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Head-On Crash Hurts 3 and Closes Belle Terre South of SR100; Driver Likely Drunk

| December 2, 2011

The head-on collision took place half a mile south of State Road 100, just south of Gore Lake. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

Last Updated: 10:46 p.m.

Two men in a Toyota Corolla, traveling north on Belle Terre Boulevard, and likely drunk, smashed into a Saturn SUV traveling south, half a mile south of State Road 100 at 7:36 this evening. One of the men in the Corolla was evacuated by helicopter–Flagler County’s Fire Flight landed on Belle Terre for the evacuation. The other man, who initially ran from the scene, was caught by a Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy and a K-9, and was transported to Florida Hospital Flagler, as was the woman in the Saturn. None had life-threatening injuries.

Belle Terre was immediately closed south of 100, and remained closed at 9 p.m., as the Corolla, its front-end unrecognizable, sat in the middle of the road. The Saturn was smashed against the woodline, past the east shoulder.

Kenneth Fuller (FCSO)

Karen Dempsey, 45, of Palm Coast, was in the Saturn, driving south at normal speed. Kenneth Fuller, 44, and Richard Deacon, 24, were in the Corolla. Fuller was at the wheel. (Deacon’s driver’s license had been suspended.) Fuller was wearing a seatbelt. Deacon was not. That would end up playing a significant role in the nature of Deacon’s injuries.

Derek McKenna was also driving north on Belle Terre just before the crash. He’d just gotten off work. He was on his way to the gym. Quite suddenly, he saw the white Corolla behind him. “He passed me around the bend down there,” McKenna said. “I was doing 50. He passed me, no problem, I’m looking at 70, 80.” Fuller passed him on the curve. “There was another car coming. He got over just in time.”

That was moments before the crash.

Further north–between the two Zebulahs Trail side roads–Fuller ran off the shoulder right past a hard curve which he failed to negotiate. He over-corrected and smashed almost head-on into Dempsey’s SUV, according to a Florida Highway Patrol crash investigator at the scene.

Matt Ferraz, a Palm Coast resident who drove by the scene immediately after the crash, called 911. “That’s when I saw her coming out of the woods and yelling for help,” Ferraz said of Dempsey. He also saw Fuller leave the scene. “The driver came over on the passenger side, he crawled out and took off,” Ferraz said. He had seen Deacon stumble out of the Corolla, his head gashed, and fall to the grass, where he sat until someone else told him to lie down. The FHP investigator later said that Deacon told Fuller to run. Fuller did. But he was caught by Flagler County Sheriff’s deputy Daley and his K-9. “He reeked of alcohol,” the investigator said of Fuller, and there were beer bottles in the car. The driver was likely drunk, and charges are pending, the investigator said.

Dempsey’s husband arrived on the scene quickly after the crash. Palm Coast Fire Department paramedics treated all three patients. Dempsey was taken to Florida Hospital Flagler, as was Fuller. Fire Flight landed near the scene on Belle Terre at 8:04 p.m. and took off with Deacon at 8:12 p.m. Because Deacon wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, his body had violently slumped against Fuller as Fuller jerked the vehicle back onto the road when he’d lost control. Deacon was essentially level with Fuller, on the driver’s side, at the moment of impact with the SUV. Deacon’s head smashed against the steering wheel and the windshield, which broke. The investigator said Deacon left a clump of his hair against the windshield. The inside of the car was blood-spattered.

Fuller was subsequently arrested and charged with DUI with property damage and personal injury, and for leaving the scene of an accident. He posted $10,000 bond.

That curve on Belle Terre, the first going south from SR100, is a notoriously dangerous spot, and has been tragically memorialized before. Exactly parallel to the point of impact, where the Corolla sat Friday evening, demolished, you could look past the west shoulder of the road, into the brush, and notice it, though it might take a small effort: a wooden cross marking the spot of a fatal wreck. The cross had a rosary on it, and “Harley Davidson” imprinted on it, along with a name. Some of the name’s letters were visible. Some were not. They were covered with what looked like cloth or a shroud.

Flagler County's Fire Flight prepares to land on Belle Terre Boulevard, half a mile south of SR100, to pick up Richard Deacon, who was severly injured in the crash. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

Richard Deacon had been a passenger in the Corolla, but he wasn't wearing a seat belt, and the jerking motion of the car sent his head smashing against the steering wheel and the windshield. He suffered severe lacerations to the face and his eye was injured. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

Karen Dempsey's SUV. Remarkably, a Palm Coast paramedic noted, the integrity of the car's interior was barely dented, a safety aspect of the Saturn that worked in Dempsey's favor. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

The wrecked cars in the glow of emergency lights. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

The scene of the crash had previously been memorialized by a motorcycle fatality there, just inside the woodline past the west shoulder. Click on the image for larger view. (FlaglerLive)

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58 Responses for “Head-On Crash Hurts 3 and Closes Belle Terre South of SR100; Driver Likely Drunk”

  1. Jessica Wade via Facebook says:

    What is going on in thus place??? This is absolute craziness!!!

  2. Jose Pinho via Facebook says:

    We have unlicensed, drunk, careless drivers. That’s all!

  3. Susan Muir via Facebook says:

    What is going on?

  4. Outsider says:

    It’s unbelievable what’s happening on Flagler’s roads lately. I hope Ms. Dempsey recovers quickly. As to the other two knuckle heads, you reap what you sow.

    • Lenore DeLitizia says:

      Unfortunately, it’s not only Flagler. I moved from there to Raleigh, NC, and it’s not much different here. I can’t believe what some people do on the roads today.

  5. Justin says:

    Thank god no one died, please stop drinking and driving and wear your selt belts ,every time you get in the car, no matter where you’re going.

    • ChrisO. says:

      Yea thank god for the Saturn protecting the innocent woman. I just lost my sister in law last week in a car accident. But I can at least say that Saturn SUVs must be somewhat pretty safe because my wife owns one just like that one. Please let’s all drive safe and especially sober! To many loved ones out there we need home with there family’s.

  6. Loree Curbow Vatistas via Facebook says:

    People are crazy!

  7. derek mckenna says:

    I was right there could of been me thank god

  8. Anonymous says:

    richard deacon is my brother,i wish i wouldve taken him home after we got off of work but he rode with kenneth so i have regrets and its killing me inside but all i can do is thank god he is not dead,rich is recovering but has serious facial injuries i would love for everyone who is reading this to send your prayers out to rich and my family god bless you all

    • Anonymous says:

      Im praying man, I’m praying, Mark…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Ryan honey, it is not your fault.. You take so much unnecessary guilt upon yourself. There was nothing you could have done to change anything that has happened with your grandfather or your brother. You have grown into a great man, a loving , caring, man and I am proud to call you my grandson. Take care of Rich. He will be alright. It is going to be a long road for him but I am hoping it will be a sober one from now on. My prayers are with everyone involved. The other people in this tragic accident, family and friend of all involved and a MAJOR Thank You to GOD who allowed all to live. We love you all.


      what about the woman who was driving home than night and was hit by a carless drunk driver. Her life at that point was in the hands of everyone else who tried to help her and how is now taking care of her . Richard whas the one who yelled to the driver to RUN. Even though Richard wasent the driver who was at fault he still should of been a MAN and helped out the woman who has multipul broken bones and was left with her car in the woods screaming for help, but no instead he decided to tell the driver to run and for that i hope he has to live the rest of his life with the guilt that someone could of died that night. I have no remourse for the two men who almost killed a inicent woman because they were DRUNK and competly STUPID in there actions of driving like complete A** HOLES and almost took the life of a mother with two children…. Rember that when you ask people to pray for your brother….

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m Richards wife, and what you said is absolutely rediculous! Number one he was not physically able to help anyone at the scene! He suffered serious head injuries an was hoapitalized and had surgeries, and he also has two small children that he cares for and is an amazing father! My prayers go out to EVERYONE involved in this accident! People make mistakes and learn from them. And my husband does NOT deserved to be bashed like that! If he was able to he would have helped who ever he could at that time but was NOT able to! I’ve said a prayer for mrs Dempsey everyday since te accident as well as for Ken and my husband. I completely agree YES drinking and driving is a horrible thing and this accident could have been prevented. But you do not know my husband and you have no right to judge him! So unless you know the facts think before you speak!

      • karen says:

        Thankyou for this comment “the public of Palm Coast”. My thoughts exactly!

    • Anonymous says:

      lemme get this straight…..these two guys are hammered drunk: take out a perfectly innocent person: break a major portion of her upper body bones not to mention the ptsd that accompanies injuries like these and you are asking for prayers for him???…. no requests for prayers for the victim??? oh I’ll be praying allright! Karen… you are loved by GOD as well as all of us and we pray for your long term recovery. throw the book at these guys!!!!

  9. Great reporting. Kudos to FlaglerLive for its excellent photography and journalism. Reports like this one and its reporting of the other more tragic cases involving deadly crashes over the last month have to benefit this community.

  10. PCDUDE says:

    Duh, sidewalks.

    • Concerned says:

      What do sidewalks have to do with someone making a foolish decision to drink and drive with no thought to someone else’s life. There is more and more drinking and driving on our roads in flagler.

  11. Kip Durocher says:

    Please ~ think
    So many young lives now changed for the worse.
    uch a small population so much carnage.
    Everyone in a hurry ~ there is no where to go in Flagler county in a hurry.
    Don’t let anyone ever drive drunk~ ever ~ have them arrested as a last resort.

  12. Sandy Davis via Facebook says:

    This is not good news at all!!!Prayers for everyone.Please be careful!!

  13. Kelly Cheek via Facebook says:

    I would like to know what the FCSO is going to do about all of the driving ISSUES we have been having. I for one never see anyone pulled over getting a ticket but always see empty patrol cars on the side of the road. Everyone who lives in Palm Coast knows that speed limits, stop signs, and stop lights don’t mean anything. That being said if residents know that you can speed on Old Kings, Palm Coast pkwy, Belle Terre, Colbert, and pretty much all thru streets why doesn’t the FCSO?

  14. kcpc says:

    I would like to know what the FCSO is going to do about all of the driving ISSUES we have been having. I for one never see anyone pulled over getting a ticket but always see empty patrol cars on the side of the road. Everyone who lives in… Palm Coast knows that speed limits, stop signs, and stop lights don’t mean anything. That being said if residents know that you can speed on Old Kings, Palm Coast pkwy, Belle Terre, Colbert, and pretty much all thru streets why doesn’t the FCSO?

  15. Yellowstone says:

    Add to: kcpc says: . . .

    The stop signs in the Hammock are also ignored. As a hiker I often see autos race through the four-way stops – at speeds above the posted limits.

  16. Bobbie Sue Walton Vaught via Facebook says:

    Add Old Dixie between 95 and Rte. 1 (mostly in Volusia) We have been nearly run off the road more than once while doing the speed limit. We have had big pick up trucks drive practically on our back bumper and then pass us flying down the road.

  17. Lindsay Achins via Facebook says:

    we came upon this accdent last night as we left target :( I know we all took a deep breath when we saw the lights and could only imagine what had happened. I’m praying that the woman that was hit is ok, is there an update on her??

  18. wtf says:

    so this is some bullsh@t !!! i know both people that died in seminole woods and it makes me sick !! Kirts death could have been prevented had there been sidewalks and lights but not only that they could not get a pilot to have him airlifted yet this man who has laccerations to his face 5 miles from the hospital needed to be airlifted are you kidding me!!!?? kirt was unresponsive the ambulance waited a good 20 minutes before driving him allll the way to halifax when they could have just taken him a mile away to flagler and at least he would have gotten some medical attention !!! and what ever happened to gary wright where is his tox report?? pretty sure that when thats released he will be getting arrested for some type of dui..because there is no way someone sober missed one kid and not the other they were feet away from each other!!! mrs reid will be dearly missed she was such a sweet good-hearted person and is leaving behind a wonderful daughter and granddaughter. People need to pay attention when you are driving!! if you are drinking stay your a@@ home or how bout pay for a cab, you have money for the drinks save money for a cab. GOD is going to teach you a lesson but unfortunately its going to be at someone elses expense. Kirt was 15 it wasnt his time, he was a good kid and has a loving good family his father is one of the best people i know and hes suffering every day which saddens me greatly. Tiffany and Gianna are also great good-hearted people and they are suffering a great loss as well. Its very sad to see that the city doesn’t put safety first and that there is still nothing being done to ensure that every citizen of palm coast feels safe leaving their front door.

    • Marlene Rossmann says:

      Dear wtf! I,like yourself ,know what it feels like to lose someone. Our son Gary Lee Jr. was killed in 1995 by a drunk driver,hit and run. Our son was 16. Should I be sorry that Kirt lived one year less. ??? . He,Regerio Alverez Guillen,has still, to this date ,not been captured and he left our son to die in the middle of the road. Nevertheless , Richard Deacon is my grandson and he WAS drunk and riding without a seat belt. But, do you think he should have died to give you peace of mind? I, more than anyone else, know the affects of drinking and driving. What a shame that you are so shallow minded that you can’t see that Richard’s entire family are praying for the speedy recovery of all persons involved. Richard in no way told Mr. Fuller to RUN. If you read the article, you would know that he was unable to speak to anyone with his injuries. I am so sorry for you that your friend was not taken by helicopter to the hospital, but for you to be so angry that my grandson, with severe facial injuries, was flown to the hospital is purely ridiculous. . I for one would not wish another person dead simply
      because another person died in a drunk driving accident. I lost a son to a drunk driver and if you had anything worth saying you would have used your real name not WTF. Richard was in no way able to
      respond to Mrs. Dempsey. He was unable to even get to his feet. His injuries are severe and it will be a long time before he recovers. Even though this is of no consequence to you, and you with your lack of caring for a human life, he will probably never be able to close his left eye again, we cry still for the loss of our son and of course we would do anything to keep Richard from ever touching another drop to drink again for the rest of his life. But to blame Richard, because he was drunk and riding in a car with another drunk, for the death of Gary or anyone else that has suffered such a tragic loss is simply insane! I and all my family pray for the people involved in this horrific accident, but also we thank GOD for his miracles. No one had to die this time. To me that is a MIRACLE. Please, don’t drink and drive, but pray for those people who do that this will be a lesson they will never forget. Oh, and yes, we are still looking for REGERIO ALVEREZ GuILLEN. . He has a wife and 3 children and fled to Mexico. So talk about helping……he could have and didn’t . He ran and got his family and split. We have for several years been trying to get him extradited back to the US but because his van was found a block away, FILLED with beer cans…… and the F & O from the front of his truck and of course Gary’s blood were found at the crime scene and on the truck, but he was long gone………he is only wanted for FAILURE TO STOP AND RENDER AID. How is that for justice Mr. wtf.

      We are all praying for your mom’s recovery. We are so sorry that Richard made a horrible choice that night. He will be a long time recovering and hopefully he will never drink again. Please forgive us our wrongdoings. We pray for all people who suffer from alcoholism and the innocent victims that alcohol encounters.

      In reply to Jake Dempsey:

      We are all praying for your mom’s recovery. We are so sorry that Richard made a horrible choice that night. He will be a long time recovering and hopefully he will never drink again. Please forgive us our wrongdoings. We pray for all people who suffer from alcoholism and the innocent victims that alcohol encounters.

      In reply to Madman:

      Thank you so much. I am that knuckle heads grandmother and I couldn’t agree with you more. We are praying for all those involved and that this will be Rich’s last drink. We love him so much, even with his faults.

      In reply to Keep them in your prayers:

      Sherry, you are so right. I hope people take heed to your words.

      In reply to global 3922:

      Are your family included in your decision?

  19. Quail Hollow resident says:

    Belle Terre south of SR100 needs to be realigned at this “deadmans curve.” As someone who drives it every day I see speeding cars ALL the time on the verge of losing control and can only hope they don’t crash into me. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

  20. Leilani says:

    I know Karen. And have for a very long time. I know her Son and I’m glad she’s ok. People don’t realize tha damage drinking and driving can do, and this is coming from a 13 year old. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!

  21. Jim Alongi says:

    The curve on Belle Terre, has a drop off about 8″ on the in side of the curve.

    When the front right tire of a car drops off the road pavement, drivers try to over correct.

    They lose control of there car. It’s a no brainer fix the cruve.

    It’s been like that, for the five years I’ve lived here.


  22. Silent no more says:

    Unfortunately I do not believe sidewalks or street lights would be any benefit to a drunk driver. I’m not saying they are not a good idea in several other recents accidents, just not in this case.

    Perhaps a guardrail on the bend would be of some benefit unless the vehicle is traveling at a very high rate of speed, thus possibly propelling it into the tree line. However, it could prevent a head on with an innocent driver.

    If you are traveling around and suspect you see an impaired driver, I would make a call to the FCSO for them to check it out. I believe we as responsible citizens can make a difference. Instead of thinking to yourself, “wow I think this person is drunk”, make the call. The life you may save is that of someone you love.

  23. PCDUDE says:

    If there were sidewalks in Flagler County, then one could walk home drunk.

    • pcnative says:

      there are sidewalks in palm coast people cant use them because every other day a brand new sidewalk needs to be ripped up and repaved for some reason

  24. The Truth says:

    While Palm Coast needs sidewalks and some are being added, this cannot be blamed on sidewalks. The only thing that we can blame this accident on is sheer stupidity.

    My thoughts and prayers are with those involved, even the morons who caused it.

  25. PCDUDE says:

    Maybe if there were more sidewalks in Palm Coast, this could have been prevented.

  26. Justin says:

    Side walks could have not prevented this crash weather they were they or not,But sidewalks are needed and I might add in that it is a city law that you must have lights on your bike when you are riding it or you can get a ticket.

  27. Preston says:

    Shut down ALL liquor stores. Remove ALL alcohol from the Kangaroo’s, RaceTracks, Lil Champs, Publix, Winn Dixie, etc. Until alcohol is BANNED and made illegal, we will still be going to family and friends funerals. It will not end until the alcohol is GONE !

  28. Silent no more says:

    PCDUDE, are you suggesting the drunk driver should have been driving on the sidewalk so he wouldn’t have hit the other vehicle head on? And also, drunks do not make good choices. They think they are invincible. No rational judgement what-so-ever.

  29. Jake Dempsey says:

    thats my mom. she was taking me to my friends house. i pray for her. thank god nobody died.

  30. Anonymous says:

    What’s crazy is go to and see how little the drivers bond and charges are. The guy is already out.

  31. Madman says:

    Wtf before you go runnin your mouth get some facts and get educated on what your blabbing about. I am a firefighter/emt (not in flagler county or palm coast) there is criteria you must meet to be flown by a helicopter. Not knowing the circumstances the weather might have not been good or many other factors. Also an ambulance is more than just a means of thatsportation for sick or injured people to get to a hospital, they may have spent 20 minutes on scene providing medical treatment to that poor young man. A hospital such as flagler is not equiped as a trauma center and for proper patient treatment someone with such injuries kust be transported to a trauma center. With that said i see this stupid $hit all the time. Its not only drinking and driving but also stupid cell phones and if you put the two together, forget about it. If people would not abuse the 911 system the deputies would have more time to make an attempt to keep the streets safer but unfortunately the only knuckleheads out the are not only on the street. The best thing to do is educate these morons on the consequences. People are always going to be stupid, drink and drive, and text and drive, this is reality. Im sorry for the innocent victims an thier families. As for the knucklehead that got flown to halifax, im sitting here looking at his 7 year old daughter and his 1 year old son right now. You people should be asamed of your selves and keep them in your prayers too, everyone of us is human and we all make mistakes.

  32. Andy Nonymous says:

    I hope that was a joke, Preston. We’ve already tried that. They called it, “Prohibition’. Might want to look it up sometime.

  33. Nicky says:

    That crazy turn should be made straight with the proper banking. There is the room. It was in appropriately engineered to begin with… And look what happens….

  34. PCDUDE says:

    Silent no more, if there were sidewalks….then the drunks could have walked home. Instead, they were probably too scared to walk home, being that everyone in the news is getting run over these days, due to lack of sidewalks.

  35. Michael Stavris via Facebook says:

    As a police officer all I can say is we can’t be everywhere at once so lay off we can’t control peoples actions

  36. TONY says:


  37. The curve on Bell Terre does need to get fixed. Unfortunately, it is on the southside of SR100 and will not get looked at. The southside of SR100 is considered the ghetto to city officials, its been like that forever. It will never get sidewalks, streetlights or any proper care. Bell Terre is four laned with medians, sidewalks, beautiful landscaping from SR100 northside all the way past Palm Coast Pkwy, ever think why? Duh, Palm Coast cares about the northside. Thats why Seminole Woods is Seminole “Hoods”. Flagler is not what it used to be!!! We need some good ol’ country boys to do some muddin through the northside medians and rip up their pretty sod, irrigation and landscaping. I’m sure they would find the money to fix that. We need to get these city officials out of office.

  38. Doug Chozianin says:

    Just $1,000 bond? Speeding, likely drunk and leaving the sceen of an accident. I bet Fuller serves no jail time.

    In Palm Coast, you can stay out of jail, not even getting arrested if you killed (hit and run) a little old lady with your car and reported it the next day as perhaps hitting a dog.

    The streets are no longer safe with this type of law enforcement.

  39. Ralph Belcher says:

    @ Flagler Native, in regard to the S. of 100 getting city attention, were you aware that we are cleared to get our sidewalk all the way down Belle Terre BOULEVARD from 100 continuing south to US 1? This project should start in the near future. I’m trying to remember what I read about it specifically in regard to where the funding is coming from. I think it was back when we were able to land some Federal stimulus and maybe a shade of state money too.

    Still, there are more, similar projects that need to be done so there is safer pedestrian egress in and out of the neighborhoods. Especially toward Seminole Woods.

  40. @Ralph…redundance makes the heart grow fonder.

  41. global 3922 says:

    Drunken driver causing accident with or without injuries should be hung, no excuses.

  42. Lefty says:

    There’s little that can be done about the terrorists on the road today.

    The first thing that would have to go is apathy – the bad attitude shown by drivers everywhere.
    It’s an attitude where a driver feels he’s the most important person on the road.

    He’s more important than the other driver in front of him, who’s doing the speed limit, and stopping completely at stop signs. (Those darned careful drivers!)

    He’s more important than the kid on the bicycle, or the lady jogging down the street, HIS road. He’ll buzz them, scare ’em good, because they’re slowin’ him down!

    He or she will go ahead and cut across parking lots and screw those mopes with shopping carts. How about the handicapped lady on the scooter? Buzz her! That old bag!

    Speed limits? That’s for suckers – stick the trusty radar detector on the windshield. Let’s see how fast this bucket can go! While I’m at it, I think I’ll append my Facebook page, and tweet a little.

    I worked hard all week, by golly I’m entitled to have a couple of brews – damn the torpedoes!

    The preceding lines pretty much sum up the prevailing attitude of drivers today.
    Do you really expect them to drive judiciously?

    It seems like anyone can get a driver’s license.

    That’s the reason that YOU should drive as if others are out to get you. It’s not paranoia, it’s defensive driving. Pull over for cellphone calls, concentrate on you driving – yield to slower traffic, bicycles, pedestrians, & animals. Just CARE, and your chances of getting home intact, without incident increase greatly.

    Too bad that we can’t force ALL people to care about their fellow man.

    What a foreign concept….

  43. Anonymous says:

    Lights sidewalks and the like are nice but do not replace following the rules of the road for drivers walkers and bike riders.

  44. John C says:

    palm coast is turning into daytona…..and I never see a cop pulling over vehicles….we need a 24/7 traffic enforcement….

  45. Keep them in your prayers! says:

    I know Richard & Ken personally.( Rich being my brother). & I whole heatedly agree, what they did was wrong. However, instead of bashing them, calling them names, saying they should be hung (I mean are you kidding me?) We all should be thanking GOD that everyone involved in the accident is ALIVE! Things could have been much worse! Let’s use this accident as a wake up call & turn it into something positive. Bring awareness to anyone who has ever driven drunk or know someone who has. Show them the consequences of driving intoxicated, show them they aren’t the only ones on the road. Posting angry comments on here about them, isn’t going to change what happen. And to the person, who basically said we shouldn’t pray for my brother, you are wrong. So wrong! We should pray that he learns his lesson, pray that he decides to not drive drunk or get a ride home with anyone who has been drinking. Pray, that he has a speedy recovery because he has 2 kids! 2 beautiful kids, that need him, more than anything in the world. We should also pray for Mrs. Dempsey, God was definitely looking over here that night. Because like I said before things could have been much worse. We should pray for Ken, he made a terrible mistake, one that he is going to have to live with for the rest of his life. But he is still a good guy. One mistake doesn’t automatically make you the devil. Because if that were the case, we all would be. We need to pray that he learns his lesson as well, and pray that he spreads awareness, to stop people from making the same mistake he did. Getting angry is not going to solve anything, especially when its something that 8 out of 10 people who have read this article, have done at some point in their life. I’m guilty of it. I’ve let friends drive drunk. I’ve ridden in cars with an intoxicated driver. I’ve even been behind the wheel intoxicated. I’m not proud of it. I don’t condone it. But we are human, we all make mistakes. And its a shame, that it took something like this, for me to see the error of ways. I don’t want what happened to my brother to happen to anyone else. I was so scared when I received the phone call, I was nervous the whole entire time he was in surgery. I do not wish that on anyone. No one should ever have to feel that way. Just made me realize how stupid, we all have been. Thinking we are invincible or well with alcohol involved, I guess its more like not thinking at all. We need to turn this negative into a positive. When you plan on going out with friends to drink, have a DD or call a cab. And if you’re really desperate for a ride home, call your parents. You may not want them to know you have been drinking, but I can guarantee they’ll be glad, that you were smarter enough to not drive home intoxicated, or ride home with someone who has.

  46. BE HONEST says:

    Wow…. I can’t believe he was able to post bail already.. Mr. Fuller you are an irresponsible jerk and I hope that the law really takes care of you. You could have killed someone. Running from the law goes to show your mentality and what kind of person you really are. Were you thinking about the family’s of these poor people when you decided to sit behind the wheel drunk, crashing and fleeing from the police. Where you thinking about your family ?
    Too bad it will take a while to prosecute you and there’s days like this that make me really want to go to law school to put people like you in prison for a long long time. FCSO should make an example of you….

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