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Long Records for Suspects Arrested in String of B-Section Burglaries in Palm Coast

| May 24, 2011

From left, Andre Foster, Nick Rogers, Sarto Joli and Christopher Joseph.

From left, Andre Foster, Nick Rogers, Sarto Joli and Christopher Joseph.

Four South Florida men, none older than 20 and all with previous records, have been charged in connection with burglaries on Braddock Lane and Bayside Drive in Palm Coast Monday morning. They may be responsible for others throughout the state.

A search for the men, using Flagler County’s Fire Flight helicopter, and a car crash involving the four men, who were seen leaving the area of a burglary on Serbian Bellflower Trail around 11 a.m, led to their arrest.

Investigators believe the four are part of a burglary ring operating from Savannah south to Deland and west to Tallahassee, according to a Flagler County Sheriff’s Office release. The local sheriff’s office is working with other law enforcement agencies to determine if the four are implicated in other burglaries in their jurisdictions, the release states. A quick analysis of records in other counties indicates they are.

Andre Foster, 19, of 4407 Treehouse Lane, Tamarac, Fla., has been previously arrested three times in Broward County and once in Palm Beach County, most recently in Broward, on March 30, for charges similar to those he faces in Flagler: burglary, and possession of burglary tools. Locally, he faces two counts of principle to an armed robbery and two counts of grand theft of a firearm, all felonies. Bond was set at $401,500.

Christopher Joseph, 20, of 5980 NW 16th Place, Sunrise, Fla., had an outstanding warrant in Broward County, issued on Dec. 15, for violation of probation for a felony burglary. He faces a misdemeanor charge for giving false information during an investigation (he called himself Steve Samson to investigators). He also faces two counts of principle to an armed robbery in the first degree, and two counts of grand theft of a firearm, plus violation of probation. There is no bond.

Nick Roger, 20, of 3102 Enclave Way, Lauderhill, Fla., was arrested once in Broward County, in 2010, on a minor charge: a first offense for driving on a suspended license. He now faces a similar misdemeanor locally (loitering and prowling and driving with a suspended license), plus two counts of principle to an armed robbery and two counts of grand theft of a firearm, all felonies. Bond was set at $203,000.

Sarto Joli, 19, of 9335 NW 46th Street, Sunrise, Fla., has been arrested five times previously–four times in Borward County, once in Palm Beach County, all within the past year. In Flagler, he faces a misdemeanor charge of giving false information (he called himself Jason Petit to investigators), two counts of principle to armed robbery in the first degree, and two counts of grand theft of a firearm. Bond was set at $201,500.

Monday afternoon, the four burglary suspects refused to cooperate with Sheriff’s investigators and as a result, efforts to identify them were delayed.

The charges stem from burglaries at 42 Braddock Lane (a 2,000 square-foot house) and 148 Bayside Drive (a 1,450 square-foot house). In the Braddock Lane burglary, deputies reported a .44 Magnum revolver was stolen–and found in the defendants’ car, which was searched after a search warrant was obtained from Circuit Judge Dennis Craig. Loose change was also recovered. The alleged burglars entered the home by prying open the front door. Unoccupied homes on either side of the house also were burglarized, but no charges have been filed in those incidents. Another gun was reported stolen from one of the homes and it has not yet been recovered.

At the Bayside Drive home, four other firearms were stolen: a black Smith & Wesson .38 Special, a 9mm Kahr Arms PM9, and two .357 magnums.

All of them were recovered by deputies. The burglars gained entry to the unoccupied home by prying open the rear sliding door. The homeowner discovered the burglary when he arrived home at about 10 a.m. Monday.

Deputies located the suspected burglars near Serbian Bellflower Trail around 11 a.m., when a homeowner called in a suspicious vehicle, a Chevrolet Traverse, that had been parked in her drive. She told deputies that someone had repeatedly rang her doorbell and then backed out of her drive. Within minutes, deputies located the vehicle described by the woman and attempted make contact with the occupants. Roger, who was driving the vehicle, tried unsuccessfully to elude law enforcement officers by driving to U.S. 1 where he eventually drove north before turning eastbound onto S.R. 100.

Deputies took the four into custody following the vehicle crash on Old Moody Boulevard in Bunnell, just just off the highway, as the suspects, trying to evade deputies, appeared unfamiliar with the street’s narrowness and sharp curve.

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15 Responses for “Long Records for Suspects Arrested in String of B-Section Burglaries in Palm Coast”

  1. Shawn says:

    whats the point of arresting em…They’ll be out in a week and back at it! Should send em to a remote island

  2. PC says:

    Thanks too the citizens of PC for helping catch these loosers. God knows the police cant/wont. Unfortunately, this is the future of Palm Coast. Just look around or even try going to the gas station after dark…..YIKES

  3. The Truth says:

    Four more saints.

  4. tonelow says:

    Thank you Judge for the high bonds you put on these thugs. I hope they slam these boys and throw the key away.

  5. BeachyLife says:

    Actually lets thank ALL the officers involved. Call me crazy, but I didn’t hear anything about a citizen chasing the car full of armed burglary suspects with stolen guns.

    MYFCSO shows charges for the thugs as armed burglaries not armed robberies. Two completely different charges.

  6. The Piranha says:

    PC, with the help of Flagler County citizens, the cops did catch these idiots. I know the sheriff stresses to his cops to work with the community to better patrol the streets. Have you ever been to a community meeting?, called 911 to report suspicious activity?, probably not

  7. realworld says:

    Thanks to local law enforcement for risking thier lives to put these animals in cages where they belong. And may the liberal loon judges that release(d) them be victims themselves so they have first hand knowledge of thier failure.

  8. The Piranha says:

    I suppose a thank you for the edit. Let’s also be thankful to the judge who placed an appropriate bond on these scum. Now, any updates for us on the Murray’s case whose hearings started yesterday?

  9. jon says:

    the people of palm coast need to utilize the florida gun law and start shooting these people as they break into their homes.

  10. Noone Butyou says:

    Wow, they actually manage to do their job in catching 4 INCREDIBLY suspicious out of towners who robbed several people in broad daylight. And the only reason they caught them was because of a civilian who took initiative to call..

    The cops in PC are busy tailing people to run tags for quota, using 2-3 officers to pull over ONE person on a traffic violation, and being generally ineffective at their job. They hang out together on the sides of the road to kill time, meanwhile, PC suffers from IMMENSE drug trafficking. You think catching 4 burglars is news? Give me a break. Houses in PC have had serial robbers for YEARS and a number of them still remain out there, untouched.

    The Palm Coast Police force is a joke. Hell, if they spent an hour or 2 of their time slacking at the GAS STATION instead of the side of the road, they’d at least catch the handful of dealers constantly loitering and selling all of this crap out in the open.

  11. Anita says:

    “the people of palm coast need to utilize the florida gun law and start shooting these people as they break into their homes.”

    The homeowners weren’t home when the crimes occurred. 90% of the people who break in to homes for a living, don’t want to meet the homeowner. They want to get in, steal your stuff and get out with no problems and if they can score guns so much the better. Want to keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys? Get an alarm system and hope the police aren’t too busy to respond.

  12. Outsider says:

    …and put the guns in a gun safe. Or, you could cut the hands off the bad guys…that’ll keep the guns out of them.

  13. boomer says:

    don’t come to my house, i’ll shoot first, then question……oh, and i never miss

  14. Abstract thinking says:

    Seems almost like they had foreknowledge of which homes contained guns.

  15. jw says:

    I know nick rogers personally and i can attest that he is an outstanding athlete and a very amiable person, all i have to say is when life isn’t quite working out for you, the best thing you can do is wait on the lord, unfortunately they had been a bit impatient. (praying for you big bro)

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