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Liberals’ Inexplicable Hatred for Gov. Rick Scott

| January 10, 2012

Why don;t you give me credit already? (© Fundacion España Florida)

By Lloyd Brown

There is a long list of things I’m not an expert in, but near the top would be psychology. So, I’m thinking of calling Dr. Phil and asking him why Florida liberals hate Gov. Rick Scott so much.

When people drive around in cars festooned with hot-pink bumper stickers saying “Pink Slip Rick,” it indicates a certain level of passion, although not necessarily rationality.

Lloyd Brown

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The only zeal I’ve seen that exceeded it was the seething hatred for President George W. Bush

But that was a bit more understandable. Liberals thought Bush “stole” the election in Florida in 2000. Even after this was proved wrong, they couldn’t let it go. (I never quite grasped how that rascal Bush hijacked the election by tricking Democrat voters into punching holes in the wrong place in cards designed and distributed in counties run by Democrat officials, but whatever.)

Then there was the whole Iraq liberation thing, upon which reasonable people can disagree.

But Scott hasn’t unseated any tyrants who have been invading other countries, stockpiling weapons of mass destruction and murdering hundreds of thousands of people.

Scott had to spend a lot of money in his election because he was unknown to the voters. He probably dropped $15 million — of the $73 million he spent on the election — just propagating his name and background.

But his platform sold itself. Voters obviously liked what it said.

Scott took on a big state government when the economy was heading south but not tourists. Said tourists provide a lot of the wherewithal for Florida government.

Meanwhile, serial job-killer President Barack Obama was working his magic and Florida businesses were being stimulated to death.

Scott is not a politician and, therefore, he is doing exactly what he said he would do. His most fervent detractors cannot be those who voted for him.

One problem he has is the media. Governors are supposed to at least pretend they love and respect the media mavens. Scott doesn’t need the job and the media didn’t support him, so he doesn’t need the approval liberals get gratis, but conservatives must grovel for – if they want it.

Nevertheless, he and the Legislature have managed to restrain spending without doing any damage to the essential functions of state government. There are signs of job growth, despite the policies from Washington that seem designed to crush capitalism, growth and the private sector: in other words, the fuel for the engine of the welfare state. Perhaps it can run on windmills.

Scott may end up being a one-term governor if he continues to be his own counsel and not follow the collective chorus of wisdom from the state’s editorial boards.

But it’s a funny thing. Conservatives don’t stay up nights worrying about their self-esteem.

Scott didn’t write two autobiographies before reaching middle age and doesn’t think he is the salvation of mankind. I only met him once, but he strikes me as someone who was a success in the private sector and thought he might be able to help in the public sector as well, having seen the state flounder for four years under a governor whose life blood was printer’s ink.

However, since he clearly is not in the PC crowd, I suspect the only thing Scott wants to “give back” is his job, when he is finished with it.

Lloyd Brown was in the newspaper business nearly 50 years, beginning as a copy boy and retiring as editorial page editor of the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville.

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16 Responses for “Liberals’ Inexplicable Hatred for Gov. Rick Scott”

  1. Quail Hollow resident says:

    What a pathetic joke this failed hack is. Plagiarism. Sexual harassment allegations. Resigned from the bankrupt Times Union of redneck Jacksonville. Folio Weekly brought this turd down. To speak up for rick scott & w shows this guys shortage of brainpower & intellect. Crawl back in your hole Lloyd.
    Research this guy on google and hold your nose while doing so.

  2. Angela Smith via Facebook says:

    “Inexplicable”??? REALLY??? Schools are closing, laying off teachers, the unemployment rate in Flagler County is over 14%, the poor are subjected to DRUG TESTING when they apply for state aid, Medicaid is being cut, and the liberal “hatred” for Gov. Scott is “inexplicable”?

  3. Geezer Butler says:

    He’s hated because he can also belt out a tune.
    Did you know that Rick Scott has an album?

    Rick Scott’s Greatest Hits (including)

    – I Plead the Fifth
    – I Can’t Recall
    – No comment
    – Running With The Devil
    – It’s Not Easy Being Skeletor
    – An Innocent Man
    – It’s Not Unusual For Me To Steal
    – Magic Helicopter Ride
    – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Felon
    – Ain’t No Sunshine
    – Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Shampoo

    On sale NOW.

  4. Jack J says:

    Rick Scott has not been a surprise. He has done just what he said that he would do when he was running for Governor. What he has done to our schools is terrible! I hope that people will remember when it is election time.

  5. Liana G says:

    Wow FlaglerLive, thank you.

    …”(I never quite grasped how that rascal Bush hijacked the election by tricking Democrat voters into punching holes in the wrong place in cards designed and distributed in counties run by Democrat officials, but whatever.)”…you probably never quite grasped how he masterminded 911either, just ask the Truthers. Meanwhile I am growing impatient waiting for the rapture because that too will happen you know.

    This came to me from reading Matt Taibbi’s book The Great Derrangement. Great book! I would never have seen the truth behind all the truth.

  6. JIM.R says:

    What’s a good remedy for nausea, because this makes me want to puke

  7. JIM.R says:

    ” Then there was the was the whole Iraq liberation thing, upon which reasonable people could disagree”
    Liberation? what is this clown smoking. Only a willingly self deluded, dishonest person could make such a statement.
    It’s disgusting and unfathomable that an educated and accomplished person could write such lies and distortions.

  8. Doug Chozianin says:

    Liberals love to hate. Just read their venemous comments. I laugh at these losers.

    (Will some liberal address cutting spending, balancing the budget, lowering taxes, firing incompetent teachers, paying for retirement and health care, and… Why is it ok for Tim Cook of Apple to earn 400 million per year and not ok for some wall street investor to earn 50 million? (WITHOUT USING PROFANE EXPLETIVES OR AD HOMINEM ATTACKS).

    I don’t expect any qualified replies.

  9. Dorothea says:

    Just setting the record straight on the incorrrect statement that Democratic officials ran the contested Bush/Gore election in 2000. Jane Carroll, a Republican, was the supervisor of elections in Broward County in 2000. Lloyd Brown spouts Republican Party dogma to a Tea Party perfect.

  10. wendy says:

    I wonder how much Rick Scott paid him to write this crap?

  11. Liana G says:

    Angela, it takes people working in the private sector paying taxes to support the jobs and programs you mention. Loss of private sector jobs means less tax revenues to collect. So yes, pushing for private sector jobs will generate tax revenue wich will in turn support these establishments. Of course, we can also advocate for a state tax. I’m in.

    Dough, it is insane and unethical that a select few are allowed to earn such disportionate salaries off the backs of their lowly paid employees whose taxes also go to support their companies corporate welfare entitlements. I am all for true capitalism that allows for businesses to fail and prosper on their own and not be propped up and bailed out by taxpayers and by our gov’t who makes decisions and laws favoring them. Small businesses compete on those terms and so should big corporations.

    Robert Fisk: Bankers are the dictators of the West

  12. palmcoaster says:

    Good link Liana.
    The reality is far from the deceiving politicians rhetoric, whether campaigning, for office or even if in office.

  13. Nancy N says:

    You know why this liberal hates Rick Scott? Because he uses the Constitution as toilet paper and never met a civil liberty that he didn’t like – to infringe on.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Its nice to see a “moderate” point of view on this site once and a while.

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