel it is newsworthy and are expected to move forward. The article may go back and pull historic quotes to take a feudal angle.”

By “feudal,” Coffey presumably referred to the Hatfield and McCoy type of feuds, not the medieval type, though either metaphor approximates storylines involving the supervisor of elections.

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55 Responses for “Christgate: With an Eye to Political Gambitry, Kimberle Weeks Demands an Apology”

  1. kmedley says:

    I can certainly understand and appreciate Mr. Peterson’s frustration. However, I think this matter could have been handled in a much more professional manner than exhibited by Weeks. Although her tactic is not surprising. While we all may have been exposed to far worse through broadcasts of the NFL, that does not excuse the words, if the reporting is accurate. For someone who has allowed far more offensive words to be shot from her mouth and aimed at her employees, one would think an ounce of compassion could be shown by SOE Weeks. One would be wrong.

  2. Shelly Edmonson via Facebook says:

    Good job Kim. Way to go……… I will vote to keep you in office. I think flagler county needs more people like you in office. Good luck in your election.

  3. bullgator2410 says:

    For Christ’s sake AND ours, please have Kim Weeks submit to mental health counseling……..everything else would be done in ‘Vien’

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Peterson is not the only candidate to have petitions rejected . All who have submitted petitions, have had on average, 8-10% of them rejected, for numerous reasons….wrong dates, (usually the year of date signed)..or signed PRIOR to the date of officially becoming a candidate, . wrong version of form , and this years candidate book goes into greater detail .. signature does not match that on file , sometimes occurs, because signer is rushed in signing…wrong date of birth, in lieu of voter registration number…signer not being a registered voter, etc….But with potential voter fraud being high today, they do need to be scrutinized prior to submission, infact at the time signed. If they don’t pass the candidates review, they should not be submitted. …But having gone through the exercise of gathering the signed petitions, and having 10% rejected, I would have muttered, either the same words, or inappropriate others.. To myself… But to send this out to all the media, Hmmm Question? did he really say this, or is this one of those he said, she said… and no other listener to the conversation??

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous – This far surpasses any ‘he said, she said’ strategy. Weeks has been after Peterson since 2009 when he had the audacity to question her budget. At that time, her strategy was to call a meeting of the local political parties and essentially seek their help in targeting Peterson once he was up for re-election. Or it could be as simple as Weeks needed to see her name in the headlines, yet again.

  5. Jojo says:

    for Christ’s sake (rude) also for Christ sakes
    I am surprised or annoyed by this for God’s sake For Christ’s sake, Julie, what are you doing here? This dress makes me look like a little old lady, for Christ’s sake. It’s two in the morning, for Christ sakes! Why are you calling me now?
    Usage notes: used for emphasis
    Related vocabulary: for crying out loud
    Etymology: based on the literal meaning of for Christ’s sake ( in the name of or for Christ)
    See also: sake
    Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2003. Reproduced with permission

    The webs we weave….

  6. Doug Chozianin says:

    Time to ger rid of the hoary-foul-mouthed-blasphemous-smirking County Comissioner, Alan Peterson.



  8. palmcoaster says:

    Peterson had no right to fowl language over the phone, given a job well done by the Supervisor of Elections regarding his petition cards.
    Commissioner Peterson is at total fault here and furthermore broke the elections laws for using a taxpayers sustained paid government employee time and skills, in this case Carl Laundrie, to deliver/reply his apology letter to the Supervisor of Elections office. A written complaint to the State Board of Elections should be properly filed regarding Peterson’s improper used of Laundries time and skill to complete a task intended to benefit his reelection campaign, as is against the law and also should proceed with Laundrie dismissal as he knew well what he was doing. On every election around here, these elections laws are violated on the back doors in favor of some candidates, as is hard to prove. This time two officials Peterson and Laundrie, showing a total disregard for the law have publicly done it. No wonder the local residents suffer the aftermath of the undermining decisions of these County Commissioners and its administrators as they know/care “jack” about the implications of their illegal maneuvers. Ignorance and /or ill intention at the highest levels running this county. I know Republican Peterson very well, being an anti woman with his lack of support for some community organizations events funding request, represented by hard working volunteer ladies, while he was a member of the TDC Board and systematically refuse the TDC funding for their events. Since Mrs. Weeks a Democrat was elected defeating Laundrie the County Commission and Chamber of Commerce favorite, a witch hunts has ensued against our Supervisor of Elections and of course, she reacts. My advise to Kimberle is just to keep us informed and let them make a fool of themselves like in today’s case and try to ignore by minimizing your attention to their attacks except when they brake the law.
    The latest projected raises and inclusion retirement plans, requested by “feudal Administrator Coffey” for the ones on the top tier that make over 80,000/ year a shameful proof, when at the same time the Supervisor Elections Mrs Weeks budget was hacked and vilified over her request of funding every time she presents her budget to the Commissioners. I believe that the real story here has its origins on the fact that Mrs Kimberle Weeks worked originally for the clerk of courts for a number of years and when Gail was elected she laid off 20 employees one of them I believe was Weeks, please correct me if I am wrong. Weeks then campaigned very hard and won the Supervisor of Elections position and I applaud her for her determination. Shamefully she is the only constitutional officer that has been attacked on her budgets over a 30 cents raise at times, for some of her employees, while she is trying not to go over budget.. Next, exchanges at some of these meetings: I stand with her and will vote again for Mrs. Kemberle Weeks because in spite of the witch hunt she manages very well the election process without any support, except for her poll workers. Sorry for my long comment, but we do have huge problems to address.

    • Pamela says:

      I hope Mr. Peterson keeps calling and using what every language he feels is necessary to get thru to these child minded “elected” city officials. I watched 4 families pack up an leave Palm Coast for greener pastures in the last 2 months. I now have 6 homes on my block empty and NO ONE is maintaining them.
      Could you taxpayer funded officials start doing you job before we lose anymore good families. This place is really turning into a cess pool.

    • Iva Hadit says:

      Every story has two sides. Thank you for providing the other side of this one.

  9. One of the HONEST ONES says:

    Kay Medeley seems to me you are rubbing arms with the county commissioner(s). Your remark saying the SOE Kimberly Weeks was not professional. In what way was she not professional. How would you have handled it? Probably being one of the good ole boys, nothing, and not even having the consideration of her employee. Your remarks about Kimberly Weeks leave a lot to be desired, being the fact you are going to run against her in November. We certainly do not need another progressive representing this county. Kay you and the elitists in the Potato Palace cannot hold a candle to Kimberly Weeks as far as honesty goes. And I bet you have a lot of skeletons in your closet.

    • kmedley says:

      Honest One – I would have simply called Mr. Peterson and had him come to the office. I would have given the employee the opportunity to tell him how his words hurt her and then I would have aked for an apology on a face to face basis. I would not have emailed him and then copied all of the media. This would have all been handled in the office and resolved then, not carried out in print. By the way, I’ve been on the receiving end of Weeks’ use of profanity.

  10. Can't wait for this year's budget talks says:

    I am going to vote for Weeks just to keep the entertainment going. I am so looking forward to this year’s budget talks. I love how Week’s frustrates the county commission. Plus we have the presidential election later this year.

    Pull a seat up and pass the popcorn. You go Weeks! (maybe she can replace Mica and represent Flagler in Washington)

  11. Willy says:

    The Supervisor of Elections office has never had a record of incidents, or trouble with the Flagler County Commission until Kimberly B. Weeks was elected. If you want to confront somebody and ask for an apology do so in person. Calling them out in the media for political gain is childish and disgracful. While Alan Peterson’s remarks may have been out of context and immature Im sure a simply apology would have solved the problem. Use of Mr. Laundrie’s time is not a violation of any kind being his job is public information, press releases, and his boss is the County Manager / commission.

    The Bottom line is this. The only variable in this equation is Kimberly B. Weeks. She has proven unfit, and unable to manage this office. Get out and vote for anybody besides Kimberly B. Weeks.

    • Jackie Mulligan says:

      Thanks for the laugh Palmcoaster , when you say he shouldn’t use “fowl” did you mean he was talking ducks , chickens or was it some other fowl?
      The Elections Supervisor certainly is entertaining, but that’s not what the job is supposed to be about.

      She keeps putting her foot in her mouth every time she opens it.She seems pretty confrontational.

      I agree with Willy, a simple” gee i’m sorry I offended you”, would have sufficed.
      And I’m sure she never heard the” Lords name taken in vain before”
      Thanks for the chuckle Kim.
      Jackie Mulligan

    • peggy says:

      are you campaigning for kay medley?

    • Get Real says:

      Just how is Kimberle Weeks not qualified to run the office, lets see. She has held elections since what 2009. Has never had any incidents, unlike the previous supervisor in the 2008 general, with ballots not running. That tells me 100% of pre- testing was not done. With the same budget, Kimberle Weeks has given back money every year, and the Commissioners question it. They should be grateful for the money that was saved by the current SOE, and question the previous one for not giving money back. The question should be “What did the previous SOE do with the extra 20,000 dollars. Ask yourself, who ran the office better? As fae as the petitions go, you know what I’ve filled out some petitions and if the voter can’t fill out what address they live at and their birthdate and then sign the thing, well this is not the problem of the SOE Office, it’s the voter and the candidates problem. Yes, the petitions have specific rules to accepting them, and all of you that think they should just be approved to make it easy for the candidates, have a clue. Candidates that are running against Kimberle Weeks, who has 4 years of running a succesful office and elections, is the right choice for Flagler County. As far as your comments and anybody else who blames SOE for all the bad blood with the County Commissioners (CC), should think why. SOE is running the office as a Constitutional Officer should, the CC wants to run the office as employee’s who fall under them and that’s the problem. Kimberle Weeks is running the office on bread crumbs, compared to other SOE’s, so Flagler County should be grateful for what she has brought to an office that is so very important. As far as the so called bonuses, the CC’s got the information from an employee who was fired, for not doing her job. In my book, that information is not trustworthy. Even if the SOE gave raises, she did not go over budget, and guess what the BOCC’s has taken raises every year, when they had the option not to. Kimberle Weeks was elected by the majority in 2008 to run this office, has has hired good staff, to accomplish the job. Kimberle Weeks should be relected for doing a great job. The results for which she was elected to do, is all that counts.

  12. says:

    nothing like a mentality where he saids. she saids running our county government, grow up.

  13. One of the HONEST ONES says:

    Anonymous, the county commissioners have been after Kimberly Weeks since she was ELECTED into office. Yes, they are always going after her budget but, let me ask you? Do they ever question The Clerk of The Court, Gale Wadsworth’s budget. Of course not, she gets carte Blanche. What happened with the audit that was not completed from October 2005 to 2007. According to the auditor generals office they stated the county did not have the funds to complete the audit. Could it be that The board of county commissioners put the halt on it to protect Gale Wadsworth and themselves. One of eleven findings were: 1. “Approximately $5,000,000. Expended on the judicial center project was restricted for other uses.”Check the audit out folks, it is public record.

  14. palmcoaster says:

    @Justwondering…Peterson a fine Flagler County Representative? The man prejudices against women and is a bully as a typical former banker! Proof of his disrespectful cocky attitude against Weeks when you read today’s article:
    Current and past commissioners have no respect for this elected constitutional official that last year once more refunded $20,000 back to their general fund, from savings on her budget. How come this commission does not disclose this record? She had to endure the attack on the county commission meetings from the Board and administrators with comments like of former Commissioner Abbott “we just want to make you mad”. From Milissa Holland while denying her operational budget “You were supposed to be prepared for these duties”. Maybe Milissa now given her closeness to the second in command, probably instrumental in having the deputies not showing up without notice, as traditionally done to escort the ballots and Accu-vote computers to the Supervisors office for proper custody, after the polls closed on election night, as was always done before for Peggy Border! Did not matter, we the poll workers, managed to get the important task achieved without the deputies escort by riding with another poll worker witness and Kimberle Weeks may have achieved for the first time “saving tax payers monies by us not having to pay the deputies overtime ever again”
    Come and tell us now, who really started the political dirty campaign for the local officials. Sure was not Weeks by rightfully defending her employee insulted over the phone by Peterson.

    @Willy.The former Supervisor Border had the total support of the County Commission no matter what, as her husband was one of the seating Commissioners was all in the family and maybe that is the reason why in private districts elections expenses were footed incorrectly by us then? Weeks had the audacity to confront the clerk of courts Gail and that is so far a nono in this county. Imagine after elected, Gail fired Weeks and she run for Supervisor and won. What else needed to be witch hunted from the start?. Also the elections law were violated by Peterson and Laundrie and a complaint should be filed. As far is my concern Mrs Weeks stands tall as the One honest constitutional official with only 4 workers that we need in that seat. The local media needs to do an in depth investigation of why Mrs. Weeks has to endure such a disrespect.attacks and after finding proofs many will be shocked! Be aware of the fact that maybe Hadeed may contact you if you do so, as in this county feudalism is alive and well!

  15. One of the HONEST ONES says:

    Willy, I guess you are one of the PROGRESSIVES in this county. In what way has the SOE not run the elections office honestly and professionally. Why don’t you go to the source and ask her staff and the poll workers how she runs her office. Seems to me you are holding hands with all the elitists in this county. Get off the kool aid. Do you like the commissioners spending your money without you having a say as to where it is being spent?

  16. palmcoaster says:

    @Jackie Mulligan your correction well taken. My error, was supposed to be “foul”, shame on me. What would be of us all imperfect spellers without such a constructive critique as yours.
    I wonder how come you find out so well that Mrs. Weeks keeps putting her foot on her mouth, but you never see the good ole boys against her, while putting our hard earned tax dollars on their pockets?
    By the way was much more than the Lord’s name taken in vain. Would like to see your reaction if insulted at work.

  17. palmcoaster says:

    Dear Jackie Mulligan, have you ever found out about whatever happened to the expensive audit that we all were forced to foot for the County Clerk expenses and the 5 millions vanished within? I still believe that likewise in Broward and other counties we need the FBI to come here and look into these shady financial dealings and unpunished crimes as well.

  18. Cypress Knoller says:

    Pamela, the county commissioners are deliberating over ICI development in Cypress Knolls. Whether or not to let him build. If this happens you all will know for sure the commissioners are definitely holding hands with Mori Houssini, ICI and you the tax payers of this county are nothing in their eyes.

    • tulip says:

      Cypress Knoller—It is PALM COAST City Council that will be having another discussion and deliberation on the ICI development—-the meeting was this past Tuesday Night.

  19. JUST WONDERING says:


    • peggy says:

      Just Wondering- Did u vote in the local elections? if not, shut up. these people are destroying palm coast and most of u sat home and let Netts get re-elected, with his $200,000 city manager. why do we need a mayor w/a city manager calling all the shots? this city is the worst. it is incestuous. Husband and wives on different boards, in-laws hired for plum positions, most of whom could not get them selves arrested, never mind hold down a salaried position. and so it goes.

  20. palmcoaster says:

    To me a fine representative is one that complete the task that was elected for and does it right and within the budget. Mrs Weeks have done that and “against all odds”. She should have the support and same respect that this County Commission exercises with the other constitutional (elected) officials. Otherwise the majority voice of us, all voters, the people that elected Mrs Weeks, do not count! When are they going to recognize the voters choice? I am proud of Mrs Weeks because is one of those officials that won swimming against the current, against the County Commissioners and Chamber of Commerce favorite even the seating then Supervisor of Elections Peggy Border endorsed the same candidate Carl Laundrie to my dismay! But Mrs Weeks conquered the voters with her determination campaigning in sunny, rainy, scorching or cold and even under lightning weather and won. So let her work now even if for anything else, out of some respect to the voters that elected her! No wonder some want to sell, pack and leave!
    Sorry in advance for any misspell.

  21. Think first, act second says:

    Cypress Knoller. Be thankful it is the city council that is voting on the ICI development in Cypress Knoll.
    ICI paid, excuse me, gave George Hanns County Commissioner $2,000 in contributions in the 2008 election. Now if this was before the county commission they would have 1 vote for sure, and you and the other citizens of Flagler County would be secondary. Mori would get what Mori wanted, if it was the county commission and his paid off buddy.

  22. "My Daily Rant" says:

    Once again I enjoy the crazy rantings of palmcoaster.Ms. Weeks should have been thrown out a long time ago.When she pulled that mess about raises,always seem to be over budget and so on.The goverment in Flagler county is a mess and what needs to be done is outing people like Weeks.She has way to much time on her hands to take such issue with this,It might have carried a little more clot with people if she had not informed all the media.Lets get some fresh blood all around next election.

  23. Get with the program says:

    Supervisor weeks has never gone over budget
    Supervisor Weeks has the smallest budget of all Constitutional Officers
    Supervisor weeks has given money back every year but the press doesnt let the public know
    Supervisor Weeks has the smallest staff, and lowest paid staff of all Constitutional Officers
    Supervisor Weeks has conducted all flawless elections
    Supervisor Weeks recognized laws were not being followed prior to her taking office
    Supervisor Weeks is for the people
    Supervisor Weeks will stand up and speak up for what is right
    Supervisor Weeks doesn’t hold hands with any other politician
    Supervisor Weeks is not one of the good ole boys

    • kmedley says:

      “All along, Weeks referred to herself in the third person, as “Supervisor Weeks,” as if the material was written about her (and for her)”

      Get with the Program – Did Russell Pizer prepare your remarks, too?

      Supervisor weeks has never gone over budget

      Because with each year, she has requested and received more funding than her predecessor. Since she cannot explain the increases requested, she is left with a surplus each and accordingly, returns the same.

      Supervisor Weeks has the smallest budget of all Constitutional Officers

      Her budget has increased each year since she took office.

      Supervisor weeks has given money back every year but the press doesnt let the public know

      Why is that newsworthy?

      Supervisor Weeks has the smallest staff, and lowest paid staff of all Constitutional Officers

      In her budget narrative for Fiscal Year 2010/2011, Weeks bemoans the size of her office staff. Yet, what did she choose to do on 9/30/2010? Based on surpluses realized from the 2009/2010 budget, she chose to give bonuses to all 5 employess and in addition, paid them their weekly salary on a Thursday, 9/30/2010, rather than a Friday. The significance is this was the end of the fiscal year. Additionally, she could have requested an additional office staff in her budget and chose not to. By the way, she is now down to four employees.

      Supervisor Weeks has conducted all flawless elections

      The largest election to date under her tenure is the 2010 General with 33904 total cards cast. If you add all of the cards cast for each of the 11 elections under her tenure, a total of 59942 cards cast is reached. This averages to 5449 cards cast per election. If the definition of a flawless election is the ability to record cards cast, third graders could claim the same “fact”. No offense to third graders.

      Supervisor Weeks recognized laws were not being followed prior to her taking office.

      So laws were being violated and she never alerted the media? Yet, a few ill chosen words are worthy of a headline? WOW!

      Supervisor Weeks is for the people.

      So this then explains the numerous voter education events held each year.

      Supervisor Weeks will stand up and speak up for what is right.

      Was it right to deny that bonuses and/or pay increases had been allocated by her office?

      Supervisor Weeks doesn’t hold hands with any other politician

      She’s made every effort to create adversarial relationships with just about all city, county officials, and state officials.

      Supervisor Weeks is not one of the good ole boys.

      Really? Does Cyd Crosby still advise her?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Much ado about nothing!

  25. PJ says:

    Another person that still in High School running an office. Let me make this clear I’m talking about Kimberly Weeks.

    Can’t manage a budget.

    Runs things in an unprofessional pooly managed way.

    She needs to grow up, but not on our dime, goodbye Kimberly see you on election day…………….

    • Get with the program says:

      The proof is in the pudding. The facts are what they are, and the facts prove your opinion wrong. Kimberle manages her office well. Kimberle has provided good elections and still has given money back to the board of commissioners each year. Weeks will get my vote.

      • Think first, act second says:

        Get with the program,
        Weeks has never gone over budget because she doesn’t know how to properly budget, remember the infamous line item budget?
        Weeks has the smallest budget because she has the fewest number of employees (4) to supervise.
        Weeks has given money back each year after giving bonuses to her employees while the rest of the county employees are denied a raise, then stumbles on the answers when questioned about them.
        What laws were flawed before taking office and where is the letter to the Secy. of State outlining them as illegal?
        Weeks is for the people, which means she works for the people, so far.
        Weeks will stand up and fight a lot, unfortunately she picks the wrong fights, against the BOCC which is assigned with the duty of approving her budget.
        Weeks doesn’t hold hands with any other county politician, just like Dems avoiding being associated with POTUS in 2010, because he was a negative not a plus, so is Weeks.
        Didn’t know Weeks was any type of boy, much less a good ole one.

        Good job trying to defend you mom, but it is way too obvious!

  26. PJ says:

    Get with the program,

    You vote for her that would your problem.

    She is nothing but trouble. Poor communicater. Does not know the workings of working with the commissioners.

    Can’t wait for election day!

  27. jespo says:

    I strongly object to use of the word ‘anal’ in this article. it offends my moral center and I demand an immediate apology from the author on the grounds that I am a thin skinned self important elected official looking to score points at any cost to distract myself from the ineffable reality of my own ridiculousness. Yet another reason why Flagler County is mired in mediocrity; small minds with big problems in big positions doing small things. With the power of the first ammendment behind me I verily say unto this silliness of hurt feelings and mock aghastness at profanity….God damn it, get back to work you two.

    • kmedley says:

      jespo –


      Is it offensive if only letters are used?

      • jespo says:

        Very offended….we need a law in this county against this type of textspeak. In fact, I’ll be sure to bring it up at the next meeting where it will undoubtedly be voted on with god damn enthusiasm.

  28. Willy says:

    Get with the program, you are strongly under educated on this topic. Her election was 100% bank rolled by the good ole’ boy system.

    Mr. and Mrs. Weeks, A part time pole worker for one year, and a supervisor for Hollard and Green produce didn’t pay for the hundreds of yellow and black signs along the road 4 years ago.

    Here are some facts. .

    Kim Weeks- out right lied or misled voters about her expeirence as an employee in the supervisors office. She never served in “Many different capacities” as her flyer stated during the elections 4 years ago. She was a pole worker. nothing more.

    Spending left over taxpayer money at the very end of the fiscal year out of the supervisors budget and using an “employee bonus” cover is questionable. If she is truly fiscally consertive as stated by her supporters, I would expect her to be able to have a budget surplus. The previous supervisor ran the same office, same amount of people, and did it with a fiscally sound approach.

    Mrs. Weeks’s job is not to lash out at county officals during budget hearings. It’s not her job to project herself as a people’s champion by making demands in public for apologies from county commisioners.

    Her Job is to serve the public by overseeing the employees and the process for elections in this county. She should focus on just that.

    Vote for ANYBODY but Kim Weeks this Novemebr..

  29. Will says:

    Just a little spelling correction…Since Kim started it with “in vein” instead of “in vain”….

    To describe her Highness as a “pole watcher” would infer that she had been looking at something like a flag pole or perhaps, a Polish person. Think “pole dancer” for a better understanding.

    I think the writer meant “poll watcher” – as in “polling place” and other things related to elections.

  30. palmcoaster says:

    Maybe Willy is just that …a real pole girl watcher! I noticed. We all misspell here and there, but as well Willy is very very pro commissioners with his rabid attacks on our Supervisor of Elections. How many of us are really pro commissioners now? What is actually driving the pro commissioners within these comments. Because I can tell you that with the useless work and waste of tax payers funds the current ones exercise, only someone benefiting from their actions can give them so much support! Sure will not be Mrs Weeks, her staff or taxpayers like myself, anyware enamored with the current County Commission and their Manager, as Willy and company are.

  31. palmcoaster says:

    @kmedley. You may find my writings along with the ones from HonestOne and others familiar but when we write is not to fulfill the wish to erode/undermine Mrs Weeks works to benefit ourselves because we are NOT running against her in the incoming elections like you are and we are not her paid staff. We are the majority who elected her and we want some respect for our choice and if she had no experience just like the one’s before her, she is learning as they did! The proof is that we had our elections process without flaws. Sure the County Commission can’t say the same, further more I seriously see that they even associate to further undermine the Supervisors of Elections work! Who’s idea was that the deputies would not show up without notice for the first time ever, to escort the clerks with the voted ballots and the accu-vote machines on election night to the Administration Building Supervisors Office, for safe keeping and accounting after the polls closed? That is one more sign of shameful witch hunt alive and well against Mrs Weeks. In the practice if intended to disrupt the process, they failed because we drove our precious ballots and accounting computers to its final destination with two witnesses (poll workers) to a car and completed the task! She managed a flawless election process and as per my vote she gets it, wether she bows or not to this commission and its manager.

    • Beach Go'r says:

      Is KMedley one of those that talks alot of smack about others to make herself feel better? KMedley did the same thing to her other former employer-the Clerk of Court. Is she a legend in her own mind hoping to get elected because she is unemployed or perhaps unemployable?

    • kmedley says:

      So many grammatical erros, so little time……

      “We are the majority who elected her and we want some respect for our choice” – Weeks won her primary by 67 votes and had Mr. Laundrie not run, I suspect Pam Richardson would have won, as her votes and Laundrie’s votes total 23,249. Weeks won the general with 22,383 votes. In this instance, the majority is vastly minor.

  32. palmcoaster says:

    @Jackie Mulligan; how come you are not laughing hard about the “pole”now? You did with fowl right?
    Maybe we can laugh together? Maybe you are not signed in cause Valentine’s?

  33. palmcoaster says:

    @BeachGo’r; I think you are correct.
    @Kmedley stop harassing residents about their grammatical errors by trying to shame them for their writing skills! Wether with errors or not they have their right to their “Freedom of Speech” and we should be proud of them for their involvement, other than criticizing their writing skills, as your pseudo people’s manners inferes. Do you mean only that a citizen of America with perfect English writing skills, has the right to express their opinions? God help us all, if you become a Supervisor of Elections with such prejudice.

  34. Julie says--Here it now-see it later says:

    Not a chance of Kimble Medley getting elected in Flagler County-too much baggage. Can’t wait for it all to be printed in the papers. Maybe then instead of moving every year around Palm Coast, she will finally pack her bags and go to where she belongs. What is a scab?

  35. Willy says:

    I admit, I did not win my 5th grade spelling bee…

    Am I pro-commission? No.

    With that being said, Im not pro-anybody who furthers themselves by outing others.

  36. Willy says:

    “pole worker” instead of “poll worker” Now that is pretty funny. My apologies.

  37. palmcoaster says:

    @Julie, neither you or I, know now for sure the voters choice in the next elections for Weeks position.
    I just know she will get my vote because she deserves it , for a job well done and her determination to succeed against all odds. As far is my concern what we need to change is the County Commission specially Peterson and any other incumbent, not matter if the current law enforcement officials, Chamber of Commerce and Commission, endorses/ supports/funds them or not. Just look at the late news regarding those constitutional officers maneuvers and find out who really has to go! Sure is not our current Supervisor of Elections Mrs. Weeks!

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