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Live Recap: Mockingbird Appeals Committee’s Minute-By-Minute Deliberations

| November 15, 2010

mockingbird appeals committee

All eyes on the appeals committee meeting at Matanzas High School Monday morning.

The appeals committee heard the case of the cancellation of To Kill a Mockingbird at 9:30 Monday morning at Matanzas High School, in the schools Pirates conference room. The meeting’s live transcript is below. For the complete story with post-meeting interviews and analysis, go here.

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7 Responses for “Live Recap: Mockingbird Appeals Committee’s Minute-By-Minute Deliberations”

  1. What a shameful response to an already bad situation. A bunch of “children, afraid of the dark…” running our schools. Sad.

  2. Laura says:

    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

    {{* *}}

  3. Jim Guines says:

    In my humble opinion, this NON-DECISION will make matters worse. It may well inform the school board lawyer that there is no school board policy to cover censorship. I guess someone thought that we would never need one, at least I thought that we would not.

  4. Teniyah Christian says:

    My name is Teniyah Christian. I am an actress atFPC and yes I was apart of the cast for Mockingbird. I must say I am only 17 years old and yet I have never thought I would see the day where in 2010 our county would have so much racial tension. Yes the word nigger is used in the play. It is also used in the book. we are all aware of that. Why? Because this is what happened during this time. Black people were objectified, and put down. stepped on and treated worse than anything i could even imagine.IT HAPPENED! right here in the U.S. But we know that. We know that this happened because we have been taught about it in school since we were children. So why is the county getting so sensitive to it when it is performed. The students go around slashing the n-word like its nothing each and every day. It’s wrong but no one brings it to attention. So when we as students, as young actors want to perform a play that shows our county and the world why this is wrong, why is it a sudden problem. I look at it this way. We are running away from a problem that is not going away. Our county has racial tension in 2010 and it’s time that it is addressed and solved. It’s obvious that the adults are not going to do anything about this problem so i feel like it’s more than our responsibility to do something about it. After all we shape the face of tomorrow..US….THE CHILDREN!!! If we are not allowed to do his play flagler county has not heard anything yet. You will be breaking many hearts, and little do you know that the problem will still be there. I plead and beg with who ever is the final decision maker to let us do this play. PLEASEEE!!!!! we have worked hard and we know what we are getting ourselves into . We are ready! So don’t worry about our safety, we will be fine. We are not the problem. The way i see it we should be worried for you. Than you.
    Teniyah Christian (Calpurnia)

  5. Judy Vanderoef says:

    Teniyah – you make me proud to be a resident of Flagler County. I congratulate you on your commitment. Please know that your time and effort will not be wasted. The “adult” decision makers will eventually come to their senses and do the right thing.

    Unfortunately, this committee was a waste of time. There was never a question as to whether the book was appropriate instructional material – unless I missed something. Are all productions in the county going to be halted until a policy is written? I would like the policy makers to know that as an FPCHS thespian, my daughter has performed songs about accidental pregnancy, friends “with benefits” (spelling out quite specifically, in a comedic way, what those benefits are), and exchanged a kiss with another girl on the Flagler Auditorium stage. When word got around school that there was “hot lesbian action” in this musical, the sponsor of the Thespian club requested a meeting with Mr. Delbrugge (principal at the time) and described the scene. I attended the meeting ready to fight against any kind of censorship. Mr. Delbrugge laughed and said he would handle any backlash. There was none.

    This is truly an embarrassment.

  6. Barb says:

    Well said Teniyah.

    There you go Valentine. A 17 year old that is more mature than you.

    Make the right decision and let this production be shown.

  7. Jim Hanley says:

    First sent to: To the Editor ( 11/19/2010


    Exclusive to the Daytona Beach News-Journal

    Re: News-Journal Opinion 11/19/2010
    “It’s time for Flagler to celebrate “Mockingbird”
    This Opinion Page article refers to the possibility of allowing
    High School Students to perform the Play that is based on a
    book titled “To Kill A Mockingbird”.
    Although much controversy has arisen over the use of some
    words having ethnic a/o racial overtones; I personally feel
    that, may be the least of reasons for denying this particular
    play to be brought forth before the inquisitive and formative
    minds of so young students.
    I do not like the “Title”!
    I do not believe that any title containing the word “Kill” is
    appropriate for High School Students!
    Why, of all the thousands, or tens of thousands of books
    or plays available has this particular ‘title’ been selected
    as the best possible one to be performed for this group?
    Further; regardless how much effort goes into attempts
    to enlighten, and mitigate the effects of language used,
    there is surely bound to be those who will resent words
    or actions that tend to denigrate certain segments of
    our respected community.
    The re-awakening and re-living of so painful and divisive
    a time and subject will not eliminate or soften the pain
    or hurt felt by descendants of the oppressed sufferers,
    and will most likely cause renewed anguish and anger.
    I respectfully request serious thought be given to the
    selection of a more joyful, and enlightening example
    of humanities foibles or accomplishments to replace
    the controversial “To Kill A Mockingbird’!
    Jim Hanley
    Ormond By The Sea

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